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PigWig, re your original question, here's something that I 'recorded' many years ago while in paraphynotic 'levels' (for lack of a better term for it). At the time I was worried about whether I had made the right choice in purchasing a certain townhouse, but the perspective below could equally apply to other things in our life.

I offer it here in case it is of use to you or anyone else reading this:

"You worry that you may not have chosen wisely, yet all your twists and turns have led you to that decision. Each decision sets in motion a chain (or series) of events. Each will have its benefits and advantages, its opportunities both recognized and not (e.g., the people you will meet by living in one place vs. living elsewhere). Your life will change for the better; that is a “given” – given by you by decision long ago. No matter what you do, you will benefit from the experience and the ripple effect it will cause in your life."

I also have often wondered how many 'chance' encounters have been a cusp, a turning-point in someone else's life we may have interfaced with briefly. We may never know about the pivotal role we played, but if we had not made W decision or said X to them or done Y or been at place Z at that critical juncture, whatever it was would not have happened.

On a couple of occasions, I was told the role I'd unwittingly played and the effect it had. If they hadn't said anything, I would never have known. Now I am less quick to judge something I do a misstep or a mistake, even if I change direction afterwards.
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