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Part II

...where he proceeded to kiss me and eventually fondle my firm breasts and pinching my hard nipples that were beginning to show through my wet blouse. With one of his firm arms wrapped around my waist, and the other on my right breast, he passionatly removed his lips from mine and began suckling on my ear. Running the tip of his warm tongue along the outside and tracing his way inward.

Then running his tongue from my ear and down to my neck. He tilted my head back just enough to expose my bare neck. His tongue never losing touch with my skin as he gently begins to use his teeth and bites the elongated muscle, all while firmly leaning up against me holding me tightly. Then down to my shoulders. Becoming more and more turned on, my head moving about in small circles with every tender, yet firm, bite that was placed on my neck. It was enough to send shocking tingles throughout my entire body and leaving me wanting more.

I didn't know how much more I was going to be able to take. Slowly, he made his way down to my blouse, which was now completely see through. Beads of water running down my ivory tinted skin from the cold rain. His hands running about my body, caressing every curve he could find that I freely offered to him.

One by one he released the buttons of my blouse, exposing my bare skin and my quarter sized errect nipples that were a lightly tinted tan and pink color. Following his movements, I tilted my body up pulling my two heavy C cup breasts to his mouth for a taste.

Oh my gawd. My nipples were cool from the rain, which made it even better and more overwhelming when his warm lips cupped them. Lightly flickering his tongue, using his teeth again to bite down on them. His hand creped down to the warm crotch of my pants and he burried his face even deeper into my tit, thanks to a little help from myself. I wanted him to bite harder. The duel feeling of his hand between my legs and his mouth on my hard nipple was so unbelieveable. I couldn't believe this was happening to me.

As he began to release the buttons of my jeans, I tell him "harder, bite them harder", and he did. Sending a sense of lust throughout my body. I wanted so desperatly to throw myself to him and have him have his way with me. He wouldn't let me though, not yet...It wasn't time.

Slowly he releases my reddened nipple, and bends down to remove my shoes one at a time and then comes back up and gently pulls my pants to the ground. Helping me remove them one leg at a time while he runs his tongue up and down the middle of each thigh but never coming close enough to actually touch anything personal. He lays my pants aside and slowly begins to remove my silky panties. Being that they were wet and I had just freshly shaved that day, you could plainly see the crease of my pus*y through them.

Before removing them, he placed his mouth over me and firmly grabbed my as* while releasing gusts of warm air against my hardened clit. Stimulating both my mind and body and making me wet with passion. Knowing that I wanted him so badly, he glided my silk panties down to the ground where he helped remove them as he did my pants.

Once off, I could feel his warm hands running up my inner thighs, making his way to my warm wet, and awaiting pus*y. Bringing his face up to me, he again let a warm stream of air run down to my hardened clit......

I have to finish here in a little bit guys!! Sorry about the cut off but I have to get going for a little bit. Please....come back to read Part III tomorrow.
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Erotic Stories....what do you have???
Posted: 6/10/2005 6:07:40 AM
More Becca Pleeeeease. Damn thats good.
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Erotic Stories....what do you have???
Posted: 6/10/2005 6:10:55 AM
When you work in the public library you get a certain image in ppl's minds. Knowing what I had to do to dispel that image I went down to the local pharmacy to buy a pack of condoms. The clerk there didn't know the meaning of the word discretion and everyone in town would soon know what I had done. I could hear it in my mind: "You know what the librarian has done? She went and bought herself a whole bunch of condoms!" Being in a small town that's how it would go.
But I never knew buying condoms would be so complicated! I stood in aisle 8 staring at the racks and rows before my eyes....who on earth knew there'd be so many choices? Rough Rider? That sounded like something the Hell's Angels would wear! Ribbed, smooth, lubricated, unlubricated...oh my! How to choose? I spotted a box on the end of the shelf and picked it had one or two of each kind in it, I chose that box. I could experiment and select my favorites for the future that way. But.....could I use 96 condoms?
I plunked the box labled Tickle My Fancy on the counter and took delight when the clerk gasped loudly and said: OMG! You're buying these?!
My joy was short-lived when I heard the local sheriff step up behind me and my face turned a horrific shade of red! He was the last man in town I wanted to see what I was purchasing!!!
He looked at the box and smiled at the clerk: "Could you finish up here? I'm in a hurry?" And lightly held my elbow!
He made it look as if we were shopping together!
part 1
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Erotic Stories....what do you have???
Posted: 6/10/2005 6:22:19 AM
Hotbush, the suspense is killing me. I can't wait for part 2. :D
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Erotic Stories....what do you have???
Posted: 6/10/2005 7:12:29 AM
an Oldie... but a goodie.. the newbies will still enjoy it anyway.

Womens Fantasy

I'm getting back from a photoshoot.
I had a rough day.
I open the door of a beautiful home
to smell Lilacs and bubble bath suds.
I hear music coming from the bathroom..

There she is.
The most beautiful woman I've ever laid eyes on.
5 foot 7 slender
build and long curly hair.. black..
She turns around to look at me and smiles...

Not a word is said as she climbs out of the tub
soapy and wet.
She pulls me into the tub with her
as I'm still fully clothed.
begins unpeeling the wet clothes off my body.
as she is kissing every inch of exposed skin
the water seems to be getting hotter.
We play and tease in the bath
until we get too hot not to move it into the bedroom.

Throwing ourselves on the bed,
no towels we make passionate love to eachother for hours.

We are lying there our legs intertwined
I'm breathing soft breaths in her ear.
No words are spoken.
I get up get my still wet cloths on and leave.

I never even knew her name.
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Erotic Stories....what do you have???
Posted: 6/10/2005 8:44:03 AM
Nice stories people. Yesterday I spent like 15-20 minutes, if not more writing a story here and when I clicked post it brought me back to the forum except my post was not showing.... WTF..... click on the back arrow, what I had written was also gone... I just couldn't post yesterday around 3pm...

Anyway, I will try to write that story if I have time later but this time I'll write it in Word and cut and past it after so this way I won't lose everything for crying out loud.
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Erotic Stories....what do you have???
Posted: 6/10/2005 9:07:16 AM
James, I write mine using word, and then copy and paste them into hear. Makes it easier to go back and read them. And easier to share them later
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Erotic Stories....what do you have???
Posted: 6/10/2005 9:27:54 AM
The Librarian (part 2)

I left the pharmacy at the most dignified pace I could.
Sheriff Daley following close behind. What would everyone think?! That we'd bought them to use together is what they'd be thinking!!!
Getting into my car, I drove home...not looking in the rearview mirror, or I would have gone anywhere else but home. I pulled into my driveway and parked. Opening my car door I saw him standing there watching me.
"Would you please just go away?!" I asked him.
"No, dear....we're going to talk." was his response.
He stayed so close behind me I couldn't get into my house without him coming in too.
Once inside he leaned in close and said "You have 2 choices. I can either strangle you or kiss you."
"Those are your choices not mine!" How dare he!!!!
"Then you shouldn't have bought those condoms!" he stated.
"What's wrong with me buying--ummmph!"
The rest of my indignant answer was smothered by his kiss. I went still. His lips were soft yet firm in application. I could taste the beer he'd drunk along with honey, sweet honey.One big fist was twined in my hair, holding my head back as he leisurely kissed me in a way I had never been kissed before, his tongue deep in my mouth, and the honey taste of him melted my bones turning my internal organs to mush. I slowly went limp, only the pressure of his body all along mine holding me up.
Curves and mounds, angles and planes...they fit. His body heat seared me, the scent of his skin permeated me, beguiling me into wanting, needing, demanding more. And he gave me more....cradling his pelvis in my hips, the ridge of his erection riding hard against the juncture of my thighs.
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Erotic Stories....what do you have???
Posted: 6/10/2005 9:41:36 AM
damn thats hot hotbush. I hope I get to read part 3 before I leave today
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Erotic Stories....what do you have???
Posted: 6/10/2005 9:46:02 AM
I'm sorry to hear that James...but I look forward to reading it when you do get it posted!
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Erotic Stories....what do you have???
Posted: 6/10/2005 10:23:43 AM
It will most likely have to wait til Monday now as I'm about to go home and catch up on my gardening this pm and I've got quite a packed weekend ahead of me.... Hope it will be worth the wait ;-)
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Erotic Stories....what do you have???
Posted: 6/10/2005 11:37:50 AM
Hi everyone,

I am still fairly new to this site and in the process of sending a message to a very beautiful young lady who's profile I saw (She will remain nameless) I noticed forum links she had attached. I have been reading the submissions and have been very impressed. So I would like to add a bit to the fun.

All names and places have been modified to protect the innocent.

Imagine This:

They had met a couple of months ago through a little dating site known as PlentyOfFish, they chated regularly and enjoyed each others humour and candor as the grew to know one another. Neither thinking that anything would ever come of it as they lived in different area's. She was a teacher (wink), and was happy, flustered, and a little scared when he said he would be in town this weekend on business but had agreed to meet with him. They had just returned from dinner at an intimate little restaurant where they had talked and joked for hours over a bottle or two of wine. While walking back to her home they held hands and she enjoyed the way he kept looking at her with his deep brown eyes. At home she reached into the cupboard for wine glasses as he opened a fresh bottle of red. She could feel his eyes on her as she stood on the tips of her feet to reach the glasses. Smiling to herself as she caught him stairing at her a$$. She was glad she had worn her tight jeans. As she turned to face him he reached over gently and cupped the back of her head and leaned forward to kiss her. His lips carressed hers with just the right amount of gentle firmness. Their tongues touched and she felt her knees wobble just a little. Stepping back he said, that he should probably get going and hoped that she would see him again the next day. She could tell that he didn't want to leave but was trying to be a gentleman, and with a start she realized that she definately did not want him to go. Reaching up she took his head in her hands and kissed him. After a few minutes he pulled apart from her and studdied her face, making sure that he wasn't missreading the situation. With a smile he lifted her up onto the kitchen counter in one fluid motion. Her legs were slightly appart and he eased his way inbetween them and tilting her head to the side, slowly started to nibble and lick his way down to her sholder. His hands gently rubbed her legs and thighs as his mouth wandered over her kneck, face, and upper chest. She was breathing much harder now and suggested that they move into the living room. Lifting her gently into his arms he walked into the living room and stood her just in front of the couch. He kissed her hand, and then slowly started to unbutton her blouse. Dropping it to the floor he lowered his head and brushed her erect nipples through the fabric of her bra one at a time. She moaned softly as her hands massaged the back of his head. Smiling and trying not to look too eager he knelt in front of her and undid her jeans. As he worked them over her hips he ran his tongue around her belly button and down to her panties. She was squirming now, and she could feel her pu$$y lips swelling and her juices starting to flow. As she stepped out of the jeans he leaned back and looked at her. My God you are beautiful he said. Trembling with anticipation she reached back and undid her bra, adding it to the growing pile. He pushed her back until she was sitting on the couch with him kneeling in front of her and they started to kiss some more. His mouth finally found her nipples while his hands carressed he breasts. His tongue circled each nipple until they were harder than diamonds, his teeth grazing them or gently pulling on them. She was moaning outright now. Kissing her one last time he spread her legs and started to lick and nibble his way up the inside of her right thigh. As his mouth got closer and closer to her hot little pu$$y she could feel her juices soaking through her panties and between her a$$ cheeks. His fingers slipped under the edges of her panties and he slowly pulled them up until they were cutting deeply into her exposing her swollen lips on either side. He pulled one way and then the other massageing her clit. She was whimpering now, it was almost more than she could stand. He lowered his head placing his mouth over her protruding lips. She groaned as she felt the warmth of his breath on her. She thought, ohhh yesss now........but once more he smiled at her, reached up to kiss her and then slowly, exruciatingly started to nibble and lick her left thigh. This time her whole body was trembling as his mouth licked the inside of her thighs right where her leg came out of her panties. She was so horny, she was going to kill him if he backed off again. But he couldn't take any more either and he slipped her panties off, gently pulling the soaking material from between her pu$$y lips before throwing them asside. Spreading her legs as far as they could go he placed his mouth over her swollen clit and gently blew on it. Then his tongue started to lick her outer lips, sucking them into his mouth and gently pulling on them with his teeth. First one and then the other. Spreading her lips wide open with his fingers he slowly, sensuously started to lick her. His tongue traveled the length of her hot little hole as he drank every drop of her juices. She almost jumped as his tongue started to lick her tight little a$$ hole but she soon realized how errotic it was, then his tongue was moving up again and she cried out as he started to lick her swollen clit............Unnhhhhhhh she moaned as he flicked his tongue back and forth over it, pausing now and again to pull it gently into his mouth and suck on it. As his tongue worked tierelessly on her he slowly slid, one, then two, then three fingers deep into her pu$$y. Stroking his fingers in and out of her as his tongue focussed on the sweet spot of her clit. Thinking how much better this was than grading papers she felt that sweet sensation building between her legs. She was squeezing her breasts and pinching her nipples for herself as he brought her to orgasm. She could feel her pu$$y muscles clenching and releasing his fingers over and over again as her boddy shuddered in exstacy. She lay there feeling wonderful. Little ripples of pleasure racking her body as he once more spread her lips with his fingers and gently licked her dry. With a smile of wonder she thought this night couldn't get any better, and then she saw the bulge in his pants as he stood up...........................
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Erotic Stories....what do you have???
Posted: 6/10/2005 11:44:20 AM
The Librarian (part 3)

His right hand closed firmly over my breast, weighing and kneading, rubbing the nipple into a fine hard point. The sensation splintered through me, causing me to moan. This was desire.
My head fell weakly back, and his hot mouth trailed down my throat to close on the sensitive juncture of neck and shoulder, raking the tendon with his teeth.
He quickly removed my dress and underwear, finally placing his hands on naked flesh. He bent me backwards over his arm and enclosed my breast within his mouth. He knew he didn't have to be gentle and he wasn't.
Desperate to feel his skin, I jerked at his shirt, tearing the buttons off in my hurry and need.
My breast were now crushed against the crisp hair on his chest, creating new sensations of delight. I ached all over with the most wonderful, heated ache of my life.
He slid his hands up my legs, cupping my bottom for just a moment, then he moved them down and plunging his fingers into my cleft.
I gasped, the sound strangling in my throat, my body still...waiting...anticipating.
Two fingers were pushed inside me and all my nerve endings rioted, I arched searching for more.
He stumbled to the couch, holding me and eased me into position over him. I could feel the head of his penis probing my opening...clenching my buttocks tightly, he slipped inside. I savored the slow, heated impalement as he plunged deeper, harder, faster.
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Erotic Stories....what do you have???
Posted: 6/10/2005 11:47:39 AM
Don't stop now! :-)
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Erotic Stories....what do you have???
Posted: 6/10/2005 11:50:30 AM
got heated up and need to cool off! lol
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Erotic Stories....what do you have???
Posted: 6/10/2005 11:55:40 AM
Well you definately got me heated up.
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Erotic Stories....what do you have???
Posted: 6/10/2005 12:13:11 PM
The Librarian (part 4)

My body was not my own anymore...moving, twisting of it's own violition as I felt him deep inside me.
I loved the harsh sounds he made, the increasing desperation of his movements, his tightening grip and fevered thrusts as my own tensions and sensations moved toward critical mass and my senses exploded. The world dimmed around me as I heard myself crying and hips frantically thrusting against him. I was suddenly on my back as he pounded into me, sending me into another frenzied orgasm before he stiffened and heaved into his own heart stopping orgasm.
I nuzzled against his throat inhaling the musky scent of him.
"Do you have another condom?" I asked him.
"You still have the pack of 96 don't you? he replied "That should be enough for tonight."
We laughed as we raced upstairs to the bedroom.

The End
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Erotic Stories....what do you have???
Posted: 6/10/2005 12:55:33 PM
Yawn... tired of writing for now.. here is another oldie..
I will have my newest works up once my insomnia is subsided.

So here it is...

Painters Fantasy

I'm sitting in a room in my usual painters gear. rusty tanktop and cutoff shorts. Working on my latest piece. I stand back to take a look at my work and rub my hand across my forehead... I satisfied with the progress so far I turn around hearing a door behind me..

*Hi* I say plain ordinary hi...
Standing there in an open white dress shirt and form fitting blue jeans..
He looks and me and says nothing.
He comes up to me and wipes some of the paint off of my forehead
and rubs it on my cutoffs I laughed and said.. *well if that's going to be the way of it.*
I took the paint brush still in my hand and wiped it along his chest.
He laughs and says.. *Oh is that so?*
He turns to the painting grabs another brush and says..
*well lay down then, It's my turn to make a master piece.*

Feeling a little playful I decide why not. I turn to the loveseat and lay there.
He approaches me holding a paintbrush in one hand and a seafoam green paint in another.
He begins painting little designs on my feet. and slowly works his way up my legs.

*take them off* He whispers
*I want to watch*
I tell him playfully as I'm undoing the first button.
*you know this will ruin your masterpiece.*
he replys..
*nothing could ruin my masterpiece*

I look at the way he is watching me undo my buttonfly
with such hunger.. and such restraint.
I slowly slide my shorts to the ground..
He sees that I'm not wearing anything underneath
and stops himself from moving..
*All of it.*
As he watches me remove my shirt
knowing that I've worn nothing underneath that as well.
*Lay back down*
I can see how much restraint this is taking him..
As I see that he's forcing himself not to take me right then and there
I almost want him to.. I'm getting turned on by his obvious need.

He begins painting more designs on my navel area.
The cool gentle touch is bringing my body to life
He sees my nipples hardening and freezes.

He looks at me to find that I'm watching his every move.
he grazes the pattern he has already made from my feet to my ribs..
Smuging the lines and streaking his finger prints all along what has been left untouched.

As he moves to kiss me I whisper *Not yet*

It's my turn

I stand to begin undressing him.
He trys to reach out and touch me once more and I slap his hand away.
*I've been waiting for this*
I slip his shirt off from his shoulders..
to see one lone streak of blue across his chest

I grab the color already on him
and pour a little on each of his shoulders as he stands there.
He watches as I guide the streaks along his bared skin.
Before I can reach his jeans I smear it in different directions
and soon his entire chest is a varied pallette of blues.

I undo his fly and slowly slide his jeans down to his knees..
Paint streaking all along the way..
He's hard, ready and waiting...
I remove his underwear to see him smile and stand up to sit him on the couch.
I've gotten him completly bare now..

I pour some paint onto my hands now and sit behind him
I begin tracing my fingers along his back.. the man is a beautiful specimen.
I'm breathing soft breaths along his shoulders

He moans.

I get up to replace the paints and he snaps..
His self control is no more.
He grabs my arm and spins me to face him
Grabs my face and kisses me hard and deep
There is a crash somewhere in the background
as he walks me to the wall.
He picks me up slams my against the wall and thrusts himself into me.
The sheer pleasure of it makes me lose myself.

As he thrusts into me harder.. deeper.
The room begins to spin and we fall to the floor.
Not losing a half a pace. Rolling on the paints that spilled off the easel
the passion becomes more and more intoxicating
Explosions I'm dying inside and yet I've never felt so alive.
As he makes his own last few thrusts
I hear and feel the sensations of his own orgasm.

As the world begins to piece itself together
I see that our passionate interlude has completed my painting for me.
I feel him wrap his arms around me..
I whisper his name
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Erotic Stories....what do you have???
Posted: 6/10/2005 1:03:39 PM
yes...more please
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Erotic Stories....what do you have???
Posted: 6/10/2005 5:42:13 PM
Here is part one of my latest erotica tale
for the fellow POFers
that have been getting my creative juices flowing. LOL

This one will take dedication to read... it is a longer one.. lol..
I got a little wrapped up in the moment

Stormy Passions

Storm clouds...
Wind blowing... whistling through the trees..
The rain starts... light sprinkles..
cool and cleansing misting the exposed skin of my face..
I lean back.. look up at the sky and my eyes flutter
*Paitence...* I tell myself.

I stand there.. at the boardwalk watching the cars drive by
She comes running.. she is soaked.. and cold.
Her red cotton T shirt clinging to her chest...
her nipples hardend she is shivering..
As beautiful as she looks to me I cannot watch her shiver
I cannot see her suffer the cold.

I peel my jacket off my shoulders..
I'm wearing a tank top myself..
but that is of no matter to me..

My lady is cold.

I place my jacket over her shoulders..
She looks at me and asks if I will be okay..
I lean in and kiss her mouth..
*I will be fine luv.. just fine.*
She wraps her arms around my waist
and kisses the nape of my neck.

We walk in silence along the boardwalk..
it is desolate and hollowed..
usually filled with life and excitement
the rain has caused it to be an empty shell of itself.
Perfect for us.. we like to be alone anyway.

The wind begins picking up and
lightening flashes across the sky
The thunder




It's electrifying for me..
the air in my lungs catch
as I take an excited breath

End Part 1
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Erotic Stories....what do you have???
Posted: 6/10/2005 6:18:46 PM

everyone else...kudos!!!!
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Erotic Stories....what do you have???
Posted: 6/10/2005 7:06:40 PM
okay slow start.. but I swear it gets better!

Part 2

My lady snuggles ever closer to me..
caressing my waistline.. she is nervous.
We walk down to the beach.. also empty..
Solitude.. Perfection..
I pull her under the boardwalk with me..
Dryer and more protected then the streets above.
We sit and watch the waves crash onto the shore
from the raging ocean
violently assaulting the beaches sandy bank.

I take another inhale of the air..
Sweet ocean air.. the electricity from the storm
The smell of lilacs in my loves hair
I lean close up against her and slide my hand up her wet shirt
and begin caressing her waist..
working my way up to feel the her heart is racing.

I brush her hair from her neck
to take a long slow taste of her sintilating neck..
So long.. so beautiful.. she gasps..
She removes my jacket from her shoulders and lays it behind me..
She turns to me and nibbles my lower lip..
she tastes my full pouting lips
she loves the way my mouth tastes

I moan..

she gentley lowers me to the ground
Placing her hand on my breast..
sliding her hand slowly down my torso
until she reaches a hint of exposed skin
she slips her hand beneth my tank top
and slides her hand back upward
raking her nails tenderly over my skin
I grip my hand into her long dark hair..
deepening our passionate kiss.
licking an nibbling at her soft plyable mouth.

The thunder rolls once again.
the earth is shaking from the sheer power of the storm
She bites my lip and stills herself..
Fear has gotten the better of her.
My gentle lamb.. my sweet innocent woman.
I almost want to stop.. I want to protect her..
To have her as my untainted lady..
but my need to take her... explore her is too great.
I pull me swollen mouth from hers
and sit myself up and lay her beside me.

End part 2

I promise.. it gets better.. it is a little lenghty though
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Erotic Stories....what do you have???
Posted: 6/10/2005 7:42:09 PM
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Erotic Stories....what do you have???
Posted: 6/10/2005 8:17:35 PM
Yes Fillmore,
we want more!
we want more!
we want more!
we want more!
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Erotic Stories....what do you have???
Posted: 6/10/2005 8:53:58 PM
Stormy Passions
Part 3

She quivers as I lean over her
and begin to run my hands through her hair.
Calming her worry I slowly begin to tease at her neck
She archs her head back
telling me that she is enjoying what I am doing to her..
wanting.. inviting for more..
yearning for me to continue.. to do more to and for her.

I place my hand under her shirt and slowly caress her navel
She gasps and grabs my hand she stills it and looks into my eyes
I wait.. I watch her watching me.
She lets out a nervous giggle and smile in return
letting her know that I can wait as long as she needs.

I've waited months already..
one more day although painful.. can be done.

I love her.

She sits up.. unsure of what to do..
I get up and begin to straiten up my clothes
and go to offer her my hand to assist her up as well
She looks at my hand.. and looks at me.
She grabs my hand and pulls me back down to meet her..
She kisses me and begins to remove her shirt..
*I want you to watch me Katelynn..
I want you to want me.. to need me*

End part 3
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