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McCain has been experienced and been around for a thousand years and he's seen it all. That counts majorly in my books. He seems sensible. He isn't a blowhard. And I really don't think he's going to croak in 48 months.

There's an intelligent assessment if I ever heard one. He "seems sensible"? What the hell does that mean? He isn't a blowhard? Have you ever heard him speak without starting every sentence with "my friends" like a freaking robot; his slavish revelations about those 5 years of captivity? That's all he's got going for him and that's only for the sympathy vote. What about his SUBSTANCE? What about his POLICIES? What about his JUDGMENT? What about the fact that he changes his positions on everything more often than I change my underwear? You don't think he's going to croak? Where did you get your crytal ball? What is your "thinking" based on? Anything?

What about the fact that he supported this illegal war in Iraq when the vast majority of American now realize it was bogus?

What about his voting AGAINST a ban on torture? (Something, maybe the ONE thing, he does know something about).

What about the fact that he has historically supported every deregulation scheme that's come down the pike leading to a bankrupt business system that the taxpayers will have to pay dearly for decades?

How about some substance instead of fuzzy warm bullshit that says nothing?
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~Couric interview
Posted: 9/26/2008 8:28:35 AM
The Couric interview was a disaster, just like the Gibson interview and the Hannity interview were both unflattering to Sarah. She comes across like a 44-year-old Miss Wasilla beauty queen contestant:

Couric: Can you give some examples where Senator McCain tried to address the current economic crisis?

Palin: I will find them, and I will bring them to you!

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~Couric interview
Posted: 9/26/2008 12:52:44 PM
Palin is scary stuff indeed.

Judgement is more crucial than experience, in many ways. Some people may have alot of experience but sorely lack common sense. Also some others may have the experience but not the right temperament for the job. I believe that while McCain has more experience (on paper) he lacks common sense and does not have the right temperament for the job. He is prone to making rash decisions, which could have disastrous consequences for us all. His choice of Sarah Palin shows very poor judgement. Sarah Palin is a joke, a sick one at that, who could never be ready to take over for the Presidency should McCain be incapacitated (a very likely prospect, given his age). McCain shows a callous disregard for our country by choosing such an ill prepared person for his running mate. God forbid if she ever becomes President!

Obama, on the other hand, may have less experience on paper, but he has common sense and the right temperament for the job. He listens, is careful in his decision making, and shows excellent judgement in choosing Joe Biden for his running mate. Joe Biden is a good and honorable man whose international experience will serve Obama very well. They work well together, and heaven forbid if Obama had a heart attack, Biden would be ready to take over at a moment's notice without so much as a bump. Obama also shows his love and respect for our country by choosing a running mate who can take over if need be, and one whose experience in international affairs nicely balances Obama's domestic experience.

Integrity is very important to me, as well. McCain has been lying in the campaign about a variety of things, and his lack of integrity is a big turnoff for me. Sarah Palin does not have integrity either. She has lied repeatedly about the Bridge to Nowhere for example. On the other hand, both Obama and Biden are men of integrity, good family men and are ready to lead our country back to prosperity.

Using Obama's middle name is a way to try to scare people into thinking he is a Muslim when he is not. It is sick and depraved to do this, and does show an element of bigotry when one does this. People who are not racists don't need to drag out the middle name to bring attention to his ethnicity. Obama will be a great president, and Joe Biden will make a great vice president. Frankly, I don't give a hoot what Obama looks like. He will get the job done right, and that's all that counts with me.

I have the audacity for hope for a better America, and will proudly cast my vote for Obama/Biden in November!!!!

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Conservatives think Palin should step down
Posted: 9/26/2008 3:14:27 PM

Obama kept saying that this is something that the next President will have to deal with, then in another breath he criticizes McCain for going to Washington to deal with it. It would seem to me that a candidate that may have to deal with this problem if elected President would want to be involved in such an important situation that is affecting the country.

You can debate till your blue in the face but debating and acting to solve the problem are two different things. McCain called this one right, get involved that way you know what your dealing with if your elected President.

Just did he get involved? He announced he was stopping campaigning - then went on CBS in New York to be interviewed about how he wasn't campaigning; then went to a fundraiser in New York; then went to bed. Arrived in Washington after a deal had been struck; met with House Republicans who then quashed the deal. Went to a meeting at the White House where Obama was also present.

Obama seems able to actually do more than one thing at a time.
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Conservatives think Palin should step down
Posted: 9/26/2008 3:43:24 PM
GUYS... Responding to SANDERICK is POINTLESS. Let it go. In his world right is wrong and wrong is right. NOTHING McCain does is wrong, miscalculated, ever a lie, or random. Everything JOHN MCCAIN does to SANDERICK is BRILLIANT! And everything Obama does is a TOTAL CONTRADICTION no matter what. If Obama said he sang Mary had a little lamb to his daughter, Sanderick would ACCUSE Obama of Lampooning Mary, the mother of Jesus. So, responding to any of his posts are pointless and futile. Back on topic...

I think McCain has a few more tricks up his sleeve regarding Palin. It's becoming more and more obvious AMONGST CONSERVATIVES that she is not fit to be a VP. She's scaring them big time. That being said, I think probably just before next weeks debate OR shortly after, she will step down for family reasons. Giving John a 2nd CHANCE at a new running mate. Probably someone who the GOP is comfortable with. It MIGHT be GULIANI. He's AWFUL! I doubt it would be ROMNEY because he's mormon. And NO WAY will the Christian right VOTE in a mormon. LONG SHOT could be Fred Thompson. Loved him on Law and Order, couldn't stand him at the KLAN RALLY CONVENTION. Or he might go with Tom Ridge. Another polarizing figure. Will see. Bottom line, Palin WILL NOT finish out this race. She's becoming a huge liability every time she opens her mouth.
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Conservatives think Palin should step down
Posted: 9/26/2008 11:48:38 PM
NICE fair objective source. TOWNHALL. (Faux News of the Internet) Please. Contributers like Larry Elder, Ann Coulter. Anyway...
On topic.
To those interested, here's Cafferty on CNN regarding Sarah Palin. POTENTIAL President of the United States Of America.
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