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Joined: 9/28/2004
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I was just send a nasty e mail from a nasty jelouse insure woman! This woman went on about how bitter I was & sinlge with no kids at 44......... This e mail was so uncalled for! I am singlw at 44 yes! That is the way life is & I happen to be very happy with my life the way it is. NO I do not have children! This is Do to illness & not being able to have them!
I dont know why people feel they have to attack you personaly........ My only reply here can be
GO S C R E W yourself woman........ I never asked for you to e mail me. Hell I never said a word to you.......... Get a life. Mine is taken!
Joined: 5/9/2005
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Posted: 6/7/2005 2:15:02 PM
Maybe this should be posted in a different spot, so that the moderators can find and deal with this person?
Joined: 9/28/2004
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Posted: 6/8/2005 6:50:10 PM
SOI can not stayon much these days . I am in NYC ...... All I can say is , THe woman I did not know & I let her know that I could only think of one word to call her .... That word started with a C..... Have fun all & see you when I get back home the 21st or so!
Joined: 4/22/2005
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Posted: 6/9/2005 2:55:15 AM
Maybe shes jealous of you because she doesnt have the freedom in life that you do.Id say its a safe bet.I agree her behavior is still completely uncalled for.She mightve had children at a young age and felt trapped and took it out on you.Im totally just guessing here obviously ,but generally when people lash out at strangers for no reason,they are either really hurting and dont like themselves,or ....crazy.Anyway,I wonder if this is the same woman who goes around voting everyone a one?Sorry for the joke I couldnt resist.Anyway,HAHA you seem like a great lady.Dont let this person get you down Hugs and God Bless
Joined: 9/28/2004
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Posted: 6/9/2005 10:42:11 AM
Well We can all just imagine what these people think... They are the sad a pittiful people that have all the time in the world to view our profiles & insult us. Me , I am just to happy here in the Big Apple ! LOL.... I hope that you are all doing well!
Joined: 9/12/2006
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Posted: 2/9/2008 7:22:01 AM
I also receive many personal attacks as well as advice and suggestions as to what to say, what to wear, etc. My conclusion is that those who do so are nothing more than cowards. I seriously doubt whether any of them would have the courage and/or nerve to walk up to me and personally make those comments. Yet they have no problem hiding behind the veil of cyberspace in order to do so. Cheap thrills? I guess so. What is to be gained by putting someone down who you don't know personally? It is a cowardly, classless activity and I imagine that shrinks have a field day with that behavior. Shrug it off HAHA, it's not worth your time.
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