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Joined: 8/8/2006
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I'm with the cryers, and yes, night time is the loneliest time.
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I Still CRY at Night ALONE!!
Posted: 11/4/2006 6:57:19 AM
I still do cry, sometimes....though I know he rendered it over, and I shouldn't be... and will probably continue to do so til the day that special someone holds me in his arms... if I live long enough to see that day, lol...

It's mixed feelings. You wonder really WHY it had to happen, though you know it was for the best...but you wonder if it was your fault, too, no matter how much your friends tell you that you're "so special", "deserve so much better," "will find the right one," and "no, no no, baby, it wasn't your fault, at all".

And, you miss the sweetness, the love, the time spent together that is now so empty....
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I Still CRY at Night ALONE!!
Posted: 4/12/2007 5:25:50 PM
I have found at least for me the best way to wipe away my tears is to dry someone else's.

And laughter is a better way than even that.

have to find strength within yourself to make it better.
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I Still CRY at Night ALONE!!
Posted: 4/12/2007 5:26:28 PM
Ya...once you hit that big 4-0 in life with each passing year the chances get less and less. I know where your coming I am trying to forget it and somehow find a way in which I can loose myself in work so I do not have think of what life has given me...or should I say...taken away from me. But every time I walk in the door I all I hear is the deafing sounds of silence. I go to bed and asleep in silence and awake into the same deafing sounds of nothingness. Its been so long now for me...I am not even sure I can be with anyone anymore. I could say so much more....but whats the point.
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I Still CRY at Night ALONE!!
Posted: 4/12/2007 5:38:59 PM
I know where your comming from, my wife died and it's been 9 years and I still cry over her loss. However you do have one good thing to think about, the **** is still alive and the guy that took her is stuck with her I hope and ruining his life. Hopefully he is running around with girls younger than him and now your ex knows what a **** she is.
Good luck finding a new and better woman, sounds like the better part wouldn't be hard but finding one is a problem however.
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I Still CRY at Night ALONE!!
Posted: 4/13/2007 4:29:34 PM
I stopped hurting inside when it finally dawned on me - that I had hurt inside the entire 20 years. Not *just* since she went off into the wild blue yonder. The ENTIRE 20 years.

I read this somewhere ...

“I bless you with love and I release you from my life”.

I more or less said that last August and .................. STOPPED picking up the phone when she called. She called often and came over once in a while.

What I actually said was “so long my old friend”. We were actually friends - I just made it a NO CONTACT kind of thing.

Sure .... I am alone but ..... I was ALWAYS alone and rationalized it away for all those years.

It is one heck of a lot easier to be alone (be by myself) that to be alone in the same house your spouse lives in. To be alone when she was 25 foot away. To know for all those years ... I really was not all that important to her.

We have to accept the fact that ...... it is none of our business anymore.

We have to become more interested in the future - the possibilities of the future.

We have to draw the curtain shut on the past.

We have to learn - be reminded - to become the best person we can be. We need to do that for not only ourselves but for the other person that very well may come into our lives someday.

We have to “have love” in order to “give love”
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Joined: 1/10/2007
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I Still CRY at Night ALONE!!
Posted: 4/16/2007 10:37:19 AM
Your not the only one, there are many feeling this absence. Im sorry to hear what has happened to you, many could learn from your situation, sometimes, you feel as if you yourself are meant to be a living example so other can learn from, and not have the same result. Faced with imaginary realities like that, you feel hopeless and its totally understandable, yet not a reality. You have much more to give, yet you like many, are not able to see it, and perhaps never will. It is something only a significant other can really make you see by acknowledging it within you.
Your tears are a release, a release of the pain that washes over you day by day, and builds up to a point, you absorb it like a sponge with each passing wave, and then release it at night, only to allow yourself of pain and function yet one more day after. Coasting on fumes it feels like as the hollowness itself, begins to fill you with an absence of the world.

the only thing that can counter this, is hope, and self appreciation.

"I never wanted much from life...oh thats what i got"

Do not lose hope, it is the only fabric strong enough to hold together the weakened threads of your existence.
Online is good, but dont give it the pedestal it might appear to have because so many use it from many locations.

we are all victims here,...some of ourselves.
Dont give up hope my friend,...

this message brought to you by: Someone, who has become quite dark
Joined: 12/2/2007
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I Still CRY at Night ALONE!!
Posted: 3/31/2008 5:00:20 PM
I totally understand....My exwife, whom I was married to for 21 yrs, was my best friend all of those y ears...has been gone for 6 months....She chose a bar, and several guys over me.....

I still cry at night all the time....Cry at work on occasion...Not a good thing, because of my work environment....and actually, I am crying right now....

I miss her....really do....but after 6 months, I miss just having someone I can care for, someone I can spend time with, someone to talk to....dont know if I cry because of her, or if I cry because I am so lonely....
Joined: 1/29/2008
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I Still CRY at Night ALONE!!
Posted: 4/1/2008 2:51:43 PM
guys you dont cry alone, it took along time but i finally found what i was looking for. remember what your mother said was true "you have to kiss alot of frogs before you find that prince or princess". she is out there dont ever give up she may be the next one you see. if you need a friend look me up i have been where you are , i know what it is all about. Always make sure your kids come first and the rest will fall into place.

remember it will happen
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I Still CRY at Night ALONE!!
Posted: 4/1/2008 3:09:01 PM
Well my wife of 23 years out of the blue told me she had filed for divorce and wouldn't even give me a reason. It started out she had the kids but a drinking problem she acquired after the divorce led to her losing the kids to me. I admit there were tough times but you know what? You have your kids like I do and that makes it all worth it to me. Anymore I see her for what she is A big loser! Yes a female would be nice but thats actually more of a want rather than a need. I focus on my children and then if I have free time me.
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I Still CRY at Night ALONE!!
Posted: 4/1/2008 3:38:26 PM
well... I can't even imagine how much that must hurt... I've experienced loneliness and I still do, it sucks. I will tell you one thing though, if you want to find another woman, BE STRONG! Depression is a repellent for women, and if they see your sadness you're done. You have to MAN UP and ACT STRONGER THAN YOU ARE! That's about the best advice someone less than half your age can give you :P Good luck man.
 forever always
Joined: 8/28/2007
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I Still CRY at Night ALONE!!
Posted: 4/5/2008 11:29:19 AM
I am 58 just turned and I have looked for someone since I have been 19...been married more than once and the last husband who became my ex married 6 months later and 6 weeks later me was found hung. The woman he wanted sorry to say didn't want him and all that for nothing except 165,ooo life insurance policy was ruled a suicide so she got nothing and then had to prove who the father to her brand new baby to get support from 3 different men including my least now he can't hurt anyone any more. But what a sad ending to a man who got what he deserved and they always say you reap what you sow. But this is not the whole story...the worst is also the last. I had a man from texas contact me last nov and he said he was born and raised there and was a citizen but now lives in the uk. He wrote a wonderful christian letter 2 pages and said he wanted to trnasfer back to the states where he was from. He wrote to me on my yahoo account as I don't own a computer and I can get my mail at work. So to answer back I went to check his account data and I could not find it where...I even thought I dreamed him up but he said it was from singlesnet and he got off to write to me as he thought I was worth it to freeze his account...but to write I would have like to kow sme knowledge just to be able to have converstaion than to ask him all opver again what your profile would have said and not look totalally stupid since I did not keep his account...act...who would have thougth it would not still be there...hmmm...any way he wrote ask any questions and he would answer...well 5 months later with emails once a week to once a month and then I m's he finally came through with an address and no number to call and the adress belongs to the london times newspaper so he either lives in the broom closet or on the roof ...does he not think american woman are that despersate or lonely to not check since I really know nothing more about him than what he wrote in that very first letter. His name is victor christian 48... 12 13 59 with a son victor whi is about 20. He said he sent me flowers fro my birhtday in mar but the flower comp in conn. called me and I called back to talk to a man unidentified or even the shop's name who takes orders over thecomputer and the flowers were sent to a lady in nj with mjy phone number and his son's email address and it was credit card fraud and since I wrote to him and said thanks so much for the flowers I never got and this scam really does belong to you since you had my phone number and it was your own son's emial if you are not to blame thenyou are as quilty as you provided the now no mail in 2 mohts im once in a while as he is I wasted all that time on a credit card fraud with someone who says he does not know what I ma talking sorry for the person who got billed for my flowers and I am sure for more than that...scared of people now...
Joined: 3/11/2007
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I Still CRY at Night ALONE!!
Posted: 4/6/2008 8:11:31 AM
He's not running out of time if he's looking for people close to his age, status, etc.. If he expects to snag a woman a lot younger than him, better looking than him, wealthier than him, more educated than him, etc., then he's in for a rough ride. Then again, that's true of any age - people who have a lot going for them gravitate to those who are most similar to them.
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I Still CRY at Night ALONE!!
Posted: 4/13/2008 11:05:24 PM
umm do what i do... get a really stressful job or two and believe you me you very quickly forget about the loneliness and your ex teehhehehehe. But in seriousness just be active. It took me like a year and a half to get over my ex to the point where i didnt think about it everyday and althought its been more then two years and yet not even a date i don't see it as loneliness I just see it as being alone but I am not lonely cos i cherish my family and wonderfull friends that i have :-) hang in there I am sure it will get better.

And as for the job, for real it helps! I've been at this stressful job plus my part time job and havent thought about the ex in ages, i just think about my job too much LOL
Joined: 4/10/2008
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I Still CRY at Night ALONE!!
Posted: 4/16/2008 9:50:16 AM
I know just how u feel, sometime i want to scream and pull my hair out or even worse end my life, but, i dont want to leave my kids without a daddy just because their mom is a b**ch you know. After 5 years of marraige she just up and decides she dont love me anymore, i am still angry with her for taking me away from my kids, but, hey i got to get up and push on everyday and hope one day i will find someone that will love me and stand by mean even if times get rough and will be willing to work things out. So hey buddy keep your head up, dont let one woman get u down.
Joined: 4/11/2008
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I Still CRY at Night ALONE!!
Posted: 4/16/2008 10:07:19 AM
Im sorry to hear things are emotionally difficult for you...Do you have family you can talk to? Or do more activites with the kids to get your mind away from things? Try to keep your thoughts else where....When you do go back to it just know crying is a healthy way to release those feelings better than keeping them all in...
Joined: 4/4/2007
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I Still CRY at Night ALONE!!
Posted: 4/16/2008 7:52:36 PM
hey Im sorry about your situation and im not going to get into my life but yes, even at my age i know how you feel... i got 7 younger sybolings to take care of....

anyway i just feel that if people would stop being soo picky when they shouldnt be and more picky picky when they should be... we sould all be better off...

EX: you have girls who see this guy in the club and he is dissing out all his friends acting like an ass with no consideration... all these girls for some reason want him and then when he treats them like shit and they cant take it after 3 moths they wonder why it happened to them and they cry about it... its ur life u make ur bed... make it well cause only you end up lying in it...

EX: the dumb ass reasons why ppl pass up perfect mates... look back in ur history and tell me how many women or men we pass up because we are too afraid or feel to important to ask out... or how many times do we want to go over to someone and feel well what if he is like my last guy... screw ur last guy... and this news flash is really secret but its a fact... men and women both want sex the same its only that women have more of a finess about it... soo yes all men are the same but soo are all women...
Joined: 2/27/2008
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I Still CRY at Night ALONE!!
Posted: 4/18/2008 12:42:31 AM
I'm sorry; sounds like your in a tough spot; I dont know what your asking but now you can wipe away your tears, use this weekend to get a plan to make things better. Think of social things you can do, or even online things you can do to be more social. Remember, if you tell people this or if you emit sad vibes, no one wants to be around a downer. Its going to be hard but their is hope. At your age dont expect magical Romeo and Juliet things, but there is plenty of hope. Its up to you and if you put in the effort, you will do well. You are the answer to your problem, not crying alone. Good luck!!!
Joined: 12/25/2007
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I Still CRY at Night ALONE!!
Posted: 4/18/2008 9:44:20 PM
women women women ,is that all the world cares about? honestly if all they want is money and other things that i wont bring myself to say then you would be happier living in the gutter than being with one i can assure you,i hope this makes sense,i have been single for eight years and have only slept with prostitutes and i am much happier with the way i am now and really dont mind if i end up in the gutter,the thing with women is they have this curtain that they put up and they try to make out that they are perfect all because they can give birth,THEY ARE HUMAN and if they ever make out that they arnt like saying that they dont fart and things like that then just give them the flick,just because they ripp out your heart does not exclude them from the negitives that life equally offers and if you looz the battle you still learn,so who really wins?
 hudson hutch
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I Still CRY at Night ALONE!!
Posted: 4/18/2008 11:55:57 PM
hey dont cry anymore brother..
your kids needs you to be strong for them..
and be lucky and thankful you got'em..not him/her
go out.. find a hobby.. play baskeyball.. keep taking care of yourself..
dont cry lonely.. thats patha..
remember the best revenge is picking life right after.. let them seee you living life without them..

(i dont remember how the saying goes.. but its something like that)

do some push up..

most importantly.. hangout with the kids.. find stuff to do with them all the time..
no matter what age they are..

dont give up!
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I Still CRY at Night ALONE!!
Posted: 4/19/2008 7:45:37 PM
Keep swinging.Man it hurts i can relate.Just get out there and be FUN!
No kidding.Tell jokes.Not dirty ones.I think i screwed up just now.
BE FUN!...FUN FUN FUN !JOKES are #1 but not to many.Not in one day.Move around alot.
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I Still CRY at Night ALONE!!
Posted: 5/27/2008 8:58:14 PM
If you truly have God in your life, you are never "ALONE" I believe most are in the state of needed love from another to fill an emptiness. It is something I will avoid in a person because I don't want to be someone's savior of loneliness because it becomes a mental draw on me. I look for females that are truly happy with themselves and have love to give because they want to...not because they need it back. ..and I do the same. If you people are crying it is because something is not right with you. Fix you first and be happy with yourself, by yourself. You'll be able to give more of yourself that way. A good way to start is making friends of the opposite sex. Friends Love affection and companionship too. Friends are always happy when you call and are thinking of them. Be a giver...and you won't be thinking of yourself so much.

Hope that helps some of you

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I Still CRY at Night ALONE!!
Posted: 5/28/2008 5:00:34 AM
Wanting someone to be there is a human emotion that most people deni . People now days have to act like they are so together while giving up what makes us human . I dont care who they are its human to want someone there . I cry myself to sleep . I get up and go on . Sorry you were left and your kids were left . Maybe someone will come along and the loneliness that you feel . I hope so . Wish you the best .
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I Still CRY at Night ALONE!!
Posted: 6/5/2008 5:10:58 AM
If u really want to get over it. find something to do that you like, that takes time. Go to Church often and surround yourself with loving people. I just lost my wife of 53 years. she wasn't sick or anything. She just died in her sleep one night. this was my second wife so there is always someone that God has for you. think positive.
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