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I find it interesting how some posters seem ready and willing to unquestioningly accept Emotto's claims as gospel, yet demand a full accounting of my own scientific inquiry. Tools, techniques, and even my attitude are called into question.

Therein lies the difference. If my findings were in accordance with Emotto's, you would have probably been happy, but since I couldn't duplicate his results, I'm labeled a biased non-believer bent on destroying the wonderment of the unknowable universe.

Nothing could be further from the truth. I exist, therefore I question existance. Anything less, to me, would be a waste of free will.

People choose to believe all sorts of things, some are verifiable, most not. Kids believe fervently in Santa, Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny, etc. until an authority figure breaks the bad news to them that it was all a lie. I'm no authority, just a curious amateur.

My own experiment still stands as the only independent inquiry on this thread. Such a simple set of actions, yet all I read here are declarations of belief. I believe I can fly, but I'll bet there are those who'll scoff. Matters nought to me. It's a matter of perspective...Step out of a plane in mid-air, and you might be surprised how aerodynamic the human body can be at terminal velocity. If water has memory, it stands to reason that air does too, and I'm leaving some pretty happy air in my wake. Breathe deeply, and enjoy my contribution.

Blue Skyz...
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WATER has MEMORY ! ! !
Posted: 7/30/2008 11:44:32 AM
neaptide, you have to temper your philosophy with the experience of your audience. In science, anyone making a claim is duty-bound to support it. Anyone claiming that water posses memory is called upon to present evidence. If no evidence is presented, the idea is dismissed. There is no need for anyone to entertain a spurious claim. We are all busy people.

That's exactly right!!!

That's why i said her arguments are that of a two year old. lol. I don't need to a study with two year olds, because the statment i'm making is not REALLY about two year olds, it's about how pathetic neaptides argument is.

i give up on this thread, there is too many illogical stupid people and people who simply just want to argue for the sake of neaptide.

Cheers :)

EDIT: Historicaly to treat depresion they used to put a fork like thingy up the patients nose and mash the front of their brain. Often, the patients became happy, but pretty much brain dead none the less.

All you brain dead ppl who are happy beliving stuff as stupid as water having memory, that's awsome, i'm happy for you ha ha ha ha.
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WATER has MEMORY ! ! !
Posted: 7/31/2008 4:02:35 AM


(this is just an extra sentance cause you can't post messages to short, etc ect ect)
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WATER has MEMORY ! ! !
Posted: 12/8/2009 4:55:13 PM
sorry, couldn't read it all, first page only, I think, [4 year old attention span, stole that from one of my sons] but it is interesting how we are 97% water and not much else.

hey, if your learning about CRAP [not necessarily this stuff] it maybe a blessing [short attention]

so how does thought fit into that 3%?
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WATER has MEMORY ! ! !
Posted: 12/9/2009 5:08:01 PM
I know what you mean, having to prove it, you don't! wast of time. people can research it for themselves.

don,t know a thing about it, but love is supposed to be THE answer.

not many know what love is.
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WATER has MEMORY ! ! !
Posted: 12/9/2009 11:51:18 PM
Also...water is NOT a liquid. It is a fluid Mercury is a fluid metal.
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WATER has MEMORY ! ! !
Posted: 12/10/2009 1:33:30 AM
I think this is a very admirable message to preach by Dr. Emoto, but I do think he is flawed in his scientific description of it. As with ANY scientific theory, you need peer review and independent research arriving at the same results that you got. If you don't see that happening or - worse- if Emoto doesn't share his research with peers and thus maintains a 'secret awareness' of sorts, then he's inevitably going to be labeled a joke. The fact that he has actually admitted to not being a scientist and is a doctor in certification alone, not actual Ph. D accreditation... well it doesn't help.
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