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RE msg 12 by And Can It Be:
This is why I believe these movements end up requiring that their followers adopt the Law as given on Mount Sinai.
If you ever meet anyone who claims to "keep the Law as given on Mount Sinai", just ask them when was the last time they ate pig, or pork, or ham, because it's all pig, and it's all banned in the Bible.

If you are trying to impose God's rule on a nation, you have to follow the only model that is available--ancient Israel.
That is a bit difficult to swallow, because the Bible says that the King is not allowed to have a lot of gold and silver, so he cannot be rich. Who is going to tell George Bush he has to give his family fortune to charity?

RE msg 15 by NERO1:
IMO what would ideally happen is radicals, literalists, and "true believers" from ANY of the three "Abrahamic" faiths would all move to their own section of the world (ideally the Middle East ......
Make your mind up. Either Jews have a right to live there, in their own state, or they don't, and they are a dispersed people, living in every corner of the globe. Can't be both.
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Dominionism or Reconstructionist Theology
Posted: 9/10/2008 4:28:58 AM
^^^ You live in a country that is mostly Christian. Most countries in the Middle East are mostly Islam. Israel is a country that is mostly Jewish. Why do you want to take that away?

Radicals and "fanatics" from all three of the faiths should have it jointly; it might be fun to watch that from afar. Like setting them all in the same room in hell with only one air conditioner control.
I would really LOVE to see that. Christian countries are known for starting wars. So they would start one. Then all the Muslim countries in the Middle East would join in. However, the Jews would win. Jews have been the survivors of over 2000 years of anti-semitic mass murder, so it's water off a duck's back for them. As the saying goes, "what doesn't kill you, makes your stronger". So when they do fight back, they fight with much greater strength than anyone else. You only have to look at the revolt in the Warsaw Ghetto, to realise that the Jews gave the Germans a lot harder battle than the Americans and the British, considering they had no weapons, and the Germans had tanks and machine guns. But Jews today are not the Jews of the previous centuries, who refused to fight Christians. They DO defend themselves against non-Jews. So the Jews would find the attacks by Christians and Muslims like water off a duck's back, but would fight with much greater strenght than their enemies. As the countries of OPEC in the Middle East are Muslim countries that would get involved in such a war, the likely outcome would be that the Jews would end up with all the countries that produce oil in the Middle East. So the Jews would have all the oil, and Americans would be at their beck and call.

at least since Latin ruler Hadrian booted them all out in the mid-2nd century and changed the name to Palestina.
Before that, it was called Judea. The Jews never requested this name. That was the Roman's choice, because they recognised that the land belonged to the Jews. Hadrian changed the name of the region to Syria Palestina to wipe out the name of the Jews, as the result of a revolt against the unfair and illegal Roman Occupation. Hadrian got miffed, and instead of destroying a few buildings, or building a wall, he killed over half a million Jews. He didn't boot them out. He committed GENOCIDE against the Jews. After that, there really weren't many Jews left and Hadrian went on a massive persecution of anyone who practiced Judaism. Those who could leave for Babylon did. But a few stayed. My father's mother was a direct descendant of the Jews who stayed in Hebron, from the destruction of the Second Temple, until the Arab revolt in Hebron, which massacred many Jews.
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Dominionism or Reconstructionist Theology
Posted: 9/10/2008 9:30:49 PM

Yes, each of our religions has extreme elements. Let's not deny that. But let's not end up simply attacking either. Where possible, let's work together to stop the greater danger.....

Al Gore??
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