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Joined: 7/24/2008
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What Would You Compromise For Great Sex???Page 2 of 3    (1, 2, 3)
I've never encountered such a Superfuck to know what he can do that other guys couldn't learn to do so no, I wouldn't sacrifice other important traits for this one. But I'd certainly keep him as an FB until the guy with the other traits comes along.
Joined: 8/12/2008
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What Would You Compromise For Great Sex???
Posted: 9/25/2008 6:08:23 PM
As long as she has a pulse and is not morbidly obese, I am good to go...

Soup for me!!!!
Joined: 11/11/2007
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What Would You Compromise For Great Sex???
Posted: 9/25/2008 10:37:18 PM
i don't follow.......
Joined: 7/20/2005
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What Would You Compromise For Great Sex???
Posted: 9/26/2008 12:43:34 AM
This is how it works? If he's a super****, he has to be lacking in something major somewhere else? I want it all, wahhh.

Okay, I would give up his sight in one eye. That doesn't sound like a lot, but he wouldn't have any depth perception, and may not be able to drive me around...

Is that enough? Or do you want one of his ears too? I'll throw in his left pinky toe and give him a slight stutter when he's nervous too. Deal?
Joined: 7/8/2008
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What Would You Compromise For Great Sex???
Posted: 9/26/2008 9:10:13 AM
I would not sacrifice financial securities and compatibility. His moral values, and integrity even he is a super f*ck. I wonder what he would sacrifice for me ,for I am a super too?
Joined: 2/13/2007
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What Would You Compromise For Great Sex???
Posted: 9/26/2008 10:55:05 AM
Okay, I will NOT put the rubber duckie on your back anymore.
Joined: 7/8/2008
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What Would You Compromise For Great Sex???
Posted: 9/26/2008 11:45:13 AM
Lol, what greater about sex? For women: Okay high performance ,must have a strong thigh, can stand friction and sensation ,can grind low speed and high speed for a longer time until he BOINK" flaccid. For men,his tongue is skilled , his touch is tantalizing so is a woman . His performance is limited if he is done he is done...Sex is essential that there are more priority in relationship,compatibility,moral values, jobs,communications. I won't be worried about sex . Besides SEX is natural even the animals are good at it.... Vannili
Joined: 7/20/2005
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What Would You Compromise For Great Sex???
Posted: 9/27/2008 3:02:12 PM
I've had to sacrifice great sex because the rest of the relationship wasn't working. It doesn't mean that great sex isn't important to me, it is extremely important, and on the bare minimum requirements "list" but the rest of the list is important too. And you can't have a successful relationship based on great sex alone. I've tried that. It doesn't work. I HAVE had a more successful relationship that had everything else but had mediocre sex though. But my list is already pared down to the essentials. I don't have a lot of frivolous things on there that I look for. I look for basics like decency, honesty, communication, compatible sense of humour, kindness, compatibility in sex, chemistry, compatibility in lifestyle and frequency of time spent together. Money, common interests and things like that, I would already consider negotiable if the rest of the list was there. In other words, I'd not only sacrifice those things for great sex, but also for a really great guy. But great sex is on my essential list - non-negotiable at this point in my life. Life is too short to be having bad sex.

One thing I can think of though is that I really want to be with someone who enjoys eating. I'm a foodie, and a lot of my hobbies revolve around food and drink (it's a big part of my travelling, I socialize with friends at restaurants, I write online about food, I photograph food, I cook and bake for enjoyment, I enjoy entertaining at home, I like taking cooking classes and will look at going to the public market as a recreational activitiy). If I had to choose between having great sex with someone and having great eating with someone, I'd go for the sex, because I can go do foodie things with other friends if I needed to. But he'd have to be really really great all around, and great in bed, for me to put up with someone that wasn't fun to eat with. I really just want someone who is fun to do both with though. I can't really imagine a foodie being bad in bed, but it's quite possible I'll find someone who doesn't like food and still fall for him.
Joined: 7/11/2008
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What Would You Compromise For Great Sex???
Posted: 9/27/2008 3:15:47 PM
I will not "compromise" anything just for good sex. Good sex to me involves more than executing a few things on my wants and needs list. Great sex is important, but if we would all use our brains a little bit more and find a mate we are compatible with, we would not need to comprimise. :)
Joined: 7/10/2006
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What Would You Compromise For Great Sex???
Posted: 9/27/2008 5:58:11 PM
Not going to answer this question.

Half the women out there have zero respect for me as is.

If they actually found out how long the d*mn list was, they'd pretty much take me for everything I've got.
Joined: 5/26/2008
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What Would You Compromise For Great Sex???
Posted: 9/29/2008 3:47:26 AM
I can't speak for everyone, but I would imagine if folks really thought about it--some would note that at one time or another they do or did compromise 'something' when it comes to having great sex, steady sex, or mediocore sex. Course, it also depends on how you define great sex. I mean if you've been with one person for a LONG time-maybe that sex seems great so there is no real compromise.

After splitting with my ex I discovered that sex can be more than just a part of being 'married' and for procreation. I'm sure I've compromised a bit of who I am in light of a great sexual interlude-but now I'm fairly content with the manfriend because the sex he and I share is pretty awesome. Course, the OP's thread got me to thinking. I've compromised 'the normal' LTR, in lieu of hot sex, for a FWB scenerio. I'm not b*tching about it, because he and I have both compromised what we want in a relationship.

I do love the manfriend, but I'm not ( probably never will be) inclined to commit to him or any other man anytime soon-but I do enjoy the sexual relationship he and I have. Maybe if MR RIGHT comes along, and he's not as good in bed, but is stellar in every other aspect of a mate, I'd compromise 'great sex' in order to have a 'great mate'. In the meanwhile, I would rather have great sex on my terms. It's been working for the past four years so I see no point in fixing that which is not broken.

Great post OP.
Joined: 3/21/2008
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What Would You Compromise For Great Sex???
Posted: 10/2/2008 9:36:47 AM
As we get older, have a few relationships, and get out of them, we make a list of what we are looking for in a mate. That list comprises itself of "must haves" and "would like to haves".

When I met Himself, I was surprised to find the intense chemistry between us, and when I delved deeper into his personality, I discovered that there were a couple of things on the list that really didn't matter - because of the intense chemistry.

So, the things I was willing to give up were:
desire to live in a certain environment
education level
desire to co-habitate (i said "never again")

The chemistry is what MAKES the relationship.
I can have everything on my list otherwise, but without it, I'm still looking (whether I admit that to myself or not)

And, now... I'm no longer looking.
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