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umm do what i do... get a really stressful job or two and believe you me you very quickly forget about the loneliness and your ex teehhehehehe. But in seriousness just be active. It took me like a year and a half to get over my ex to the point where i didnt think about it everyday and althought its been more then two years and yet not even a date i don't see it as loneliness I just see it as being alone but I am not lonely cos i cherish my family and wonderfull friends that i have :-) hang in there I am sure it will get better.

And as for the job, for real it helps! I've been at this stressful job plus my part time job and havent thought about the ex in ages, i just think about my job too much LOL
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I Still CRY at Night ALONE!!
Posted: 4/16/2008 9:50:16 AM
I know just how u feel, sometime i want to scream and pull my hair out or even worse end my life, but, i dont want to leave my kids without a daddy just because their mom is a b**ch you know. After 5 years of marraige she just up and decides she dont love me anymore, i am still angry with her for taking me away from my kids, but, hey i got to get up and push on everyday and hope one day i will find someone that will love me and stand by mean even if times get rough and will be willing to work things out. So hey buddy keep your head up, dont let one woman get u down.
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I Still CRY at Night ALONE!!
Posted: 4/16/2008 10:07:19 AM
Im sorry to hear things are emotionally difficult for you...Do you have family you can talk to? Or do more activites with the kids to get your mind away from things? Try to keep your thoughts else where....When you do go back to it just know crying is a healthy way to release those feelings better than keeping them all in...
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I Still CRY at Night ALONE!!
Posted: 4/16/2008 7:52:36 PM
hey Im sorry about your situation and im not going to get into my life but yes, even at my age i know how you feel... i got 7 younger sybolings to take care of....

anyway i just feel that if people would stop being soo picky when they shouldnt be and more picky picky when they should be... we sould all be better off...

EX: you have girls who see this guy in the club and he is dissing out all his friends acting like an ass with no consideration... all these girls for some reason want him and then when he treats them like shit and they cant take it after 3 moths they wonder why it happened to them and they cry about it... its ur life u make ur bed... make it well cause only you end up lying in it...

EX: the dumb ass reasons why ppl pass up perfect mates... look back in ur history and tell me how many women or men we pass up because we are too afraid or feel to important to ask out... or how many times do we want to go over to someone and feel well what if he is like my last guy... screw ur last guy... and this news flash is really secret but its a fact... men and women both want sex the same its only that women have more of a finess about it... soo yes all men are the same but soo are all women...
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I Still CRY at Night ALONE!!
Posted: 4/18/2008 12:42:31 AM
I'm sorry; sounds like your in a tough spot; I dont know what your asking but now you can wipe away your tears, use this weekend to get a plan to make things better. Think of social things you can do, or even online things you can do to be more social. Remember, if you tell people this or if you emit sad vibes, no one wants to be around a downer. Its going to be hard but their is hope. At your age dont expect magical Romeo and Juliet things, but there is plenty of hope. Its up to you and if you put in the effort, you will do well. You are the answer to your problem, not crying alone. Good luck!!!
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I Still CRY at Night ALONE!!
Posted: 4/18/2008 9:44:20 PM
women women women ,is that all the world cares about? honestly if all they want is money and other things that i wont bring myself to say then you would be happier living in the gutter than being with one i can assure you,i hope this makes sense,i have been single for eight years and have only slept with prostitutes and i am much happier with the way i am now and really dont mind if i end up in the gutter,the thing with women is they have this curtain that they put up and they try to make out that they are perfect all because they can give birth,THEY ARE HUMAN and if they ever make out that they arnt like saying that they dont fart and things like that then just give them the flick,just because they ripp out your heart does not exclude them from the negitives that life equally offers and if you looz the battle you still learn,so who really wins?
 hudson hutch
Joined: 4/7/2008
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I Still CRY at Night ALONE!!
Posted: 4/18/2008 11:55:57 PM
hey dont cry anymore brother..
your kids needs you to be strong for them..
and be lucky and thankful you got'em..not him/her
go out.. find a hobby.. play baskeyball.. keep taking care of yourself..
dont cry lonely.. thats patha..
remember the best revenge is picking life right after.. let them seee you living life without them..

(i dont remember how the saying goes.. but its something like that)

do some push up..

most importantly.. hangout with the kids.. find stuff to do with them all the time..
no matter what age they are..

dont give up!
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I Still CRY at Night ALONE!!
Posted: 4/19/2008 7:45:37 PM
Keep swinging.Man it hurts i can relate.Just get out there and be FUN!
No kidding.Tell jokes.Not dirty ones.I think i screwed up just now.
BE FUN!...FUN FUN FUN !JOKES are #1 but not to many.Not in one day.Move around alot.
Joined: 4/23/2008
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I Still CRY at Night ALONE!!
Posted: 5/27/2008 8:58:14 PM
If you truly have God in your life, you are never "ALONE" I believe most are in the state of needed love from another to fill an emptiness. It is something I will avoid in a person because I don't want to be someone's savior of loneliness because it becomes a mental draw on me. I look for females that are truly happy with themselves and have love to give because they want to...not because they need it back. ..and I do the same. If you people are crying it is because something is not right with you. Fix you first and be happy with yourself, by yourself. You'll be able to give more of yourself that way. A good way to start is making friends of the opposite sex. Friends Love affection and companionship too. Friends are always happy when you call and are thinking of them. Be a giver...and you won't be thinking of yourself so much.

Hope that helps some of you

Joined: 4/16/2008
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I Still CRY at Night ALONE!!
Posted: 5/28/2008 5:00:34 AM
Wanting someone to be there is a human emotion that most people deni . People now days have to act like they are so together while giving up what makes us human . I dont care who they are its human to want someone there . I cry myself to sleep . I get up and go on . Sorry you were left and your kids were left . Maybe someone will come along and the loneliness that you feel . I hope so . Wish you the best .
Joined: 4/26/2008
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I Still CRY at Night ALONE!!
Posted: 6/5/2008 5:10:58 AM
If u really want to get over it. find something to do that you like, that takes time. Go to Church often and surround yourself with loving people. I just lost my wife of 53 years. she wasn't sick or anything. She just died in her sleep one night. this was my second wife so there is always someone that God has for you. think positive.
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I Still CRY at Night ALONE!!
Posted: 7/2/2008 11:19:15 PM
Just wanted to comment on your message. Life is all about decisions and the ones you make alter your future. present. happiness is inside you not what other people provide for you.. I have been alone a long time. but its my choice. It really is all about choices. some people work better as one and some people work beter as partners each is a choice. ..kisses to your lonely nights
Joined: 3/1/2008
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I Still CRY at Night ALONE!!
Posted: 7/2/2008 11:39:14 PM
Oh, this is a great posting. i wish the man i am going to say this about isn't going to read my posting BUT he is. Now this is pathetic. i have 2 children 2 an 5. my son is autistic. I am raising my children and taking away paternal rights. i am either going through some financial disagreement for me gettting sued, litigation or court. Luckily, short but sweet, not to get into detail , my ex does not take his meds, he tried to commit suicide in the USA when we were married and he was locked up in the crazy hospital....and still doesn't take his meds lives in Canada and is a British citisen.

So, i let this man into my life. I watch how many people's fav list he is on....
It jumped from 106 to 96 and then 2 roses were missing. No roses or gifts went to me.
So, I told him off, or cursed him out...he blocked me. I callled him on his cell and told him that yo can't just treat me as trash and discard me like this. Since then. He has e-mailed and called. I called back. He e-mail and said that i am not right for him and am nasty to people. i e-mailed him told him he is mean to keep his 100 friends not call me don't bother me and leave me alone.

so what does he do? he calls. yeah. blocks me on POF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!on the e-mail tells me that i am not right for him and then calls. has his 100 friends...........
i told him to leave me alone that he has 100 friends and he does NOT need me!!!!!!!!
he is meaner then my husband was and hurt me more
Joined: 6/7/2008
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I Still CRY at Night ALONE!!
Posted: 7/5/2008 9:55:30 PM
It has been three years are you still this sad and lonely? I hate to know that people are so hard on each other breaks my heart.
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I Still CRY at Night ALONE!!
Posted: 7/19/2008 8:29:58 PM
Imagine how your children feel! Wipe your tears and focus more on their feelings! From one full time parent to another.. what your wants are now truly don't matter! It's all about them!
Joined: 7/4/2008
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I Still CRY at Night ALONE!!
Posted: 7/21/2008 12:18:43 AM
I know this an old post, but I see a lot of guys who have written feel the same way you do.

My wife of 14 years died a few days before your original post. At the time, I thought I would never be able to continue living but every sight of my then 10 year old was a shot of why I had to be strong.

I cried a lot initially but today, seeing how I have managed over three years as a single Dad to a kid whose mother is not there from something that is not his own doing I can honestly say that the kid has and continues to be my strength. You need to see the challenge of raising your kids as a source of strength for moving on.

You wife took off, you have the kids, you are lonely... Step outside the box and look at the positives. She did not deserve you. Stop the victim mentality because contrary to what some may say here, Victim mentality turns 99% of women off. Most women what a strong take charge man. Do not take this the wrong way, as I am not in any way asking you to go and re-take your wife, but if you change your ways, sometimes old lovers come running back. If you were the clingy needy and unassertive person that your profile says, then you contributed to your wife leaving.

Change your profile, become less of a wuss

Create a role model for your kids. You can and should make your life the focus and not let your ex-wife's actions rule your potentially bright future! Remember, life is waht you make of it.
Joined: 6/11/2008
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I Still CRY at Night ALONE!!
Posted: 7/25/2008 2:59:37 PM
Been there it does get better. Soon those memories will fade and you will make new ones. Not to say that you may not experience heart again a few times before you find the right person. Good luck in your search for the one...
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to all
Posted: 9/17/2008 6:07:40 PM
i am 47, was married for 20 years, and she up and left. we have 2 kids, they were 13 and 15 at the time. one son and one daughter, leaha, my daughter is the youngest. being a single parent is tough, and its hard to explain to them why mommy left. granted, they were not babies, but my daughter started her period 3 days after she left.
having been with many women before i got married, i knew something about it, butim not a woman, so i was in a bad situation. i told her it will be alright, i know what your going through. she was crying, dried her eyes, looked me dead in the eye, and said DAD, YOUR AN IDIOT! talk about a reality check. the point behind that is, at least i was there for her, and all you single parents deserve a pat on the back. through my kids, and lonely nights, all i can offer is what i did, not the "fix-all" solution. i turned to myself, and said, my kids are getting older, and will be gone before long, so what do i need to do.... answer..... take this lonely time, and better myself, in anyway possible. i played guitar more, became a much better parent, have alot more self esteem, and now have alot more respect from family and friends. so i havent met the "right one" yet, its not a big deal, for 2 reasons. i am happy with myself, and i wont settle for second best. the lonely nights are no more. i maybe alone, but im not lonely, because i have the greatest person on earth helping me..... ME! time does heal wounds, but seems shallow at first, but it does, trust me. keep busy in your work, if your kids are grown, go back to school, grants are out there. improve yourself, which in turn will improve the way others view you. every time you feel that lonely feeling, you should be realizing its your time, and dont waste it being lonely, improve yourself. if you jump into something right away, chances are it wont last. sometimes what your looking for is something you have been tripping over for years, so get to know yourself, and those around you better... heres just one thing i did, but you can think of many things to do given your indivual circumstances.... i had one person at church that couldnt speak, and very few people related to her. she probably felt alone, so i learned sign language so i could talk to that one person, and make her feel wanted, and a part of it all... and ill tell you the truth, it made her so happy she cried, and i cried with her, because i now had a friend that not just anyone could have, and i proved it to her by working at it. and that time learning sign language filled up alot of lonely nights.... im sure anyone who reads this, can think of something like it to reach out to someone, or better theirself in some way...time only moves in one direction, so make every moment count. im sure others will give advice to, and sort through it all and find out what works, and do it, dont live in the past, or you wont have a present or future....hope someone got something from this...
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I Still CRY at Night ALONE!!
Posted: 12/31/2008 2:48:42 AM
Well, bestfriendetc I must say that was very well writen but you do have a wonderful talent when it comes to writing and being a true friend. I wish you much happynes, and a great and wonderful New Year with many plesant twists and turns, so that you never have a dull time. People I have met bestfriendetc she is wise beyound her years, and will be a true friend if you don't abuse the friendship.
 Mr. Perfetc
Joined: 8/16/2008
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I Still CRY at Night ALONE!!
Posted: 8/8/2009 4:13:56 PM
Looking back, was she realy that wonderfull? left you AND the kids? what a Bi***. Listen, it will all be worth it when you know you are a real hero. When you are down just feel lucky you didn't lose the kids to the self centered ykw. There are alot of people out there grieving some incredibly terrible things: losing a child, extreme financial hardship, diseases, wars, child soldiering, the list goes on, and are sometimes combined for some. I am grateful that i finally woke up when i did and can salvage the rest of my life. I've never expected a lot from life, I am making it. You'll wake up someday and wonder why you wasted so much time crying. Suck it up buttercup. As I was told. We all lose that favorite toy in our lives replace it. Love someone who deserves you. Women love guys that take the kids, wear your burden with honour and pride, brother. And for God's sake stop your blubbering!
 Mr. Perfetc
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I Still CRY at Night ALONE!!
Posted: 8/8/2009 4:15:25 PM
by the way 31 is still very young, you can still get chicks in their twenties.(basta**).LOL
Joined: 4/16/2008
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I Still CRY at Night ALONE!!
Posted: 8/11/2009 3:17:52 PM
Well I still cry myself to sleep sometimes ... nothing changed yet ... but its ok ... I will servive .... Uh Oh A song just came to my head ... lol ...

Try to smile lonely hearts and broken hearts cause my dears yas will find some one ...

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I Still CRY at Night ALONE!!
Posted: 8/12/2009 3:42:49 AM
I'm 23 and my whole life I never had a girlfriend then 2 years ago I met this wonderful girl online, after a few bumbs here and there we were the happiest we could be, or so at least I was. She was my everything, not a day went by when I didn't think of her waking up or going to sleep, we spent everynight falling asleep on the phone. She was my first in just about everything. Due to the distance we only got to see each other a few days every other week but we made up for it when we saw each other. She completed me, I finally felt I found my soulmate on my first try.

Last month on the 4th of July, a day which I'll never forget, I suddenly get a text saying that it's going to be hard for both of us but she wants to be single for a while.

Let me back up just a little, before we had a temp breakup, because she felt she couldn't handle the distance of not seeing each other when we wanted to, also she felt trapped because she felt like she HAD to stay home everynight so we could talk and wanted to go out with her friends without that worry. Well that temp breakup only lasted a day or two.

Anyways I get this text and of course I'm devistated, I decide to give her a day to herself, then I text her back but no replies, like she doesn't want to talk to me. Long story short I decided to drive up to see her(mind you I didn't have my license and never drove on a freeway before), here I was thinking maybe she would have seen I risked my life to see her would make things better again like in the movies. Boy was I wrong, turns out she was angry, saying "why did you come, I would have talked to you in a month' I told her I was ready to change. I was ready to sell my mobile home and move up there and be closer to her. Then all of a sudden, she says "I didn't want to hurt you....but I'm seeing someone else." After that she drove off. It was only a few days since she broke up with me and now she's seeing someone else???

I've never in my entire life felt so much pain before. I love her so much and it hurts to hear she's with someone else, next week would have been our 2 year anniversary and I was planning on proposing to her.

Now everynight I cry myself to sleep from missing her, I feel so lonely. Everything reminds me of her. Can't eat, can't sleep. I feel I've lost mypurpose in life. Anyways I'm sorry for the long post but I needed to let it out.
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