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Joined: 5/12/2006
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did it ever occur to you that every poem written here is in and of itself?...

And before the lava erupted from the volcanoe
the ground began to rumble
the peasants clutched their virgin daughters
as enters the devil

I'm gonna ramble here for awhile, darlin
put away all stray children
what do they call them?
not cupids.. that's it.. cherubs

took me a moment
but, I recalled it
had to think of butterfly wings

It ain't easy for me
I'd just as soon give him a verbal beating
but, that would cross the lines of my jurisdiction
you just tell him that he's a d1ckhead
Joined: 2/12/2008
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crayons dipped in pheonix fire
Posted: 6/14/2008 4:28:25 PM

Post 108

and I do contain multitudes baby.....and then some..

and that you do Ash girl..nothing one dimensional about you...
Joined: 9/19/2006
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crayons dipped in pheonix fire
Posted: 6/14/2008 4:31:56 PM
Let he, who has not sinned,
cast the first stone!

and I looked in the mirror,
lowered my head,
laid down my weapon,
and walked away.

My crayons, dipped
in Phoenix Fire,
melted my heart,
and I painted the world
with Love!

this is a beautiful thread, with beautiful people, all sharing one thing....a passion for writing! When there is a crack in the road, we fix it, and drive on again.
Joined: 2/16/2008
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crayons dipped in pheonix fire
Posted: 6/15/2008 2:19:36 PM
fission mission.....the apology that you sent is most accepted........I just ask of you one favor....could you help me pull my foot outta my mouth?......the timing of that post paired with my "touchiness" about being judged made for a pretty big screw up I suppose.....and I'm most sorry.......damn, there I go bein' human again (prone to error) we all are, eh?....sooo please accept my apology as well.....excuse my random bytchiness (as I am a wee bit jaded)....and please feel free to post your feelings here again....

and rose....well said babe...and then some....

please not be offended in what you see
as i change my colors and strokes
pressing hard on the crayon it breaks
changing colors i discover
i'm not scribbling for you but me
trying to find my heart's voice
the paper rips
i trip
sometimes i feel i have no choice

feelin' these words!
Joined: 1/12/2008
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crayons dipped in pheonix fire
Posted: 6/15/2008 6:59:01 PM
Sitting in right
drunk off my as s
with ten other guys
talkin trash

you cant hit it, sissy
whattayou weigh a buck ten
we're not gettin a homerun ball
heard a crack of the bat and then

no we didn't get it
it was about thirty feet to our right
would had to step on heads to ge there
and wouldn't a been such a nice night

lady in front wore a little beer
buddy thought she wanted some
patted her off a little
and then turned the job over to her husband

was a hell of a game
exciting, a real cliffhanger til the end
ceptin they got kinda smoked
but yes i would go again
Joined: 1/12/2008
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crayons dipped in pheonix fire
Posted: 6/15/2008 10:35:35 PM
did you know i was gone
were you able to tell
when we were outside the old house
finishing the century club and taking picures
cause i hadn't been home in months

did you feel done when you told me
you hadn't been running in awhile
that you spent most of your time at the bar now
and work took up the rest of it
that maybe you'd get back to it again someday

maybe you didn't know you
had everything it took to make it
that so many looked up to you
even us that had our own paths
don't want to see someone else fall

and you, when did you decide
that you'd never make it out of that office
that you'd be on that phone hawking crap for eternity
drawing me that line so you could 'drag me to hell with you'
give up on making it out and become part of the scenery

and when did you give up on your dream
when they took it away from you the first time
you should have gone back, no one's
opening the door for you, but your not looking for the door
your looking for someone to blame

all pieces of me that i don't want to leave behind
tell you what i'm not, and haven't stopped yet
you still look at me a remember high school nicknames
as i've covered the world four times
telling me something can't be done

sometimes it gets to me and i want to give it up to
sit back turn on spongebob and not think again
but something inside says it;s not your time to die
pushing back gets some all upset, but pushing back is the only way
keep on and you'll find it, keep on it's just one more step

are you getting back up
gonna push it out at least one more step
we're here, we're waiting, we're not trying to cure ourselves
of the disease, of the drive just yet,we're pushing back everyday,
running them over, and then backing up to do it again. Get up
Joined: 2/11/2008
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crayons dipped in pheonix fire
Posted: 6/15/2008 10:43:22 PM
Rose that poem was verrrrrry enlightening! lol...liked it very much! are so much better than than that crap!
Get over it...move on!
Joined: 2/16/2008
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crayons dipped in pheonix fire
Posted: 6/16/2008 5:54:49 AM
Rose...i'm most definately gonna hafta check that out...sounds like some good readin'....actually sounds like "good" would be an understatment....funny way of puttin' it (the schizophrenia theory)....

eyes....both of these writes are most awesome....glad the ballgame was supa cool for ya....and that the recliner was comfy....and the futon....(lazy ass!! lol)

I knew you were gone
the air didn't feel right
when I walked in tonight...

those boots covered in mud
were no longer there to bytch about
and I noticed a few more missing things
as I walked the house throughout...

but that damned cat
is still here
was that for spite?
well....i finally thought of a name for him
as I he sits in my lap tonight...


'cause that what he stands for
and he's not lost anymore...

(a boy cat named "love"...would that be as bad as a boy named "sue"?'d build character...he'd be a tough cat I suppose)
Joined: 2/16/2008
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crayons dipped in pheonix fire
Posted: 6/16/2008 6:27:15 AM
found this today.....loved it....wanted to leave it here...

I have been astonished that men could die martyrs for their religion -
I have shudder'd at it.
I shudder no more.
I could be martyr'd for my religion
Love is my religion
And I could die for that.
I could die for you.
~ by John Keats ~
Joined: 1/13/2007
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crayons dipped in pheonix fire
Posted: 6/16/2008 7:25:44 AM
For anyone willing to die for their religion,
how much more willing would they be
to kill you for it
Joined: 2/12/2008
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crayons dipped in pheonix fire
Posted: 6/16/2008 7:50:40 AM
great posts Ash, Transcend and Rose

I have always loved that line "love is my religion"...the world would be a better place if that were the only religion practiced.
Joined: 4/18/2007
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crayons dipped in pheonix fire
Posted: 6/16/2008 6:07:28 PM
Float along
on this divinity, this sublime
draft the image
and paint outside the lines
reach to the shore
beyond the horizon
and chart the azimuth and zenith
of Andromeda
Tattoo the constellation
upon the back of the Kraken
and surf the tsunami
over the edge of the world
Joined: 9/19/2006
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crayons dipped in pheonix fire
Posted: 6/16/2008 6:29:03 PM
I listened to her lies
from the back seat of the car,
tales of travel,
her journeys afar,

her riches and wealth
and homes by the sea,
and I listen still
to her lost reality.

The rain began to fall,
at the end of the midnight ride,
I dropped her in town
where I knew she could hide.
Joined: 1/12/2008
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crayons dipped in pheonix fire
Posted: 6/16/2008 9:44:50 PM
damn, let me quit chokin on whatevers runnin down my throat. I think the new cat is getting me sick. I'm not used to cat stink.

Two hands grasp the brush
two sets of eyes look out at
the blank page on the easel
two feet kick over the easel, and
two sets of eyes start staring
at the walls
and out at the world
one mischievous smile and,
one set of eyes stare up into mine
Joined: 5/31/2007
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crayons dipped in pheonix fire
Posted: 6/16/2008 9:57:52 PM
hmmmm, does that kitty still have its cojones?? If so he may be spraying...might have to neuter your new buddy or move him outside...

Ash the reading here is wonderful...

naughty kitty
from where do you come?
naughty kitty
wont you give me some
woolen thread all wrapped around
my finger
bright red and playful
wicked kitty
you scratched me well

Eyes ya might need to call him P.P.
Joined: 4/18/2007
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crayons dipped in pheonix fire
Posted: 6/16/2008 10:17:58 PM
sitting hear in the silence of the night
contemplating my new routine
clarity comes and goes
as the seconds tick by

Maynard said to trust him
but he'll betray the unweary
so vigilance is
the word of the day

clothed in night's shroud
as the headlights play off the walls

air conditioner keeps thumping
damn it's been hot lately
caught up in a fever dream
the air is suffocating

someone should take away this keyboard
zero-dark-hundred is not the time to write
the shadows within shadows are on the move
and visible to the third eye
Joined: 1/12/2008
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crayons dipped in pheonix fire
Posted: 6/16/2008 10:24:17 PM
he's not spraying but he's determined to sit right on me all the time. he doesn't know what catnip or yarn balls are, I think he was outside since he was born. maybe its the fur, its been awhile since I had a pet.

dive into the red head first
where my tongue meets yours
yellow waves crash, and
we disappear into the red
lips pressed together . . .
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
waves crashing midnight blue
Joined: 9/19/2006
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crayons dipped in pheonix fire
Posted: 6/17/2008 4:31:48 AM
Speaking of catnip!
my friend and I tried it once
rolled up in joint form,
thought if the kitty got wired,
then we'd try it too...

all we got was a headache,
and our gals laughed
so hard when they found out,
and that laughter led to
a little sumthyn, sumthyn later,
if ya know what I mean!

so I guess it was worth the effort!

Warning!!!....don't try this at home!
Joined: 5/17/2008
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crayons dipped in pheonix fire
Posted: 6/17/2008 4:53:59 AM
hrrmph. What's all this pvssy talk in a phoenix fire thread?

Fly, bird of the sun
Fly home to where the colors burn
Step into the flames of a thousand vivid hues
And wash yourself afresh...begin anew

Bathe long within the living flames and
Breathe the taste of yellow
Breast stroke through those seering greens
Hazel pink, your wings shall mellow
But let orange be your crown

Blaze sun bird, like vivid blues atop the funeral pyre
Breathe the colors of the living flames
Become one with...
The fire

Been meaning to drop by here for a while....the phoenix is something pretty close to me....and colors of could I not? :)

Joined: 5/17/2008
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crayons dipped in pheonix fire
Posted: 6/17/2008 5:12:46 AM
9.40 pm here wed...I leave at 4am thurs
Just kickin back before I pack
Got lots to do
But ..time out is so cool*

When my mind is in sync with me
When the thoughts can all roam free
Then things simply...just happen
And thats a much nicer way to *be*

Will kick back into gear in about 20 minutes
Work through the night then jump a plane and head out...
cheers everyone
Joined: 2/16/2008
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crayons dipped in pheonix fire
Posted: 6/17/2008 8:06:12 AM
wow....a busy night in my neck-o-the woods......(I fought the migraine, and the migraine won....yesterday...i'm good now)

Transcend - a good point that you make....i've pondered over the idea of whether our God would rather us die in the name of love or, if you were being robbed or somethin' or threatened at gun point I wonder if it'd be more of a testiment toward the loving God if you didn't fight back.....or didn't protect your die in the name of love would be the greatest testament to the idea I suppose.....rather than to fight in the name of it.......but this comes from a woman who doesn't have kids......if I had any I'm sure I'd kill for them regardless.....THAT is instinct.....which is God given....which brings me back to my original thoughts and questions....i could think myself in circles

Render -
someone should take away this keyboard
zero-dark-hundred is not the time to write
the shadows within shadows are on the move
and visible to the third eye

...loved both of your writes....but I swear I've been sittin' in that same picture you paint is very familiar...

Mandrake - ....she can only hide for so long....from herself....awesome write my friend.......or MAYBE she could try some catnip.....WAT IN THA HELL!?!...lmao....that's funny stuff....but like you said...led to a little somethin' somethin', hey, whatever works I

Rose -
it's taken me a lifetime
to figure this out..
the only one i can fix
is me, without a doubt

thaaaat's your own happiness with a vengance....don't let anyone or anything steal that smile from you's most beautiful...

as for using color...sometimes transluscent is fine....a medium through which we look rather than a color we can actually see....ya dig?

happydurga - was wonderin' when you'd show up - I'm with Looney on this one....that write did have a most calming/settling effect....I read, and then re-read...just to feel that...again...and again....

eyes - bless your heart....proly need some sorta allergy meds (but, hey, who am I tellin'

tropical - I'm sorry...but I MUST pull a beavis and butthead on ya...."huh...huh...she said cojones"'t heard that word in a while...made me giggle...

Salty - lol - yeah....guess we all gotta talk about it since we ain't gettin' that or I'm gonna tackle some poor, unsuspecting soul in the grocery you stopped by...and, as always, absolutely love your word paintings...

***THANKS to you all for stoppin' by...please do come again..hope the days treat you well in the meantime***
Joined: 1/13/2007
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crayons dipped in pheonix fire
Posted: 6/17/2008 8:40:05 AM
That Explains Padded Shoulders

the splinters on my shoulder might have been cross related
the sh1t people carry around never fails to tickle me
even when they pass it off as the next best thing to share
I would rather hide my own and pretend im better
actually understanding sounds like something a nerd would do
right before he opened fire

dragging both feet is a lot tougher if you stand up on them
kinda takes the drag all the way out of the system
moving forward could occur.. progress even
I know, even I'm not high enough to believe thats likely
isnt it fun to pretend that out of everyone in the universe
you are the only one that isnt screwed in the noggin?

So Im the lucky time it might be your turn
Joined: 1/12/2008
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crayons dipped in pheonix fire
Posted: 6/17/2008 9:06:54 AM
Ash I think Gow would be all about boot stomping anyone that messed with you. Think he loves the Knights Templar, Chivalry, and Jackie Chan (cause he knows how to take a gun away from an armed assailant). Guys . . . I think you're on your own.
Joined: 2/16/2008
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crayons dipped in pheonix fire
Posted: 6/17/2008 10:29:38 AM
lol..well thankya eyes....and yeah....God proly does like Jackie Chan for his ability to do such...

transcend -

isnt it fun to pretend that out of everyone in the universe
you are the only one that isnt screwed in the noggin?

hee...hee....i'm so screwed in the noggin ( said noggin) I just quit pretending....I embrace the insanity.....and actually when I look at the rest of the world sometimes I feel kinda' sane.....
Joined: 2/16/2008
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crayons dipped in pheonix fire
Posted: 6/17/2008 11:27:14 AM
bringin' this one home from Mandrake's fireplace..

listenin' to the coffee pot
as I open the blinds
my eyes
and my mind
let the sunshine in
...we begin....again...
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