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Joined: 8/8/2012
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The Ripple EffectPage 9 of 9    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9)
There's a new business that started up nearby. They sell things to
the public that I use, and do it differently than the others do. I like
them and know them from other places, but it is out of my usual
habit, to go there.

I've been going there anyway, to make sure something I'm doing
helps them achieve orbit.

As it turns out, it's a lovely walk, there and back, and a needed
destination. I won't walk without purpose; I'm a destination-
based walker. I do manage to meander, especially on the return
trip home.

One unplanned side-effect of my walks to their storefront has
been exposure to artwork displayed in another storefront, in
the downtown area. Then, just yesterday, I showed that same
artwork to my friend, who dropped by for a visit—I said let's
walk to a nearby restaurant, which we did (and ate a nice meal
together; something we don't do very often). On the walk home
I showed my friend some of the sights I've become more familiar
with, from my new walking paths.
Joined: 7/18/2013
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The Ripple Effect
Posted: 8/8/2013 9:31:09 PM
WOW Miss Red, Thank you! I love the forums section of pof but have took a break from reading the section for a while there, coming back and reading your "Ripple Effect" is nice!
There is a definite positive ripple effect from the forums section.
I was very skeptical about online dating and so clueless till a while back. I actually met a real nice man from the forum section who have a girlfriend but met me just to chat and help me out with my profile section. He stated, "You don't really need lots of men but to catch that one that truly is meant for you." He gave great advice on how to make my profile in a way to get the right attention. Since then I have met a few decent men on this site. And those that I haven't met, some have amazing qualities just by their writing. We can lie and bs but writing will come out as real or not.
Also if I didn't do online dating, I wouldn't have had a chance to meet men who are far away or in businesses that wouldn't give us an opportunity to meet up.
The ripple effect from me is that this pof site is a positive site for online meeting and it's a journey of healing. When I first got on, I was scared, been in a relationship in which someone have taken advantage of my kindness and after I pulled away tried unsuccessfully to damage and hurt me. I was fearful and really distrust in men. Through time, I have learned the healing stage that even the worst man I met on this site is no comparison to the guy that tried to control me and hurt me. I have survived and have healed and know that not all men are the same and that there are soooo many great, amazing men out there.
As I have faith in that one true man will eventually be right for me, it's amazing to meet so many great amazing guys on this site who have so much to offer. And so the ripple effect is that we all need to be each other cheerleaders and coach and celebrate each one true happiness. The guy who helped me is no longer on this site thus meant that he and his girlfriend are an item and doing great and I do celebrate that! I do hope that they are doing great and praying that they will be the best for each other. There is happiness from this site. That's my ripple effect, that we each will find our true love from the help of pof. Many blessings to everyone!
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