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Joined: 3/7/2008
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Boycott Oprah? Page 4 of 4    (1, 2, 3, 4)
Boycotts are part of the free market... just thought i would let you know that. It is how a group of people can influence the market to change

Nothing wrong with a boycott to influence the market to change, as long as it doesn't degenerate and goes into criminal activity like the usual republican tactics of influencing markets to change, like overthrowing legitimate governments or invading other countries.

So, you can boycott Oprah if that makes you feel like a better person, but don't go into planning to burn her studio if the boycott makes her even more popular.
Joined: 9/29/2006
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Boycott Oprah?
Posted: 9/11/2008 6:19:55 PM
Tranquilo, who said anything about bombing anything? And for the record are you saying democrats have never invaded other countries?
Personally i dont care if anyone wants to watch Oprah. I think it is a waste of space and mental power to do so, but that is my choice and if you disagree go ahead and watch her.
I wont support the boycott on this either... stupid reason for this one... that is how the market works.. if a person doesnt agree with the boycott then they dont have to follow it unless there is an element of force involved.
Joined: 3/9/2008
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Boycott Oprah?
Posted: 9/11/2008 6:43:44 PM
Bill Gates has plenty of African charities...
Why don't the Oprah haters say he's shafting the good 'ol USA?
What they do with their money is their business. They are private individuals.
Let's face it: if Oprah endorsed McCain, all the anti-Oprah people would not be doing this.
Just a fact.
Joined: 3/25/2006
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Boycott Oprah?
Posted: 9/15/2008 9:03:02 PM
I do not watch the show, but we will see what happens.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

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The Florida Federation of Republican Women has launched a boycott against Oprah Winfrey’s TV show and magazine because the talk queen has said she will not have Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin on her show until after the election.

Democrat Barack Obama — whom Winfrey is supporting for president — was on “Oprah” twice before he announced his run for president, in January 2005 and in October 2006. Winfrey has said she will have neither party’s candidates on her show while they are running for their respective offices.

But the 58-year-old federation, which has 4,500 members, says Winfrey should have Palin on her show now, given how important the Alaska governor’s run is for women.

“She is an icon, and set her herself up to be such a women’s rights and women’s issues person. To have the first vice president of our lifetime on the Republican ticket being a woman and to sit it out regardless of what her personal political beliefs were was disingenuous, we felt,” the group’s First Vice President Cindy Graves told “FOX & Friends” on Wednesday morning.

Graves, 50, says she used to watch “Oprah” and occasionally bought her magazine. She told that the group has been joined by women all over the country since launching the boycott last Saturday.

“People from Southern California, Tennessee, Texas, Colorado, Rhode Island, just about every state in the union. We’ve also had a tremendous response from Democrats and Independents who are supporting McCain, and Hillary supporters,” she said.

Asked whether the boycott is affecting Oprah’s TV ratings and magazine subscriptions, Graves said Winfrey is “keeping that quiet.”
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