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Huntley Brown is a pianist with the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. He is a Jamaican
and his wife, Annette, is from the island of Barbados .

Huntley is a graduate of Judson Baptist College and NIU. He has a Master's in Piano performance
from Northern IllinoisUniversity .

That letter clearly shows that Huntley Brown lacks both the understanding of scripture and historical context. When Cone wrote what he wrote America was a radically different place for Black Americans then it is today.

Thirty years ago Billy Graham made some antisemitic remarks. But, we know longer begrudge him those comments because we understand that it was a different time and we, as Christians, understand that forgiveness and understanding is part of our calling.

Furthermore, I would be interested in reading the book that the Cone quote comes from. If what we are looking for is truth, then we must see things through the window of context not ideology. In other words; just because a person wrote something, decades ago that we don't agree with, doesn't mean they have nothing useful to say at all.

Pastor Jeremiah Wright's sermon needs to be seen in it's entirety to fully understand. But, too many of my Christian brothers and sisters choose to view a 30 second clip rather than research and watch the whole sermon. Where is the honesty in doing that?

If you do not have the time or wherewithal to check the voracity of what you are posting, then for the sake truth, don't post it. Jesus doesn't deal in rumor and innuendo.

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Is U.S.America Rasist? Obama is White
Posted: 10/22/2008 6:19:43 PM
sure America is racist, are most places in the world,...

the degree may varry but yup racism is everywhere,...

The first time I personally ever encountered it was an old boy friend who was east Indian,...He refused to introduce me to mom because after all I was white,....

I still remember the old Star treck episode with the half white guys and half black guys,...they were terminally at war with each other and when Capt Kirk asks why, are both the same,....
each was revolted by the implication,...can't you see one of them said,...he's white on the wrong side,....

I suspect that years from now when we are all so mixed and mingled we are all the same colour, the problem will be big noses or left handed people verses wright handed,....

I think ,...sadly,'s our nature,....because not enough of us need for that to change yet.....maybe,....someday,....but I personally doubt it
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