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Joined: 7/14/2007
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asking out a woman who you don't know if she's single or not..Page 4 of 4    (1, 2, 3, 4)
So, presumably in your dating world being friendly to women is out of order.

You presume wrong. If you do not know the difference between 'friendly' and 'friends' ... what am I saying? Of course you know! You are simply trying to deflect the issue that you have personally attacked two people that did absolutely nothing to you. You are still yet to explain what in the world Trashcan did to deserve it and frankly you are just weak.
The fact is that someone gave a better suggestion than yours and you attacked him, not his idea. When a woman also said that your suggestion sounded creepy you attacked her too. You are just pathetic.

... and for the record no, I do not believe that dating is the natural extension of friendship. There are women that I want to be friends with and there are women that I want to date. I am sexually interested in the women that I want to date. You can befriends with the woman that you are dating, but you should not look to date amonst your friends.
I am sure that that was SO hard to figure out without me explaining it to you.

You've already established that you attack people who try to give rather simple/thoughtful advice like "talk to her like a friend".

Not even a nice try. There is attacking an idea and attacking someone personally. Point out in there where someone has been personally attacked. Quote it. The fact is that it did not happen. The comment was directed at the idea not at the person that wrote it. He did not get called a name or have his screen name insulted.
Joined: 6/15/2006
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asking out a woman who you don't know if she's single or not..
Posted: 9/26/2008 8:12:15 AM

obviously can't just ask

not so obvious to me?

never safe to assume, I doubt that you can read minds... so why not just ask?
you are an adult now.
Joined: 7/14/2007
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asking out a woman who you don't know if she's single or not..
Posted: 9/26/2008 2:05:25 PM
Wow. You really spent some effort weaving a story for yourself there. Let me correst you here.
Whether we agree with the advice or not, it is all positive feedback as long as it is honestly attempting to help the OP. Neither you nor I am set up as the arbitrator of positive or negative advice. So get over yourself.
What you call destroying the suggestions of others, I call pointing out the shortcomings of those suggestions. Other posters have confirmed those shortcomings. That does not make them bad or negative. It means that there were flaws in your suggestions. Flaws that you are not adult enough to accept when someone points out and you need to take them personally.
Some of the people that you attack here have produced new ideas.
For the actual person that began the whole attacking people on this thread, why don't you go to your second post and see what you wrote. You threw the first and then the second stone. You and only you started talking trash to people here until I called you out on it. What B*llSh*t is it that you reacted to? There was none. You are simply a child that is having a tantrum when you were shown to not be %100 correct and for the record your suggestion was creepy. Trashcan made no negative move by pointing out that it would have been taken as creepy. You are still yet to point out why you felt the need to attack her or mock her name. Seeing how you have not done so three times now, I will do so for you. It is because you are a small man that is not able to cope with someone stating that your way was not the best way so now you have to start swinging at them.
Please show me the part where I ridiculed the OP. Quote it. Don't respond without that in your response, please.
It never happened. The only person that I have ridiculed here is you. Just you.
Quote it.
Joined: 7/14/2007
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asking out a woman who you don't know if she's single or not..
Posted: 9/26/2008 5:19:37 PM
Well that explains your problem then. Neither of those are personal attacks. You are too far into your own head means that you are over thinking it. It is childish to believe that he needs to make a whole routine and ask friends about her. Just ask her out.

Your second quote is again attacking an idea. Not the author. No one was personally attacked. The author did not read and go 'Hey he attacked me'. The idea was on trial because it is childish, not the person. That said the idea is childish and there is no problem pointing that out. You on the other hand called one guy gay because he did not like your idea and Trashcan did nothing at all and you attacked her character because of her screen name.
Again (for the billionth time) Attacking an idea or a point is worlds apart from making personal attacks on a particular person... ie Trashcan says that your method is creepy so she must be a lesser person because her screen name is trashcan.

Seeing how a number of people have pointed out the same thing to you and you still will not see it, you are obviously being obtuse, so I am done with you.

Joined: 7/14/2007
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asking out a woman who you don't know if she's single or not..
Posted: 9/26/2008 9:49:19 PM
You know what, TakemeasIam, I am gonna give you a break and cut you some slack here. The reason that I attacked you was that you were a real jerk to two people on hear that did nothing except disagree with you. You were aggressive with them not once but twice. There was no need for it.
I do not mean this as a slap in the face or an attack, but it seems to me that you are somewhat defensive. Neither of these folks attacked you and even if they did... so what? It's the internet, bro! They are not gonna come to your house and argue with you. Who cares?
Well obviously, you care.
But really, you have got to get a little perspective here. This is a forum. You will get people like me and people like you and everyone in between. The OP asked a question and many of us answered it. Some of the answers are better than others, but they are all just different points of view. That's all. It is not the goal of the respondants to make the forums a pleasant place. The goal is to answer his question and make sure that he gets the best advice possible to solve his issue.
That said some advice is flat out poor and to simply allow the OP to not be told that the advice is not so great is not a 'friendly' type of gesture. So sometimes when you give advice, others are going to point out that it is poor advice. But honestly man, they are not saying that YOU are a poor person or that you are stupid. They are just pointing out that what you said is not %100 the best way to go.
I suspect that this is an issue that you have in real life as well. Hey we all have issues. Multiple issues. But fortunately for you, this is an easy one to fix. Look my man, if ths is something that works for you then fine. Do it. I do alsorts of things that other people would say are poor dating strategies but they work very well for me. That is why it is called Plenty Of Fish.
I will end it just with this, don't take things quite so seriously brother. People are going to disagree with you all of the time. They are not making a statement about you. They are just coming from a different point of view. I can tell from the tone of some of your responses that this really got to you. Don't let me or anyone else wield that sort of power over you my man.
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