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Joined: 5/27/2004
Msg: 51
Re: GoatSmell's Own Poetry ThreadPage 3 of 246    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41)
Good morning all. What an interesting weekend. Once I sort it all out, I may even relate some of it to you in poetic form, but not today. I have zero imagination this morning...barely enough for a haiku, or maybe something more involved... I dunno. I haven't even though of what to write yet.

Thanks, Zee. Did I ever mention that you lend integrity to these forums? I didn't? Well, you do. Thank you for the kind words -- they inspire me to do better.

But not today. Sorry, it was an exhausting weekend.

What to write...what to write....


Eggrolls for breakfast don't sit well
Especially when they've sat for days
In the fridge with healthy beer
And rotten lettuce with its liquid ways

One look at the travesty in that appliance
Makes me feel scared and fightened
Arm & Hammer can't save it, I realize
And my stomach just tightened

Today is a glorious Sunday though it is cold
Tomorrow the working week begins anew
Between now and then is a good soccer game
I won't have beer to watch, lest I spew.


There aren't enough u's and g's in the word "ugly" for that one. Off to the races...laundry awaits. All my gonch smells like armits and my shirts smell like arse. Hm...another poem in there? Perhaps.

Tomorrow, then.
 Green eyed lady
Joined: 7/2/2004
Msg: 52
Re: GoatSmell's Own Poetry Thread
Posted: 7/4/2004 9:34:04 AM
hi there,
it's a great poem... you definately have a real creative side to you ! lol...
would like to get to know you better ! i'm tammy / green eyed lady...
have you checked out my poetry on here... ? maybe you'll enjoy it too, huh ?
we should chat sometime...
ttys... ; )
Joined: 5/27/2004
Msg: 53
Re: GoatSmell's Own Poetry Thread
Posted: 7/4/2004 10:08:09 AM
Howdy all. Thanks for the kind words. I would have replied sooner, but I'm washing me undies and assorted bits n' pieces now. They need attention.

Hi Green Eyed Lady. I haven't publicly welcomed you yet, so welcome to the jungle. Watch out for the monkeys. I like your poetry, too. Nice feeling and depth to it. I PM'ed you on your other questions, but I'll have to warn you: The Goat is hard to capture. A tranquilizer dart usually does the trick, however.

And Chuck....ya missed me? Don't make me hug you again, man. It took a lot of tomato juice and scrubbing to get the smell off last time. Remember? I haven't checked in on your peotry threads yet...perhaps it's time for me to make a contribution?

Thanks, peoples. See you here tomorrow? Sure I will. I knows it.
 Green eyed lady
Joined: 7/2/2004
Msg: 54
Re: GoatSmell's Own Poetry Thread
Posted: 7/4/2004 1:04:00 PM
well... i'm not out to capture you, lol ...
i feel that chasing men, or playing hard to get... as well...
is just a waste of time and energy.
my poetry says it all...
i do not write in a general manner....
i write straight from my deepest thoughts and emotions,
that i feel in the present time.
lonely, tho i am....
i would rather discover that someone would be willing
to meet me sometime...
because although sharing my poetry and thoughts online
can be exciting and fun...
it does not and will not ever fullfill or replace the reality
of meeting face to face.
the anticipation of a date....
the nervous laughter
the eye to eye contact...
the personal conversation.
to see if a spark might appear.
So no, dear GoatsSmell
I am not here to capture you,
unless it's capturing your heart,
and convincing you that
words typed upon a poetry forum
or a dating site, may be a start...
That it is never going to be quite enough...
For a passionate soul like me.
I have much love, affection to offer a man.
I have the silliest sense of humor, I am very honest
and caring.
Just tired of al these long lonely days & nights.
There just HAS TO BE MORE...
More than just typing words .
I am searching for love and companionship.
Someone I could treat like a rare gem.
And the hopes I'd be treated equally the same.
If only a chance would be given.
Joined: 5/27/2004
Msg: 55
Re: GoatSmell's Own Poetry Thread
Posted: 7/4/2004 10:22:09 PM
Chasing and playing are wastes of time, to be sure.
I do not intend to be hard to get, I simply am.
We all look for companionship in our own way,
Though we don't need to look every day.
Instead of not wanting what I have,
I chose to embrace what I do possess.
Denying our our feelings isn't terribly healthy,
But wrestling and breathing through them is.
The opposite side of fear is pure, cautious courage;
The opposite side of grief is wholeness;
The opposite side of loneliness is contentment.
Typing here is not the end, nor is it a means to it;
It is simply something that is done.
These are not simple words passing between us
They are ideas, feelings, dreams
Hardly trivial, hardly mere symbols.
Aching for more impedes the learning process;
It shrouds the ideas, loses the translation.
Keep seeking and ye shall find eventually;
Make sure to take a day off and not be so hard on yourself.
That is most important.

Joined: 5/27/2004
Msg: 56
Re: GoatSmell's Own Poetry Thread
Posted: 7/5/2004 8:00:40 AM
Sorry, pardner. The Goat was thoroughly asleep by the time you wrote that. I'll check it out today in between other stuff. I don't have to pose nude for it, do I? I really want to pose nude somewhere....maybe someone will let me. I'm not allowed in the 7-11 for various reasons, mainly because of nudity.'s another one. Fresh and startling like a mountan breeze. It's based on Salutation to the Dawn, a bit of Hindu scripture I've had on my wall for years:


Salutation to the Work Week

Look well to this day
For it is work
The very sweat of work
In it's brief course lie all
The ventures and realities
Of the working week:
The bliss of paperwork
The glory of getting the first donut
The splendor of the coffee machine
For last weekend is just a dream
And tomorrow only Tuesday
But Monday well-worked makes
Every weekend a pleasant dream of
Happiness and every tomorrow
That much closer to the next.


Until tomorrow.
Joined: 5/27/2004
Msg: 57
Re: GoatSmell's Own Poetry Thread
Posted: 7/6/2004 7:34:10 AM
Hello my jungle friends. This one is based on Peter Gabriel's "Solsbury Hill". I usually have at least one song stuck in my head on the way to work -- today this is the one:


Tuesday Morn

Rising up on Tuesday morn
I can hear the city move
Cars hurtling down the roads
Gas, gas, brake, brake and horn

So, I get on my bike again
For the roughly 40-minute run
This can be a health risk
I'll get there but don't know when

I don't even look at the scenery
Smothered by all the machinery
My heart was going boom, boom, boom
"Hey!" Someone yelled. "Get that shit
Off the road and take it home."

Take it home.

That was the first thing on my mind
When I started the journey east
I wanted to head on back
Out of the noisy belly of the beast

But the idea of no paycheque
Instilled a fear in me so deep
It propelled my little legs
A working wage I must reap

I knifed through all the stopped cars
Past all the closed and darkened bars
My heart was going boom, boom, boom
Damn, I thought I should've turned around
and headed back home

Yeah, back home.


Until tomorrow. Stay tuned.
Joined: 5/27/2004
Msg: 58
Re: GoatSmell's Own Poetry Thread
Posted: 7/7/2004 7:30:53 AM
Hey, Bird, that almost sounds like a punk song. Just end it with a repeated refrain of "Oy hate the berloody gowt!" until your voice gives out and Johnny Rotten would be proud.

And ramakanth, I did visit your site and I did post a contribution. It's kind of like a Bali-wood movie, though -- there's something going on and it might be interesting but be darned if I can figure it out. Aren't I supposed to win a BMW? Where are the fabulous prizes? Sheesh.'s today's contribution. The song stuck in my head on this rainy day is "Manic Monday". What I wouldn't do to Susanna Hoffs (that's her name, right?....grrrr....)

Here we go, for good or for ill:


Just Another Wacky Wednesday

Six o'clock already and I was just
In the middle of a dream
I was eating a box of donuts
And licking off the Boston Creme

But I can't be late because
(but then there's always sick pay)
These are the days when
I wish I was busy getting laid

It's just another wacky Wednesday
Wish it were Friday
Better yet, make it a payday
That's the good day
It's just another wacky Wednesday

Got to find my bike seat because
I would suffer undue contusions
it's very hard to bike with
those painful anal intrusions

Where's that damn seat?
Here we go....
Time goes so fast, when you're having fun

It's just another wacky Wednesday


Yeah, that was awful. Oh well. If you have any concerns, please find a brick wall and address your concerns to that. The Goat is out.
Joined: 5/27/2004
Msg: 59
Re: GoatSmell's Own Poetry Thread
Posted: 7/7/2004 8:06:53 AM
Oy hate the berloody Gowt!
Oy hate the berloody Gowt!
Oy hate the berloody Gowt!

When will he gow a-why?

Oy! Oy! Oy!
Joined: 5/27/2004
Msg: 60
Re: 's Own Poetry Thread
Posted: 7/7/2004 8:09:48 PM
You put the "ram" in the "ram-a-lam-a-ding-dong"....but I am the Umph Master. I am the Umph-pire!

Thanks to Zee and Melina. And even Bird, just for the "oh" factor.
Joined: 5/27/2004
Msg: 61
Re: 's Own Poetry Thread
Posted: 7/8/2004 8:26:49 AM
Howdy ya'll. I'm glad Bird's impressed (or "inpressed") with my barnyard sexcapades. Unless his grammar was mangled by his lack of sleep and he isn't impressed -- either way, I can't fault him.

Ah, Melina...I'm honoured to have met you as well through this wild tangle-jungle of a forum. I finally translated what you wrote yesterday. My Italian is far worse than my French, so it took some time.

Zee...mysterious mistress of the mad word. You get a coupon for a free goaty hug, redeemable any time.

But it's another day and another improvised poem is gestating. I'm going to continue on the weekly theme, if you don't mind:


Ah, Thursday.
The forgotten middle-child of the week
There she stands right before the gates
Of the Almighty Weekend

Elder sister Wednesday holding the balance
Younger Friday holding promises
Of time away from work
Of adventure to behold

Every second work-week
Thursday is the holder of paycheques
But other than that, she isn’t
All that special to me.

Thursday is another day before
The Good Stuff happens
The golf game erupts
The coffee becomes day-old

Well, like today.


And awaaaayyyyyy......
Joined: 5/27/2004
Msg: 62
Re: GoatSmell's Own Poetry Thread
Posted: 7/9/2004 8:15:37 AM
Heh heh. I *like* that one. But did I manage to cover myself with just one gravy boat? I think it would have taken several gallons of gravy to cover all of the goat....mmm...gallons of gravy...

Thanks Bird. Did I inspire you?

Well, here's another. I wrote this on the back of a memo this morning, cleaned it up and dropped it here. There's a song lyric in there that I lifted from some song but I can't remember what song or what artist. It's been in my head for a while. And, keeping on the "Days of the Week" theme, here it is:


Fridayed To Death

Friday's here and she's just outside
Wild and gorgeous, she's just out of reach
She'll wait patiently until the time has come
When your obligations are completely met

When the clock rolls around to the late afternoon
The bored tension seizes you by your throat
And it may shake you like a dog with a rat
But your rationale kicks in and the clock guides your way

In a few hours, you can embrace this day
And follow her into evening if you may
The night will be spent with furtive glances
But enough beer will open doors that were sealed so well

So just shut your eyes and hold your breath
And kiss her lips and catch your death
Oh, Friday can hurt you
She's a movie star in a magazine
She'll bite your shoulder to stifle the screams
Oh, Friday can ruin you

When Saturday comes you see Friday bare
Naked and cold and food in her hair
You wondered what you'd seen in that stark clear light
And carry that denial to the next Friday night


In memoriam of my younger years and the former Friday night pub crawls. Rest in peace.
Joined: 5/27/2004
Msg: 63
Re: GoatSmell's Own Poetry Thread
Posted: 7/10/2004 9:13:43 AM
Morning again. And lookit this! Another poem, fresh like a McDonald's breafast served by a virgin. Wait...I had that yesterday...'s a another load of something for you:


One Saturnine Morning

Saturday is a day of choice
You can pick up where you left off
With Friday
And stampede out to catch
The hair of the dog one more time
Or you can recover your senses
Check for mystery bruises
Or tatoos, or loose teeth
And watch cartoons in your gonch
Or you can have a cup of coffee
And listen to the world wake up
And hear your heart gather its pulse
And know you have a whole week after this
To rest for the next one
Saturday regards us impassionately
Allows us to make the rules
And may goad us on with sardonic wit


See you here tomorrow.
Joined: 5/27/2004
Msg: 64
Re: GoatSmell's Own Poetry Thread
Posted: 7/11/2004 10:31:59 AM
Well, well, well.... Hello Bird and Goth. Nice to have you here and you brought some poetry too. Even with your broken iambic pentameter, it still reads pretty good. The subject matter is always good...Goats are people, too. And I was all ready to write a poem about useless threads, but you beat me to it. Ah, well. Next time.

In keeping with my days-of-the-week theme, here's today's installment:


An Eruption of Sunday

God even rested this day
Though Wal-Mart doesn't
Deep in the trees
Past the houses
The church bells ring
Summoning the faithful
With their five dollar bills
To the pews, to the word
The rest of the world
Lies oblivious
Waiting for it to stop
So they can hear the radio
A little better
Heat creeps in
Even this early
I can't be bothered
To even
Water the begonias
After all
It's Sunday


Ding! Order for table five!

Well, due to a new job starting tomorrow, I'll be changing my morning poetry posts to evenings now. The consulting goat is now a coporate goat. Life goes on.

I'll see you tomorrow.

PS: Love the poems, Bird. And I know you love me in your snarky way.
PPS: Hi Goth. Glad to see you here, too.
Joined: 5/27/2004
Msg: 65
Re: GoatSmell's Own Poetry Thread
Posted: 7/11/2004 5:04:13 PM
It's no trouble. I don't own the space, I just rent it and I always like the company.

Geez, today has been wacky...I've had no time to sit down and catch up with ya'll. And now, I have to do more stuff in preparation for tomorrow. My little legs haven't stopped going since 6:30 am today.

I'll be here tomorrow, though. In the meantime, make yourselves comfortable here.
Joined: 5/27/2004
Msg: 66
Re: GoatSmell's Own Poetry Thread
Posted: 7/12/2004 5:14:42 PM
Hello peoples. Bird... good stuff. Your iambic pentameter is still a bit bent, but it seems to have found it's own rythm. Good to see ya'll here.

The sad news is I don't know if I have a poem in me today. Work was a bit of an effort and the 30 km ride back and forth in the heat has wiped me out. I'll try something here:


My armpits
Are moist
Wet as spring
Beef vegetable soup
That has sat
Under the radiator
A fortnight.


Terrible. How about a bonus haiku?


I'm going to wash
The nasty goatsmell away
Down the shower drain


Like I said...uninspired. Alas, poor Goaty...I knew him, Horatio.

Tomorrow, then.
Joined: 5/27/2004
Msg: 67
Re: GoatSmell's Own Poetry Thread
Posted: 7/12/2004 5:24:53 PM
You're far too kind to me, Zee.
Joined: 5/27/2004
Msg: 68
Re: GoatSmell's Own Poetry Thread
Posted: 7/12/2004 5:34:27 PM're making my hard goaty heart crumble...

Nope. That's hunger. Time to feed the beast.

But thank you. Your integrity is equalled by your generosity.
Joined: 5/27/2004
Msg: 69
Re: GoatSmell's Own Poetry Thread
Posted: 7/13/2004 7:59:32 PM
Busy little place here. It's a good thing you guys are breathing life into this thread, otherwise it would sink to the bottom like Evilcuppycake's stuff.

And speaking of busy....yup. This job might kill me if it keeps up like this. I've heard this is the busy period, so lucky me for starting at such a great time.

Well....a poem...let's see what I have in my other pants....


Paperwork rolls like a river
A hard copy stream
Pausing to remove the staples
Rolling past Accounts Payable
Rolling past blind hands
Rolling past my eyes
There must be an ocean
Where this river collects
And pools
And seeks its own level


Rough day at work? Kinda. Lots of paper to deal with and manage. This goat isn't quite used to it yet. When I do, a nice rythm will set in and I'll have time to write the poems I have stored in my memory right now.

So...who's all been here? I'll have to go back and have a look.
Joined: 5/27/2004
Msg: 70
Re: GoatSmell's Own Poetry Thread
Posted: 7/13/2004 8:15:05 PM
You mean the urine smell doesn't bother you?

That's kinda...well, kinda cool.
Joined: 5/27/2004
Msg: 71
Re: GoatSmell's Own Poetry Thread
Posted: 7/13/2004 8:20:38 PM
Ooooh, I see. You guys cleaned up around here.

Yeah, it doesn't stink here<<<<<<<<<<<

But it does here >>>>>>>>>>>>>

Pretty good. Thanks.
Joined: 5/27/2004
Msg: 72
Re: GoatSmell's Own Poetry Thread
Posted: 7/13/2004 8:43:41 PM
Well, this will all the allergens will be thoroughly dampened down with a hefty splash of urine pretty soon.

It's be best for you if you didn't stand so close. I'm like a lawn-sprinkler when I really get going.
Joined: 5/27/2004
Msg: 73
Re: GoatSmell's Own Poetry Thread
Posted: 7/14/2004 5:17:42 PM
Do I smell urine? Why, yes...yes, I do! Nothing like a pungent blast of pee to really kick you up a notch after a sweaty day at work.

Well...let's see...poem, huh? Ehrm.....


There once was a woman
Who didn't like men
So she screwed herself
With a fountain pen

The pen, it broke
And the ink went wild
And she gave birth
To a coloured child


I can't take credit for that one. I read that somewhere (and it could have been a washroom stall in Calgary) and somewhen during my travels. Too hot and tired to be creative today. to the next disaster.
Joined: 5/27/2004
Msg: 74
Re: GoatSmell's Own Poetry Thread
Posted: 7/14/2004 7:40:23 PM
Okay, that last one was a gross violation of my senses. Maybe a haiku can make up for it?


Haiku is drivel
formless, aimless, like vomit
So says the Birdman


Maybe I need you guys to inspire me?
Joined: 5/27/2004
Msg: 75
Re: GoatSmell's Own Poetry Thread
Posted: 7/15/2004 6:26:10 PM
Gee, I must have scared everyone away with my drivel. Oh, well...I can't guarantee what the next poem will bring. I'll provide my own inspiration..


The beer bottle sweats
Brown, glistening
Cool to the touch
Perspiring like me
Sweating like Elvis
In his 1965 concert
Dripping like a side
Of pork on a spit
Over an open flame
I haven't cracked it yet
It hasn't sneezed
It's carbon dioxide spitum
It just sits there
Brown and mocking
Retaining cool amber liquid
I'm gonna go
Fondle it


Well, it was a handy inspiration. A beer for me and I drink to thee! Eins, zwei...gesuffa!!

Glug glug.
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