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I looked up the info you posted and that is what I got. If it is not what you want that is your decision. I am sorry if I offended you.
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Weekend fun
Posted: 2/24/2009 8:39:35 PM
Sorry if I misunderstood your post...sounded as if you had arranged something with Joe for getting my tickets or something? Maybe I misinterpreted...sorry.
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Weekend of Feb 27 & 28
Posted: 2/25/2009 8:43:22 PM
For those looking to get out this weekend, here is the schedule (yeah, someone has to keep up with all these bands and clubs we patronize all the time)

House of Rock –
Friday – Johnny Rock-It
Saturday – A.L.I.

The Phoenix
Friday – TBD
Saturday – Joe Dirt

Bottleneck Blues Bar
Friday & Saturday – Wyld Stallions

Sky Music Lounge
Friday – Plastic

Brewsieez O’Fallon MO
Friday – Joe Dirt
Saturday – Trixie Delight

Brewsieez Florissant MO
Friday – Dr Z
Saturday – Plastic

Helen Fitzgerald’s
Friday – Bitter Pill
Saturday – Metal Studz

Friday – That 80’s Band
Saturday – Kickstand

Crazy Horse (Wentzville)
Friday & Saturday – Meet the Cleavers

Some of us fishies are talking about gathering Friday night to go swimming. Not sure where yet, but keep an eye on this thread to see if we will be swimming in waters near you.

Yeah, the saint backed out of the convent weekend, figures that they are just going to kick me out anyways come sunday so I might as well enjoy the weekend. Now if I can only find my SIT Chrissy to help me get into trouble.
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Weekend of Feb 27 & 28
Posted: 2/25/2009 9:20:57 PM
Oh Lord...I am soooo not ready for a swimsuit!

Don't forget also:

5 O'Clock Somewhere
Sat-The Blame and POF PARTY "RAWK IT FOR THE FAWK OF IT as well as Marty's and the other February Birthdays!!!!

Bobby's Place
Fri- I freaking cannot remember...lookit up! LOL

Fri- ???
Sat-Whip Cream Wrestling!! (Really...this is NOT a band name!) LOL
Joined: 3/30/2008
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Weekend of Feb 27 & 28
Posted: 2/26/2009 7:46:31 AM
Really!! Todd is psyched about this new gig at Hazzards! Apparently it is a travelling gig, new to the St. Louis area...and they do the whipped cream wrestling...chicas in bikinis I am assuming! LOL

But...if you go to that and not the would be very upset! Just bring a case of the whipped stuff...we can make our own whipped cream wrestling at 5 O'Clock Somewhere! (OMG...they are sooo gonna love me now!) You can also win PRIMO seating for the gig at Hazzards on the 21st, with Griffin & The Gargoyles! :O)
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Weekend of Feb 27 & 28
Posted: 2/26/2009 10:35:29 AM
They used to have spaghetti wrestling girls that would come out to a local bar in my area occasionally, but had to stop when one of the gals ended up busting her head open wrestling with the other gal. Never have been able to eat spaghetti since then.
Joined: 6/11/2008
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Celebrating Queen!
Posted: 2/26/2009 10:57:28 AM
Yo, Kitty Kat - Sexalicious and I (I really do need to stop calling him that..) were just talking about going to see "Celebrating Queen" this morning! I love Queen and I love, Love, LOVE the U. City Loop but have never been to this particular venue. Saw Todd Rundgren at the Pageant last summer and that show was incredible! Ya gotta love TODD!

How can I get tickets and ensure that they're near where you guys are going to be sitting? Does this guy you know have any say about tickets and seating? Can I buy them from him directly? I don't want to buy them online as we might end up on the other end of the place if I do. If you don't mind our tagging along, I would love to sit somewhere near you guys and maybe go grab a beer after the show! Let me know!
Joined: 3/30/2008
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Celebrating Queen!
Posted: 2/26/2009 12:20:56 PM
Imma not sure on ANY of that, Sue-De....but I would email him and ASK him. Just tell him that you are interested in attending, but would like to sit by moi' and you understand that he is giving me a couple of tix?

Since he is the "star" of the show....I would imagine he has some sort of pull with some tickets. Most venues provide so many to the performers for family, friends, promotions.

Follow that link I listed....let me know, ok?
Joined: 11/29/2007
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Friday & Saturday Night, Feb 27 & 28
Posted: 2/26/2009 5:39:47 PM
Local venues around town, here's what's going on in your area:

Friday, Feb 27:

House of Rock, South County
Johnny Rock-it 9-1
Cover is usually $5 starting 7:45 'bar time'

Phoenix, South County
TBD was listed, I'm certain that means "to be determined"
but I could be wrong!!!
Cover is usually $5 starting 8 or so

That One Place, Fenton
My Own Medicine
Cover starts 8 or so, $5

O'Aces, Imperial
Doc Rock's Party Band, 9-1
$12 all you can drink

Trainwreck, Westport
Kingpin, 9-1
May have a cover

BBB, Ameristar Casino, St. Charles, both Fri & Sat
Wyld Stallyns, 9-1
$5 cover

The Old Rock House, Soulard
Trixie Delight, 10-2

Saturday, Feb 28:

Rawk it for the Fawk of it Bash at 5 o'clock Somewhere, Barnhart, MO
see link on your mail page for more details!!!

House of Rock
A L I, 9-1
Cover $5

That One Place
Fair Warning, 9-1
Cover $5

Joe Dirt & Dirty Boys
Cover $5

Brandon S, 9-1
$12 all you can drink

Brewskeez, O'Fallon, MO
Trixie Delight, 9-1

Paint the Earth, 9-1

Am not sure about Backstreet Jazz Club in Westport
or any other venue I've been to that may have bands on weekends.
Joined: 3/30/2008
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Friday & Saturday Night, Feb 27 & 28
Posted: 2/26/2009 7:33:10 PM
WTF is with all these $5 cover places, now?? Sheesh! Makes bar HOPPING nearly impossible. *sigh*

Thanks for that list, Denise...awesome!

Please add to that, Bobby's is having STAGGERCATT on Saturday...I think cover is $3 but I cannot be sure.

Also, Hazzards has Whipped Cream Wrestling on Saturday....

But we all sure hope you choose the RAWK IT FOR THE FAWK OF IT, PARTY!!
Joined: 12/13/2008
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Future weekends....
Posted: 2/26/2009 7:59:04 PM
How do you want to communicate to you what is going on for next Friday?... 3/6
Joined: 12/13/2008
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March 6th... Friday evening
Posted: 2/27/2009 11:09:01 AM
If this is not what you want to do for next Friday evening Kat, if it is too uncomfortable for you then see if you can get someone else to take you. If nothing else, I will try to get a group to go and it won't be just me with you in the car. Do not get anyone else invloved with this issue, he is doing you and me a favor.

If there is anyone that wants to carpool to see the Celebrating queen event next Friday, March the 6th let me know. There are tickets still available. I will be going from the city of St Louis at 4pm, to Millstadt possibly and if Kat still wants/needs a ride I will go over JB bridge and then eventually to Delmar! If you want to meet somewhere in that loop let me know!

Do olive branches have thorns? I hope not!
Joined: 3/30/2008
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March 6th... Friday evening
Posted: 2/27/2009 11:31:20 AM
Hola! Sheila...I would have never said SURE, to it all...if I was not game to it all. LOL

I have no comfort issues...I just thought you meant you had contacted Joe and taken over the whole "get the tickets" thing that he had offered to me. I have yet to meet with him for hoping he can leave them at the will call window. I asked him about others getting seating near us...he did not reply to that...just other stuff.

(Did he happen to discuss this with you?)

I am equally game to it being just the two of us, or it being anyone else wanting to join.

I prefer private email for communication. I just saw you called, but when my phone is charging it does not ring.

Are you coming to the party tomorrow night? We could always further discuss this then?
Joined: 12/13/2008
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March 6th... Friday evening
Posted: 2/27/2009 12:40:05 PM
Thank You Kat!... I just emailed you the details.... Sorry for the story book, there are a lot of things I wanted to let you know, hopefully you will see them as possitive.

For other intersted fishies.....there are a few passes if anyone wants to join us or buy tickets... spread the word to anyone you know of that would enjoy this event. I just have to do more leg work the day of the show to get the best seats available. Anything better than that HE would have to pay for, and I am not going to ask for that. I do not mind running to get them since neither of you have a vehicle.

Do not think I am taking over, I am trying to build a bridge that we can all cross over.
Joined: 3/30/2008
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March 6th... Friday evening
Posted: 2/27/2009 1:19:29 PM
I just discovered that I am NOT going to be able to attend this show on you all enjoy yourselves.
Joined: 12/16/2007
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view profile
March 6th... Friday evening
Posted: 2/27/2009 3:48:08 PM
What show next Friday ¿
Joined: 3/30/2008
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March 6th... Friday evening
Posted: 2/27/2009 4:19:56 PM
Scroll back a page, Chaz. it just me in this blah mood, or is it everyone? I am bored online...I have cleaned everything I could possibly clean at's sh1tty outside...people are annoying me...LOL...

I NEED tomorrow's party...and I bet the birthday boy is already enroute to getting his first drunk on!

I think I will go cuddle up in bed with a movie for tonight!
Joined: 3/30/2008
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SAT long February!
Posted: 2/27/2009 9:03:32 PM
Well, I am hoping to see you all at the gig tomorrow...we have a very special prize being raffled off! Not only will someone win PRIME RESERVED SEATING to the March 21st 'Patrick was a Saint...but I Ain't" party at Hazzards, with close up seating to GRIFFIN & THE GARGOYLES, but one of the band members is talking about tossing in private guitar lessons into the package...some tees, caps, etc! Awesome! This is for four lucky people who are going to feel like royalty that evening!

I am also working on a gig with The Old Rock House...and if anyone knows it, you know it is 3 floors of awesome! :O)

Whatever you do this safe, have fun, and say ciao to February! Sheesh...seems like we were just ringing in the New Year a few days ago! LOL
Joined: 12/13/2008
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SAT long February!
Posted: 2/28/2009 6:01:54 AM
I checked them out last month, I wasn't too sure the cost would and the different levels would work for us. But if you can make it work that would be awesome! The bands they have lined up sounded really great!
Joined: 3/30/2008
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SAT long February!
Posted: 2/28/2009 7:14:52 AM
Well, they have not accepted or made an offer yet...but their happy hour specials and stuff are comparable to any other place...$2 beers, $3 wells, sort of thing...and I always ask for something over and above their regular specials, for the fishies. :)

I think having three levels is what makes it awesome! I went here with a group of friends, and we never had a problem finding one another or anything. It was way cool. Trixie just played there...last night, I think. But I LOVE LOVE LOVE C-Box Prophets!
Joined: 6/11/2008
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Whoah! LOL!
Posted: 2/28/2009 8:51:51 AM

First of all, I am NOT part of the main party crowd here. I am STD free and staying that way.

It almost sounds, Tasha, as if you're implying that, if people attend POF parties on a regular basis, that they're part of the "main party crowd" here and, thus, have an STD? I sincerely hope that's not what you're saying here. I attend the POF parties, when I can find the time to do so, but I find this implication of widesrpead STDs incredibly offensive. I've never had an STD in my life and casting these types of widespread aspersions about your FELLOW POF users is really not appropriate, IMHO.

I'm not trying to stir anything up here but why in the world would anyone put something like that on their profile which appears to slander other people on this web site? If you don't LIKE someone, that's your prerogative, don't socialize with them! But implying that the "main party crowd" (and that would include quite a number of people here) are all carrying STDs is just about the worst remark I've ever seen on anyone's profile and smacks of "mean girl" syndrome, to be honest.
Joined: 12/13/2008
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SAT long February!
Posted: 2/28/2009 9:18:50 AM
Kat... Great! I hope it works out cause I love the atmosphere there!
Joined: 3/30/2008
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Whoah! LOL!
Posted: 2/28/2009 9:24:51 AM
Kewl! Tell Bob & Tony that Kat says hello! Miss Kitty will be crossing "to the other side" with some "country rock!" LOL

I think that the birthday boy is gonna be ready to par-tay tonight!
Joined: 6/11/2008
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Whoah! LOL!
Posted: 2/28/2009 9:32:08 AM
That's fine, Tasha, but I would also implore you to consider removing the comment from your profile. It seems really mean and I do not believe it's accurate or fair to those who attend the POF parties to be lumped into this "undesirable" category. A woman of class and decorum doesn't need to tear others down with rumors and innuendo in order to set themselves apart to a potential love interest. Surely you know this? :-(

Kat, rumor is that we're supposed to KISS THE BIRTHDAY boy. It may be just a rumor, I dunno..but I've HEARD that?! LOL!
Joined: 11/29/2007
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Whoah! LOL!
Posted: 2/28/2009 9:43:11 AM
yea um, ladies, go to private email please!!! isn't that like against pof rules to post within a forum...? just curious.

I haven't heard A L I as yet, maybe someday along with those other bands I've never ventured out for! Have a good time!
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