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Joined: 5/12/2008
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mate i am 31 and i have never even had a girl friend. but after reading your post maybe i am better off on my own. i would hate for a girl to do that to me but at the same time remember its ok to cry and we dont need women really the main thing is god. one thing is to, it is not all bad remember you still have your kids that god gave you. I get really down sometimes about never meeting anyone but lifes to short i just get on with life now.
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I Still CRY at Night ALONE!!
Posted: 9/17/2008 6:23:41 AM
I to am 50, and its been over 12 years since my ex asked me for a divorce. I figured if you don't want to be married to me so be it. I told her go but the kids are staying with me and she could have them anytime no problems. Yes, it hurt for awhile, but it got better and better. Embrace your kids, they are truly the only ones who will love you forever and never leave you. Do kid things and you will be surprised at how many single/divorced women are out there. Quit feeling sorry for your self and count your blessing, trust me, it could be alot worst.
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I Still CRY at Night ALONE!!
Posted: 9/17/2008 6:26:49 AM
ifuwish at least you were lucky enough to b left with your children!!
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I Still CRY at Night ALONE!!
Posted: 9/17/2008 6:28:17 AM
Who is that right person, How long till those paths cross and how do you know that this time it is it!
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I Still CRY at Night ALONE!!
Posted: 9/17/2008 6:39:06 AM
I know how you all feel.
And the nights are the worst or watching couples on the beach or walking down the street holding hands, and those Drama movies that you find yourself balling rather than just shedding a couple tears, till you sit and watch the sun go down all alone and the dark creeps in to cloud your mind and mood.
Sitting on the edge of your bed looking out the window or in the mirror all alone no one to hold you while you sleep or wake up to in the morning.
I find that I get bad nightmares. Waking up shaking, scared ,crying and again alone without anyone to hold you, kiss you and tell you everything is ok it was just a bad dream. I tend to get up and walk through the house and sit in the living room alone sipping something warm.
And to think I am not even fully separated yet! At this point just the separate bedrooms for the past year. Standing outside his door in the hall hearing him sleep knowing your no longer love each other but that there is a man in that room! So hard!
I am happy things are moving on but to have it in your face still, ouch!
Joined: 6/16/2008
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I Still CRY at Night ALONE!!
Posted: 9/17/2008 7:00:25 AM

So are you saying you would have committed suicide if you didn't have a daughter???

I hope not.
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I Still CRY at Night ALONE!!
Posted: 9/17/2008 7:32:55 AM
I am happy today, and have been for awhile now, and I have not been in a long term relationship for many years.

In looking back, at the times in my life where I felt a deep loneliness, and cried myself to sleep many nights, I can see that there were many issues at hand, playing a role in my loneliness and unhappiness....not just my unhappy and about to end relationship.

Love hindsight.

All I can advise for people who are feeling this way, is look around you-are there projects waiting that you have been putting off for too long? Is there a good book sitting on your nightstand that you never allow yourself the time to read? Is there a hobby you have put aside becuase you are too busy? Is your job fullfilling? Is there a course you have always wanted to take? Make a list of all the things you have always wanted to do, or own...and then put a plan into place to get them.

I can guarantee, that if you fix up all the little things that have been 'hanging', you will just naturally feel better about yourself...If you feel better about yourself, you automatically become more attractive to others. I am not saying attractive romantically, but even your friends/aquantances will want you around more often if you are in a better place emotionally.

That being said-we are human, social creatures-and if we are alone too long, I do believe it has a negative affect. Get outside with your children, feel the wind on your with other parents at the park...we do need adult interaction.

I realize the OP was made a few years ago, but this is for anyone going thru what he posted about.
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I Still CRY at Night ALONE!!
Posted: 9/17/2008 5:15:42 PM
And women hate the "poor, poor, pitiful me" type guy. They go for men who possess a confidence and inner strength, the man who gets up off his ass, gets a babysitter, and can show the world that he is never too old to have a good time. Responsibly, of course. The only person who can change this situation is YOU! So it's time you make a decision.
 pretty moon
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I Still CRY at Night ALONE!!
Posted: 9/17/2008 5:27:32 PM
OP.........Unless and until you get over the past you cant get on with your future. I feel for you. It's crap that someone you loved didnt have enough respect for your marriage to try to work out whatever the problems were. But the fact is she is gone.

You need to think positive. I know it sounds cliche but negitivity turns people away. You cant change what happened. Its a fact of life that you must deal with.

Know that you deserve better in life...think positive and positive things will happen.
Join a singles parents group in your area. Get involved in something with the children that will benefit all of you.

If you have the time and resourses have someone stay with your children one night a week and take an adult course at your local community college. You would be surprised who you can meet there. At the very least some good friends that can introduce you to other people. Loving your children does not mean that you cant have a life, but you have to want it and not dwell on the past or what you dont have.

Know what you want...put on a smile and go out there and work on getting it.

Joined: 3/11/2007
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to all
Posted: 9/17/2008 6:07:40 PM
i am 47, was married for 20 years, and she up and left. we have 2 kids, they were 13 and 15 at the time. one son and one daughter, leaha, my daughter is the youngest. being a single parent is tough, and its hard to explain to them why mommy left. granted, they were not babies, but my daughter started her period 3 days after she left.
having been with many women before i got married, i knew something about it, butim not a woman, so i was in a bad situation. i told her it will be alright, i know what your going through. she was crying, dried her eyes, looked me dead in the eye, and said DAD, YOUR AN IDIOT! talk about a reality check. the point behind that is, at least i was there for her, and all you single parents deserve a pat on the back. through my kids, and lonely nights, all i can offer is what i did, not the "fix-all" solution. i turned to myself, and said, my kids are getting older, and will be gone before long, so what do i need to do.... answer..... take this lonely time, and better myself, in anyway possible. i played guitar more, became a much better parent, have alot more self esteem, and now have alot more respect from family and friends. so i havent met the "right one" yet, its not a big deal, for 2 reasons. i am happy with myself, and i wont settle for second best. the lonely nights are no more. i maybe alone, but im not lonely, because i have the greatest person on earth helping me..... ME! time does heal wounds, but seems shallow at first, but it does, trust me. keep busy in your work, if your kids are grown, go back to school, grants are out there. improve yourself, which in turn will improve the way others view you. every time you feel that lonely feeling, you should be realizing its your time, and dont waste it being lonely, improve yourself. if you jump into something right away, chances are it wont last. sometimes what your looking for is something you have been tripping over for years, so get to know yourself, and those around you better... heres just one thing i did, but you can think of many things to do given your indivual circumstances.... i had one person at church that couldnt speak, and very few people related to her. she probably felt alone, so i learned sign language so i could talk to that one person, and make her feel wanted, and a part of it all... and ill tell you the truth, it made her so happy she cried, and i cried with her, because i now had a friend that not just anyone could have, and i proved it to her by working at it. and that time learning sign language filled up alot of lonely nights.... im sure anyone who reads this, can think of something like it to reach out to someone, or better theirself in some way...time only moves in one direction, so make every moment count. im sure others will give advice to, and sort through it all and find out what works, and do it, dont live in the past, or you wont have a present or future....hope someone got something from this...
Joined: 12/5/2007
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to all
Posted: 9/18/2008 5:11:58 AM
I'm 20, an extremely nice person who has lots of friends and would do anything to help them. I'm a hopeless romantic with a talent for poetry and creation but at the same time I'm also a person for which nobody is ever interested in save to dump their problems on. Girls call me sweet and kind and handsome, caring, smart, etc. If thats the case then how come I spend every day and night alone and wondering whats wrong with me that people think me some kind of monster.
Joined: 8/4/2007
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I Still CRY at Night ALONE!!
Posted: 12/31/2008 2:48:42 AM
Well, bestfriendetc I must say that was very well writen but you do have a wonderful talent when it comes to writing and being a true friend. I wish you much happynes, and a great and wonderful New Year with many plesant twists and turns, so that you never have a dull time. People I have met bestfriendetc she is wise beyound her years, and will be a true friend if you don't abuse the friendship.
Joined: 1/26/2008
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I Still CRY at Night ALONE!!
Posted: 1/1/2009 6:27:34 AM
Well Thank you Frogman, DD, I appreciate that very much! I do try to be a great friend but I can't force on anyone and wouldn't want to. If one needs a good friend I'm here! Hows Gabby your cat? Did you get a new puppy? You blocked on POF, tried many times to see if you where doing better and feeling better! I wish you all the best D D and you are an awesome cook! And I still have the wine bottle with the rose peddles and the note inside! Thanks!!!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR and all the happiness and Love in the world! BESTFRIENDETC.
Joined: 12/13/2008
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I Still CRY at Night ALONE!!
Posted: 3/23/2009 6:50:40 AM
totally understand,i was with my ex had kids all young he was abusive but he was my first and i loved him ,,so i thought time i wasnt in love i was in lust very close enough to make you think hes all u ever me hun i cried many nights i hated the way i looked i stopped living for a while,missed out in a lot,no women or man should ever make u feel below or disformed or any horrible thing you have control in making it or breaking is hard it will get harder but u need to remain in a strong loveing free staight of mind ,,every women and every man desserves to be buetiful and happy and you are one next to the rest,,good luck in the beging of your wounderful path..lou
Joined: 3/19/2009
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I Still CRY at Night ALONE!!
Posted: 3/23/2009 2:54:34 PM
omg ...i feel like crying for you , life sucks somtimes dont it feeling for you ... xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Joined: 1/31/2009
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I Still CRY at Night ALONE!!
Posted: 8/6/2009 9:08:54 PM
The original poster is way way too nice and timid, my advice, get in touch with your evil side, and fuse it with the good side, only then are you a complete person.
Joined: 5/27/2009
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I Still CRY at Night ALONE!!
Posted: 8/6/2009 9:44:31 PM
Okay, you got me crying for you. Life is so darn tough for so many of us and I know how it feels to be alone and lonely too. I just want to encourage you. Time will help. It will get easier. And I read in a really great book, it says that, "This too shall pass"

It will pass!
Joined: 10/14/2008
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I Still CRY at Night ALONE!!
Posted: 8/7/2009 5:37:17 PM
I cry all the time. I can't go for a walk, without thinking about him. I can not sleep, I can not eat, I have lost weight, I can not watch TV, everything I do we did, and on top of that I due to an injury I can not even work to stop thinking about him. I wonder did he walk away because I am hurt, and can not do the things I could do. I can not even talk to a friend because all my friend left because of him.
I know this is a fresh hurt this happened on 8/3/2009 he called we talked as usual, he said he loved me and I have not heard from him since, and it only Friday and it feels like a lifetime.
Joined: 1/17/2009
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I Still CRY at Night ALONE!!
Posted: 8/8/2009 7:01:25 AM
You don't cry alone. I cry too sometimes.

My ex did the same damn thing. I loved that man like no other. With every cell in my body. And that ba$tard tore my heart out with a freakn spoon. Sometimes I feel numb, existing for my kids. Sometimes. But not always. I have hope!

To me... my ex wins when I don't smile. He may have broken my heart, insulted me - you are old..I want someone younger...he may have taken away my perceived stability, hurt me financially, and takes my children ever other weekend. But he will not take my spirit. Ever. Never! The twinkle in my eye is mine. And it's yours too.

Look in the mirror, take a good one. You'll see it. It's there.

So stand up! dust yourself off. Throw your sneakers on. Get back out there. Life is for living. Not existing.

Good things are around the corner. For both of us. ( ;
 Mr. Perfetc
Joined: 8/16/2008
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I Still CRY at Night ALONE!!
Posted: 8/8/2009 4:13:56 PM
Looking back, was she realy that wonderfull? left you AND the kids? what a Bi***. Listen, it will all be worth it when you know you are a real hero. When you are down just feel lucky you didn't lose the kids to the self centered ykw. There are alot of people out there grieving some incredibly terrible things: losing a child, extreme financial hardship, diseases, wars, child soldiering, the list goes on, and are sometimes combined for some. I am grateful that i finally woke up when i did and can salvage the rest of my life. I've never expected a lot from life, I am making it. You'll wake up someday and wonder why you wasted so much time crying. Suck it up buttercup. As I was told. We all lose that favorite toy in our lives replace it. Love someone who deserves you. Women love guys that take the kids, wear your burden with honour and pride, brother. And for God's sake stop your blubbering!
 Mr. Perfetc
Joined: 8/16/2008
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I Still CRY at Night ALONE!!
Posted: 8/8/2009 4:15:25 PM
by the way 31 is still very young, you can still get chicks in their twenties.(basta**).LOL
Joined: 4/16/2008
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I Still CRY at Night ALONE!!
Posted: 8/11/2009 3:17:52 PM
Well I still cry myself to sleep sometimes ... nothing changed yet ... but its ok ... I will servive .... Uh Oh A song just came to my head ... lol ...

Try to smile lonely hearts and broken hearts cause my dears yas will find some one ...

Joined: 4/5/2009
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I Still CRY at Night ALONE!!
Posted: 8/11/2009 4:54:30 PM
you were married to the woman in philippines...i am curious...did you know here? or did you meet through writing letters or internet? i am sorry to hear your were deceived...she wanted something better for seemed very is funny what people do for love...the sacrifices and the conpromises...just be yourself and love not be too nice...women take advantage of nice men...good luck
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I Still CRY at Night ALONE!!
Posted: 8/12/2009 3:42:49 AM
I'm 23 and my whole life I never had a girlfriend then 2 years ago I met this wonderful girl online, after a few bumbs here and there we were the happiest we could be, or so at least I was. She was my everything, not a day went by when I didn't think of her waking up or going to sleep, we spent everynight falling asleep on the phone. She was my first in just about everything. Due to the distance we only got to see each other a few days every other week but we made up for it when we saw each other. She completed me, I finally felt I found my soulmate on my first try.

Last month on the 4th of July, a day which I'll never forget, I suddenly get a text saying that it's going to be hard for both of us but she wants to be single for a while.

Let me back up just a little, before we had a temp breakup, because she felt she couldn't handle the distance of not seeing each other when we wanted to, also she felt trapped because she felt like she HAD to stay home everynight so we could talk and wanted to go out with her friends without that worry. Well that temp breakup only lasted a day or two.

Anyways I get this text and of course I'm devistated, I decide to give her a day to herself, then I text her back but no replies, like she doesn't want to talk to me. Long story short I decided to drive up to see her(mind you I didn't have my license and never drove on a freeway before), here I was thinking maybe she would have seen I risked my life to see her would make things better again like in the movies. Boy was I wrong, turns out she was angry, saying "why did you come, I would have talked to you in a month' I told her I was ready to change. I was ready to sell my mobile home and move up there and be closer to her. Then all of a sudden, she says "I didn't want to hurt you....but I'm seeing someone else." After that she drove off. It was only a few days since she broke up with me and now she's seeing someone else???

I've never in my entire life felt so much pain before. I love her so much and it hurts to hear she's with someone else, next week would have been our 2 year anniversary and I was planning on proposing to her.

Now everynight I cry myself to sleep from missing her, I feel so lonely. Everything reminds me of her. Can't eat, can't sleep. I feel I've lost mypurpose in life. Anyways I'm sorry for the long post but I needed to let it out.
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I Still CRY at Night ALONE!!
Posted: 8/13/2009 9:46:02 AM
Thinking of these overwhelming sad feelings, I wrote something to remind myself to remain calm:

I've lost so much time and energy over my short life. Although it feels suddenly so long. The revelations I've made and the lessons learned should help lighten my sinking soul, and escape from what has come to be my living sand, but there is no branch to drag myself free. Not any more. She was that branch, and I will no longer risk my weight on her brittle boughs. I find it easier just to struggle my way to the bottom, and wait my turn. Space cannot hold me here forever. There is for me a quantum soul, my tree of life, to show me a dimension of life I have not yet visited, where sand is washed away by the flow of her loving hand on my skin. This is my future. This is the reason I can smile, even down here.
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