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. I am a smart girl who can read someone pretty well.

Your actions contradict this like a motherfukcer.
(Not to mention that I assume by "someone" you meant "people".)
If a man likes you, he will blatantly let you know.
Which leads me to believe you gave him the PUNANI TOO SOON.

Random calls....
"You're amazing.." randomly txted to you...
Of course I want to meet your family...

So is kinda obvious that he is just banging you till something better comes along, if he already isnt. It is how your loved one acts around your friends and family that tell the most to me.

Which is why when mah b1tch is over when my friends are...
I am alllllllllllll over her, with the butt smack and boobie squeezes, and I love yous, and the kisses and hugs.

Ask her.
I think Bill Bellamy said it best.....

"My parents fell in love at a time in America when you could just tell a woman you love her in front of your boys , and not give a fu*k about what anyone thinks. "

" God Dammit Loretta!! I loves da fukc outta you! IF LOVING YOU IS WRONG I DON'T WANNA BE RIGHT! "
~Bill Bellamy - Back to my roots

The funny thing is, he seems to only care about not letting YOU know.
Which could just as well be him not trying to bend to you, because girls like AHOLES...
but behind every AHOLE guy is usually a manipulative insecure tool....

I hate those spineless men, I recently dealt with a whacky whiney stalker dude who acts that way. Pathetic.

Either way, ask yourself this:

If you were Angelina Jolie, would he have a problem meeting your parents?
Probably not. So then that means you simply picked the wrong guy, probably a wanna be player that has to lie to chicks, and opposed to being himself and saying "I want your vag."

(It worked for me for YEARS....then some whacky broad pinned me down, and I've been whooped ever since. **looks at Divagreen.)

If you go as far as too commit to one person, then that person should be like a winning lotto ticket, or your very own famous person, cause otherwise, why commit at all?
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Is it really that hard?
Posted: 6/29/2009 8:07:41 AM
A pilot? So you were the honey in one port?
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Is it really that hard?
Posted: 6/29/2009 8:39:25 AM
You want children it says so in your profile so this guy is all but putting it in writting by saying: "Then he would say oh whats next marriage, babies".
He has told you how he feels sorry .
It sucks to begin again but life can be so much more fulfilling if two people are on the same page.
Joined: 6/5/2009
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Is it really that hard?
Posted: 6/29/2009 9:06:45 AM
To you meeting someone's family isn't a big deal. To him, it clearly is a big deal. He equates meeting parents as "the next step".

I'm not a man but as to were you right to break up with him, yes, I believe you were.

But I'll point out to you that you had told him it was okay that the long term relationship be extremely long..... clearly he meant longer than you meant. Somewhere inside of you - you WERE thinking of marriage and he still was not.
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