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Well, anything's possible. But I have to think it would take an unusual woman couple with an exceptional man.
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penetrating her cervix
Posted: 1/30/2012 11:20:21 AM
Ahem ... has everyone chilled a little ... good.

One of the mechanisms of the human female orgasm is that the vagina cantracts and the cervix dips into (hopefully) a pool of semen. The strong human female orgasm may be an evolutionary developement due to the need for bipedal females to remain lying down after sex ... rather than swishing their tails in annoyance and trotting off trying to ignore the teeth marks in the back of their neck.

This contraction and cervix dipping feels like my penis is being kissed .... it's GREAT! But I expect there is a certain "correct fit" relationship between penis and vagina as I have only experienced it with three women during coitus. I have felt the contractions and cervix dipping many times during finger in vagina and cunninglus intercourse.

All this being said, the cervix is an important mucous lined line of defense against infection. While some women might find massaging the intra-vaginal part of the cervix pleasurable I would advise against trying to penetrate it with anything not named spermatazoa.
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penetrating her cervix
Posted: 12/29/2013 10:44:08 PM
Well there is that little fact that semen in the uterus can cause a woman to go into anaphylactic shock. That's why it has, A a plug except at ovulation, B has a stringy mucus during ovulation so only the sperm swim up there, and C they wash and filter the sperm if they are fertilizing directly in the womb.
I have heard of women putting semen directly in the uterus, the same woman also put nettles in her vagina. Probably not the best example to follow.
Sorry no_1_bby for tagging this on your post, I could figure out how to post independently.
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