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 Grey Sea
Joined: 6/21/2005
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You know what I do? I hold everything in and I hardly show any emotion. Now my insides are hurting and I have holes in my stomach and it hurts on my right side.

Don't be a stoic grey sea!
Joined: 5/18/2005
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I Still CRY at Night ALONE!!
Posted: 7/6/2005 1:21:14 PM
Just for the record..I cry every night and also way too often in the daytime...sometimes even when I am grocery shopping...Not my best quality..but it seems all of the rest don't exisit anymore...
Joined: 6/22/2005
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I Still CRY at Night ALONE!!
Posted: 7/6/2005 6:57:15 PM
Another hug........
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I Still CRY at Night ALONE!!
Posted: 7/9/2005 7:06:05 PM
Here is another Saturday night, kids in bed and i'm here all alone, kids talked to their mom today and then i did too. she is having a ball running around and parting every night and knowing i got the kids.She is laughing all the time and me i'm alone crying, thinking how alone i really am.The nights i lay in bed sometime all night and not sleep just feeling so alone, i'll put on some sad songs and cry myself to sleep.takes a lot of tears but eventually i do .I hope i can find her, to hold someone at night in bed is soooooooo nice.but all i hold is my pillow
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I Still CRY at Night ALONE!!
Posted: 7/9/2005 7:27:32 PM

I am 50, everyone says i look so much younger and am good looking but that does not help my lonely nigghts.After the kids are in bed and i'm alone i sit and watch TV so alone and sad.My ex left me for a younger man and i ended up with the kids.Now i have to raise then alone and i feel so lonely and broken hearted.I never have asked much for much in life , just a good woman to love me like i will her.But i can't find her, So i still cry alone!!!!


I am so sorry you're hurting. Funny you started this thread. I just posted almost the same stuff on another site I go to. Usually i'm ok and have been for a while, but today I lost it and just started crying.

I miss the small things in life, like a hug or holding hands and talking. My children are raised, but I have guardianship over a 12 yr. old who maybe going back to her mom soon. I think that's part of why I'm feeling down right now. She's with her mom for the summer.

Hang in there, I'm sure you'll find someone out there.

(((HUGS))) again

Joined: 7/10/2005
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I Still CRY at Night ALONE!!
Posted: 7/10/2005 10:20:09 PM
I like what you said up there! But sometimes all of that talk doesn't help us criers!! Believe me I've heard it all and sometimes the best thing you can do is just cry!
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I Still CRY at Night ALONE!!
Posted: 7/10/2005 10:55:32 PM
I'm not even going to attempt to claim I undestand what it's like to be a single father at 50, or a man who hasn't had sex in 19 years. Nothing I've experienced in my 24 years on this earth could shine light on what could help you out.

What I do know is that the hurting sucks. The pain I felt after having a beautiful 4 year relationship fall apart was horrible. One of the worst pains ever. I look back on that time in my life, and while I will sometimes feel a bit of sadness over knowing what was once is never more, I'm not hurting. I've filled my life with things I enjoy. Its probably a temporary fix, as I love to have a warm body to come home to. But it's working for now.

Im fine being single, actually. I've always been an alone type person, and I actually don't know if I want someone. is so messed up

Okay....really didn't need to post this as it's getting some emotions stirred up. Damn these emotions!!!
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I Still CRY at Night ALONE!!
Posted: 7/10/2005 11:05:17 PM


Sometime I do.... tooo... ahh boo hoo hoo waaaaaaaahhh!
Joined: 5/6/2004
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I Still CRY at Night ALONE!!
Posted: 7/10/2005 11:06:10 PM

and monkeys might fly out my butt
Joined: 7/25/2005
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I Still CRY at Night ALONE!!
Posted: 7/28/2005 5:05:17 PM
I know how you feel, I was with a man for 3 years, planned are wedding, then found out he was seeing someone else right before the wedding and right after the invitations went out. I still cry at night sometimes, but I found out that thinking about yourself and what you want is more important, and that he is the one that lost, I am very kind, considerate, friendly and honest person. And I know that there is someone out there for me, it's when you stop looking that they will find you. My way of not thinking of him is to go to work, work on redecorating my home, and going back to school, so I can become independent from him. Everybody tells me that what goes around comes around. I hope he realizes one day at what he lost and regrets what he has done, and lost. Because your'e the one that has to live with yourself and your actions. I hope my little note helps you, and if you would like to chat some more, I am here and I am a good listener. My name is Paula.
Joined: 6/5/2005
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I Still CRY at Night ALONE!!
Posted: 7/28/2005 5:23:56 PM
U kno I feel the same way u hear all that same shit off it will get better bla bla bla but u kno what it does change the fact that ur alone that everynight u crawl into the lonely bed curl up in ur sheets and cry softly until u drift off into a world were people care...were u never feel hurt and people accually can love.
I wish I could say it will get better...but judging by all these post of people who are alone...It doesn't give me much hope that I will find my prince....Y do bad things happen to good people?? Y do people feel the need to hurt others....?? Ohh guyz I hope we find someone I hope we can come back and be like u kno what Karma does work and good people do have good things happen to them!! Good luck all u lonely hearts!! I hope we all find our loves!!
Joined: 8/25/2005
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I Still CRY at Night ALONE!!
Posted: 9/9/2005 7:24:51 AM
I agreee.If your saying ,,poor me,,well then.Who wants to listen to that.Who wants to hang aroung with negative ppl.It's been a while for me ,,lol,But my world won't fall apart over it .And it's my choice .Just saving it up for some lucky soul.LOL Quit your whining ,put on a happy face and ppl will notice you !SMILE you never know who may notice you
Joined: 7/6/2005
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I Still CRY at Night ALONE!!
Posted: 9/9/2005 7:31:24 AM
Yup ur hot for 50,,actually your hot for any age.Uh huh.Lonely can b on many levels.some r lonely for love,some of us lonely for loss.Romantic love can be replaced.Don't worry cutie u'll find your lady lay lay.
Joined: 9/8/2005
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I Still CRY at Night ALONE!!
Posted: 9/9/2005 10:27:02 AM
hey huggs dont dispare babes I got a shoulder right here for you to cry on and any other friends that need a hand. dry your eyes dear and pick your self up. You are who you are and if a man cant except you for you than toss him. I got some kisses here not doing nothing and a few spare huggs for you luv . muah muah squeeze squeeze. there you feel better ? bye
Joined: 8/5/2005
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I Still CRY at Night ALONE!!
Posted: 9/9/2005 10:39:32 AM
Wow....I think I will go slit my wrists and take a nice cool bath....

Seriously though...a LOT of great posts in here...LOTS of good advice...and please add my hugs to the rest!

As far as romantic lonliness...they say we never find what we are try not looking so hard? It will hit u in the face when least expected! Sometimes it can come across as desperation....people tend to shy from desperation! Other the man who gave the example of being alone for 19 (NINETEEN!?!) years...people will automatically assume that there has got to be somethin' wrong with you!

MAKE CHANGES IN YOUR LIFE!!! (Sorry to yell!) Find something(s) that interest YOU for reasons other than to meet the love of your life. Join a single parenting or widowers group, get involved in a church, volunteer with your local food pantry, Red Cross, Big Brothers/Big Sisters group, take on a part time job, learn a new craft/hobby, Read to the blind, point being, find something that enables you to FIND YOURSELF...

If all else fails, make an appointment with the Dentist! Being silly here...trying to add some humor to this!
Joined: 8/22/2005
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I Still CRY at Night ALONE!!
Posted: 9/9/2005 5:32:30 PM
I understand where you are coming are only going on 5 years...but I have been alone for the past 17 years...I wonder every day and ask God why I can't have someone to hold and to love and that will love me back. I have never got an answer. My son is 17 an my daughter is now 11 and I have in the last few years found out that I have M.S....I would like to find someone and live the last few good years thatI have because I am not promised even tomorrow..I could wake up and not have feeling in any part of my body and it may not return...I am praying and believing that , that doesn't happen andI have the rest of my life to live and love someone,if God would just direct someone my way. Until thenI just cry myself to sleep at night...and I find myself crying during the day, especially whenI see a couple that is very happily in love...andI wish that it could be me. I just have a lot of love to give to the right person and they are missing out..seems like nobody wants a LTR...everybody justs wants to screw around and get what they can....Well I want someone...but forever...andI don't share.....So...ifuwish2.....I know where you are coming from......andI don't have any answers...wish I did....
Joined: 12/19/2004
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I Still CRY at Night ALONE!!
Posted: 9/9/2005 6:53:48 PM
I'm right there with you pal. Try being alone and single for 37 years. My last psychologist told me that I sound extremely lonely, and he was trying his best to get me to try to meet women, any woman to be a activity partner. Social anxiety always gets the best of me, and almost always leads to a panic attack. So I seek solitude/ comfort in my home or vehicle. It really stinks being alone my whole life, and I feel powerless to do anything about it. After all, I can't make someone like me, or change my looks. Most of the time, I hope for death to take the pain away. I don't know what I would do without prozac, because it is a constant struggle to get through the day.
Joined: 1/9/2005
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I Still CRY at Night ALONE!!
Posted: 9/9/2005 9:29:02 PM
We too often fall in love with the pain. Been there. Still embrace it a little. Sex helps.
Joined: 8/19/2005
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I Still CRY at Night ALONE!!
Posted: 9/9/2005 11:41:16 PM
Look your a Pisces(sign) so am I. We feel things alot deeper than most signs. Take it from someone who knows until you decide to stop crying at home at night alone, the nights will only get longer and lonlier. Try getting involved in some activities. Take the kids join a bowling league. Start going to church. Love will come when you least expect it. Then the crying will be over and you can let that Pisces imagination take over!!!
Joined: 8/27/2005
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I Still CRY at Night ALONE!!
Posted: 9/10/2005 12:23:16 AM
Hey.... I am in your age group..... you put on the strong act in front of the kids.... and at night.... you do that..... i know.... i have done it too....

it takes a long time to get over it too.... keep the chin up bro'..... the world depends on people like you.... your kids will always love you ...... they are your world right now.... you will find a better person than their mom.... it takes a while for sure, but it will happen... be brave....
Joined: 5/28/2005
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I Still CRY at Night ALONE!!
Posted: 9/10/2005 3:24:20 PM
Hang in there and never give up hope. Life is funny that way and you never know what tomorrow brings. Always think positive and good things will come your way.
Joined: 12/11/2004
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I Still CRY at Night ALONE!!
Posted: 9/17/2005 10:56:49 PM
To be honest with you I never knew guys felt that deeply about a woman before....I know this sound ingorrant and I am so sorry but I guess society stereotypes men to be "tough" and I guess you never picture men getting that upset. I have been split up with my ex for about 5 years now...We were not happy but I wanted to work things out for our childs sake...He wanted someone 10 years younger than us...Things happen for a reason...All I know is he is now married to her and has another child...THE LIFE I WANTED...So yea I sometimes get depressed myself and wonder if I am ever gonna have someone to love and marry and spend years growing old with me...Sometimes I think I am meant to be alone...But then there are other times I am greatful to be alone...I wanna do things with my son or go out whenever I want...But I would give it all up in a heartbeat for a good man!!

Keep your chin up an know that there are always friends out there that will brighten up your day!!!
 crooked smile
Joined: 9/18/2005
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I Still CRY at Night ALONE!!
Posted: 9/18/2005 10:34:24 AM
I wanna know where all those women are that like to we're pigs and like to slate us off.
There are good men out there just stop dating the good looking jerks!
Keep looking man, chin up and I'm sure there is a woman out there good enough
Joined: 4/13/2005
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I Still CRY at Night ALONE!!
Posted: 9/18/2005 10:36:07 AM
@lisa: friends yeah... but as a very wise man once said, "i've got plenty o' friends... i want a lover!" ...i think it was socrates....
Joined: 9/4/2005
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I Still CRY at Night ALONE!!
Posted: 9/18/2005 10:54:52 AM
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