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Muscly women.?Page 3 of 3    (1, 2, 3)
"Keeping in shape is one thing, but why would anyone (straight) want a woman who looks like a man?"

"so all straight men should prefer a woman without muscles .. so i'm assuming that you are that you are questioning the sexuality of any man who may like a woman with muscles and inferring they must be gay ....
as for women with muscles looking like men ... lets be honest most guys are less muscly and more wobbly

so ... just to clarify ... women with muscles look like men ... men who like women with muscles must be gay .... which is insulting to women, straight men and gay men ... is there anyone else you want to insult .. you might just as well say that all women with muscles must be lesbian !!!"

Spot on bro.
I personally find musculour women very attractive. I'm straight.
I think it comes from the WWF days... I always had crushes on the female wrestlers and admired their fisique.

In the western world, women are made to be weak both mentally and physically. They promote it constantly in magazines with these malnutritioned models... they give them skinny little barbie dolls and constantly condition our minds into what they want us to believe is beautiful.
Personally, I like a strong woman... a warrior woman. Though I go for intellectually strong females before I go for physical strength. A woman doesn't have to be a body builder for me to like her, just be mentally and physically fit.
In nature, animals go for the mate that they think will survive, and I think I am well intune with my instincts.

Any powerful women out there, feel free to send me a message :)
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Muscly women.?
Posted: 10/25/2015 3:49:57 AM
I've always said that I don't really have a type - I just find some women attractive, and some not so - it's no set combination of characteristics, just that certain something that some women have and some don't (for me that is, personally, not in general). There are some women who would be widely held as 'stunning' that I don't find all that attractive, and some that might not be typically viewed that way that I do - I wouldn't say no to a nicely toned or muscled lady if I found her attractive - in other words, if I fancied her I wouldn't rule her out solely due to that characteristic. Am I making sense? I think I might have trampled all over my own point and confused myself. Dammit ! Who am I? Where am I?
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