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Missouri Police taser injured boy 19 timesPage 2 of 3    (1, 2, 3)
Missouri Police taser injured boy 19 times

I’m really just not even sure what to say about this one, really to taser a critically injured child nearly 20 times.

If I were the governor of Missouri I’d have these “officers” tossed in jail, actually the words “head on a platter” comes to mind. This is clearly going to lead to a multi million dollar lawsuit that’s for damn sure.

It seems like we are hearing these stories every month now about excessive use of tasers of taser related deaths these things were supposed to save lives. What the heck is going on with our nation’s cops?

When did “pain compliance” become the norm? And why wont anyone in the news media call it what it really is torture. We’ve become a nation that now not only tortures our enemy’s but also our own citizens our own children.

I’m starting to think we as citizens should start making complaints to the International Red Cross about the torture going on in our own nation.

It’s getting scary out there.

There is video of the news report at the bottom of the linked page.

Missouri Police taser injured boy 19 times

KY 3 News' Sara Sheffield reports on an injured teen from Ozark, Missouri who was tasered up to 19 times by police.

Passing motorists called Ozark police out of concern for the teen as he walked along the busy overpass. When the police arrived, the young man was lying on the shoulder of the highway directly underneath the 30 foot high overpass with a broken back and foot.

Doctors believe 16-year-old Mace Hutchinson broke his back and heel after falling, as his injuries are consistent with such a fall. The boy's family does not understand why police would have tasered the the teen 19 times after he was so seriously injured.

The teen's father said that the use of the taser caused Mace to develop an elevated white blood cell count, leading to a fever that delayed the young man's otherwise immediate surgery by two days.

Ozark Police Capt. Thomas Rousset attempted to explain why the taser was used:

"He refused to comply with the officers and so the officers had to deploy their Tasers in order to subdue him. He is making incoherent statements; he's also making statements such as, 'Shoot cops, kill cops,' things like that. So there was cause for concern to the officers."

Ozark police say that while there remains unanswered questions in the case, the reason for the use of the Taser is not one of them.

This video is from KY3 News, broadcast July 24, 2008.

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Joined: 3/19/2006
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Missouri Police taser injured boy 19 times
Posted: 7/29/2008 10:15:57 AM
seems fair, guy making comments about wanting to kill the people trying to help him and gets tasered to subdue him

maybe he took that drug that makes u think you can fly and found out it was a lie ?
Joined: 10/6/2006
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Missouri Police taser injured boy 19 times
Posted: 7/30/2008 6:44:04 AM
How are some of you defending this and finding this acceptable?

If the story is correct the kid had a broken back and was lying on the ground. Then was tasered 19 times. 19! Your telling me more a handful of trained cops cannot subdue and detain someone who has no weapon and is immobile? Damn, what kind of training did they receive?! What use do the have in the police force if they cannot restrain someone. They signed up for this! They should be ready to get their hands dirty!

This was purely blood thirsty punishment. These cops got a rush off using these thing. And clearly 19 doesnt seem excessive. IT IS excessive!

Plus add to the fact that more and more people are dying from tasers as a result of the poor decisions of those who are there to protect and serve.
Joined: 6/18/2008
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Missouri Police taser injured boy 19 times
Posted: 7/31/2008 12:43:48 PM
I made this video about this:
Joined: 6/18/2008
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Missouri Police taser injured boy 19 times
Posted: 7/31/2008 6:28:44 PM
I'm trying to organize a march on the pigpen involved
Joined: 7/11/2007
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Missouri Police taser injured boy 19 times
Posted: 7/31/2008 7:49:10 PM
I think one of the truly sad parts about this is that the more these kinds of things keep happening the less likely people are going to be to call the cops for help at all. Think of the poor hoods where people are so afraid of the cops no one will call them and crime runs rampant because of it.

If you’re afraid the helping hand you’re looking for is going to end up being a beating instead you’re not nearly as likely to call.
Joined: 10/2/2005
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Missouri Police taser injured boy 19 times
Posted: 8/9/2008 4:36:18 AM
Anyone ever notice in these "Oh, my God, look what those 'pigs' have done now" sensationalized stories that they are always suspiciously one-sided?

Whether or not it was 19 times and whether or not that was excessive tasing is something that should be addressed, but I'm sure they were told by witnesses that the guy fell; if he had a broken back, he sure wasn't trying to run away. So why would they tase him? Just because they're a bunch of sadistic, power-hungry jerks?

Noooo...I don't think so. Probably because the "kid" was trying to kill himself and that's probably why he jumped and probably because he was trying to crawl, roll, get up and walk, whatever, into oncoming high-speed traffic. This may or may not have been influenced by drugs.

The father was quoted as saying his white cell count was up because of the taser. Of course, that automatically makes it factual, because his FATHER said it.

So anyone want to tell me how electricity can elevate a white cell count? Anyone? Anyone? Anyone at all.

A high white cell count indicates infection. Or corticosteroids (hmm...) can cause a white cell count elevation, as well as aggressive behavior (hmm)...

In any case, it never ceases to amuse/amaze me how people will go ape shit before knowing all the facts. Talk about brutal mentality! Quick! Get the torches! Get the clubs! The townspeople are amassing to go after the big bad ogres!
Joined: 5/17/2008
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Missouri Police taser injured boy 19 times
Posted: 8/9/2008 5:45:11 AM
With younger kids exhibiting more violence and drugs today I wouldn't want to be a cop. I don't blame them. When confronted with these wierdos who might do anything. Bring back law & order & respect for authority !

Joined: 10/2/2005
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Missouri Police taser injured boy 19 times
Posted: 8/9/2008 6:48:31 AM
if the kid was under the influence of drugs/alcohol, he probably didn't know, or care, how high the overpass was. Moreover, the overpass went OVER the interstate. If he was indeed trying to commit suicide, I would assume he presumed if the fall didn't kill him, then getting hit by a passing vehicle would.

His motivation for jumping is speculative, of course. How does someone "fall" from an overpass, though? The railing is waist high at least.

Anyone want to address how a taser causes white cell count to go up? :-D

Side note:

I didn't see the part about improper sidewalk and railing. What was that all about?
Joined: 10/2/2005
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Missouri Police taser injured boy 19 times
Posted: 8/9/2008 4:24:41 PM
According to some stories I've read, he wasn't under the influence. Before I read that, however, there was every reason to believe it (or presume it) as much as there was reason to believe (or presume) he wasn't.

I saw the video ...very busy street. What doesn't make sense to me is why a concrete railing such as that one is constructed in an area where pedestrians are allowed to walk.

Ok, so he fell or jumped, either one.

I think it's absurd that many people automatically assume this kid wasn't doing anything wrong, and the big mean bad bully cops just came up and threw him over a wall. Just because they "felt like it."

If he was scuffling with the police, he had no right to be. You don't argue with police. You don't fight with them; you don't scuffle with them. You do exactly as you're told, when you're told to do it.

Passersby called the police because they were concerned he was going to fall off the bridge. That was quoted material in the video, that I saw myself.

Okay, why would they be concerned he was going to fall. They said he appeared "agitated," but not falling down drunk.

Well, why would you be concerned someone was going to fall off a bridge simply because they appeared "agitated"? Makes no sense, particularly to go to the extent of calling 911 about it.

According to the news video, he would not follow instructions and was still trying to get into the street (whether crawling or walking or whatever) ...for whatever reason.

If he wasn't under the influence of drugs, then what's going on with him? Well, since his white count was elevated (still can't figure out the taser connection to that, but ..oh well) then that shows signs of infection somewhere. Or possibly use of steroids. Now, if steroids were in his system, maybe they didn't show up because they weren't being tested for. Maybe they were testing for crack, PCP, heroin, etc.

Okay, so let's say that's not a factor.

Let's say, maybe his white count was elevated and he had a fever (the fever was also reportedly a reason why his surgery was delayed. Why did he have an elevated wc and a fever? He could be sick. He was babbling something about "kill cops." Okay, so the fever and white count, plus the fall, could result in his being incoherent, but why "kill cops?" Maybe he was mad because they were trying to stop his suicide attempt.

Why would he be on the bridge in the first place, appearing agitated, very early in the morning? Who knows? Maybe he just found out he has AIDS or something and wanted to end it all.

Anyway, maybe none of this is the case, and of course it's speculation since I wasn't there. But then, neither was anyone else who is whining about police brutality, who has no clue what really happened, but is quick to judge the cops because they have some kind of personal vendetta against them, apparently.

To just automaticaly assume the cops threw the kid over the bridge is a really bizarre initial conclusion, IMO.
Joined: 10/10/2005
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Missouri Police taser injured boy 19 times
Posted: 8/17/2008 12:07:31 AM
There are some pretty big holes in this story;

"He refused to comply with the officers and so the officers had to deploy their Tasers in order to subdue him. He is making incoherent statements; he's also making statements such as, 'Shoot cops, kill cops,' things like that. So there was cause for concern to the officers."

What did he fail to comply with? What was he doing that warranted a need to be compliant? What exactly were the officers concerned about? What was his reaction to the first 18 taser hits? This is one more story where the news media really fails to capture what happened. We know that officers tasered a kid, who had some pretty serious injuries, 19 times but know next to nothing beyond that.
Joined: 3/31/2007
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Missouri Police taser injured boy 19 times
Posted: 8/17/2008 6:50:46 AM
This is just another example of police arrogance and a great example of the future to come. Lets see, they tase peaceful protesters, elderly in wheelchairs, CHILDREN, people who can't speak English, people who get pulled over for minor traffic violations, dogs who are running away from them, campus students, a kid who didn't want to put his "gameboy down", ... I mean this is something you'd expect to see in a COMMUNIST country.

Interestingly, they stopped taser-testing of their own when injuries were occuring...

What cops already know: Tasers are unsafe
By Aram James
click here for related stories: human rights
Probably the most compelling argument to date that the use of Tasers should be banned is the fact that several large police departments -- in Las Vegas, Phoenix and Scottsdale, Ariz. -- have now prohibited testing them on fellow officers during training exercises. This is due to the proliferation of severe injuries and subsequent lawsuits by injured officers.

According to the most recent report issued on Tasers by the ACLU of Northern California, in August 2005 alone officers in five states filed lawsuits against the device's manufacturer, Taser International.

Amazingly, the same police departments that now ban the use of Tasers on their own rank and file continue to use them on their citizenry -- sometimes with fatal consequences.

Consider the conditions under which the Tasers' shocks are administered to officers as compared with their use on the public. As part of the Taser training process it is routine for officers in most departments to undergo a one-second blast from the weapon to better understand its debilitating impact before using it on a citizen. This blast is administered in a tightly controlled setting, with the officer standing on a mat while being spotted by two fellow officers.

Despite these precautions, the Taser proved too dangerous to continue to use on officers. No such precautions are taken when a citizen is the one being zapped.

Here's an article on injured cops sueing Taser International:

Again, who foots the salaries for these thugs? I'm amazed at people who think there can't be thugs in law enforcement. Must be the same ones who believe our government isn't corrupt, mainstream media tells the truth and things like this just don't happen in the great USA.
Joined: 8/7/2007
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Missouri Police taser injured boy 19 times
Posted: 8/17/2008 7:47:56 AM
Just for the record Wride1...You didnt get 580VDC....Older ingnition systems were in the range of 15,000-18,000. Most newer systems are on the 40,000 range
Joined: 3/31/2007
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Missouri Police taser injured boy 19 times
Posted: 8/17/2008 7:52:48 PM
Most overpasses here have walk ways with either high fencing or rails. But I agree that pedestrians aren't meant to wander just anywhere. However, there will always be someone, somewhere who may just happen to be doing that for whatever reason. Sound mind or not.

The issue is the many instances where law enforcement have used unnecessary force via tasers. Across this country is the idea it's okay to resort to pain compliance (especially for people who proved no threat)? How many people need to die this way? And who designated law enforcement as judge, jury and executioner?

And lets not for get the ADA and make sure that all can safely wander aimless on the highways and biways of our countries.

Slap me out if my stupor because I couldn't make sense of that comment. Sheesh!
The ADA (American's with Disabilities Act) - be happy there is such a thing .
 Sky at sunset
Joined: 12/20/2006
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Missouri Police taser injured boy 19 times
Posted: 8/28/2008 5:37:20 PM
Why do they use the taser over and over? Why 19? Couldn't you stop at 2?

We've had a couple of people killed in Canada due to taser. One was in an airport and someone video taped it. They just kept pulling the trigger - why? Are the police poorly trained? Are they just not aware of how to use them? Are they just in situations that they can't handle and think people should react the same as if you shot them?
Joined: 3/31/2007
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Missouri Police taser injured boy 19 times
Posted: 8/28/2008 7:55:31 PM

Why do they use the taser over and over? Why 19? Couldn't you stop at 2?

Why even 2? Once is enough to drop someone down.
The first problem is thinking that they (law enforcement) even care about you. Taser International is reaping huge profits and law enforcement gets a nice kickback for jumping on the taser goon bandwagon. It's all about money. Most of these law suits againsttaser abuse are lost - not won.
Research the prison industry and how much profit they and their vendors are reaping. Your life's worth in a nutshell.
Joined: 12/22/2006
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Missouri Police taser injured boy 19 times
Posted: 9/12/2008 7:01:26 PM
come on, you are only getting partial information. why would they taser someone unless it was something they felt was needed? What are the details? The media can make anyone sound like a terrorist or a choir boy and they often slant stories to shock people. I feel that police have so much stress and so many freaks to deal with that they are doing what they are trained to do, I think we should all wait until the entire story comes out.

Can you imagine working with the public all the time? speeders lie, thieves, druggies, thugs, gangs, and murderers... thanks but no thanks.

Joined: 4/19/2007
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Missouri Police taser injured boy 19 times
Posted: 9/13/2008 8:33:15 PM
This reminds me of the time James Bond had to play Domination against the bad guy in Thunderball. The objective of the game was to take over the countries of the world, and if you lost a country, you got an electric shock. Eventually, one of them lost so many countries that the shocks would have killed him if he hadn't resigned.

"Die, Mr Bond, Dieeee! Haaaaa!"

You can see the police now, can't you?
Joined: 2/5/2007
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Missouri Police taser injured boy 19 times
Posted: 9/14/2008 8:02:31 PM
I hate to admit it, but there are a lot of bad cops and even crooked police departments out there. The trouble is that when you try to do something about it, you face an entrenched coalition of police officers, politicians, and others who will interrupt you, block you, even twist your words around. Good cops often have a hard time keeping their heads down and their mouths shut long enough to reach retirement. Many police departments have become so political that guilt is determined by who you know, not what you've done.

This is a situation worse than anarchy, because some police departments actually promote crime, or even prevent private citizens from defending themselves or acting on their own behalf. In Massachusetts, a criminal might get off in less than two year for stabbing you to death, but if you shoot him in self defense, you might get 10-15 behind bars.
Joined: 10/19/2011
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Missouri Police taser injured boy 19 times
Posted: 1/17/2012 12:49:47 PM
The boy was NOT on any type of drug or alcohol (as validated by the hospital blood work). Which I am sure is where they got the verified taser count. Meaning the tasers leads embedded 19 times in the flesh of that young man's helpless body.

Perhaps those cops enjoyed the satisfaction of their sadism. At minimum, they now justify it (which is more disturbing than the actual act of torturing a severely injured child). He had a broken back and head injury very likely from doing something immature like thinking he could walk along the wall, then subsequently fell. First the cops tried to claim they were "trying to protect" him from traffic, then they claimed the UNARMED, SEVERELY INJURED TEEN was "threatening to kill them and calling them mean names."

Are these the acts of real men or dangerous mafia style criminals with a badge. The gross lack of compassion that GROUP of GROWN MEN exhibited toward an UNARMED, SEVERELY INJURED TEEN is so frighting as to make me immediately and without remorse, wholly and completely condemn the entire Ozark, MO police department for this heinous, criminal act against another human being. to say tasing someone 19 times is a "bit excessive" is absurd and trivializing. It is nothing short of an absolute outrage. If I beat someone who is incapacitated on the ground, I go to prison for felony assault. Those cops deserve no less.

Cops have a higher incidence of domestic violence than any other group of people. Many admit to being "bullied and abused" in elementary and high school. MANY seek power and control over other human beings because they narcicistically call themselves "sheepdogs" and believe themselves to have a superior right to control "the sheep." This is the crap they are actually TAUGHT. Worse, many seem to believe that a badge means they "deserve to be respected and obeyed" not to "Serve and Protect." The gross lack of humility and meekness leads to this abuse of power. Try reading the police forums online sometimes, see how long you can stand the endemic attitude of pure hostility, "us versus them" and "we'll just arrest them all and let the judge sort it out" before you feel like vomiting. This attitude means they believe it acceptable to willfully arrest innocent people and force them to face prosecution and pay for an attorney and ruin their lives because they are too lazy and incompetent to actually know the law or provide the due process they are sworn to enforce. It also means that they do NOT respect the Constitution or YOUR RIGHT to be considered "innocent until proven guilty." In this case, once again the attitude moved from "US versus THEM" to one of "I versus it," wherein the only difference between "I" and "i+" is a crosshair. That means that "YOU and YOURS could also find yourselves on the other end of those crosshairs if one of these cops decides he "doesn't like what you just said."

On this site, the two times I've been approached by men in law enforcement., both pressured me to place myself in situations that no decent man expects of a woman who does not know him (endangering my safety). When I politely "refused to comply" both became indignant. They demanded my trust, yet did everything counter to any sensible woman giving it. So I opt out of a third strike. As far as I am concerned, I find out a man is in law enforcement or ever was, instant deal killer for me. Just not worth it to me and I can guarantee it will not be worth it to them!! HA!

Alright, I feel better now.. I'll step off my "Enforce Civil Liberties and Stop the Judicial Branch from Weakening Them with Increased Abuses of the Fascist Police State" Soapbox now... Hopefully there is a real gentleman around to hold the ladder for me... now... I have to go bake some cookies for my kids.
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