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What about the personal ads on Craigslist?
Posted: 10/23/2008 10:18:29 AM

I was wondering if anyone had ever met & dated someone who posted their profile on Craigslist?

Sign up with a dummy e-mail account if you're really curious. You can use that to filter the real from the fake without any serious consequences to your inbox on your main e-mail account. One thing about the fake profiles is that they're all usually repeated in some way or another. If you skim through a few pages they become easy to spot.
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What about the personal ads on Craigslist?
Posted: 10/29/2008 11:15:53 AM
I'd say about 90% of the w4m CL postings in my area are scammers. About the same percentage of replies to my posting in m4w were also scammers. I also got a couple of replies from women who wanted to spend an evening with me in return for a "donation". I only got about 2 out of 100 replies so far that I wanted to contact.
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What about the personal ads on Craigslist?
Posted: 10/29/2008 2:31:15 PM
It never hurts to try, but I am always skeptical if they don't like to post a picture. I think it's only fair from both side and I think it makes it a little more personal. I have seen people on there who are on pof and other sites. I think some people just use it as another avenue to find the right someone.
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What about the personal ads on Craigslist?
Posted: 10/29/2008 6:37:14 PM
I've always heard its just free advertizing for hookers.
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What about the personal ads on Craigslist?
Posted: 10/30/2008 9:41:54 AM
I put out an ad back in late March to April of this year. Bascially I was using the same site I sold my dining room table. I will say this though, I met some women on the site and I kinda of wish I didn't. One of them I thought it was going good but things just didn't work out. Another woman well lets just say that date lasted 40 min. I tried very hard to avoid the first date mistakes only for her to show up like she just woke up. Also I didn't find her texting her friends very cute at all. I can't say all people are bad on craiglist but its just hard to say when one is going to find the right person. Only one spammer answered my ad though which I knew right away.
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What about the personal ads on Craigslist?
Posted: 10/30/2008 10:13:51 AM
I got my cat from Craigslist....and sold my gym equipment on craigslist....bought some yugiouh (m.s?)cards...... had a few laughs.....and looked at a couple AWSOME slong shots!!
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What about the personal ads on Craigslist?
Posted: 10/30/2008 11:28:12 AM
I have never, but a friend of mine placed an add there and met a very nice gal on the site. She responded to his add and they dated for a few months.

Go for it... you never know, you may meet "the one".... just take precautions to protect yourself from spam and other things that go bump in the night.
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What about the personal ads on Craigslist?
Posted: 10/30/2008 11:28:22 AM
Re free advertising for hookers on Craigslist: CL has, believe it or not, an "Erotic Services " classification. And yes, the ads seem to be posted by prostitutes. Dont know how they avoid being busted.
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What about the personal ads on Craigslist?
Posted: 10/30/2008 4:04:05 PM
I had an ad on Craig's List. Took it down after I got a bunch of replies from men 3 times my age, married men looking to cheat, and perverts.

So yes. Some of those ads are real. Mine was :(
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What about the personal ads on Craigslist?
Posted: 10/31/2008 2:08:47 AM
You for got bottomfeeders looking for the next meal...all they need is one prey on .
Pray you learn to spot them early..or give youself a break and ask for information like Were were you born, How old are you really, Who do you hang out with. How many children do you have ( really ).Are you current with your child support payments ? Do you have good relationships with your Ex's...what kind of car do you you have car insurance ( before you get in ) .Why are you driving a different car every time we go out? How about ...if you have sisters, a mother and children..why do they not invite you over for Thankgiving or Christmas?
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What about the personal ads on Craigslist?
Posted: 11/12/2008 9:56:58 PM
I don't know about the rest of the site, but I can tell you that liars,players, and skanks are trolling on the casual encounters ads. One of my besties recently found her SO (she met him on POF, coincidentally) and another woman advertising for a threesome on Craigslist.

She said that he is adamant that he didn't place the ad, doesn't recognize the woman in the pics and never consented to having his pic posted. The ad is full of untruths from beginning to end and she doesn't know what to do or who to believe. I have my opinions, but I support her in whatever path she chooses to take.

So sits a beautiful, intelligent and loving woman worth the devotion of any man, devastated by the actions of who-knows-who, a few typed lines, and some colourful pixels placed in an ad on Craigslist. Definitely not a fan of the site.
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What about the personal ads on Craigslist?
Posted: 11/13/2008 3:47:18 AM
Yes real people do post on CL however it's hard to tell the real ones because of all the spam. I looked through there before wondering if some of them are real until one I came across was a girl I had previously dated and then a few adds down I saw one of her sister

So yes, there are real people on there hidden amongst the fake adds!
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What about the personal ads on Craigslist?
Posted: 11/14/2008 10:58:35 AM
Recently read about a case-study on Craigslist personal ads:

"After reviewing 6,590 personal advertisements, it was found that 84% (possibly even as high as 91%) of the personal advertisements examined were by imposters posting fake ads".

They targeted the women seeking man category, and their main method of fraud detection was looking for duplicate ads (pictures, text) in different cities.

You can read the details of their report at
 Eye Of The Tigger
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What about the personal ads on Craigslist?
Posted: 11/30/2008 8:18:44 PM
The absolute worse thing about Craigslist is posting an ad in the W4M section and getting random obscene, abusive emails from guys. I wish they knew what that does to women to hear that stuff.
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What about the personal ads on Craigslist?
Posted: 12/1/2008 2:20:42 PM
craigslist is the porta potty to hell,,lol

if a woman is going to post on there she better be very well skilled an trained to be able to pull out atleast 1 50% decent personality an 50% decent looking person off there..

you gotta know how to lure an weed out the c ock roaches an spiders,,before you can go in an pick out somebody who might be worth talking too...

hehe i speak from exspericence it's a dirty job but somebodys gotta do it!!
 Pair O Docs
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What about the personal ads on Craigslist?
Posted: 12/1/2008 2:34:10 PM
I would imagine that since it's also free to post on Craigslist, you would get about the same types that you would potentially stand to get just about anywhere else..... ehem......
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What about the personal ads on Craigslist?
Posted: 12/1/2008 2:38:25 PM
I tried Craigs list.
I got three messages from someone in "Russia"
Different names, same pic.
One message from someone in Ghana whose uncle left 850 million and she needed my help to get it out of the country.
Lastly two messages from men who...let's just say grossed me out.

Other than that, Craigs list worked out fine.
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What about the personal ads on Craigslist?
Posted: 1/3/2009 9:58:30 PM
C/L can produce results for those seeking a date/relationship as well as any other site. I've met a couple women this way and the main difference with traditional dating sites is that there is more patience required. That's because a good percentage of the ads are placed by spammers but if you regularly browse the ads you develop an eye for what's real.
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What about the personal ads on Craigslist?
Posted: 1/4/2009 3:28:46 AM
I've posted adds on CL before. AGES ago I met 2 guys and dated them (NOT at the same time) Then I've posted adds on there just to receive really rude replies. A lot of men receive E-mails from spammers, scammers.... I just get rude replies! LOL
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What about the personal ads on Craigslist?
Posted: 2/12/2009 10:45:47 AM
I started using CL a few weeks ago with fairly good success. As a result I have two steady lady friends now and several nice chats going. I give CL a 5 out of 10 for a rating in personals. But there are LOADS of nut jobs there too! Easily 80% are certifiable! I recall one nasty old woman who didn't like what I posted, she haunted me for weeks with nasty things like: posting my photo and making up lots of lies about me on CL and telling lies to some POF's. I know some of the Washington DC POF folks know her. Apparently she has conned quite a few into believing she is a nice person when she is anything but. However, I refuse to stoop to her vile level and tell tails about her, even though she had no problem with slandering me! If you are reading this, you know who you are, and so do I! I also reported her to Markus, hopefully he'll do something about that snake. If you are reading this TL: Get a shrink nutzo!
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What about the personal ads on Craigslist?
Posted: 2/12/2009 12:20:45 PM
"craigslist home of the scammers, spammers, escorts, trolls, pic collectors , sex freaks and the occasional real connect.
reading some of the posts can be funny though. read through the missed connections and "strictly platonic". i dont know about other areas but ny and long island cls strictly platonic is never platonic when m4m m4w."

Yes ex used that to advertise his business. This joke has not paid taxes on his business or himself for the last ten years. He is now hiding out in NJ hoping the the IRS does not come down on him.

Craigslist is a BIG JOKE
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What about the personal ads on Craigslist?
Posted: 2/12/2009 1:12:06 PM
craigslist? well, it's THEE place to dredge up dead fish and spam from the bottom of the barrel.

but yeah, it is entertaining. 'And , hey, I imagine it gets a lot of work for the escort services, so that's not all bad....keeps the economy flowing, I suppose.

I use it to sell stuff on....or buy stuff...period.

And, even today...I had a piece of musical gear up for sale, and I got a note from some dude in Morocco, who wants to send me a certified check for the gear. Of course, he wanted a little bit more of my banking information. But, I think he's a pretty sincere guy. I mean, think about it...he's willing to send me the money up front...if I return the overage to him....AND...he's coming all the way from Morocco to the States to pick up a hundred dollar mixing board.

Bah...and they say there's no honesty out there anymore

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What about the personal ads on Craigslist?
Posted: 2/12/2009 1:35:04 PM
bedlog said:

A vast majority of the w4m ads on CL especially in Seattle are spammers. Here are some ways to tell, if the wording in the ad is used repeatedly in other ads, but changed just a little. If the ad is 2 or 3 sentences and she wants you to "reply and I'll send you more", or "all you have to do is ask", or "hit me up and I'll tell you more". If the photo doesn't match the age, she looks 36 but says she's 25. If the wording in the ad is vague or is out of time. Like she mentions wanting to see a football game and it's July. If the physical format of her ad is like others', meaning 2 or 3 sentences, then she writes "hit me back if you wanna know more" and it's placed in the same spot of her ad, just like several others. The other key is, on the Seattle CL, the spammers for whatever reason keep using kitsap/west puget all the time. Tonight the spammer is using different locales but here are some titles they are using:
art, love, life - 19 (Kitsap / West Puget),good things in life are hard to find - 25 (Seattle,Carpe Diem - Seize the day - 22 (Seattle). Check it out and you'll be able to see which ones are real and which ones are fake. Having another e mail address is good too, that way you won't sacrifice your real address.

I'm going to echo what bedlog said here. The CL personals are typically full of fake personals whose entire purpose is to get you to go to either a porn site or another (paid) personals site. I think some actual people probably (sadly) get lost in the shuffle, but by and large, if they aren't referencing a specific area of Seattle (the city is divided up into "districts" like Ballard, Greenwood, Belltown, Fremont, Wallingford, etc.) in their ad, and if what they're writing seems on the more generic side, I typically conclude they're a "bot". You write to them via the private e-mail addy CL lets you put on ads, and when they respond, they tell you you can "learn more about them at *insert personals site or porn site here*".

Don't even be taken in by the ones that say "I'm not a bot!"

This said, you can always take the chance, just don't use your real e-mail address. I've been fortunate to keep my actual private e-mail address 100% spam free (though the periodic e-mails I receive from H&R Block, through whom I did my taxes, go to the spam folder, but typically amount to about 1 e-mail a month or so), by using different e-mails for different things (I have a "professional" one for when I need to send out resumes, another one that my Ebay activities are tied to, and one that I use for selling things on Craigs List). If you make a separate e-mail address (Yahoo works really well, as there's one-click deletion from your spam folder without even having to open it; strangely, Hotmail and Gmail don't have this feature...), and then respond to a CL personals ad using that one, you're going to be fine. Best-case scenario it's a real person, and you just have to deal with whether they're going to respond or not, worst-case scenario it's a bot that passes out your e-mail address to spammers (one-click deletion on Yahoo!), and in the middle is an attempted redirect to a porn site or paid personals site.

Just a little forethought on the Internet goes a long way. ;)

This said, also realize something about Craigs List personals, however: you're often scraping the true bottom of the barrel. Unlike Plenty of Fish, there's no real authentication process involved via a real person; CL stays free by minimizing human contact with the material posted, and relies on the regular users to report inappropriate content. "Free" typically attracts not only those who don't want to pay, but those who for whatever reason can't pay, and you open yourself up to a demographic you might not otherwise want to deal with.

Carpe diem. :)
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What about the personal ads on Craigslist?
Posted: 2/12/2009 1:46:07 PM
i know the sections for craigslist for all states are differant but yet in away they all remain the same..same trolls same spam same trash same predator types..

i don't know how many of you have read the rants an raves section on craigslist but here in Tulsa,Oklahoma the rants an rave section is just pure racisim in raw form.. pure redneck white trash okies at thier finest talking s hit about anybody who isn't a red blooded white american..

i mean from time to time differant people come in an rant an talk about differant things about what happened or is happening but 70& to 80% of the time,, it always leads back to the N word an every other word in the book about other minoritys an how dirty stinky bad evil an dumb we minorities are.. it's really depressing an sad..

an it's only gotten worse since we have a non white for those of you who think racisim an dicsrimination is dead or not as bad as it used to be,, you need to wake up an take thoses rose tinted glasses off.. anit nothing changed it just became more sugar coated..
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