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You're right Whitegold. I have never arrived here wanting to argue.

I displace my frustrations in the gym, or out on the bike. I figure it's kinder than messing with someone else's day, just because I'm feeling a bit tetchy or impatient in my world.

Clearly, the (now missing) posted thread was such a good example of innappropriate user behaviour, that its now been pulled since highlighting. While some may have missed the rerun, the powers that be obviously didn't. That can only be a good thing. Sugar coating hypocrisy behind a veil of denial, is a little like trying to hide behind a glass window. Everyone can't help but see right through it.

We live and learn, and I have eaten my share of humble pie when it comes to speaking freely. It's been my experience, that when we admit we may have been inconsiderate, and hurt someone (regardless of intention), we learn something.. about ourselves and others.

Life's funny... and I wouldn't be dead for quids.
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freedom of speech
Posted: 6/20/2008 2:51:38 AM
In australia we are reasonably free to our thoughts and opinions just as long as it has nothing to do with words to the effect of supporting terrorist organisations or inciting violence under the terror laws, so as long as people do that then no one in the forums will be jailed and we wouldn't want that.
You always get people that are passionate about there opinions on some things but that shouldn't be by disrespecting other peoples opinions by castigating them, we all deserve respect as human beings after all.
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