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 Green Eyes In Florida
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Any TRUE BLOOD Fans???Page 3 of 3    (1, 2, 3)

But why does this show never list the song credits, including the theme song (which is fabulous)?! There have been so many great ending tunes while the credits are rolling, yet we never get to see who sang them.

Zebra Circle: If you got to HBO's website, they have a "store" where they list items that you can purchase. I believe one of the items is the CD for the music for the show, if I'm not mistaken. Check it out.

You might even try some of the search engines for the title song, "I Wanna Do Bad Things To You" and see if anything might come up...even Imeem might have something.

Hope that helps and sorry if some of the cliffhanger information was ruined for you by reading the thread. Sometimes, I even watch the week's episode a few times during the week BEFORE the new episode airs (Sunday nights here in Florida) so that I can see if there were any facts that I missed.

BTW, Amy was the "weird girlfriend" of Jason's. Detective Andy Belfure (spelling) is the cop whose car the dead body was in ...that lady that worked in the drug store and also was the "mock" voodoo lady that was scamming both Tara and her mother out of money. (Her name escapes me at the moment...LOL)

Anyway...glad you jumped on the bandwagon of Fans of True Blood. It truly is a riveting show, in my eyes.

 Zebra Circle
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Any TRUE BLOOD Fans???
Posted: 7/18/2009 6:12:41 AM
Thanks, Green Eyes In Florida (Beth) and BBW2Love!

Yes, I was able to look the Jace Everett theme song up on the Internet, but I'm referring to the ending songs. I don't really want to go out and get the CD, but it would be nice to know who is performing the ending-credits songs. I just don't get the mystery, as most ending credits list such things.

Oh, well. No biggie, though.
 Green Eyes In Florida
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Any TRUE BLOOD Fans???
Posted: 8/3/2009 6:55:36 PM
What's everyone thinking so far for season 2?

OMG...did you guys think that Marianne was going to have Eggs "kill" Daphne off?
Why is Marianne so obsessed with Sam?

Do you think that Gotrick is going to turn Sookie?

OMG..I just can't contain myself.

Does anyone KNOW the name of the books or the stories and the author that "True Blood" is based on?
I would appreciate it if you know and would tell us all.
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Any TRUE BLOOD Fans???
Posted: 8/3/2009 9:42:02 PM
I thought Sylvester Stallone, finally clicked I was thinking First Blood. No I never heard of it. Sidenote while on the blood theme. Dexter's coming back on the box here , cool, even though the subject matter is contentious.
 Green Eyes In Florida
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Any TRUE BLOOD Fans???
Posted: 8/5/2009 6:16:11 PM
The good news today with respect to "True Blood" is that
Anna Paquin (Sookie) and Stephen Moyer (Bill Compton) are engaged!!!
They made their relationship PUBLIC that they were dating one another in real life
back in February.

Congrats to Anna and Stephen....May they be happy with one another!!!

No wonder their love scenes look so realistic....LOL


P.S. As usual, can't wait until Sunday night!!!!
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Any TRUE BLOOD Fans???
Posted: 8/9/2009 12:44:48 PM
I'd heard of the series but I didn't have HBO,and then my sister-in-law lent me the 1st season on DVD. Now I'm hooked and I still don't have HBO. Can't watch it on the computer either because I don't have high-speed. Guess I have to wait until the 2nd season comes out on DVD too,although I have seen a couple episodes at her place. Hard to only catch one once in a while though.
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Any TRUE BLOOD Fans???
Posted: 8/9/2009 7:40:37 PM
I never read the books but I like the show.
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Any TRUE BLOOD Fans???
Posted: 9/21/2009 8:36:52 AM
I truly did not like the ending this 2nd season....We got vampires, shift changers, V drug users, and devil worshippers in this movie. In some ways they show went a little too extreme if you ask me. Can you imagine if vampires lived amongs us like the show? To have that much power would be insane....I would think everybody would want to be a vampire. Also, unsolved murders and disappearances would be at an all time high....The show is a little out of touch, but fun to watch.
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Any TRUE BLOOD Fans???
Posted: 9/22/2009 10:46:01 PM
I agree... the season finale was a bit much! It was wayyy too much going on. But all in all, its a cool show and I'm looking forward to next season
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Any TRUE BLOOD Fans???
Posted: 8/16/2010 2:32:31 AM

I am seriously hooked!

Okay, Does Russell freakin' rock or what!!!:

Does that help you decide America?


You see how quickly I can kill. Ladies and Gentleman, My name is Russell Edgington. And I have been a vampire for nearly 3,000 years.

Now, the American Vampire League wishes to perpetrate the notion that we are just like you. AND, I suppose in a few small ways we are:

We're narcissists, we care only about getting what we want, no matter the cost, just like you. Global Warming, perpetual war, toxic waste, child labor, torture, Genocide..... That's a small price to pay for your SUV's, and your flat screen tvs...Your blood diamonds, your designer jeans. YOUR ABSURD GARISH MANSIONS.

Futile symbols of permanence to quell your quivering spineless souls.

But no, in the end we are nothing like you. We are IMMORTAL - Because we drink the true blood.
Blood, that is living, organic, and human. And that, is the truth the AVL wishes to conceal from you. Because lets face it, eating people is a tough sell these days.
So they put on their friendly faces, to pass their beloved VRA.
Why, would we seek equal rights?
You, are not our equals.
We will eat you, after we eat your children.

Yes it was a beatific, poetic performance but I hope that Erik gets him.

Wonder what the leader of the AVL is thinking now?

And what the heck is Sookie? I can't believe they have been dragging that cliffhanger out for three weeks!
Joined: 10/23/2008
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Any TRUE BLOOD Fans???
Posted: 8/16/2010 11:25:52 PM

....but I have to say, I almost stopped watching it altogether because of the scene where Bill rapes that vampire and twists her head around. I felt like my mind would never be the same and it was just so demonic.

Oh no! I didn't see it as a rape scene...I saw it more as vigorous sex! The vampire in question was in love with Bill and would have killed Sookie to get to him...after her neck was completely twisted around and she said, "I love you", I thought, "wow, I feel much better now about my previously failed relationships."

My honey does not understand my obsession...dear heart that he is, he quietly retreats to our bedroom with a book and a request to let him know when it is over.
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Any TRUE BLOOD Fans???
Posted: 7/28/2012 2:57:37 PM

Is this the only thread on it!!

Does it really need more than one?

Someone a few pages back mentioned True Romance; now that was a good movie.

Although about this here one your talking about, there are vampires in it? True Romance did have any vampires, near as I can remember. I think that's one of the reasons why it was such a good movie, it didn't have any stupid vampires in it.
Joined: 6/29/2012
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Any TRUE BLOOD Fans???
Posted: 7/29/2012 3:43:39 PM
Alan Ball isn't going to have a big hand in the show next season so who knows
what's going to happen. IMO he ruined an amazing show by taking the story
lines and ripping them apart from the book.

He's already got character that should have died alive and vice versa. Tara,
a vampire? Really? Jason, a cop? Really?

Anyways, I think Hoyt will die if he keeps messing around with his new buds.
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