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Kids and Horror MoviesPage 3 of 3    (1, 2, 3)
I know a 6 year old that watches South Park and Adult Swim. Pretty bad parenting if you ask me.
My 10 year old reads Goosebumps and loves Nancy Drew but has never seen a Horror Flick as far as I know.
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Kids and Horror Movies
Posted: 1/15/2009 10:26:03 AM
It depends on the kid and the kind of movie. My boys watched the Jurassic Park movies when they were fairly young, it didn't bother them at all. My middle son and I both hate horror movies and a friend I think told him about a movie when he was around 8 and he still doesn't like taking a bath without one of the dogs in the bathroom and he is 13.

I have always based those decisons on the kids. When they were younger and watching anything violent I was always with them, still am most of the time. I don't think it impacts them by fostering aggressive behavior, quite the opposite I think. They have seen in movies that it is not always cops and bad guys but that violent things happen to other people and it is horrible.

My daughter was around 8 when she walked into the room and I was watching Rosewood, the part where they are beating blacks and burning their homes, and my first instinct was to send her from the room because it was so violent but then I thought, this actually happened and she needs to know about it. So we watched togethe and I spent probably two or three hours talking to her about slavery, the Civil Rights Movement, etc.

I have had similar conversations with my boys so I think that movies affect kids only as much as the kids and parents let them. My middle son knows that horror movies will freak him out so he stays away from them. My younger son will be 10 in April and he watches some stuff and others he doesn't really want to. My daughter is the only one that really likes horror movies so it is usually not even an issue.

I think I would also be more worried about the video games and am happy that mine didn't really start playing them much until about a year ago.

Your son sounds like me, probably never really going to get into the horror flicks, which is just fine, unless he meets a girl that is a horror movie junkie, lol.
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