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sigh, i'm only ever touched in the headPage 6 of 6    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)

As a single person living alone, I am literally starved for human physical contact, and I thoroughly enjoyed this meet with this man!

Back during the summer, I was at a Meetup event, a dance held at a church. Yes, I know, me in a church, it’s a wonder the roof didn’t fall in on me. But I digress…

I was dancing, a slow dance, and holding a woman in my arms. This is a woman I have known for probably 2 years. She doesn’t come to many events, maybe 4 or 5 times, and always events involving dancing. An interesting woman, presently working as a teacher, although she has had a quite varied career.

In the middle of the dance, she said, “This is the only human contact I will get all week. Isn’t that sad?”

I was about to make a smart quip, but stopped myself, thought for a few seconds, and replied, “No, it better not be sad, because I’m in exactly the same boat.”

I don't dance. At all.

Well, to each his own.

It takes all kinds.

And whatever other clichés might come to mind.

But I have to say, “I wouldn’t want to be you.”
Best of luck with that.
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Don't leave us hanging!
Posted: 1/2/2017 8:33:52 PM

As a single person living alone, I am literally starved for human physical contact, and I thoroughly enjoyed this meet with this man!

And . . . And . . . And?
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Do you touch on the first date?
Posted: 1/3/2017 6:21:58 PM

and I don't like touching people that I don't know.

I hope you're not the only person around if I ever need CPR.

I don't like being touched by people that I don't know

So if there was a flowerpot falling out of a window, you don't want a stranger to push you out of the way?
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Do you touch on the first date?
Posted: 1/10/2017 10:43:03 AM
I'm from down South, where hugs and kisses on the check mean nothing. A light hug and quick kiss on the check form a woman can simply mean "thank you". Many people hug friends as a greeting.

When a lady meets a man she can extend a soft, well manicured hand as if to shake. When he places his hand on hers, she covers his with her free hand, then gently squeezes. That's a great way to begin a meet up date.

If they are in a restaurant or coffee shop, seated at a table, she can "accidentally" lightly brush his leg with her foot while they are speaking.

A lady can lightly touch his hand or elbow to emphasize a point while she is speaking.

Southern ladies can touch a man deeply without touching her at all, with just their eyes. Just make good eye contact and give him an appreciative -- but not fawning -- look.

If a gentleman sees that his date is wearing Lady Gaga heels, he should help on steps or stairs. Let her be next to the handrail. Then gently grasp her arm at the elbow and forearm to steady her.

Opening the car door for a lady is a must. If he is opening it to let her out, he should take her hand to steady her as she debarks. Don't pull her, just assist.

If it's winter, help a lady with her coat. Simply take the coat, hold it open, with the liner facing her, just below her shoulder height, and let her get into it.

Take a lady's hand as you two cross the street.

I see a lot of comments from Northerners about how backward and uncultured Southerners are. I'm always surprised to find this from folks from places like New Jersey, and Cali.

A lot of people grudgingly come to Texas for employment, thinking they will hate the place. A lot of these same people never willingly leave.
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yeah, don't leave us hanging. Only some of us are well hung
Posted: 1/10/2017 1:39:45 PM
if someone doesn't like to dance, well, to each their own. I'm self taught, I learned to turn my back on the crowd so I wouldn't see any laughing, and youtube is good at teaching lessons for free. But boy do I miss the clubbing days (nights?) and of course, a 40 year old doesn't belong in a club of 20 yr olds looking for a dance. but it was fun living like a vampire :) I won't say that those who don't dance missed out on a way to spend a Saturday night, they likely found something they liked--or they got the sleep we missed, lol

Henry, smart of you not to make the quip. She opened up to you, another way of human contact, and you returned the favor.

and yes, being a northeasterner, its interesting to go someplace with more "excuseme" spoken. Up here in the population dense region, we bump our way thru crowds almost daily, don't apologize unless we egressously knock someone over. We did have some slaves up here way back when and have some "trailerpark redneck trash" now, but besides those stereotypes I am one of those Yankees unsure what Southern Culture is. Is it the soul food, or the blues, or country music, or what. I'm sure a "good ol'Boy" can look at us snowbirds coming down for the weather and wondering what it was we loved up north, too.

what's the saying, "where you stand depends upon where you sit"? :) Or maybe its a dislike going back to the Civil War, like how people still go on about how great Egyptian cotton is, a sales pitch from the days when northern factories didn't have Confederate cotton as a raw material, so they had to "Teach" customers able to repair their old shirts, to not do that and buy new ones made from Egyptian cotton instead. Or how our slang still talks about getting the truth from the horse's mouth, when we're more likely to buy a car than a horse. Some "Common Knowledge" outlasts its application :)
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sigh, i'm only ever touched in the head
Posted: 1/10/2017 2:45:46 PM

On a first date, we met in the parking lot; I stuck my hand out to shake his; he took my hand then hugged me with his other arm. It was totally charming and felt spontaneous. While in the restaurant, he wanted to show me a few photos on his phone, so he came over and stood by my chair. He pushed his shoulder/arm against mine. I took this to mean that he found me attractive and wanted to see how I'd respond to touch. When we walked out to the parking lot, another hug, couple of little kisses (after he asked) and we separated. I was totally disarmed by his honesty and his small touches. As a single person living alone, I am literally starved for human physical contact, and I thoroughly enjoyed this meet with this man!

Yeah, but that's because you were attracted to him. Pretend you were not -- suddenly his moves are in poor taste! :) Version of the same thing, if you weren't so attracted to him, thus, another perspective taking the same actions:

On a first date, we met in some remote, desolate parking lot, which I thought was weird, but he suggested it. I stuck my hand out to shake his... and he took my hand then groped me with his other arm! It was totally surprising and felt it was quite rude and uncomfortable. While in the restaurant with not much to talk about, he wanted to show me a few photos on his phone. Ummm, okay. So he comes over and stood by my chair -- and pushes his shoulder against me, getting up in my grill to show me stupid pictures on his phone. Wtf? I get you find me attractive and want to see how I respond to you getting close -- but space, please... Have some class! When this date was finally ending and we were walking out to the parking lot, he gropes me with another hug (rolling eyes), and then asks me if he can kiss me a couple times and I declined. I was totally up in arms by the way about him and his creepy small touches thru the evening. As a person living alone, I like human physical contact, but not in his creepy weird way!

But in all honesty, that's great you Did have a good experience. Guys should make moves like that, and be willing to take the burn when gals are too sensitive or unattracted.... because it's not going to work out any way if they're not that into you regardless. Mine as well aim to maximize under the assumption there's mutual attraction!
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Do you touch on the first date?
Posted: 1/10/2017 8:49:07 PM

I'm not going to go on a first date with some guy I'm not attracted to.

Yeah, but many times one doesn't know or have their attraction settled in Until the 1st date's begun. So from the other poster's story about how so well the date unfolded & how great he was in how he acted/reacted, etc -- my point was that it was because of your tastes. A guy you're not really into is going to come across to you in a different way, even if the actions are the same, was my point.

Kind of like you can take two guys on a somewhat blind date telling the same joke, and actually in the same way. One can be funny to them, and the other not -- despite it being the same joke, delivered in the same way. Our attraction alters our perception of the Same actions, is my point.
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Do you touch on the first date?
Posted: 1/11/2017 8:35:39 AM
I'm not the cross the line touchy , gropey type right off the bat and have been complimented on this multiple times.

That being said, if the first meet goes well and she either gives me the green light or , even more impressive, makes the first move herself then I have no problem with that.

Go figure right ?
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Do you touch on the first date?
Posted: 1/13/2017 8:23:34 AM
Touching is a great hit. Unfortunately, many guys don't get hints!
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Do you touch on the first date?
Posted: 1/15/2017 5:31:06 AM
True. On the first date, I know a guy really likes me if he rubs my boobs for me until I fall asleep.
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Do you touch on the first date?
Posted: 1/15/2017 6:44:09 AM
Isn't it good luck to rub the belly of the Buddha? Perhaps these fellows are just hoping they can get lucky, too? Reminds me of the line from Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid.
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