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Assisted suicide - the right to die with dignityPage 5 of 5    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)
My intention was to never make it personal r.o.m. and least of all belittle anyone, just to share what has worked well for me over the years. There are no rules in the forums about agreeing but mostly about mutual respect.
Just think, if we all thought exactly the same way there would be no forums really!
Christian? Whatever gave you that idea! Assumptions never go well.
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Assisted suicide - the right to die with dignity
Posted: 12/6/2010 6:14:56 PM

Christian? Whatever gave you that idea!

Don't ya know that non-believers ALL believe that anybody that shouts to the world that they "they believe",,,,they MUST be Christians?????

I use to find this ignorant and arrogant attitude a lot south of us, but now finding it more and more up here,,,while PC is gaining popularity. If you believe in "God",,,,you MUST believe in Christmas, Christ, Christianity,etc. You can tell that they don't read or do much research,,,,or even discover much for themselves. (speaking of repeating crap)

Tis a shame,,,,but not really, if ya think about.

I did "get" what you were saying womaninblack in Msg 99,,,thus the reason of no reply afterwards,,,,but this last post I had to say sumttin.(you know me )
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Assisted suicide - the right to die with dignity
Posted: 1/7/2012 7:12:12 PM

How do you feel about the legal right to die by assisted suicide for yourself, or for a loved one?

WOW!!!??? DEEP QUESTION!!! I think in 'general' that it should be an option. But I also must ask who actually ' desires ' death!? The people that are asking for such a service, are they actually asking for death or just to be relieved of pain and possible suffering that they may be inflicting upon loved ones!? What is there motivation!? I have seen people actually die ( my grandmother, for one) that was holding my hand as she passed ... I never saw one moment of undesire (even a word!?) in her eyes ... kinda scary as I had to pry her hand from mine!? I have seen others die too. I have also seen animals die too taking their last breaths ... still with the desire to live ... YOU COULD SEE IT AND FEEL IT IN THEIR EYES and SOULS ! So yes I think it should be an option but I think it is something that should not be devised or decided upon out of emotion but rather rational thinking. As for people that say they would like that option well, maybe your mind will change when you are faced with that dilemna. As for me ... if I have nobody, I still have my one friend .44 Dan Wesson ... that's my take!
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Assisted suicide - the right to die with dignity
Posted: 3/13/2013 10:06:38 AM
i belive at any point in are life we should have the oppertunity to end it. if your are depressed and you have been for a long time, you have taken pills gone to therpy, and made peace with god no body has the right to stop you from making the pain stop, at for older peole with dieses if they are able to make decisions with certentiey, then its there choise as well.
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Assisted suicide - the right to die with dignity
Posted: 3/13/2013 6:05:44 PM
I disagree with giving mentally ill patients the opportunity to suicide. At what point do you say that therapy (CBT, ECT, pharmaco, etc.) hasn't worked? What if someone doesn't want to try ECT, believing that it won't help them, should they be allowed to suicide? These people are ill and yes, sometimes, in rare cases, their disorders are resistant to treatment - but there's a key word in there: resistant. Someone with amytrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) is not 'resistant to treatment'; there is no treatment. It's final and it only gets worse as the disease progresses. Bipolar I, II, personality disorders, depression, schizophrenia, Alzheimer dementia, etc. etc. can be managed and people can come back into their 'right minds.' Someone that is in the depths of a major depressive episode does not, in my opinion, have the faculties to agree to assisted suicide when if they disease was under better control they may be horribly AGAINST suicide from a moral or religious point of view.

That's the main issue, for me, with saying that mentally ill patients should be given assisted suicide. These people are not within their right minds, they are not able to make judgment calls like that whereas a patient with stage V kidney failure who is on dialysis 3x a week, has had a failed transplant, maybe has had polyomavirus making subsequent transplants not advisable, who is looking at dying eventually from either cardiac arrest (best case scenario) or systemic shock, etc. is in their right mind to say "ok, let's end it now. Enough of this B.S."

People with intractable, end-of-life diseases (excluding psychiatric diseases) should be allowed the option of physician-assisted suicide. It's the only humane thing, in my opinion. I wouldn't want to watch my parents suffer if they didn't want to continue on living. What a horrible, helpless, feeling.
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