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Joined: 6/9/2007
Msg: 226
would guys date a female cop?Page 5 of 33    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33)
Not surprising, yet another mischaracterization from 5150. (Aptly named, by the way). Now, back to the OP. My, how they stray.

Why someone would get their panties in a wad over men who won't date them is beyond me.

Joined: 9/27/2007
Msg: 229
would guys date a female cop?
Posted: 8/3/2008 12:03:09 AM
I Would rather not consider dating a female cop or any other women associated with the law due to past experience of 5 different women. This has nothing to do with any females in this thread. After the first one I said to myself. Wow !!!!!!! What a nightmare !!! Right before and after the split up. You talk about someone being bullied and treated unjust by an intire police force. I was. I ended up moving to another state and then a couple cops gave the county a heads up on me and all the surrounding counties. OMG and then a few years later I met another gal and she was a reserve cop. Yes even tho I said never again. She said: Oh I'm not like that ! I'm not like that ! OMG ! Within a month or so when she didn't get her way on every single thing she was totally unreasonable. She thought she was my master and I had best do what she wanted or else. Yes and she threatened me with her buddies of the law. Yes I ended up relocating to another town. This happend 4 out of 5 times and the other one ended up being married but was seperated and we was a secret affair. She ended up getting back with her husband that was a cop too. OMG can you only emagin if that would have been a sour ending? An word would have gotten out we was having an affair? You talk about what a fool I was back in them days and yes I was certainly weak to a womans beauty and certainly was thinking with the wrong head back in them days. I was attracted to their strong and dominating minds. Just get one mad at you ! So actually 5 for 5. I'm speaking from past experience. You can't even emagine a few nightmarish things that was going on. One night was almost like I was in the twighlight zone. The two cops pulled me an a female friend of mine over. The one cop should have been sent off for what he did to the female that was the driver of my car we was in. You talk about sexual assult. He had his hands on every part of her body and ran his hands up under her shirt and bra and I said hey ! and the cop behind me had me handcuffed and cramed my face into the hood of the car telling me to shut up and they was both laughing. This was all after I had been dating a female dispatcher and broke it off a few weeks before. Gawd what a nightmare on more than one occasion. Any of your female cops care to have been in my female friends shoes that night with that Fat dork with the badge ranning his hands up under your shirt and bra and got him a couple handfuls of your bare breasts? So you want to tell me I'm not a man for having my reasons for not wanting to have a relationship with a woman of the law? An you females still just think we must have attitudes and stereotyping and painting with a brush. I'm not saying any of you women in here are bad. All I did in this thread earlier is copy and quote your negetive sendings. An all through this thread you basically say us guys are saying stuff we're not. You come back an misrepresent some of the things we say. An who says Strongdads reasonings are only because he was married to this one woman. I'm sure he knows stuff that has nothing to do with her. Circe? You saying you have never broken a traffic law in your own personal vehicle? If not then your the first. I see them drive like batman and robin all the time in their own personal cars. Run stop signs. speed. You name it. I've never seen one that wasn't speeding. 5150? all you have did was twist and turn our words around and outright misrepresent most every posting you have b1tched about. This is what gets me. You will come back and say I have issues or I have anger management problems. Bottom line is I'm not upset or angry. But one thing I am. I'm totally discusted with some of you. A couple of you make me sick. This isn't even worth my time or the effort I'm putting into this. I'm shocked that any of you can sit here and bash and bash. You all know what I'm talking about. You can uphold, but inside you know.
Oh and for you guys that said you would date a female cop? Well you have never dated one so you will not know until then. Well actually it depends on how crazy the cop is about you and if your the one breaking it off. Or if she's sick of you and breaks it off then you might be ok too. If she/he has major feelings for you and your the one that breaks it off. Just take my word for it. It's not good and get it in your head that your going to have to relocate to another town or state in some cases.
Joined: 5/22/2008
Msg: 230
would guys date a female cop?
Posted: 8/3/2008 7:20:22 AM
Hi S.D.

I know what you're talking about. I dated an undercover cop from Ontario awhile back, and he literally got away with murder. The stories he had to tell were super interesting, but had you or I done those things we would still be sitting in a jail cell. He got away with SO many things...drunk driving with an illegal gun was the most recent...something about the "brotherhood" got him off...and guess what?...he got PROMOTED!..go figure...

I know that cops provide a service to us dull normals...they protect us, and most of them are honest and caring...but why should they be above the law?

Alcholism is rapent in that profession...guess it sort of comes with the they get older they seek therapy...and your and my tax dollars pay for it.

He was super controlling and thought he was God's gift to women. Everything he did was justifyed in his own mind.

I would NEVER date another it's just not males dating female cops, it works the other way as well.

Joined: 9/27/2007
Msg: 231
would guys date a female cop?
Posted: 8/3/2008 8:17:07 AM
msg#438;Dang, Toolman... I never knew it was THAT bad in Iowa, lol...
This didn't happen in Iowa. I don't feel real comfy telling what state. Actually with the long arm of the law I no longer feel to comfy displaying a picture. I was just getting sick of a few of the women on this thread hackling everyone. Them saying no on has any real reasons as to why they would or wouldn't date a woman of the law. Been there and done that wayyyyyyyyyyyyy too many times. With same life wrecking results each time. Yes everything was good till the domination and control issues kicked in on their part. Then when I no longer wanted to be their pupet. Thats when life was just short of a nightmare. All of them was good women. It's just that they were human. Nobody wants to lose something they like or possibly love. When they felt they was losing me they did the human thing. They did everything in their power to keep me. They used their power. Everyone knows thats had to deal with the law in a negetive way that they have way to much power. An seems at times they have noone policing the police. An they know this and let it go to their heads sometimes. An this sometimes in my case was when the relationship/affair was coming to an end.. I was the nail and they was the hammer. An if it wasn't for me having a good job and income an the option of transfer I would have been nailed I don't think there is many people in the USA that leaves their homes on a daily basis that doesn't break atleast one law a week or day. No matter if it's kind of coming to a rolling stop at a non-busy intersection. Or slightly going over the speed limit a few miles per hour, or forgetting to signal during a lain change down a multi-laine hiway,or not stoping before the crosswalk. Spitting on a side walk.. Just take my word ! They was watching me like a hawk and basically you could say I was stalked an harassed (an my closer friends)by the bulk of the police force in the area I lived in back in them days after a few split ups with "women of the law"
So I guess I'm not a man, I guess I'm a boy, I guess I'm stupid, I guess I'm not intelligent, I guess I have issues, I guess I'm angry, I guess I'm bitter, I guess I'm stereotyping, I guess I'm painting with a wide brush, I guess I'm a weirdo, I guess I'm a wuss, I guess I'm all these because I choose not to date a woman of the law.
It's called "live an learn". I lived and I learned.
Sometimes people can't see what they're doing is wrong. Sometimes an outsider can see this but the person thats doing it doesn't even realize they'er doing it. Police at times use their power to get things they want or get even with someone that has upset them at one time or another in their life. I would only hope that one of their co-workers or maybe a family member would have a talk with them to stop this kind of madness. Just remember. Sometimes the person your arresting, your destroying a persons life, simply because your having a vengeful day. You will be judged by this in the end. An I'm not talking a court of law.
Oh and could you emagin if someone like 5150PDvolgirl was actually a cop and she fell in love with you? Can you imagin how it would be when you suddenly realized what a mistake you made and wanted to break up with her?
Look at how she pick and prods everyone with a choice different than hers. Can you emagin if she actually fell in love with you at how she would be when you split up with her?
5150PDvolgirl you are nothing but a heckler without a cause. I could only emagin what a nightmare it would be splitting up with you "IF" you was a cop living in the same town.
I can only emagin your come back in your next posting. I hope it's not as highschoolistic as your last comeback.
Joined: 9/27/2007
Msg: 232
would guys date a female cop?
Posted: 8/3/2008 9:10:11 AM

msg;442:5150pdvolgirl: because of 5 bad issues.
Yes I should have learned the 1st go round. Yes I was thinking with the wrong brain. Volgirl it's obvious your not and never will be a cop. Wouldn't you have loved to be the gal that was driving that night the two pulled us over? Well sorry. Your not in my league and I always was attracted to intelligent women. I don't think you would have qualified back then and you certainly don't qualify now. You didn't only miss the train. You forgot what day it was.
How come after 10 years you still don't qualify to be a cop? I think after reading your posts I know why. I'm thinking some of your sisters knows too. I think a majority of these posts your responding to you don't understand what they are even saying. It could be something to do with your IQ. An that could be part of the reason why after 10 years you still don't qualify to be a cop as well. Did you graduate from highschool?
Joined: 9/27/2007
Msg: 233
would guys date a female cop?
Posted: 8/3/2008 10:33:33 AM
damon0028 With out a doubt your a very sensible man with more intelligence than most. Keep in mind when I left that town a couple of cops checked with the company I worked with back in them days. I lived north of a border of two states. I simply transfered south into the other state about 85 or 90 miles with this small company I worked for. You seriously would have to know the intire story to understand fully. A couple of the cops knew I transfered south but wasn't for sure what county so they sent them counties a headsup on me including my picture. So I really was a law abiding citizen and you yourself mentioned something about my appearence. Do you think any of them that read the heads up was female would have found me appealing? So does this make any sense why I had affairs/dated 5 women tied in with law inforcement? Considering I was a man in my early 20's an I was attracted to women 5 or more years older? Yes this all happened within about a 5 year time frame . It's kind of like if you date a couple nurses. Seems like in no time it's possible you have the opertunity to date a dozen nurses. I never said I was an angel in my late teens an on through my 20's. But I did follow the law better than most. I guess I was a typical male back in my 20's. Yes I certainly had lots of energy and I never let no grass grow under my feet. It's just that every time I dated a woman that had anything to do with the law it became a nightmare after these women had grown feelings for me and I was sick of being their pupet.
An yes Behold this threads become a bit personal I'll have to agree. Volgirl and Firegurl isn't cops. They don't qualify.
Joined: 6/9/2007
Msg: 234
would guys date a female cop?
Posted: 8/3/2008 10:53:21 AM
Wow. This is still going on? Simply amazing. I have to imagine that the OP has gotten her answer, based on the posts I have seen.

Some men would. Some men wouldn't. And, clearly, for good reason.
Joined: 9/27/2007
Msg: 235
would guys date a female cop?
Posted: 8/3/2008 11:10:03 AM
msg; 447; 5150pdvolgirl wrote:Thats because he agree's with you.

Those who have a different opinion, are discredited by you.
You know what 5150pdvolgirl? Your not even smart enough to know that he's not agreeing or disagreeing. He's basically telling me to take some of my own advice.

msg; 447; 5150pdvolgirl wrote: Next time your house is burning down, make sure she isnt called. She might be roasting marshmellows instead of putting it out for you.
Your missing the intire point here VG. I don't want to ever make the mistake of dating a woman of the law again. Thats my choice. An if your paid to do a job then you do your job. I'm sure everyone has had to do things for people they didn't personally care for. Thats their job. They are paid to do the job no mater what or who the job surrounds. Your statement about roasting marsh mellows proves you would let your personal likes and disliked get in the way of you doing your job.
I work for lots of different kind of people. I stand behind my work reguardless if I dislike them or dislike what kind of person they are I still stand behind my work. I do the same quality job for my best friend as I would you Volgirl. I don't dislike you either. I simply think you have lived a very sheltered life an your not aware of things that happens in this world in the small towns while everyone is sleeping or watching tv.
Joined: 9/27/2007
Msg: 236
would guys date a female cop?
Posted: 8/3/2008 11:24:25 AM
msg; 448: Strongdad wrote: Wow. This is still going on? Simply amazing. I have to imagine that the OP has gotten her answer, based on the posts I have seen.

Some men would. Some men wouldn't. And, clearly, for good reason.
Yes but one thing for certain. Volgirl hasn't gotten everyone to agree that they would LOVE to date a female cop. She's still yappin like the Taco Bell dog. Nobody knows what she's yappin about.. But here's the best part. She don't know what she's talking about either. Half of her sendings she's obviously reading things wrong and not understanding what others are even posting. She comes back with some off the wall rubish that doesn't even relate to what she's posting about.

msg# 449:Volgirl? Show me where I agreed?
She will come back an comment, you watch. It will all be worded to her strange satisfaction and will have no bottom in the glass to hold any water. She will be telling you what your thinking and what I'm supposed to think. OMG I hope they never give her a gun. :nervous nail bitting icon:
Joined: 6/9/2007
Msg: 237
would guys date a female cop?
Posted: 8/3/2008 11:34:17 AM
Clearly, this thread has been hijacked. Get a room. The horse is dead enough.
Joined: 9/27/2007
Msg: 238
would guys date a female cop?
Posted: 8/3/2008 11:35:47 AM
msg 452:5150pdvolgirl:Wow. You dont read very well do you? Ive stated over and over, its your choice. You simply reply before even reading posts. Im not MAKING anyone date a female cop.

Im still yackin', yet, you are still replying.

Your attempts to hit below the belt is really showing your immaturity son. Have fun at it though. Ill be over here, watching you get more and more sensitives and playing up your victim role.
I'm no longer a victom. I haven't dated a woman of the law since my mid 20's. But I certainly love your little pet names for me. I can deal with them better than the ones you was using in the beging of your first postings. lol.
Dad has spoken.Everyone to their rooms ! Mine has bars on the windows.
Joined: 2/20/2007
Msg: 239
would guys date a female cop?
Posted: 8/3/2008 6:05:10 PM
The golden rule for dating cops male or female should be never date one. Most cops let the authority power get to there head. The power trip and relationships dont mix well. Makes for a bad relationship for either sex. Theres to many fish in the sea to waste it on dating cops.

Cops and criminals have one thing in common, they both go after the easiest target.
Joined: 6/9/2007
Msg: 240
would guys date a female cop?
Posted: 8/3/2008 7:40:46 PM
Advantages to dating a cop....sure, there are some.

1) You won't have to wait in line at the DMV, as they get to badge their way ahead of others. I sheeeeit you not.
2) You can park anywhere you like, even handicapped spaces, as they get tickets fixed by the Watch Commanders, Captains, etc.
3) You can drink and drive.
4) You can speed without worrying about getting a ticket.
5)You get to go through red lights, after checking to see there is no cross traffic.
6) You get to park for free at Dodger games, just for showing your badge.
7) You get to carry a gun, as you are with a cop, afterall.
8) You get into crowded nightclubs, while others wait in a line that goes around the block.
9) If you marry or live with one, you get a special license plate on your car, called a confidential plate. This means, even if you are driving without her while being pulled over, the police officer will run your plate and it will come up with both your names, then say, Los Angeles Police Dept. (if she works for LAPD, of course). Then, you get to go on your merry way without a ticket, because you are "part of the family."
10) If you ever have a dispute with anyone in the general public, where the police are called, your side is the side which will be believed over others, even if you are in the wrong.

How did I do?

Have fun!

Joined: 10/11/2007
Msg: 241
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would guys date a female cop?
Posted: 8/3/2008 8:01:37 PM
If she were one of those EXTREMELY rare cops who took the job because they wanted to be a guardian of the people instead of a power tripping fool... then yes I would. ^_^
Joined: 11/15/2007
Msg: 245
would guys date a female cop?
Posted: 8/8/2008 9:28:54 PM
Most guys fear independant women, it's Thier Loss.

I gotta tough gal who's first trip to the local gun shoppe resulted in me finding out that she would dearly love a new Glock19

How can you not love a woman who loves High-capacity arms??

For those nice lady officers who are having trouble here, try the forums at gunandgame. com. Lots of nice guys who would dearly love to find the kinda tough gal I did
Joined: 11/15/2007
Msg: 251
would guys date a female cop?
Posted: 8/9/2008 2:07:23 PM
9mm is the premier choice of people under 5'9" tall & under 180 lbs...not to mention those afflicted with minor arthritis & other hand problems. It has ballistics similar to the .38 Special, so it's not very rough, especialy with the semi-auto action taking half the heat off of it. 9MM is perfect for most females until you hit sizes below 5'2 & sub-100 pounds.

My Tec-9 is VERY easy for me to handle, but as most people comment, "It looks like a dang TOY in your hands!!" Which, by the way, can be placed flat on an old 15" square monitor and go from top to bottom (tip of middle finger to bottom of palm) and from Side to Side (Thumb to Pinky). These are some big ole meat hooks.

For those of us who are gorillas, we like our Glock 20 in 10MM, Taurus Model 66 Revolver in .357 Magnum, S&W .357SIG, and I sleep with my Desert Eagle .50AE next to me on a silk pillow on my nightstand...And yes, I watched way too much Sledge Hammer in the late 80's...

I'm the only guy I know that can succesfully conceal a Desert Eagle in .50AE. Helps to look more or less like Bull Shannon of Night Court Size COUNTS!
Joined: 11/15/2007
Msg: 255
would guys date a female cop?
Posted: 8/9/2008 9:16:15 PM
S&W 59 was a dangfine pistol. Those guys probably didn't laugh much after you shot :)

Yep, Glock makes the model 20 in 10MM only. It's a BEAST :) But due to the semi-auto action, it's not quite as bad as a .357 Mag on least to ME. I don't suggest it for anyone who isn't at least Sizeable and runs about 75 cents a shot new, reloads run you about .30 per shot.

Fortunately, at my size, the .50 looks on me about like a Glock 19 looks on anyone else...The Desert Eagle is a wonder of modern weaponry. If Magnum Research (Israel) hadn't come up with such a wonderful gas cylinder/piston system, the gun would be a bit unmanageable. I just happened to get lucky at a Pawn Shop and jumped on a Mark VII rather inexpensively a few years back. Of course, it's a buck & a quarter a, about 75 cents in reloads. The recoil isn't as bad as you would think, but it does tend to twist the wrist a Aikido exercises are DEFINITELY suggested prior to getting one....weak/limp-wristed folks need not apply...b'sides, the darn thing weighs almost 5 pounds, it's a mini workout in itself just holding & firing it for long range sessions. I carry it as a sidearm when out in Black Bear Country when I'm deer or hog don't even have to actually HIT the bear, just firing the dang thing within 50 yards of 'em scares them into the next county!! Of course, after that, you have to find another place to hunt...cause you also scare everything within 3 miles off!!

My girlfriend knows how to God that's MARRIAGE material!! Between the two of us I could save enough to buy...another Calico!! Actually, the plan is to purchase 2 Grendel P-30's (for her), 2 Grendel P-31's (For Me), and a pair of Grendel R-31's (for US)...but finding those things in good working order is DIFFICULT these days....and .22Magnum is NOT a very popular round in a semi-auto...

Joined: 11/5/2005
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would guys date a female cop?
Posted: 8/18/2008 2:11:30 PM
Sure can't hold a good job against a beautiful woman... I would have no problems..
Where you live?
Joined: 7/2/2008
Msg: 270
would guys date a female cop?
Posted: 8/19/2008 3:55:00 AM
your mates would have their suspistions, you would be worried about her safty at work and you would here all the problems of the day. but i would.
Joined: 11/15/2007
Msg: 280
would guys date a female cop?
Posted: 8/19/2008 10:27:02 PM
Good, now that all of the Wimps have bowed out, how about some REAL men come help these ladies out???

Most men can't handle women that'll stand up to them...that's why I believe all the vitriol was committed. Female cops are the LEAST likely to lie down and let you kick them because some dope-smoking spousal-abusing waste of space can't handle their JOB or their tough attitude & outlook on life. If ya can't run with the Big Dogs, stay on the PORCH! Pansy-arse liberals annoy the heck outta me anyway.

If you DON'T like COPS, that's your perogative, now go away. What these gals are looking for is MEN with some Cojones who DO! I'd gladly date most of the gals that posted on this topic...but I got attached & am headed to the altar with mine

Oh, and the best deal is when you share use of the night they are hers, then next they are yours Share & Share Alike!!

I got mine Y'all go get yours!
Joined: 7/6/2008
Msg: 284
would guys date a female cop?
Posted: 8/22/2008 9:53:07 PM
I sure would . all i can say is remeber Night at the Roxberry when Will said "Hottie Polic Offier" lol
Joined: 11/15/2007
Msg: 285
would guys date a female cop?
Posted: 8/23/2008 1:43:15 AM
heh, I did a butt-scoot across the grass the other to half killed the kids watching with laughter My 9-yr old thought it was so funny he joined me...we're some SICK puppies

Well, there's one other benefit...rarely will a female cop complain about your gun collection I've got a full set of SASS Cowboy-Style guns to play with...along with some other oddball weaponry & swords...My house looks like a Martial Arts shrine in the front...medievil weaponry on the walls of the bedroom...and a dang armoury in the back!!
Joined: 11/15/2007
Msg: 288
would guys date a female cop?
Posted: 8/23/2008 2:16:59 PM
Angie D!ckinson ;) $#!T, man, that's D@mned funny!!

There are ways around filters :)

Hrm, don't bring work home? Heck, work FOLLOWS us home! I work about two car crashes a month in front of my HOUSE because people can't drive worth $#!t (I'm a recently RETIRED firefighter, mind you). If you ever wonder why they design roads to be simple, it's because the vast majority of people are STUPID. Worst thing about being in Florida is the VAST amount of geezers who should automatically loose their license at 70.

Thanks for the offer, Circe, but my gal would get a lil cranky about that!! :ROLL: However, if you ever consider a career in Southern Law Enforcement, you would likely find quite a difference from the cold shoulder one receives in Northern Climes...we're just a bunch of friendly fawkers down here Prolly wouldn't take you long to find a couple of Mr. Rights for ya!!
Joined: 10/6/2005
Msg: 291
would guys date a female cop?
Posted: 8/24/2008 7:17:06 AM
Absoultely! Even though the one I had experience with, was a major whacko.
Female cops have always got my attention, probably because I assume she is athletic, and has an athletic body. But as I see some of the Philly female cops, I have learned that that is NOT the case! It has nothing to do with the uniform, I'm just thinking, and in error, there is an athletic, in shape, woman! NOT! but still, I don't discount it.
Joined: 11/15/2007
Msg: 294
would guys date a female cop?
Posted: 8/24/2008 8:36:08 PM
Gawds. The reason a lot of female cops have "Butch" hairstyles is quite a job where long hair WILL be used against you, it PAYS to keep it cut short enough to where NOBODY CAN GRAB A HANDFULL OF IT!!! You don't see very many male cops wearing long hair, do ya?? There are VERY few hairstyles for women that are appropriate (safe) to the job without becoming a hazard or looking butch.

It also keeps some of the more lecherous bastiches out of Female Officer's hair (hehe) because THEN the guy (who was turned down for being an azzhole) can say it was because she was a dyke and she won't have to deal with a lot of extra BS. It's quite simply easier. For those of us who choose to spend time learning about a woman as a Person instead of a Thing, it works out quite nicely

B'sides, you'd be amazed at how many lesbians swing BOTH ways It just cuts down on the amount of peckerheads they have to sift through to get to a good man. Benefits of dating a bi-female cop???? PRICELESS!!!! Have an O2 tank next to the bed'll NEED IT!!!

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