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 divine 1.
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lmao...ROckman...only 3 hrs? c' nice to the girl...make it at least 4!
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How do you stimulate the clitoris?
Posted: 10/8/2008 5:51:46 PM
Um, yeah, I was really hoping for an allnighter... esp if you want me to give as much as I get.

Oh well...guess I"ll have to find someone else to practice this silly clit licking technique all you guys talk about. *sigh*

Kaylie...feelin' a mite bit randy, now, are we?
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How do you stimulate the clitoris?
Posted: 10/8/2008 6:08:15 PM
Yeah, I'll just register my objection to the question as asked.

First, there are several of them out there (roughly 3 billion at last count, minus a few in some nasty-ass countries in Sub-Saharan Africa), not ONE that all the girls are sharing , like a party favour or something.

Which naturally implies that there are, (wait for it...) DIFFERENT ANSWERS FOR DIFFERENT WOMEN. Which range, fyi, from:

1. You don't, it's WAY to sensitive to bear being touched directly.
2. You can't, without mechanical assistance, because it requires power tools (presumably, not a strong as a belt sander--but if you've seen a Hitachi Magic Wand the motor in that thing is CLOSE to being a belt sander's)
3. A summer house in the Bahamas, or something in a small box with lots of carats (no accident that a wedding ring looks like a loop with a jewel at the top, which you are supposed to slide your finger into.)
4. Intelligent conversation over wine.
5. Doing the dishes for once, or cleaning the bathroom.
6. Strumming it like a guitar.
7. Sincere and convincing compliments that do not involve references to her sweater kittens or pirate booty.

So, you can ASK how to do it, but that's kind of nice-guy and lame-ish, you're just supposed to magically INTUIT how she likes it without being told because you're a guy and that's the only kind of "intuition" it's supposed to be ok for us to have (outside of cop dramas about murder investigation).

OR you can experiment and see what works (presumably, NOT while wearing a white lab coat and protective goggles, but who knows about some women's personal kinks).

GENERALLY you can identify you are on the right track by the intensifying rate of the full body shudder, back arching, clawing of your shoulders and invocations of a Higher Power (especially if she's a confirmed atheist).
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How do you stimulate the clitoris?
Posted: 10/8/2008 6:44:51 PM
Try stimulating her brain first.
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How do you stimulate the clitoris?
Posted: 10/8/2008 6:59:04 PM
this man knows what he is talking about!
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How do you stimulate the clitoris?
Posted: 10/8/2008 7:06:15 PM
I did that once, but then she bit me, wcms!
 The rock man
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How do you stimulate the clitoris?
Posted: 10/8/2008 7:38:48 PM

Try stimulating her brain first.

How do you think she got wet in the first place? Duh!

Um, yeah, I was really hoping for an allnighter... esp if you want me to give as much as I get.

It's not about me, it's all about you! Besides the three hours included a nap for you!
Have you ever experienced a 2 1/2 hour orgasm? You will if your here by 9!

I may even show you the figure 8 if you can take it!
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How do you stimulate the clitoris?
Posted: 10/9/2008 12:45:04 PM
Good answer Wams
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How do you stimulate the clitoris?
Posted: 10/9/2008 12:46:37 PM
Good answer WCMS
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How do you stimulate the clitoris?
Posted: 10/9/2008 1:03:53 PM
Many years ago a friend loaned me an electric sander with a cover, he suggested I plug it in and rub it across my lower belly and watch the fun begin. Within seconds, I exploded, clit just went hogwild.
 very happy camper
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How do you stimulate the clitoris?
Posted: 10/9/2008 1:30:18 PM
Woman in stirrups-"Doctor, my clitoris is very very sensitive down there, what do you recommend?"

Doctor - "I think you need some numbing"

Doctor leans forward and "Nummmmmm, nummmm, nummmm"

Hope you get it.
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How do you stimulate the clitoris?
Posted: 10/9/2008 4:36:49 PM
I wonder why I felt the need to shake my head back and forth while I read
"Nummmm,nummmm, nummmmm"?!!
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How do you stimulate the clitoris?
Posted: 10/9/2008 4:54:51 PM
Rock man... your my heroe~

Try drawing the alphabets with your tongue, one letter at a time... you will find that women respond very well to "W" especially the lower case one..... be sure you pull the lid back first to expose the man in the boat~
 dachshund king
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How do you stimulate the clitoris?
Posted: 10/9/2008 5:05:07 PM
WW is my initials.
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How do you stimulate the clitoris?
Posted: 10/9/2008 5:06:12 PM
Reminds me of the joke, what is the ideal lover for a woman? A man with a 7" tongue who can breathe through his ears. To the OP, if you look at a females anatomy you could probably answer your own question, would a woman rubbing your stomach stimulate your penis? only the erotic nature would so penetration does little to physically stimulate the female clitoris, not co-incidence that they make a toy with a clit tickler on top cause the penetration part doesnt reach. However for technique try using a toy inside her while using your tongue on and around her clit, varying the pressure until she starts to jump, usually an indication that she is enjoying the experience, might also help her to have a mouthful of you while you use your tongue on her, you might even find that enjoyable!
 divine 1.
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How do you stimulate the clitoris?
Posted: 10/10/2008 8:12:24 AM sander and hitachi magic wand...girls, check out the sunbeam body massager...many attachments lol...yes boys, girls like " power tools" also lol ...way better than anything battery operated
OP..are u sure you don't mean the G spot?????...never heard of anyone not being able to find the clitoris...but heard of some not being able to find the other magic button...if not, don't get overwhelmed dude...u can always ask in another thread, where to find that.... after you get the first mission completed! of luck to u!
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How do you stimulate the clitoris?
Posted: 10/10/2008 12:10:40 PM
Put some boxing gloves on and treat it like a speed-bag!

Oh wait............she might protest to the gloves.

Ok, well use your tongue then.

The whole to treat it like a speed-bag!

I can do that...................can you????
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How do you stimulate the clitoris?
Posted: 10/10/2008 12:23:41 PM
One leg over my (left) shoulder, the other leg over my (right) mmmmmuummmmummmumm!

Cheech and Chong... Blind Melon Chitlin'

Old school.


Maybe a little off the OP's question, but here's an old post of mine in another thread...

I think it an exercise in futility for me to think I can tell you or teach you (well, with words only) how to eat pussy. I can share with you my experience and what I have found works for me, and you are free to adopt any of my techniques or experiment and see what works. But I cannot write the definitive "''how to eat pussy like a champ by following these simple steps."

The only general guideline I offer is that there is no right or wrong way to eat pussy. It is my experience that each woman is very different in her preferences and anatomy, and the effort you put into oral sex for your lady is really the time and diligence you put into it to find out what works—and what does not.

Being able to openly talk to your woman before, during and after the grand event is very helpful, but sometimes they are not your best guide either from shyness or inexperience.

I think the right attitude is the best skill you can possess in eating pussy. First, see this as a selfless act designed to bring pleasure to your woman. Do your job right, and the payback can be pleasure of untold proportions. Remember, this is not just a warm up for you to f*ck her (except when it is) or something that you do because it is expected. You need to have the mind set that you are going to do whatever it takes to provide her a high quality orgasm using only your mouth, tongue and maybe fingers. And you do this because...well... it is just f*cking hot for you, too.

In short, I believe the right mind set is something along the lines of "Eating pussy is its own reward."

Second, you have to really love the pussy in its entirety. The way it looks, smells and tastes as well as feels when you are f*cking. Each woman has a different smell and taste. Some have a heavy scent and taste, others are light. It doesn't matter as they have as much control over this as you do the size of your cock. The point is you need to "take it as it comes" (to pardon the pun) and remember that ALL pussy is amazing. Amazing not only for the pleasure it can afford you as a means of intercourse, but in its very existence. The pussy is the center of a woman's sexuality, but not the single place where it resides. However, each woman's pussy is a marvel to behold and something to treasure and that attitude makes it easy to become acknowledged as a master of your skill.

We all have a preference in the smell and taste. But again, other than simple hygiene, your woman has zero control over any of that. Let her know you adore how she smells, how she tastes and how beautiful you think her pussy looks. Hopefully a genuine sense of awe is your mind set. I let her know I want her to "mark" me with her juices, that I want her smell on my face, fingers, neck and cock. I will tell her I really need her to abandon herself to my mouth and dance on the tip of my tongue in her erotic dance of pleasure. To use the common vernacular, I urge you to let her know you "get it."

As for the mechanics, there really is no right or wrong way—there is just what works for her. There is no one secret, special technique that, once understood and mastered, will make you THE pussy eating champ for all women. However, there are techniques that work for her and that can make you HER world champion pussy eater. And the joy is in the journey and discovery. Truly, a labor love.

Ok, here is how I do it, and take from it what ever you wish. I begin by whispering in her ear that I simply must taste her—that my need to go down on her is strong. Then I take a bit of time to see what I have to work with. Is she dripping wet in urgent need of release? Is she not wet at all and needing the proper time and attention to coax an orgasm out of her?

I begin by just lightly licking the entire pussy. I explore lightly with my tongue, and savior her taste. I take a few very deep breaths to let her know I like what I have found—that simple act alone, letting her hear you breathing her in deeply and robustly, is a great way to set the stage. Then I pay attention to her clit. Does she have a huge clit that is readily exposed? Does she have small clit that is hidden deeply behind the folds of her hood? I find the location and condition of her clit, but leave it alone for the time being. I lick her pussy from stem to stern repeatedly, gently suck her pussy into my mouth, and trace the lines of her pussy lips with the tip of my tongue. I pay attention to how she reacts, and if find something that is really working, I keep doing that until it is time to move on to something else.

That something else is usually the beginning stages of eating her. I never directly stimulate her clit, unless I know this is what works for her. Some women need direct and continual clit stimulation at the outset, but my experience is that most do not. Using the first third of my tongue, I lap the top third of her pussy and alternate in sort of lightly tracing her clit or the hood and her pussy lips.

I also make a point to gently use the tip of my finger to trace and rub the lips, usually taking the time to tell her something hot and nasty, or sweet and loving. But I will for sure tell her that I love the way she smells and tastes—and I tell her that every time.

A note; some women are super sensitive at first and cannot tolerate any firm stimulation of the clit—these are women who, in my mind, I need to "work up" to the point of tolerating/needing firm clit stimulation. Other women want a firm tongue lashing of their clit, and from the beginning are in desperate need of rapid and hard attention from my tongue. Pay attention because you want to get this right.

Once she is good and wet from her own juices and my saliva, I will pick up the pace of my lapping and licking and increase the pressure on her clit—one way to look at this is taking the intensity of my actions up a notch while paying close attention that I am not over or under stimulating.

Then I stick one of my own fingers in my mouth and wet it in preparation of inserting it into her pussy. It is my experience that nothing can be more of a momentary "buzz kill" for a woman than the sudden introduction of a dry finger. Another good way to do this is to let her suck and wet a finger or two for you. Then I go back to actively eating her and gently slip a finger inside her.

My experience also tells me that finger f*cking is not the best use of my digit. Rather, I crook my finger and find the ridged area just inside her on the top. Now, find a rhythm with your tongue on her clit and gently tap and rub that ridged area—which I believe is commonly called the "G spot." Then slip a second finger into her and use both finger tips to tap and rub the ridges. And another note, some women's ridges are big and pronounced, other are small and delicate. But notice they all seem to swell and become more pronounced as they build towards orgasm. The swelling and pronouncement of her ridges will happen in direct proportion to her wetness. And it is just hot to feel it happen on your fingertips.

At this point I know I need to be focused but flexible. She might buck and thrash with increasing intensity as she builds. She might push my face into her pussy, or hold my head and grind her hips into my face, or wrap her feet around my upper torso. But then she might also simply lay very passively, opening her legs wide to give you all the access I could hope for and wail and scream...or whisper and make her small noises of pleasure. I just roll with what happens, but when I since she is getting close I will urge her to cum on my tongue.

I find a rhythm and a place on or near her clit that is working and keep going. The time has passed for changing it up or exploration. This is what I call the "active pussy eating stage." At this point I am working towards completion, using my tongue and fingers and staying focused. I try to position my nose such that I can breathe; another big buzz killer is breaking the rhythm to gasp for breath.

A woman once told me that when she came with me licking her clit AND rubbing her G spot it felt like an "internal and external orgasm, while it just feels external and more intense when you use only your tongue." She did not place a value judgment on one method or type of orgasm over the other. But she did best vocalize the difference in a way I could grasp. By the way, she had this really nice, full natural blond bush. She barely had any taste or smell, and she gushed wetness even when slightly aroused. She also had a G spot that was impossible to miss. She was a wailing, screaming, head-thumping, grind-and-thrash-hard-into-your-face woman that would literally scream "F*ck, you ROCK" right before I sent her over the edged by eating her. Her blond pussy was tight, hot...

But I digress.

Anyway, discuss it with your woman. Give her both types and see what thinks of each climax and if she feels a difference.

My orgasm comes in one flavor. I cum hard. I do not think men, or at least most men, can say one cum feels much different from the other. At least physically, anyway. However, I will be the first to admit I might be wrong, and I have not discussed this with other men. But the male orgasm, I think, differs only by very slight degrees of pleasure either way of "great."

But my experience is that this is not the case for women. They can have any number of different types of orgasms; hard to the point of violent, or soft and sweet. They can arrive as mind blowing climaxes that leave 'em limp or a little shudder from one that is just sufficient to take the edge off. I have found I cannot control the type or the intensity of her climax as there are many other factors that come into play that are usually outside my abilities. The point is, I can make a woman cum (99 times out of a 100) by eating her pussy, but the quality of her climax is not a sure thing I can replicate for her time and time again. However, I do like the sense of power that comes with a challenge wherein I am have to coax an orgasm out of a lady when I eat her, and succeed.

That said, I do know I can ruin it for her at the end with bad mechanics. There is providing too much stimulation or licking/fingering "too hard" that can f*ck up a climax. Or breaking the rhythm by losing her sweet spot (clit) just as she goes over the edge and the resulting orgasm is one of less intensity. Or losing the rhythm too many times and turning her into a frustrated, overly sensitized woman who can't go over the edge. Yep, check the box, I have done all of that. At times I have been the worst pussy eater known to woman. And those failures have made me much, much better at the job.

Perhaps one technique to experiment with is the "Butterfly." In this, you eat her pussy and use the index and middle finger to tap her G-spot. The ring finger has no job, so you keep it curled in. Use the tip of your little finger to gently probe her anal opening. You need not penetrate her ass (unless she grooves on such a thing) but rather just toy with her little rosebud and give her ass a little play. You might be amazed at the reaction you get. My experience is I at least get a shy little admission that "how you did that was hot."

I believe the cool down is important to the entire experience. I pay attention and let her body will tell me when to stop licking her clit. I will keep eating pussy until I receive some sign of "enough!" It can be the words "stop," or a tightened body that goes slack, legs and arms unclenching my head and hips not being wildly pounded into my face. It can be having your head pushed away. When it is over, I will very gently kiss the area around her pussy, her inner thighs, her tummy...just light little kisses, while taking an occasional deep breath to let her know I continue to adore her scent. I once had a lover whose every nerve was on edge after she came that even a little kiss on her inner thigh made her jerk with little jolts of pain. But I linger in the area until they come back down...come back to me.

And for me, the greatest reward of being a good pussy eater when she whispers in my ear an urgent plea; "Baby, I need you to do that thing you do." Or something more direct.
 divine 1.
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How do you stimulate the clitoris?
Posted: 10/10/2008 1:37:04 PM
ravenousroger re: "Baby, I need you to do that thing you do. or more direct."
personally,....I'd use that "Baby" line soon as he walked in the door to start things up, ... lmao....much, much later on....I'm sure my request would be more direct

do you tour giving seminars?..need an agent?...I'll pimp your tongue!?
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How do you stimulate the clitoris?
Posted: 10/10/2008 2:05:24 PM
OK RacerMatt, now that you have MY attention, lol!!!!

Try gently squeezing on either side of it to push the clit up and out... lick it, suck it, roll it around with your tongue, kiss and lick all around it as well, nibble on it, rub it up and down and from side to side, slide two fingers inside while you rub it with your thumb, then repeat that process not necessarily in that order until your jaws and tongue are sore... then take a deep breath and start all over.

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How do you stimulate the clitoris?
Posted: 10/10/2008 7:45:47 PM

Better hurry up and write down her combination!!!

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How do you stimulate the clitoris?
Posted: 10/11/2008 4:09:08 PM
That explanation and description defies any other on here. ROGER, you got the goods, honey.
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How do you stimulate the clitoris?
Posted: 10/13/2008 12:17:36 PM
touch it... and kiss it with wet lips.....

oh and then while ur F**king her put your finger there....oooooooweeeeee!
 divine 1.
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How do you stimulate the clitoris?
Posted: 10/13/2008 2:09:53 PM
important tip however, thinking he's looking to seduce and make love...if he's as shy, as he says he is...he won't be that aggressive
OP, suggestion if I'm wrong...stop looking at the pictures in the porn books, and read the stories...they're along the same line as Rogers method, lol very the ones written by females, so you you know what works for chicks from their words
keep us informed when u make your first chick, moan and sqirm...
did we leave anything out ppls?
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How do you stimulate the clitoris?
Posted: 10/13/2008 3:07:43 PM

if he's as shy, as he says he is...

divine345-i didn't notice anywhere where the OP stated he was shy in his original post....if it was stated later...well, then i really didn't see it....i didnt thumb through all 6 pages of responses...LOL

oh and my golden rule i don't view no pic profiles....many times they are fake/ staged profiles...more fake than some of the profiles with pics

also: i know the threads that are posted just to get conversations started and keep members glued.....i just participate like you all do.....

fishy wishy
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