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Joined: 9/13/2008
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Hannity set to interview Palin nextPage 12 of 12    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12)
Oh, and she supports a bogus $600 million bridge project. This is YOUR tax dollars. AND she has already requested over $150 million in earmarks THIS YEAR. AND she lied about the trip to Iraq and trip to Ireland was a fuel stop. AND she fired and rehired a librarian over some dispute about books. AND she fired those who weren't "loyal" to her. AND she rules Alaska with an iron fist so people are scared to speak out.

Exactly what we need. More corruption, more doubletalk, more hypocrisy.

I'm a fiscal conservative, social liberal. Palin and the entire NEOCON party she is running with is NOT Conservative. Sadly, conservatism died 30+ years ago.
Joined: 9/13/2008
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Hannity set to interview Palin next
Posted: 9/17/2008 7:22:52 PM
Oh, and she falsely keeps claiming Alaska is responsible for 20% of America's energy when it's actually 3.5% So much for being the expert of energy.

Anybody that isn't ashamed of McCain choosing Palin out of political expediency (met her once, talked to her once, chose her because she's a woman) rather than careful assessement for the benefit of the country (she's one step away from President) isn't thinking straight. The RNC slogan was Country First. Actions speak louder than words, and it's not adding up.
Joined: 9/13/2008
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Hannity set to interview Palin next
Posted: 9/18/2008 1:43:47 AM
Yet more dirt on our Alaskan Maverick. Spendings tens of thousands of tax payer dollars on redecorating her office.

Where does it end? Those closest to her saying she has no executive abilities?

"Executive abilities? She doesn't have any," said former Wasilla City Council member Nick Carney, who selected and groomed Palin for her first political race in 1992 and served with her after her election to the City Council.

WHY did McCain choose Palin when there were so many better options (male and female) available???
Joined: 9/13/2008
Msg: 216
Hannity set to interview Palin next
Posted: 9/18/2008 12:39:33 PM

Holy cow! Just read the article from the Huffington Post (msg 267). With “friends” like Nick Carney, who needs enemies? What credence should we give someone who practically boasts that Palin was his protégé, who “selected and groomed” her, and now… well, since years ago, when she ditched him, he implies that he’s one of whom she “cut off at the knees”… and now seemingly wants to rip her a new one? Geeeee… thanks, Nick.

Now, regarding the $50,000 “bordello” makeover: if it was “illegal”, as he claims, why no lawsuit or uproar? And conveniently, he can’t recall the expenditures, which in this reader’s humble opinion, makes his allegations worth ZIP! And even so, what if the majority of the expenses were repair of faulty wiring or asbestos removal?!

I’m neither defending nor accusing Palin of anything… just pointing-out that it’s way too late for Carney to cry over spilled milk. And I would have thought that the Huffington Post would have a little more journalistic integrity than to publish this drivel – only serves to divert people from the bigger issues of today.

Why do so many others share corroborate the same view about Palin's history?

Other local officials -- who lack Carney's acrimonious history with Palin -- share his dim view of her mayoral reign. When Palin ran for mayor, she dismissed concerns about her lack of managerial expertise by saying the job was "not rocket science." But after a tumultuous start, marked by controversial firings and lawsuits against the city, Palin felt compelled to hire a city manager named John Cramer to steady the ship.

"Sarah was unprepared to be mayor -- it was John Cramer who actually ran the city," said Michelle Church, a member of the Mat-Su Borough Assembly, who knows Palin socially. "As vice-president she'll certainly have to rely on faceless advisors with no public accountability. Haven't we had enough of that in the past eight years?"

Other officials in the borough government -- the equivalent of county government in other states -- point out that Palin actually had very little executive responsibility, since the borough oversees many of Wasilla's vital functions.

"After all her boasting about her executive experience, what did she do?" asks a longtime borough official, who, like many in local circles, requested anonymity because of Palin's reputation for vengeance. "The borough takes care of most of the planning, the fire, the ambulance, collecting the property taxes. And on top of that she brought in a city manager to actually run the city day to day. So what executive experience did she have as mayor?"

Palin does have two major accomplishments to her name as mayor: the by now highly publicized sports complex on the outskirts of Wasilla, which she pushed through city government, and the less well-known emergency dispatch center, which she also brought to her hometown.

The sports complex, however, is seen by many local officials as a budget-busting white elephant.

"I feel sorry for our current mayor, because of the mess that Sarah left behind," said Anne Kilkenny, a respected government watchdog in Wasilla. "And the sports arena is still a money loser for the city."

"Sarah was very focused on the sports complex," said Wasilla council member Dianne Woodruff, who began serving after Palin's tenure. "But somebody forgot to buy the land before they started building on it. Somebody dropped the ball. It was the fault of the people running the city at the time. As a result, we've spent well over a million dollars more than we should have. And we're still paying for it."

The bridge to nowhere bunk only reaffirms that this woman has no credibility. She can see Russia from her house so she has foreign policy experience. Get out of here.
Joined: 3/25/2006
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Hannity set to interview Palin next
Posted: 9/18/2008 8:07:28 PM
We will see after the debates.
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