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I speak out about many things. The Government is just one item on the list.

I like to occassionally stir up the pot with an article or a toon that first gets pulled, then people complain and they get put back it.

I'm just not one for making a scene and ranting and raving. I think some grass roots take it a bit over the top sometimes. I stand by what I say and think and the people in my community respect that.

Besides, I get some of my best Bush jokes from around water coolers. Man, the general feeling is that he turned out to be quite a loser.

The Government is huge. Most of it works. But you have factions that operate all on their own. But I don't think I'm gonna get into trouble when I state that Bush is a weasel.....hell, that's the opinion of most of the country.

Turn up the knob, Georgie, WEASEL.

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Are You Afraid To Speak Out About Your Government?
Posted: 9/16/2006 9:52:08 PM
.......besides, Jon Stewart would be the first to get knocked off before
any of us. His opinions rock the administration even though he's
just a comedian. He's so dangerous that FOX spent an afternoon
discussing it live on TV with Heraldo Rivera....damn I'm glad he's not
on our team.
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Are You Afraid To Speak Out About Your Government?
Posted: 9/17/2006 12:48:14 AM

One person's side of a story does not constitute evidence, and never has.

Hmmmm .... same person, same story. Go figure.

More anti-tax propoganda. And yes, it's propoganda. Anything that tells only one side of a story IS propoganda. It's neither objective, nor factual - it's all assertions, diatribes, and political grandstanding.

MORE anti-tax horseshit.

Now - as far as any of this being proof of the existance "Star Chambers", as you assert, it is if anything proof of the OPPOSITE.

You claim that these sites contain proof of star chambers. If we assume that that is, in fact, the case ..... they why are these people still walking around? Why haven't they been convicted and imprisoned?

They have not. Therefore, logic dictates that they do NOT exist.

Anti-tax rhetoric is NOT proof of the existance of star chambers or secret trials - it's proof of the existance of anti-tax rhetoric. Nothing more, nothing less.
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Are You Afraid To Speak Out About Your Government?
Posted: 9/17/2006 1:00:47 AM

I knew the primary media speaks as one voice in support of the government and the courts. I did not know their tentacles even reached POF, but I would not be surprised. All it takes is for some government agent to drop by with not so veiled threats of some law violation or the IRS auditing them every day--the mother of all audits.

Both of you need your tin foil hats adjusted. POF is a Canadian company, run from Vancouver. The IRS has no jurisdiction, period, end of story.

Conspiracy theories tend to last a bit longer if they don't go against known, easilly verifiable facts, don't you think?

Reverend Edward Pinkney will probably be sent to prison. If he was a murderer or had swindled elderly folks out of millions of dollars, he would get a fair trial. However, as a threat to government continuing their evils, Reverend Edward Pinkney will not receive a fair trial. That he has not violated any law does not matter. The government will invent crimes and the courts will assist by denying the defense the right to even mention the law. The court will select the jury pool from people the government have profiled and determined most likely to convict. They will have one or more ringers on the jury to keep the judge informed and to vote guilty, so at the worst, the government gets a new trial. The ringers will snitch on any holdout that will not vote guilty so they can be removed and replaced.

The defense will be denied the right to present evidence, in rulings outside the hearing of the jury. And the judge will allow lies and perjured testimony by prosecution witnesses. The judge will sustain all objections from the prosecutor and overrule all objections by the defense. The media will assist by ignoring all the facts and publish government press releases. Finally, the appeal court will not address any of the dozens of irregularities and violations of procedures and laws by the judge with a one-word answer--DENIED.

Help! Help! The Paranoids are after me!

Get a grip, folks. Now I'm beginning to remember why I gave up posting in the political forums.
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Are You Afraid To Speak Out About Your Government?
Posted: 9/17/2006 10:38:08 AM
Good points.. However, and I'm gonna take a leap here as a possiblity. Not my personal view, entirely.

,,,,,,........ if Canadian Gov't allows the DEA to assist (technology, flyovers, wiretapping,etc)the Cops here for grow-ops for the past decade (give or take a couple of years) then its only a matter of time before the IRS decides to join in the party as well.

Everyone grab a ticket for the fascist train.... Yikes!!!!
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Are You Afraid To Speak Out About Your Government?
Posted: 9/17/2006 11:05:44 AM
"then its only a matter of time before the IRS decides to join in the party as well."

And be welcomed with open arms by our lip-stick wearing, back stabbing Prime Minister..

And by the ^^ poster, no doubt..I am not afraid of speaking against the governments,

here, or the US..What frightens me are those who do not speak out!

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Are You Afraid To Speak Out About Your Government?
Posted: 9/17/2006 8:53:02 PM
Hey, all:

I guess I have to wonder, Did the person who asked the question just wake up to ask that question? Has the person read ANY of the other threads/topics here? And finally, who the Hell wants to know?!?


Messages done with sustainable energy, with Wind and Sun!
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Are You Afraid To Speak Out About Your Government?
Posted: 9/18/2006 7:52:55 PM
Reverend Pinkney's trial has been rescheduled to January 9th.
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Are You Afraid To Speak Out About Your Government?
Posted: 9/20/2006 4:41:56 PM
Well took a couple of days to get anyone to post on this thread. I'm really surprised and quite pleased to see such well informed, and intelligent people posting here. How refreshing....thank you
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Are You Afraid To Speak Out About Your Government?
Posted: 10/10/2006 11:28:16 PM
Pinkney update:

"Imagine waking up at 7:30 am to the sound of someone
knocking on your front door. Imagine looking out your
window to see a massive police force surrounding
your house. Imagine this happening anywhere
besides Benton Harbor [Michigan]. Except, of course, 1950's Alabama.

Last Thursday, Oct. 5, 2006 this is what happened to me.
The officers who knocked on my front door were there under
the pretense of tracking down a woman who I informed them
did not live at my house. As if they didn't know. Neighbors
and friends are outraged by the number of sheriff's dept. officers
and BH police and swat team officers who filled up the neighborhood.

This was such an obvious act of intimidation. Who knows what else the
racist, corrupt power structure will attempt to do to scare me.
Unfortunately, many people are easily mislead by people in power.
We need to educate each other about how the law should work, and
about the process of change.

Make no mistake, this is just another step in the calculated process
of Whirlpool's takeover of Benton Harbor [Michigan] and the forced
"removal" of people of color. Profits from their dream resort
town are FAR more important than the civil rights of human beings.

Rev. Edward Pinkney
269-925-0001 anytime
1940 Union St., Benton Harbor, 49022
(much needed legal fees being accepted for my Sept. 19 frame-up trial)

VOTE OUT FRED UPTON, heir to the Whirlpool legacy!

Old saying from the street: Go for what you know.
I say: Keep your mind on freedom and freedom on your mind."
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Are You Afraid To Speak Out About Your Government?
Posted: 10/11/2006 12:47:14 AM
I can't honestly say that I am 100% comfortable bearing my whole self on here politically. I don't think I would unless I established a network of people that would check up on me and know my personal information. I'm not paranoid. Just cautious.
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Are You Afraid To Speak Out About Your Government?
Posted: 11/13/2006 4:04:23 PM
I Think Republicans have Gay's in the closet and blame others for being gay.They say the devil made them do it! lol!!
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Are You Afraid To Speak Out About Your Government?
Posted: 11/13/2006 4:09:18 PM
who the Hell wants to know?!?

Well David, most people are like you, who don't know!
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Are You Afraid To Speak Out About Your Government?
Posted: 11/14/2006 2:34:09 PM
"and most importantly, there is NO freedom of speech when your woman asks "Does this make me look fat?"

I disagree. You can choose to say nothing, say something obseqious, or speak the truth ;)

In regards to speaking out about our governments, well...Mr. Harper doesn't like it, but that's life. Our constitution says we can, so I will.
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Are You Afraid To Speak Out About Your Government?
Posted: 11/17/2006 6:24:32 AM
As I read the majority of these posts, I actually had to wonder "What kind of paranoid people am I talking to?" I don't fear speaking out about the government. One person said, (paraphrasing) "speak out with a hundred others on the pentagon lawn with rock, see what comes back"...

If freedom of speech means freedom to tresspass, threaten and intimidate... then I would say we need to really look at what sort of freedom we are supporting. Big Brother listens... Big Brother watches... you threaten the life of the president... you may be questioned. Why... because he is a political leader and it is taken seriously! You tresspass on the Pentagon, you deserve to be shot. It is a military command center...

Any freedom has responsibility. Any freedom. People that say there is no freedom because you can't stand on the white house lawn with rocks in your hand. Or because you can't disrupt official proceedings (Try it in court... find out what contempt means)... or disrupt presidential or congressional sessions...

I can't incite people to violence... because my freedom to speak is being abused when I use it to infringe on the rights of others. I can't scream fire, because then my freedom endangers the welfare of others.... Please... people.. use your heads.. You have a great deal of freedom in this country. Even under the "Neo-con, right wing, dictatorship, quasi-military, big brother" Bush Administration... there is free-speech.

You are free to criticize... you are free to bash.. hell you are free to threaten, intimidate and slander... you are also free to take the consequences for abuse of your freedom. Freedom does not mean free of consequence...
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Are You Afraid To Speak Out About Your Government?
Posted: 11/22/2006 3:10:52 AM
Yes and No. I DO worry about the consequences, but I don't think it stops me too much.

I worry a little more now, since a friend of mine was "detained" for telling****Cheney to "Go Fuk himself" on national tv. I saw first hand what happens when you speak your mind. Yes, military men came to his house and handcuffed him, held machine guns on him and questioned him. He was not "officially" arrested because he hadn't done anything wrong AND he had it on video tape, which they thought they got, but he switched the tapes before they got there, so they only destroyed a dummy.

All of it is on his site if you want the whole story, but yes, this has made me a bit weary of speaking out. That and I have a son in the army and we have ALSO been warned that what you say WILL affect your family member. I used to be VERY verbal about all of it, until my son joined. Now I have to restrain myself.
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Are You Afraid To Speak Out About Your Government?
Posted: 11/22/2006 12:32:08 PM
Though I have had my job threatened, been treated as "less than" in a court of law, been ostracized from some in my community, I still am not afraid to speak out. That being said, my last sentence will show that there are many repercussions for speaking out, especially when it's not popular to do so. I don't think I realized that so many other things could happen by trying to stand up to a fascist state besides them coming and putting a hood over my head and loading me into a van.

Still, I think it's better to speak out early than to wait until one is being loaded into a cattle car.
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Are You Afraid To Speak Out About Your Government?
Posted: 11/30/2006 7:27:17 PM
We all need to do a freedom check!! most people have no ideal what is taking place,they really don't care. no one reads the newspapers anymore and most are all bainwashed to fox news!
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Are You Afraid To Speak Out About Your Government?
Posted: 11/30/2006 7:30:59 PM
Yep, you are one of many who has been brainwashed by fox news!! keep watching, fox news should be called that republican station that tells one side and not both sides of the news!
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Are You Afraid To Speak Out About Your Government?
Posted: 11/30/2006 7:58:46 PM
The gov't helped fund a group here to educate people on how to protest! Actually hired people to explain the "proper way" to protest without violence. Couldn't believe it...but true!

Sure....some of us DO speak out...fat lot of good it does us. We need a recall we can fire our political mouthpieces that we sent to office to speak for us. They often fail us. Parties have a certain "line" to follow....which we may vote for in full or in part. Maybe we need our politicians to ask their constituants on how they (the politician) should vote on any and all votes during their sittings. This would be a better way for democracy to following "party lines"...but following the will of the people.

Sure...courts have been treating me as "less than" too....I make sure I let them know how I feel and let them know that they ARE accountable for their actions...a judge IS only a civil servant...they need to be reminded of that once in awhile.

I have no qualms of sending politicians letters or e-mails...either in congradualtions or to let them know of my dismay at their latest political blunder. (Although I did get banned off of CBC website for 6 months for telling the gov't they did a good job...when they transferred french speaking soldiers out west so that Quebec would not have a standing army the day after a "yes" vote. guess they didn't want that fact coming out to the general public...)
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Are You Afraid To Speak Out About Your Government?
Posted: 11/30/2006 9:22:27 PM
The upside to all this is that we now actually have a place where we can speak freely. It's called the "free speech zone" coming to a town near you. Thank goodness we can speak freely, in certain areas.
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Are You Afraid To Speak Out About Your Government?
Posted: 11/30/2006 10:08:40 PM
I am afraid to, but that is because I am in the military
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Are You Afraid To Speak Out About Your Government?
Posted: 12/27/2006 2:31:59 AM
I am not afraid and here is my two cents on the current world issue:
I own a small manufacturer and a dealership of large commercial lawnmowers and I correspond with all walks of life (Rich, poor, middle class) (congress men to the illegal immigrants who mowers your yard) I have come to the conclusion that anyone who is going to be an official should have to post his basic accounting and world history class scores posted from high school and college for all to see. You see the same mistakes over and over though history.? The biggest issue is technology has created efficiencies that have taken a chunk out of peoples jobs that use to do those task. And now a world economy that the basic high paying laborers and even high technology jobs have moved to what was once 3rd world countries. In theory our pay will drop and theirs will come up and meet in the middle somewhere? By that time our factories will have closed and jumped on the China band wagon and bull doze any remains of its assets in the US. I saw Chrysler foundry in Indiana chop up a 80 billion dollar plant for scrap.(it is now a parking lot) Who subbed out the work to a company in Germany (who needs the work) yet they subbed it out to an outfit to South Africa? I have no problem with the subbing work out but to chop up a modern plant? Makes no scenes to me. We are loosing our equity of USA manufacturing base that is what the trickle down economics work. (but as a industrial estimator for the last 20 years. I can understand that a $40 plus /hour worker that is 80 percent effecient or less sure does not add up into the competitve status in our new world economy)
After 9/11 happened, seem thousands of small med and large companies who had accountants who made all the big bonuses though out the years for finding ways to using the cash flow created by inventory turns. All got caught with their pants down because the 6 to 8 month stall out that they could not shore back up. Failed and went into liquidation mode. (80 to 100 year old companies liquidating assests never ever to return) I was going out and buying manufacturing machines and inventories for two cents on the dollar following the 9/11 attack up to this day. 100s of these auctions a week was going on. I just figured it would be a glitch and bounce back and I would have a few industrial manufacturing companies to restart once it too place. (The industries are now underbidding each other out of work to the point of working on a 5 percent margin that a few gliches put them too out of business) Another thing? Keep in mind the stock market at pre 9/11 had stocks trading at 80x value. that means people were paying 80x of its real liquidation value of its assets? Guess what? It crashed taking along with it most of the employees retirements with it? So here we are with our biggest baby boomers turning 65 years old with empty bank accounts? So what does the fed do? They drop interest rates (good thing) So everyone with equity in their homes went out and cashed in on it at 4 to 5 percent interest. (lowest in history) People with the thought that things would bounce back went out and purchased bigger homes. People who rented now purchased homes with no money down! (homes with no equity) I heard figures that 90 percent of the population is currently a 100 percent tapped on their available credit? And here is the problem: The bounce back is not happening due to too many jobs going to China and disposable income going to fuel prices that are skyrocketing? So the unemployed (or lower wages) are just walking away from properties that have no equity by the 1000s guess what that is doing for property values? (houses drooped 25 percent in values in one year) The State of Indiana is #1 in foreclosures in the nation. Ever wonder why the bankruptcy laws got changed not long ago? The jobless (or the guy that went from $30/hr to $8/hr) So the fed tells us we are getting tax breaks at the fed level? Most where just past to the State to collect in other ways (property taxes and sales tax) (which makes more sense to collect and control at each state level anyway, but still it was still a little bogus to me) I look around my state and I see huge brand new schools being built (even though the population is dropping due to the job issues) and road being built and resurfaced all with a huge sign next to them (creating jobs)(humm. that is what the fed did during the depression in the 30s) Wow, I cant wait for the next increase in property taxes? ( I have retired friends who have paid off home properties who are paying more in property taxes than they ever paid in house payments) who are on a fixed income? I saw a meet the press show the other day with a college professor showing that all the indicators said that the country was in crash mode? He was hit by every federal economist in every direction with no data to back up their claims. It got to the point the professor just gave up and did not say too much more on the show? Why? would we be lead this way? Consumer confidence. (which is a good thing) They do not want you clamping up and creating even more trauma on the economy. (you can't blame them to lead us in this falsehood) I could go on and on but: We have gotten spoiled to think our lifestyle in the USA would stay the same for years to come....Reality is: Find a niche market to be in that caters to the rich. We are on our way back to the days of the haves and the have nots? (rich or poor with no middle class) Its not going to happen overnight but it is the easiest way to make a point as to the direction the USA is headed. So regardless of administration it is going to happen. So the next time you go into Walmart and you saved ten thousand dollars a year (savings created by a China product) it was at a cost of 600,000 jobs that year. Our GNP is the worst it has ever been. People get off you lazy asses and if your that idiot that agrees with your union to go on strike........ Kiss more jobs goodby. and one more step into you living in a van down by the river. (SNL) and to top off everything; good grief most of the people in Washington said they would never get into a Vietnam ever ever again. And here we are? all in the name of oil........ If you think Hussein was a tyrant you wait till the next idiot take his place will make him look like a child? I heard that Hussein invaded Quait because they were angle drilling into his oil fields? (you cant blame him for that if it is true?) But you say he was a tyrant to some of his people? I would have been cheaper to offer each one of those people he was against moving luggage and beach front home in Florida would have been a lot cheaper and no loss of life. lol. One thing about this war is I do not see the trickle down of money into subcontractors like you did during the Vietnam era? I saw Raytheon buying up all the war type companies way back before the wars? I hope these are operated within the northamerican region. (includes Canada and Mexico) I think our next President better be good at accounting and economics to pull us out of the mess the last two decade of administrations have put us in. (I am not pointing fingers at any one person or administration., they all had a part to what is going on today in world policies taking place today and in the furture)
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Are You Afraid To Speak Out About Your Government?
Posted: 12/28/2006 4:46:17 PM
Shhhhhh... Careful they are listening!!!
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Are You Afraid To Speak Out About Your Government?
Posted: 12/29/2006 3:46:35 PM
No, not afraid of speaking the truth...

More importantly nearly all governments could care less what you have to say about them regardless of their principals (Some more so than others)... Where the real issue lays is when that certain someone begins to attract attention to themselves through politics, followers, media, etc... Then you become a risk to them. Its then they take action which can be something as simple as painting that person as a luntic or in harder situations remove the threat altogether by any means necessary...

I guess I haven't made enough noise yet or the would be knocking ? Hmmmm? But then I ain't done yet, here's to you G-Men
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