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Joined: 9/19/2006
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Footnotes and asterisks,
post-it's and string,
constant reminders
of life and living.
Joined: 9/29/2008
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lost in thought....
Posted: 10/27/2008 7:25:24 AM

Footnotes and asterisks,
post-it's and string,
constant reminders
of life and living.

brings to mind indispensible utility drawer... the one where you can find almost anything to help fix or mend a bit or broken something... nice thought...

Joined: 7/21/2008
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~lost in thought or flight of fancy~
Posted: 10/27/2008 3:19:34 PM
Very pretty, I like what the poem conveys
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~lost in thought ~
Posted: 10/28/2008 5:11:23 AM
late the other night
when you first returned
from neil's concert
so filled with delight
you shared your news
for thorb's 'review'
and from reading your words
there and here in my peruse
this is what then came to mind
calling it now
'Stepping back in time
while still trying to rhyme' :) ...........

wow - what an occasion for you
brings me back to my very first concert in '72
in Boston when my brother, his friends and I did see
all four of them when
Young had just joined the other three.....

we sat up high in our cheap seats
the volume so high my ears did ring
so missed some of the words that they did sing
and being at the opposite end of the row from my brother
when the joints were passed i just didn't know
do I take one puff or two to be equal with the others?

but besides these almost trivial details
it was the stage that had my attention
for there they were, those musicians
who's music I loved
for their harmonies and songs were so beautiful
their messages so clear

a once in a lifetime affair
that started that year
when people still cared
not just about their cash....
it was an amazing concert with
Crosby, Stills, Young and Nash
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Posted: 10/28/2008 7:56:57 PM
Life swirling around in a stuper of confusion.
swinging and swaying in the knowledge of illusion.
what was then is not now and now is not what we know.
so we know nothing and have noting to show.
When the words are spoken do they remain true.
Or are they a metephoric mist much like morning dew.
Dripping from the tounge to ground feeding something new.
If thoughts were colors then I would be blue.
driping and droping on flowers that bloom.
as the words are absorbed I hear somthing in the way
curiously I watched as it came into play.
molding and shaping like a ball of clay
but not to be recognized for the its view of the shape.
It changed me from blue to green the light seemed to shine in a spectrum beam
seeing all the colors seemed strange to me.
I dripped as more wet thoughts of uncertianty fell to the floor
now i see the colors I cant ingore drowning in light brighter than before
I realized it was I that could choose
any color I felt I would use
the canvase was primed and wating for the juice
the wet colors i spit were prolific and profuse
I salavated as my mind went on driping and droping all I had done
every thought changing like a grape in the sun
as a second pasted so did my brush my tounge
a coagulated jar of driping droping paint
I knew the answers would come when I could no longer wait
when my brush is dry and I the mind is faint
I knew I would know when my time was up
and wating no more I will have an empty cup
so if I know I dont then knowing fate
and if I dont know then I might as well paint.
Joined: 11/21/2006
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Posted: 10/28/2008 9:05:28 PM
If its the truth you seek then I say unto thee
Let the truth be heard and not what you see
for a fathomless depth I meet when I greet the deep.
Oceans of thought that seem to creep
riding a wave till it breaks diving into a dream.
Thick flowing rivers of celestial cream
We get deep in the sense that were not who we seem
there in the tide do we find ourselves free.
Free from body and the material screen.
I can express for a moment a higher state of being
for I have only my thoughts to silence the scream
The scream of my soul begging for me to feed.
So I swim deeper and faster into the cream
finding the center of my existancial gleam
a sphere of liquid light that lets life beam
a sphere of no time no thought no thing
just the absolute recolection of serenity
hold it wait and consentrate
dont lose it now not here not yet
ah the silence consumes me and the cream no longer opaque
the clarity of crystal the translusent lake
the water is calm I begin to awake
to the same world I live with a different outake
so i come to my sences and they tell me its great
what ever i need I recive and I take
The universe is listening so make no mistake
trust what you love and forget what you hate
thus you trust in us and you trust in fate
we are what we are and we are what we make
breath deep and greet every minute with a saint like trait
the world is your canvas and you are the paint.
 Perfectly me
Joined: 12/10/2006
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lost in thought
Posted: 10/29/2008 6:11:35 AM
Across our land men and women's courage
To work and sacrifice, sharply they hope
That their children will be able to dream
Live a life of compassionate promise
Knowing, only by standing together
Will our policies and politics change

I believe we must own the coming change
Strength will be hard pressed, testing our courage
Uphill the mountain we climb together
So all generation's also have hope
A country based on liberties promise
Our nation dreaming America's dream

There cannot be change if there is no hope
Raise up the courage transform the promise
We'll share together equalities dream

Rose my friend I'll knock 'em down, you stomp on 'em

Never the birdman, I wouldn't hurt his wings for anything. We could use a squirt bottle on him though.
Joined: 11/21/2006
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lost in thought
Posted: 10/29/2008 12:30:17 PM
Rise in the morning like a phoneix dove
yesterdays ashes are reminders of love
love we had but now is lost
at what price we pay
what trade
what cost
No longer do we feel the same as before
dig deep but still find that we cant ignore
if love is the grand lesson to learn
then why does it thrill
then steal
then burn
I supose when we fall it usually hurts
but when we heal we will increase our worth
so let your love light ignite to shine
let it glow
let it show
your love devine.
Joined: 4/14/2007
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lost in thought
Posted: 10/29/2008 2:04:50 PM
Joined: 3/13/2008
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lost in thought
Posted: 10/29/2008 3:04:38 PM
please let me share your burden
don't carry it in your sinews all alone
I'm here and I'm more than an ornament
adorning your beautiful home
use me, even abuse me,
share with me your strain
don't bottle up something bubbly
pop the cork and let go the pain
two fishermen struggling to push
their boats towards the retreating sea
one says let me share your burden
and you do the same for me
a smile comes back the reward
plenty of fish in the bountiful seas
basted in butter and comradeship
if you let me share your burden, please
Joined: 8/14/2008
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lost in thought
Posted: 10/29/2008 3:07:42 PM
gotta agree with Mr. Naive on that one Rose.....really....simply awesome...
Joined: 1/24/2004
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lost in thought
Posted: 10/29/2008 5:28:54 PM
and beautiful all in the same breath.
Joined: 11/21/2006
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lost in thought
Posted: 10/29/2008 7:16:05 PM
I can't take it I hate it
want to break it
it's all my fault I'm the one who made it
or mabey it made me
some conspiracy
a trickle down effect of soul robbery
take all you can get
make money and split
if it all goes down you wont give a shit
now is the time
change in the rhyme
the vote for hope is on a thin line
gather the mass
no matter the class
let our voices be heard leave the past in the past
those hesitent
don't fret be content
change will come when Obama is president.
Joined: 11/21/2006
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lost in thought
Posted: 10/29/2008 11:52:02 PM
I want to thank you rose for you admiration and support. I pleases me to here your words of praise. Like a gental scratch behind a dogs ears I feel a sence of acomplishment and cheer.

I also liked your "autumn walk"
A very descriptive picture of a fall day
and then the "gun shots"
is this literaly what happend on your walk or just a metaphore that in all beauty there remains a flaw.
I guess either way it's poetic
art imitating life or life imitating art.

It is great to have a place to share and express our thoughts and ideas
Thank you
Joined: 8/14/2008
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lost in thought
Posted: 10/30/2008 8:38:59 PM
i felt a little more like nothing
a little more than something
but a part of me was just being

the free fall into nothingness
required little more than a guess
as to which direction to take
and to think someone shunned William Blake

a slippery slope of hope
called for boots with roots
and the flowers, with shoots
were a distraction from the ache in my calves
here's to the other halves
of our souls
the ones that make us feel more like wholes
although pieces, yes, we are
the connection is clear by far

(random inspiration......*hugs* to you, my friend)
Joined: 6/4/2008
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A poem simple and sweet
Posted: 10/30/2008 9:01:29 PM
Love Amongst The Clouds
It is the time
when all in my eyes sees you
The very light thru my window bearing your face,
The air your scent
I cry now, happy
Does love embrace us in the night?
Like a warm bath,
Steaming with passion ,desire,grace?
Then morning with all its glories,like you,
Awakening the day
All in a moment it becomes
Like a breathless gasp
The deafening silence screaming
In my ear, telling me she is with you always
Even when without view she is there
Love amongst the clouds

Walter Herbert Howard
Joined: 11/21/2006
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"the peaceful warrior"
Posted: 10/31/2008 12:04:03 AM
The tired warrior travles on through the night
under the cover of the shining moonlight
the fight gose on but he does not know why
just keep on struggling till the day he will die
his purpose the doing of his masters voice
when becoming a warrior he gave up this chioce
I say to you master when well I be free
but all he heard were leaves under bare feet
just then a stumble a rumble in the brush
caught by surprise from the side a blizkreg rush
adrenaline pumping heart thumping and crack
the spliting of skull from a thud club smack
lying in the moonlight soaked in warm blood
the warrior looked up and remembered what he loved
thank you master for setting me free
it is now and forever that I shall truly see
that the one who is my master is none other than me
and when the morning comes so will destiny
where ever I chose is where I will be
and who I become I chose personaly
no longer well war be my suffering grief
I will fufill my life with love and peace.
Joined: 3/18/2008
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the peaceful warrior
Posted: 10/31/2008 4:50:16 AM
wow....this page
has brought tears to my eyes
what a surprise, rosie,
especially the sad news of division and blues
and the writing above
with such strong images and views
the last nine lines you wrote, musiart
especially connected in my heart
they are worth remembering
as a life long goal
for they burn with so
much truth in my soul.....
thank you and hugs to all
we will find a way to live in harmony
one day, I pray....may it start this day
 floating down the river
Joined: 12/2/2007
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Jack O' Lantern
Posted: 10/31/2008 5:25:36 AM
In the wisp of the mist
Of this dawn of gray
Hiding in the abyiss
On this Hallowed day

Mornin Rose...Just ducking in...Trick and treating with grandkids tonight...Never too old...
Joined: 1/13/2007
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lost in thought...
Posted: 11/3/2008 6:20:58 AM
when what we hoped for over and back
runs into the real face of it all
sometimes its two black eyes
as a cherry
on top of the broken heart of a sunday
family day
damn near every day
when a fistful of love
is the only hand-up
you will ever get

so what
at least you aren't eating
from a dumpster
or chasing crows
off a slow dog
decorating the fast lane
and you know what its like
to see a dentist before
your teeth are gone
stop b1tching,

and live
Joined: 3/18/2008
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lost in thought...
Posted: 11/4/2008 5:00:01 AM
^so well put rosie.....
leaving now
going to vote
a certain way
(i think you know how)
praying today
is blessed
and the curse
or the spell
that was cast
will no longer
have any power
at last
Joined: 3/13/2008
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lost in thought...
Posted: 11/4/2008 10:26:02 AM
Who am I voting for ?
I don't know
does it even matter?
me thinks so
aren't they all
really the same?
yes they both play the game
and both must be somewhat insane
both claim to be the voice of change
but did you know something strange?
one is real smart, and one is deranged
 floating down the river
Joined: 12/2/2007
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Ah me thinks
Posted: 11/4/2008 2:59:49 PM
Today will make history
we will have a black man
of humble beginnings
lead the great US of A

*the working class needs some hope!!! And yes even though corporations do have powerful influences, one man can make a difference!!!! George Bush has already proven that.
 floating down the river
Joined: 12/2/2007
Msg: 138
Posted: 11/4/2008 7:55:45 PM
The black men that work
at the paper factory locally
are starting to believe
in democracy*
do any of us really know
the issues
we can only vote
with our hearts
and believe*
in integrity

*1st time
 floating down the river
Joined: 12/2/2007
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Posted: 11/4/2008 9:25:29 PM
Over two hundred years
And finally a little black kid
Can realize his dream
Of being a human being
A person
Not invisible
History is made

Ralph Ellison....
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