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Some reasons why some Asian girls only date white guys:

1. They think it's the cool thing to do.
2. They have a predisposed notion that all Asians are wife beaters with no manners.
3. They just like white guys and find Asians unattractive.
4. It's a source of pride to go against the grain by dating someone outside their race. Traditionally, it was frowned upon in many Asian cultures to date outside your race. You can see some rebellion here in play.
5. They had it hard dating other Asians because Asians don't find them attractive, but white people do.
6. There are a lack of Asians they relate to culturally. If they are raised around white people and are most comfortable with that, there might be a lack of Asians in the area that share the same cultural values. Asian-Americans that only hang out with other Asian-Americans are still very different, culturally, from those that were raised around the "mainstream" white crowd.
7. They had bad experiences dating other Asians, found 1 white guy that treated her differently and concluded that race was the factor dictating how they were treated.

I don't like Asian girls that date white people exclusively because it is a source of pride for them, and just like there has been a huge yellow fever jump, there has been a growing number of Asian girls that loudly and proudly date white people and demean Asian males. There is a best of craigslist post made by this one Chinese guy that sat down to have coffee at a Starbucks next to some Asian girl. The Asian girl apparently thought he would start hitting on her, so she hit on the closest white person, loudly, to show that she she's not interested in dating other Asians. That's just stupid. If that's your deal, then good for you. Don't make a scene of it like we're lesser than human.

These are just my observations and not a statement of facts.
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asian girl who has never dated or had a asian bf before
Posted: 4/21/2009 1:34:36 AM
I adore Asian women. Dated a Vietnamese, and she was very soft, sensitive and sensual, intelligent, good work ethic, great sense of humor, very quiet...all very appealing qualities.

Can't speak for Asian men, because I'm (quite) white, but I attended many family dinners with this Asian lady's family, and the man ruled the roost, no question about it. Leads me to believe that Asian cultures are very patriarchal and male-dominated, with women being subjugated or made to be servants. No judgment one way or another about that patriarchal culture (I like to look at women as equals or peers), but perhaps that's why Asian women tend to prefer white men...! They don't want to be dominated...!
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