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Joined: 2/13/2007
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Going out by yourself.Page 6 of 6    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)
There's nothing wrong with that. Many times I have gone out with friends, but when everyone was busy or into something else I found myself MY watering hole. Make sure is a bar that gets a lot of standing people. That means it can handle a croud but quickly people are shoulder to shoulder. Why that? Because people have to talk. Make friends with the bartender and over tip him or her.

I went to places that the moment I came in the door, the bartender would look at me across the room, point a finger and by the time I made it to the bar, my usual was there. They will give you drinks for free, take care of you, but you got to take care of them.

Also, go to the bar. Don't get a table. The bar means you are open to converse with anyone at the bar. I used to go to a particular bar, or really the bar area of a restaurant. It was the place to see ball games or any kind. They had several TVs and people talk and brag or complaint about their teams. This particular place was close to an office complex that brought in a lot of out town contractors, hotels, so you got a lot of cool people traveling. This one bar also attracted a mix crowd of bikers and cyclist. Bikers wore their leather, we wore our, well bermudas in the summer, jeans in the winter. We didn't like eat other at first, but we warmed up to each other. Fun, fun.

And you just go there and you are not alone.
Joined: 4/8/2008
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Going out by yourself.
Posted: 6/28/2011 4:54:15 AM
You should, if not a bar then a cafe for launch on a Saturday/Sunday afternoon. Even if its not really your thing a church could be good. Be-for I lost transpiration on Sundays (bus service cut backs) I would once a month or so go to church just to interact with people. Heck I took up people watching at one of the local malls just to get out more. Grab a drink sit back and watch.

Joined: 10/24/2008
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Going out by yourself.
Posted: 6/28/2011 5:34:47 AM
Do it.

I met my ex because he went to the bar by himself... if he'd not gone because he'd been too worried about what people would think of a guy by himself at the bar, I would have missed out on a great relationship.

I've always been comfortable going places by myself. In my early teens, my parents would only pay for me to go to the cinema, rather than shopping, at the weekends. So, I'd regularly go to the cinema alone, and hang around the punk shop in town where the friendly people hung out. Didn't always lead to long-lasting friendships etc, but I met some interesting people and had some great conversations along the way.
Anyway, I'd get back to school on Monday, and when everyone discussed what they did at the weekend etc, when I told them, people in my class would often say, "What, you went by yourself?! Couldn't you find someone to go with you?"
Thing is, a lot of girls I met at school (I went to an all-girls' school) wouldn't go anywhere without someone else. It got to the point where, even at aged 16+, girls would beg their friends, "someone come to the toilets with me, I don't want to go on my own." The girls' room was often a mere ten feet away. A lot of these girls got it into their heads that if you went ANYWHERE by yourself, without at least one other person in tow, it meant you were seen as a loner with no friends.

I've been clubbing by myself once or twice. Halloween 2009, during my first semester at uni, I was hanging round with a group of guy mates. We went to the usual uni bar in town, and some of said guys started talking to a group of girls. All well and good, but I'd heard that the gothic castle bar was supposed to be great for that night, and wanted to go. None of the guys would budge, so I just walked off and went by myself, and had a great night.
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Going out by yourself.
Posted: 7/2/2011 5:56:50 PM
Amen Dawntreader, I agree wholeheartedly. As I don't go out that often, when I do, it is very often by myself. I prefer my own company verses going out on a bad date or because of any social stigma. I don't get shit faced and while some men think I cruisin for a hook up, most people are pleasant and fun to be around.

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