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Makes me sad. I don't know...short attention spans-? They're so hot because they're young.
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So many young divorces
Posted: 9/7/2009 11:22:41 AM
hey, feminism is on its third wave.

and guess what they call it. LIPSTICK feminism

why ask such ridiculous questions?
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So many young divorces
Posted: 9/7/2009 12:26:43 PM
I'd also say that with the world becoming "smaller" in a sense, is a major factor. Now days, it seems like people will not "settle" with what they have. They will always want more, and don't want to work on what they already have. If things get rough and uneasy, then it automatically wasn't meant to be. Love should be easy in the eyes of many people today. Why deal with the bad when there is someone else wanting you (who knows their motives) right around the corner and it seems like it will fix all the bad in your life? People need to really stop and think about their actions and words before they "commit" to anything.

I'd also say that some people just aren't marriage/relationship material. They don't know what it takes to have and maintain a growing relationship.
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So many young divorces
Posted: 9/7/2009 7:28:17 PM
I filed due to his alcoholism and abuse. No, 30 yrs ago, women just stuck with it as many were housewives. Today, more women work and they know they don't have to take it anymore from abusive men
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So many young divorces
Posted: 9/7/2009 7:51:33 PM
There is more divorce today *period*. Why? Because women now have choices. They work, and for the most part in the west, at equal pay, they can more afford to support themselves than they did in the past. So they dont have to stay with a man and put up with any abuse, disrespect, lack of attention to their needs, slovenly behavior, alcoholic rages, rape, cheating or other BS. In the past, due to the reliance on the man's income and the lack of support services available for women in crisis, they stayed in a marriage that didnt work. Assuming it was better than being on the street with their kids and starving.

One of the problems with this is, men havent quite figured out that they need to change up their game in order to acquire and maintain a marriage/relationship worth having to women of the 21st century. They cannot be the philandering, self absorbed arses that might have been indulged in the past. Women with any self respect, expect and demand more, and for those that have evolved beyond the lifestyle of 1952, the rewards will be well worth the effort it takes to have a modern relationship. But it seems too many men want the fruits of a woman's efforts in the workplace and a full time "wife" at home looking after their needs.

Let me be clear....not ALL men are like this, but many (too many, in fact).....yet there are some men who genuinely expect a fair and equitable partnership based on love, trust, respect and mutual cooperation.
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