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You are 100% correct......time heals all. We've all been there. On this website, it will happen frequently, unfortunately.
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How Do You Get Somone Out Of Your Head?
Posted: 1/10/2009 10:50:20 AM
I think there have been some really great suggestions here, but we are all individuals and what may work for one (writing about it for example - which is something I do) may not work for someone else. But if we try many of the suggestions and try really hard to keep active so that other thoughts and conversations are distracting us, it just may help. My worst time is when I am alone and the thoughts all come racing into my head and then my heart just hurts so bad...but I am overcoming it and moving forward each and every day. Good luck to everyone in moving on. Some can take the relationship with them forever and use it as a good thing, but for some, if the relationship was abusive, it needs to be let go or it will kill any chance of a healthy relationship in the future. JMO
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How Do You Get Somone Out Of Your Head?
Posted: 1/18/2009 6:17:29 PM
Cut off ALL communication. Delete those phone messages, emails, pictures. Everything that takes you back there. It is hard to do at first....but it is so liberating!!
I got to the point that I actually would fear MORE seeing or talking to him again. That's healing for me!!
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How Do You Get Somone Out Of Your Head?
Posted: 1/18/2009 11:39:50 PM
One year on and no longer do I feel a thing, a thought nor neither care....TIME, it is on your side, use or waste it.... positively, have made so many new friends too.
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How Do You Get Somone Out Of Your Head?
Posted: 1/19/2009 2:19:52 AM
Buddy look at how the Buddists do it. They beleieve in dissattchment. We in western culture treat our partners as contractually obligied commodities this is the wrong approach. I have read many books on this its hard to explain its basically about loving yourself first and treating all around you very well. They are not worth the hassle end of story. Get back in the saddle and ride all around you. And what ever you do dont be harping on about the last one to the next one that retarded and unfair. Its passing negitave energy and that will come back and bite you on the arse someday for sure. I got all ****ed up on a bird once big mistake and she was not worthy I was blinded I looked to far ahead saw my wife with my kids after about five minutes then when I ended it due to he fact that I was turning into an over worked stressed out lunatic I got even worse but knew at last that we were not to be and hopefully we will both grow to be better people. It would have been easy to get married and move forward but one has to take that very seriously especially if kids were wanted. Be a man let them get soft if its for ya it wont pass ya. Another trick is to write down all the shite quotes, misunderstandings, things that pissed you off etc and that paints a picture. Its ****ing mental how angry you can get when you do that. I saw that I made myself way to easy to manipulate by being blinded by love. I should have pushed her more I let her be a lazy selfish ****. My bad. Its like my dads german shepard she is a ****ing wild messer cause he is getting old and seriously fruity but she wont **** with me and she knows Ill go home and kick her arse if she upsets my Mum. She snaps and jumps on my sister, dad and brothers thats grand no one has a problem with that. People are much the same its about boundrys.
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