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A quote from Anais Nin....Page 5 of 5    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)
I am familiar with Anais Nin through her biography her beauty did not ravished by aged. In fact, I fashioned myself on some of her female traits. Thanking you very much libra for sharing this .
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A quote from Anais Nin....
Posted: 8/26/2009 9:23:47 PM
What could be more attractive than a woman who doesn't desire you as much as you desire her, uses you to feed her narcissistic tendencies and is too lazy to get on top?

Well, I can't speak for anyone but myself on this...but here's my stance:
I consider the role of Dom to be the pinnacle of servanthood. Did you catch a Dom I consider myself to be a servant. I am a servant who has gained such trust from the master, that they have said to me "My land, and all that I own, I place under you care". The role of Dom is the greatest honor that can be bestowed upon a servant. It is the ultimate demonstration of trust and respect from a woman, for her to want to surrender "her possesions" so completely to a man.

Does that begin to give you an idea of how I think the man should look at the person they are dominating?

Not all men are servants. Most men get nothing out of being doms. Most will tell you it is just extra stress, pressures and demands on them.

Whaaattt? All I can think of, I don't remember where it is, there's an account Henry Miller wrote somewhere about f##king Anais and she was in this "totally passive," "feminine" trip which meant laying there like a sack of cold mashed potatoes and "letting" him do her with a c##rot. Yuck.

She couldn't write a plot to save her soul, either.

So what you're saying is women who think like this are the ones who suck in bed? You're probably right.

<div class='quote'>

"How wrong is it for women to expect the man to build the world she wants, rather than set out to create it herself." )

Men are not servants. Women need to get over this. The only men who would date women who believe in this bullshit are losers.
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A quote from Anais Nin....
Posted: 8/27/2009 8:52:12 AM
Bump bump bump bump
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A quote from Anais Nin....
Posted: 9/9/2009 3:51:36 PM
I resonate with this a lot. My SO had once told me when after I came in late one night horny as hell and just proceeded to fcuk the h*ll out of her, that she loves it when I take her this way. But I've discovered something about myself as well; I like it when I let her have me any way she wants me, when I take control by relenquishing control and just let her "ride it home". Just letting her use me for her pleasure while being there, strong beneath her, watching her go crazy with lust...what trip that is for me.
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A quote from Anais Nin....
Posted: 9/11/2009 12:22:15 AM
Eventually, I've discovered, all women I've loved, been intimate with, or just plain had affairs with all had this same need.

It's been hard for me to reconcile this, because passivity has always come easier to me. I sort of drilled it into myself to be the gentler man... that was a mistake.

Kinda hurts sometimes, honestly, I feel like I gave up something before I knew to value it. I always thought women were simpler and had different, more virtuous desires. I'm a guy, flaws and all. Didn't realize they'd have both virtue and crave dominance.

It doesn't seem to be all women, but in my personal experience it might as well have been.

Live and learn, right?
 Discerning Virtuosa
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A quote from Anais Nin....
Posted: 9/11/2009 8:29:15 AM
Insomnimac - There is nothing wrong with you, and if you are naturally passive, you need to start looking towards a more Dominant woman who likes to be in control. You will be much happier.
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A quote from Anais Nin....
Posted: 9/11/2009 8:44:20 AM
Amen!!! Will be Googling her from home................
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A quote from Anais Nin....
Posted: 9/20/2009 12:44:16 PM
She was born in 1903. That explains a lot.

I was recently with a woman who expected me to initiative everything, make all the moves in bed, decide when and where and how, while she just laid there like an object. It was the most boring experience of my life. If I want someone like that I'll just find a department store mannequin.

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A quote from Anais Nin....
Posted: 9/21/2009 9:09:16 PM
Dave, I think I heart you.
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A quote from Anais Nin....
Posted: 9/22/2009 1:10:23 AM
"I want to live darkly and richly in my femaleness."

Whew! To have such a gift as to be able to be honoured with such a way of life as Anais describes is truly one lover's gift to another...

The implications of "submission" in Anais' quote are, I think, being misread by many. If a reader takes the time to explore that she is actually commenting on the ecstasy of being able to be all that we are in our core femininity with a man who is able to bring that forward, there is no submissiveness actually involved in that miracle.

Of all that we might miss in our lives as singles, I think this is the greatest cause of our mourning... where we have met that one person who could also revel in the "darkness and richness of our femaleness" and been unable, for whatever reason, to go forward with him.

Wow! I could not possibly have stated my feelings on the subject any better. Except that, I want to live darkly and richly (except I dont believe the connotation of darkness applies so much in modern maybe I would say sacredly, wildly, emboldened and richly) in my femaleness.....only with your insight and wisdom.
I think she was also speaking of absolute complete and full trust, because it takes almost an otherworldly kind of trust to be this intimate to reveal this much about the another human being....and I have found that very very few are capable of it.
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A quote from Anais Nin....
Posted: 9/22/2009 1:13:31 AM

Generally speaking, during sex men are more goal oriented while women on the other hand want the passion/the feeling of wanting it to last forever.

No, we don't want it to "last forever".......cause, ya know, the cigarette at the end is just bomb! lmao!
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