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Looking at younger women / girls.Page 2 of 15    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15)
All this armchair quarterbacking on what's right and wrong. GGRRRRRR
Ya'll should be ashamed. Really.

A formal study was conducted not long ago, presented on AT&T's homepage, , and no, I dont' have the url convenient, but it said men are hardwired in such a way. It's part of their genetic makeup to look, to even take long looks at members of the oppsite sex, and that their women should not be offended by their so doing because thinking and doing are entirely two different things. Would it have mattered if the girls were mid 20's? I still think he would have taken criticism because most women apply jealousy when their man so much as looks at another woman. Granted, many men take offense, too, but it's not something that should be allowed to be so disruptive to a relationship, lest you show your insecure underbellies.
The man apparently just watched. He didn't run over and pass out his business cards, didn't encourage them over....he watched. Now, if all of those who would condemn the man for watching, ask yourself how many times you've watched another member of the opposite sex walk by, with or without your significant other present. Uh Huh.
And it's a perfectly applicable question to ask in a relationship forum because of the response the man was given from his wife. It's a good topic, one I think everyone could reassess.
ya'll behave now.


edit:vvvvvvvvStellar, thank you for firming up what's going on here. It is only in western society we see such mocking of a man's actions. We read about how we should "protect these lttile girls from the minds of such vile men". It's absolutely hysterical. Geeeez.... Ya'll pull those panties out some before they wad up, will ya? LMAO
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Looking at younger women / girls.
Posted: 8/9/2008 9:36:55 PM
Wow, what a bunch of screwed up people. But I'm glad people post thing like this, to remind me why I should never get married again. It seems that universally, women are always too threatened by younger, prettier females, even if they are no threat at all. Face it, there are too many 16 year old females that don't look any different than 20 year old females; now, if you see a guy leering at a 10 year old, yes, that's a little over the edge. But 16 year old females are 'legal' in many parts of the world, and, historically, probably most women have married (or mated) at or before that age. Where is it written that men must limit themselves to being attracted to women of a certain age? Only in the minds of the older women. There is no harm in looking; yet, older women would like to prevent men from knowing that younger prettier women even exist. They want to marry us, get a hold of half our income and belongings for the rest of our lives, and decide for us if and when we ever have sex again. They also want to limit any pleasure we may get from looking at other females, because heaven forbid, it might give us the idea that not all women are so wretched as she. Me, I'm going to the boardwalk tomorrow, wear dark sunglasses, sit in the shade, maybe have a couple of drinks, and leer at beautiful females all day long till the sun goes down; no harm done. Then I'm going to come home, have a beer, and watch the Grand Am race at Watkins Glen. Truly a good day. And guess what? No one will be harmed by it. No one.
After all, how many women would agree to this: Women should not even talk to a man who makes more money than she does. All women should be restricted to marrying men who make equal, or less money than she does. Would any women go for this? I think not. And yet, they seem it 'reasonable' to restrict men from dating, or even looking at, women outside an age range that they consider 'appropriate'.
What a load of crap.
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Looking at younger women / girls.
Posted: 8/9/2008 9:39:41 PM
"...And to the poster who said he made matters worst by ignoring her how so? If your man or woman was following you around bating you into an argument or even a discussion you didn't want to get in wouldn't you ignore them too?"

First of all, from what you posted, the wife was not baiting him into an argument--she was seeking information regarding what she had just witnessed.

Second; if he felt that he had done nothing to warrant an argument, why not simply answer the wife's questions? Refusing to answer, and worse, telling her that he was ignoring her, could only cause more problems.

Third; there is nothing wrong with looking at another human being. The problem ensues when the man doing the looking feels entitled because he's a 'natural man', yet refuses to act like an adult and discuss the situation with his wife.
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Looking at younger women / girls.
Posted: 8/9/2008 9:47:28 PM
^^^ "When men stare, not just look, at girls, their mind is very active. Men are thinking something sexual. Why? Because men are almost always thinkig of something sexual. If you must look, look when your wife/girlfriend is at a place where she does not have to watch her man have sex with a girl/woman in his mind. It IS disrespectful. It is wrong because it may give the wife/girlfriend feelings of not meeting his needs for what he wants in a girl/woman."


So I suppose when women stare, their minds are 'inactive'? bout this....the wife completely satisfies his sexual desires where he has absolutely no thoughts or desires other than her. And him, same same....sound good? Isn't that what we all would desire?!

Wow, good thread've definitely got us thinking.

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Looking at younger women / girls.
Posted: 8/9/2008 9:48:17 PM
OP - this really makes me roll my eyes. Quite frankly, the husband and wife deserve each other. They are both total idiots. I think the wife would've had some concern if there would've been any physical contact between the parties or if hubby had followed the young women back to their homes. He didn't. It sounds more to me, like polite conversation, nothing more, nothing less.
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Looking at younger women / girls.
Posted: 8/9/2008 9:48:43 PM
This is actually pretty funny....

You have people going back and forth about the hows and the whys... and the rights and the wrongs....

This is absurd.

I can't speak for all men, but I know plenty of men that are in their 30-?? that can and do appreciate the lusciousness of the female form. I hate to break it to you, but for all our brains and pomp, we are primarily alive to screw and make more people... so they can grow up to reach sexual maturity(notice I said sexual maturity) and screw... to beget more people... who will eventually screw.

That's what it's all about folks... all the arts... the emotions... the history... the innovations... it all comes back to that one sweet science known as the screw... or monkey balling, if you prefer (and I know I do ).

It is perfectly natural to be attracted to the flower of sexual budding. There is no right or wrong to it... it's natural. If you are attracted to prepubescent people... well, that's not so natural.

Does that mean you should go out and just bone everything that comes along? No, of course not.

Laws have a disturbing tendency to be arbitrary... I'm sure there are plenty of people here that could agree with that. Many nations have made 16 - 18 years of age, the legal limit to when people can get married... but, there are a number of nations that say 12 is fine... Now, I know this isn't about marriage, but honestly we all know how biology works (or at least I hope you didn't sleep through that part in class). Puberty hits hard and fast and its effects are easy to notice.

If a 16 year old girl, who is obviously in the late stages of puberty, were to walk by me... I'm probably going to look.... most men probably will... hell, some women will too. Does that mean we are all going to chase them down like salivating dogs and dry hump them in the street? .... ah..... well.... ehhhh..... that's the toughie..... but, probably not... yeah... probably.

Laws cater to the lowest common denominator and as such, even though you should obey them (I guess), they really are not applicable to some people... Not everyone is a total dumbass when they are 16... some people start companies when they are 16... some people marry when they are 16 (and the marriages actually last).

What I'm trying to say (besides my rant on the arbitrary nature of some laws) is that it's natural.

Who knows why that guy was so dismissive of his wife... none of us know their situation. Maybe she is a raging A-hole... maybe he is.... maybe they both are... maybe neither of them exist, nor the 2 girls walking by.

We all know that on the internet, everyone is great and they don't have problems... especially people on the forums. But, real people are often times not as erudite and perfect. Most people make mistakes... misjudge... and wrong others and themselves.

I'm 27 years old... I find a large range of ages (a guess as I don't go up to strangers and ask their ages) attractive. I find teenagers attractive and I find women who are probably in their late 40's to early 50's attractive... That's normal and natural. Men will always tend to gravitate towards youth, because they have a primal subconscious that dictates certain motivations. That does not mean that's all they will gravitate towards.

When people ejaculate words over and over... like underage... I have to wonder if they truly understand the nature of man, the nature of biology, or the nature of the soul?

Anyway, blah blah blah screed. I'm an idiot.

The End

the giggleparts - Insert tab 6 into slot 9
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Looking at younger women / girls.
Posted: 8/9/2008 9:49:35 PM

^^^^^^^^^^^^^Oh, well, then lets just crown you miss formal judge on relationship etiquette, aye ?

I swear ..... some couldstick a piece of coal in their _______, and in a week, you'd have a diamond.

I'm not the least bit surprised at some of the reactions here.......
It's the overprotective nature of I said...the girls could have been any age really, and people would find some means of taking offense or finding criticism.
You know, it's politically incorrect to criticize women today, what with feminism leaving it's swath of destruction at every turn.. but it's fair game to criticize men for dam near anything..... even LOOKING... at other women, REGARDLESS of age.

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Looking at younger women / girls.
Posted: 8/9/2008 10:00:08 PM
^^^"and also, I can catagorically state, I have never knowingly stared, checked out, or perved over a sixteen year old boy."

Interesting Morgana, that you had to qualify your statement with the word "knowingly". So for you, it's okay to check out or perv a 20 year old....but if he was a 16 year old who just happened to look 20, your exonerated eh?

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Looking at younger women / girls.
Posted: 8/9/2008 10:17:43 PM

Do we really understand the true nature and soul of men? I think some of us do understand the true nature of men... Thats why we watch them like bloody hawks!.
Morgana. x

I guess we should do the same with women too then Morgana. Since as you put it all you women are so ethical and pure.
I am so glad you know what all men are thinking. I suspect Morgana you have trust issues. I think the only naive view is your own, with your judgements and your knowing what everyone thinks.

actually, a fair amount of women are also viewing the insecurity of a few women here, calling them on the BS portion, and stating quite matter-of-factly that there need not be a need to "watch them like hawks".
SOME women (ahem) are just a teensy-bit uptight these days, and seem to gain some morally superior gratification by looking down the nose of self-righeousness, as if no one could possibly hold them in reproach. It stems from something they hold very close, perhaps an ex-cheating boyfriend, and once that "trust" gasket gets blown, it's usually ireparable. They're always going to have trust issues, they'll have a coniption fit if their with someone who even so much as looks at another woman, and they take great pride in making their case against men because, like I said earlier, men are fair game for all sorts of condescension from women.
As was mentioned earlier, it's often difficult to tell a womans age. Iv'e seen women of 40 something, from a distance, and thought they were much younger, while I've also seen women i thought were much older turn ou to be much younger. But that's really immaterial. The point is, women .....(ahem) SOME women.....take such displeasure if thy're not the absolute center of the universe, that they'll blow a gasket, and hold so-and-so in contempt, no questions, no matter what.
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Looking at younger women / girls.
Posted: 8/9/2008 10:20:42 PM

and that really is the issue here....why the OP posted it on a relationship forum even though there were those within 2 or 3 posts who made their assumptions and accustions. Took it to the "is he a perv or not" realm rather than "the man and wife have obvious issues realm".

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Looking at younger women / girls.
Posted: 8/9/2008 10:25:18 PM

I as implying that anyone who does stare at a 16 year old, who KNOWS they are 16, are'nt what I'd call decent people.

But, I've been known to stare at 16 year old girls.... and I know I'm a decent guy.

I'm polite, I'm caring, I'm loving, I'm chivalrous (in the modern sense), I have honor, I'm relatively honest and forthright, I'm blunt, I'm helpful, and I will say with as much modesty as you can believe I have, that I'm a positive addition to the human race as a whole.

I've never had sex with anyone 'underage', nor have I yet raped or pillaged anyone (and I don't plan on it). I don't sit at home rubbing my hands together plotting my next victim.... Mostly, I sit at home rubbing my thighs together (because they touch... because I'm a fat guy) wondering what went wrong....

I've been in 2 situations in the past 2 years, with 2 different women, where I could have had sex, but didn't because I knew we weren't right for each other.... And now it's been 2 years since I've known the sweet, sweet pleasure of a woman's nectar factory.... f@ck... but, my personal problems aside...

I'll be honest, my views on things are probably totally screwed up... I didn't have sex until I was 24 and I've always felt ugly and worthless when it comes to women, which will probably net me a very lonely life in the final accounting of my years. At least I can say I was a decent guy... even if I sometimes stared longingly at a 16 year old.
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Looking at younger women / girls.
Posted: 8/10/2008 12:43:26 AM
Old farts are just mad.
I can understand that.

It is just not your world anymore, is it?

 Fried Chicken
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Looking at younger women / girls.
Posted: 8/10/2008 1:07:15 AM
Do 16 year olds look very much different from 18 year olds? If not, how is having lustful thoughts about one all that much different from having lustful thoughts about the other?
 Fried Chicken
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Looking at younger women / girls.
Posted: 8/10/2008 1:08:48 AM
Anyhooooo, the age of consent in North Carolina in which the OP resides is 16...sooo he should sooo tap that.
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Looking at younger women / girls.
Posted: 8/10/2008 6:57:07 AM

No wonder he turned his back on her and essentially said, "whatever". Those weren't the thoughts he had, but if he's going to try to argue against assumptions and what's in her mind, why bother? How would he ever convince her otherwise? Or you?

~ds~, Very good point! The problem with forums and the many people on them, including me, is that when someone reads something, each person can have a different conclusion to what is wrote due to THEIR experiences with the subject discussed. Some won't even consider another possibility to their own thoughts on the topic either. Very sad, because closed minds can not grow and see how things could be other than what they think! And that makes for judgment. (He who is perfect, throw the first stone?)

Do you notice too, that on the forums, the same people leap in to condemn on the same topics? Why? If the topic is disgusting to them, and they have nothing up-building to say, why comment time and time again to tear apart the OP and others agreeing, or ones wanting to know something about the said topic, with judgmental and negative comments? Could it be that they are just trying hard to justify what they think is totally correct! I don't know.

The comments too, leaped to him "lusting"!? How did looking become lusting? Was he staring? Was he glancing? Was he drooling? lol.....We do not know! So little real information here to cause comments to be sooo intense. More comments on protecting teen girls? For petes sake, how did this man become a molester, so that the teens needed protection? Yes, that can be an issue in our country.. but that is another topic for another forum so it can be thoroughly discussed. Someone might do that. It is an important topic, but just not this one here.

As I said before, both the OP and his wife seem to have issues. For whatever reason, she is horribly jealous of even a look. Why? Hell, I watch people of ALL ages as they walk down the street! What does that make me? He is working in his yard, girls walk by and he keeps glancing up as they go....I think most people out in their yard would do the exact same thing. I am pretty sure if he knew the wife was watching him judgmentally, he wouldn't have glanced more than once to avoid the obvious onslaught of negativity that followed, even though he said he saw here watching him. Or he simply doesn't give a hoot anymore what she thinks. If they had been teen boys going by, would she accuse him of being gay? As for him, this is an ongoing, unresolved issue, and he is done communicating. Failure is ahead for both of them unless they get help to deal with the issue.

Again, there could be a dozen different reasons the wife reacts this way that actually has nothing to do with HIM looking at the girls walking down the street. She may have had a bad past experience somewhere along the line and assumes something her husband isn't doing at all. Or, it could have everything to do with it, if he did something in the past too. WE simply don't know, and lack a LOT of information here. So why judge?
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Looking at younger women / girls.
Posted: 8/10/2008 7:18:21 AM
Looking at a younger woman certainly is NOT a 16 year old, that is a girl and an adult looking at a girl is perverted and wrong.

If my man was looking at young girls, he wouldn't be my man.

He has eyes and can appreciate the looks of another adult female, but a young woman or girl who's not even of legal age yet? Nope. Unacceptable.

At least keep it legal. My word.

Casual conversation to say HI and what not is ok, staring at them is not.
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Looking at younger women / girls.
Posted: 8/10/2008 7:23:31 AM

As for the husband turning his back on the wife, and refusing to answer her,.. well, thats great communication, there, is'nt it? NOT.
Seems to me, in that scenario, that if indeed he was innocent of the implication that he's checking these young girls out,.. he would say so, and defend himself voiciforously.. but the OP, states, that the man was staring.. and that he considers that theres nothing wrong with this. if you read the Opost again, you 'll see it written.
So, not only does he see nothing wrong with staring at young girls.. 'its only looking'... he also feels that he is above addressing his wifes concerns about it. yep, sounds like a piece of work, this 'fictional' guy.

You've probably never been with anyone who had trust, jealousy and insecurity issues. The type where anything you do can be taken in the worst possible manner. I was with someone who thought I was checking out two younger-looking women, when i was in fact looking at a sign on the wall of the store we were walking into. You can't reason or defend yourself with these sort of people. After awhile you realize resistance is futile, so why bother getting into yet another argument. In this case, the guy's attitude towards his wife is justified.

To the fictional wife she is automatically assuming he's checking them out. To the husband he could very well have just been admiring the view. He could very well have had those thoughts... we will never know unless the OP "confesses" his "sins".

The moral of the story for this thread, is don't jump to conclusions on the assumptions of what someone posts.

I will admit to looking when a beautiful woman passes my way. I don't go out of my way to look at, and I know enough to not make it obvious I might have seen them if I'm in the presence of someone I'm involved with.

I'm sure the thoughts will come up for some on here that this post has effectively ruined my dating chances... if only it were that easy

...After all I've only ruined my dating chances with women I wouldn't want to be with
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Looking at younger women / girls.
Posted: 8/10/2008 7:43:25 AM

Posted By: spoken for on 8/10/2008 946 AM

Message: Yeah, grapevine...30's/40's is middle aged just like looking at an 18 year old girl is the same as looking at a 10 year old boy. I said this on the other thread and I'll repeat it here: There are some seriously warped people on these forums.


After reading the OP's original post, I had the impression of a man that was tired of all the jealous behavior of his wife, and had given up on trying to please her. I don't think they have a healthy relationship. I was surprised that the very first post, and many to follow, locked onto the 16 year old girls. At 14 I was 6' tall and weighed 175 lbs. I had been participating in sports and martial arts since I was 6 yrs old, and had an impressive physique already. Older adult women were always staring. I could not walk into a room without some sort of comment... Even from female teachers. It was embarrassing to me then (I wish I still had the same effect now.), but very few were making actual passes at me. It was just a natural reaction to notice an attractive body and find pleasure in doing so. Being crude about it, or going further than looking, is wrong.
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Looking at younger women / girls.
Posted: 8/10/2008 8:23:31 AM
I developed fairly young and was quite shapely by the time I was 12. It always really gave me the creeps when grown men would look me over.

I was at a high school football game sitting with a male buddy who kept going on and on about how one of the cheerleaders was the girl of his dreams. He and I were both around 40 at the time. I asked him how he would feel if some old fart was ogling his daughter. He hadn't thought that far ahead, since she was only ten at the time. At half time an old friend of his came up to us and it turned out that the cheerleader in question was that guy's daughter and my buddy had baby-sat her and changed her diapers years before. I don't think my buddy ever looked at a teenaged girl like that again.

Guys, give the poor girls a break, and don't creep them out.
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Looking at younger women / girls.
Posted: 8/10/2008 9:16:00 AM
I didnt read 5 pages of posts but I recently caught a really old guy checking me out. We were at the theatre, he was seated next to a woman his own age. He said nothing, and he did nothing inappropriate but there was some real neck craning going on, lol.

My thoughts? "Good for you, Grandpa."

The day a man stops looking, its over for him. The eyeball police need to chill.
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Looking at younger women / girls.
Posted: 8/10/2008 5:30:57 PM
she's got jealousy and insecurity issues..he did nothing wrong..i myself, have looked at 17-18 yr. olds..and am 51.I just dont remember them looking that good when i was 17-18 or i want to jump their bones?/..hell no!! But i wonder what they'll look like when they are 'all grown-up'...
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Looking at younger women / girls.
Posted: 8/10/2008 6:38:39 PM
Amazing how we rip this topic apart when it's men looking at girls. It seems to be quite acceptable overall for older or old women to seduce the teenage bag boy or pool boy though. When this happens it's just an older woman "going for what she wants". This whole topic is a farce. They even make movies about a 50 year old seducing a teenage boy and call it a "comedy" but if it was a movie with the roles reversed, it's dark and the guy has to have a "problem". It's amazing how so much man hating rhetoric has seeped into the fibres of our culture.
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Looking at younger women / girls.
Posted: 8/10/2008 10:33:04 PM
It is disgusting! If a man is checking out females that could be his daugher that is not right. It's perverted. Why would the young girls want an ole perv checking them out. My daughter is 20 and she hates when older men look at her and she usually says something to them.
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Looking at younger women / girls.
Posted: 8/10/2008 11:10:36 PM

My daughter is 20 and she hates when older men look at her

If you're gonna wear a glue suit, you don't get to choose what sticks to you. If she doesn't want men looking at her (and she doesn't get to pick which ones do, it's a free country), she shouldn't wear form fitting or revealing outfits. Alright, lets try to 'define' what ages we're talking about here. Infants, 1 to 2. Toddlers, 2 to 3. 'Children', or say young girls that have no start of secondary physically sexual characteristics developing, up to maybe 9. 'Girls', where physical changes begin to occur, 10 to 14. The very vast majority of females 15 and over have been sexually mature long enough for their menstrual cycles to become fairly regular; yes, they are 'young' women, not 'young girls'; or, what ages would you consider 'old girls' (what a ridiculous term)? Or are we at the point where we are still spreading the age groups so that old people can still call themselves young? (amazingly, I've heard some people refer to mid to late twenties people who have not finished their doctorates as being in 'extended adolescence'. What a load of crap; maybe those same people now want to extend middle age into their 90's, all so they never have to consider themselves as 'old'. Damn all the baby boomers and all this political correct speech baloney). And while 'adult' women (alright, OLD women) prefer to think of women in their teens as children, and maybe they're not the most 'street wise' or 'relationship wise' (but then again, neither are a lot of 30 something women), they are physically mature enough to get pregnant and raise children. I'm not saying they're all 'emotionally mature', but for that matter, most adults aren't either. I'm not saying they should be getting pregnant and starting families, but they can. Oh, and lots of them, in fact, do. There is nothing 'perverted' about any man finding any physically mature female attractive. Only in the minds of the 'thought police' would that even be considered. As far as a viewpoint of parents, most NEVER want their offspring to be considered sexual human beings; they want them to remain 'daddies little girls' and 'mommas little boys' forever. So, you can toss the viewpoints of the daddies and mommies right out the window as far as it concerns who is looking at their daughters (but of course, most daddies would applaud their son's 'getting a piece'). BTW, I sat and 'oogled' pretty, young and old, women most of the day behind my sunglasses; I don't think a single one gave a damn, or even noticed 'this old guy'. So much for the horrible effect I might be having on society. Might do the same thing again tomorrow.
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Looking at younger women / girls.
Posted: 8/10/2008 11:33:05 PM
TxSippiGal and Morgan

I so agree with you and more women need to realize the truth before it hits them.
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