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 Quazi 100
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This site describes very well how children acquire 'mistaken' cognitions, and core beliefs can become skewed. They are very adept at accepting 'blame' for things that have absolutely nothing to do with them.
Neglect is included under this heading.....non-attention can be as damaging as bad attention.
Joined: 7/17/2007
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Posted: 4/27/2011 5:01:55 PM
to each his own. some men good better than women, when they dress. Look at the transexuals. They put some women to shame.
me? cant stand nylons, or panties. Rides up me butt.
Have fun!
Joined: 10/9/2011
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Posted: 10/12/2011 3:19:49 PM
Lucky you. I'm hoping to find a likeminded woman.
 Italian guy 44
Joined: 12/31/2008
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Posted: 10/13/2011 2:03:05 PM
Hi nightkiss, Wow someone so open minded id love to chat with you i love to dress and would love the company of someone so open like yourself,

Lets chat stop by and say Hi.
Joined: 9/11/2011
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Posted: 10/13/2011 6:24:51 PM
God I love these forums. Where else could I learn so much about crossdressing and other stuff? So I've never known a straight crossdresser. I'm cool with it and all; it's just brand new to me. Now I wonder if there is anyone in my life that's a secret CD. So, OP, I don't know how I would react if my partner crossdressed. I don't think it would turn me on but I wouldn't be squicked out either. I probably could accommodate it especially if he were ready to accommodate my kinks.
Joined: 12/20/2011
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Posted: 1/3/2012 11:57:34 AM
I've been lucky enough to have a gf who let me dress for her, we shared some lingerie and had so much fun shopping for lingerie for the both of us! One night a week we would do eachothers makeup and nails, have a bubblebath and dress sexy. Then we would have the most amazing sex ever.. it turned her on SO much knowing I felt so sexy and feminine, she gushed constantly while down on me, stroking my silky stockings and garters...oh how I miss her
Joined: 12/31/2011
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Posted: 1/3/2012 2:54:40 PM

While I'm not into crossdressing personally, i had a girlfriend or random encounter, or a wife who got off or got sexual satisfaction from me doing that, I would for them. Just like it would be my hope that they would go out of their comfort zone A BIT, (key word), to give me sexual satisfaction as well. Good for you and her working with one another in your sexual relationship. We should all be so opened to the ones we share that part of our lives with. I would tell you to set your absolute boundaries though...
Joined: 11/6/2011
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Posted: 1/16/2012 2:48:02 PM
I have dressed for my girlfriends, some loved it and some were not into it at all. It is something that can bring a man and woman closer. It is a matter of honesty for me to let her know. Thank Goodness there are women who enjoy crossdressers.
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Posted: 1/17/2012 3:13:18 PM
hum well sounds instering hum
Joined: 3/26/2009
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Posted: 1/18/2012 8:59:55 AM
Not judging but it's just not my thing.

I am way too fond of the masculine-dominant alpha role.
Joined: 4/10/2008
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Posted: 3/8/2012 2:06:17 PM
looking for someone to do it with
Joined: 4/10/2008
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Posted: 3/8/2012 2:06:49 PM
looking for someone to do it with
Joined: 2/24/2012
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Posted: 3/8/2012 7:27:01 PM
I've got friend who had a lingerie store and closed it because too many guys were coming in from out of state to buy for themselves and asking him what looked good on them.

Too funny.
Joined: 5/2/2011
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Posted: 3/8/2012 8:39:46 PM
I had a platonic roomate one time that come to find out was a secret crossdresser.
He moved out right about the time I found out, so it never had to be dealt with.
I try to be openminded. I judge the kindness factor. And reliability.
But, I don't know if I'd be comfortable with him all dressed up.
It didn't make me think any less of him. Just differently.
I later heard he got aids... sad...he was a very nice person.
Joined: 1/4/2012
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Posted: 3/9/2012 9:56:08 AM
I understand playing dress-up in the bedroom, but in public hell f.cking no, that's not going to happen, that's just plain weird. If I want a man that looks like a woman hell I would just get a woman...HELLO
Joined: 9/26/2010
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Posted: 3/9/2012 6:19:35 PM
My ex was a crossdresser. I had no issues with it and we went out on many occasions while "she" was dressed. I'm most pissed off that when we divorced he/she took half my wardrope. Seriously.
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Posted: 3/19/2012 6:54:46 AM
I can can have a straight conversation about supply chain challenges of electronics in the global market with a 67 y/o cross dressing CEO. no problem. treat all people equally dresses / mohawks /tatts and whatever else, BUT society does not treat alternative life-stylers equally!

playing around in the bedroom for a few laughs is one thing, but going out in public? That should be seriously discussed with the partner.

too many things to consider to not consult ones partner.
For one thing Society can be cruel and if you are in a long term relationship you also involve your partner as a potential target.

I saw this happen in a mining town. sad really, they him 'till he was half dead.
he had a wife and two children. they had to move out of town.

Be careful all you CDers! be discreet, very discreet!
Joined: 10/12/2011
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Posted: 7/12/2012 1:20:41 PM
It’s a difficult situation. After 40 years of fighting it, I now just accept it, which has made it a lot easier. You wouldn’t believe the about of guilt I felt when I was young. It's not as compelling as it used to be, and I am careful not to let it get out of hand, and frankly, I’m not too good at makeup and shaving, and accessorizing, so it doesn’t take up much time.
I totally understand women being put off by it. Who wants the competition?
Joined: 6/10/2012
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Posted: 7/12/2012 4:52:43 PM
Hell. A few years back i had a couple girls one of whom i met on this site. Take me back to he
r appartment. i figured what the hell threesome time. The first thing they did was whip out a photo album. And what do you think was in it?

probably about a dozen or so different guys they had taken home and dressed up in their clothing and taken pictures. I mean i wasnt about to just do something like that. So we played a game with some party dice.

won every damn hand to. I got my threesome and remained panties free.

still i was surprised to find not only that some girls really get off on that kind of thing. But how many guys were willing participants
Joined: 6/13/2008
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Posted: 8/20/2012 7:56:56 PM
hi im kris like to cd
Joined: 1/3/2013
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Posted: 3/28/2013 1:31:00 PM
I enjoy crossdressing, wish there were more on this site to become friends with. All in friendship, fun and enjoyment
Joined: 3/27/2013
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Posted: 3/31/2013 8:14:59 AM
There are many who crossdress.

As anyone who 'dresses' knows, it just isn't something that we share with people because of the social stigma that people have toward it.
Joined: 8/23/2012
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Posted: 4/1/2013 4:10:40 AM
i'm a straight guy who is a fetish crossdresser and i keep it somewhat private.certain people in my life don't need to know this about me.(family,friends,co-workers and customers who hire my services (window cleaning).

i wish i could be 100% honest 100% of the time but that is not possible at this time.
Joined: 4/27/2012
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Posted: 4/10/2013 2:54:59 PM
hello there how are you im rod hope we can chat become friends mrs racygirl
Joined: 4/27/2012
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Posted: 4/10/2013 2:55:59 PM
hi there passion hope we can chat be friends
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