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still pulling strings from First Line, Last Line (Part Deux)

Posted: 11/15/2008

Living in a feast......
of culinary and nocturnal treats
that started with my dream last night
when that illusive knight
was with me in all his finery
and he wined and dined me
got my heart whirling
and body swirling
as he danced with me
and then in bed were we
my ever so delight-filled knight and me
that's so clear in my dreams
but not so near in reality


and sing identity's song
that's been with me for so long
but what if I have it all wrong?
what if he's been near me all along?
while I've been so lost in thought
I almost missed the plot
of finding love within to start
then let his loving heart find mine


has so much yet to be told
and more yet to behold...

indeed we are evolving
in all the ways we are

why should that not also include loving
and how our intentions project so far....

how our lessons always work
to teach a thing or two.....

how our wishes actually
in one way or another, magically.....

really do come true
when it all starts with you.....

speaking of your essence
not your ego


its like a chain reaction
like the love writing here today
flowing from one to another
contagious in its feeling
spontaneously feeding
our hearts loving energy
carressing our souls completely


so we can all smile, laugh and have fun
as we love to do when gathering with a loved one
and, really, why waste the time by not enjoying it
for to live without fun is no fun at all
so give yourself a break and go to the ball


Worth the continuance of each moment breathed
fortunately something we do automatically
for if we had to remember to take each new breath
'fraid my mind would have forgotten to the point of my death

and yet, perhaps we die many times in our lives
every time we change direction and start something new
perhaps a relationship, or job or even a new point of view
for they say it's death that offers a life review


slow and steady now my feet find the sturdy ground
up and up like a mountain climber reaching the top
now i can see it all spread out before me
the ridges, the cliffs, the trees and the valley

and then I look up and from up here the sky I can touch
and circling above in that most regal way
are three hawks soaring looking for pray
as they look me in the eye I can feel myself say....

I really hope I can fly like you do one day


my thoughts are not yours for interpretation
yet isn't it human nature
to use projection and empathy
when hearing another's story?

yes, our own thoughts are our responsibility
but when i hear others
i can't seem to help letting them fill me
with my imagination of their reality

and then sometimes they lead me
to introspection
and contemplation
and self-reflection


I'm being me, I'm singing, and I'm dancing when it rains
and if I feel like it I'm hopping on trains
and letting them take me wherever I can feel free
and where you won't follow me

Unless you want to see life through my eyes
but maybe you'll be pleasantly surprised
when you see with your own mind all that there is
so open your heart and go for it....for it's your life you live


so easy to start til they smother
can't help but be reminded of mothers
who's love for their sons and daughters
drive them basically quite pottey!
for balance is the key
when it comes to life and love and maternity!
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more food for thought...or not....
Posted: 11/27/2008 8:50:55 PM
whew!.....the last few still floating in from First Line, Last Line (Part Deux)

Posted: 11/20/2008

I was forlorn enough when I died
for if I look deep inside, really I tried....
also I was very sad
at how few of us survived

See, all our lives we were told
work hard and put your love on hold
and get your life together
so you can say you lived it well.....

But at the end of my day,
quite literally,
the world seemed to have fallen
into the depths of hell

And so, yes, I guess it's true
I was forlorn when I died
mostly because I really missed
the love that I thought would be real and true

becoming a part of me
touching the heart of me
ever so sweetly


Its time we call our own bluff
and really stop writing this stuff
for enough is enough of deceiving us

Do we even know any more
when we're honest or serious
or are we just writing when we are delirious?

I know I've tried not to hide
or make it up or lie
but sometimes the truth stays inside


believe in the power of one
helping us feel connected to everyone
in a spiral of entwining energy
looking like a macro dna strand
travelling the web of life collectively


travelling the web of life collectively
you say 'nor is there an I in free'
but, tell me, is there an I in 'we'?
when we are moving with humanity
do we travel all together as one
or are many parts moving separately
but in the same direction?


Sees It, as Life.....
yes, my dearest
who gives me laughter
and sometimes
speaks the clearest
it's all the same game....
no matter what direction
you think you're moving
there's always a whole body
of beings there with you
standing behind or in front
or maybe to your side
might not see them
but they're always there
full of love and care....
really, it seems, more likely
it's a full spectrum of energy
connecting everybody.....
moving in air, which is everywhere


Till our wits and the liquors gone
which for me will take some time
for alcohol is not my vice of choice
for body, heart, mind or voice
especially not a bottle of wine
since it just doesn't agree with me,
ya see, and so it's a waste of taste
and won't produce a good time


by beating hearts of the souls below
we move following the rhythm
resonating with life of ancient past
the energy moving us gracefully
feeling our souls calling to us from within


ever deeper toward eternity
like a cave we wander in
see the hieroglyphs on the walls
realize we've always been here
for we are both the painters and the painting


let it be
for eternity has always been
and always will be
some say it's all within
this moment


Between conversation and gravy
many will be dining in this country
giving special thanks for all they can
not to forget feeling grateful for the land
and the sky and the trees and sea
between conversation and gravy
we'll be feeling gratitude on thursday


'we'll grow through a healthy debate'
but aren't all debates just clever arguments?
why assume differing opinions
must be played against each other
like an opinion dual?
can't we remove the word and thought
of 'debate' from our vocabularly
and learn to relate without the
believing and needing
one must be right and the other wrong?
if you value your own opinion
then to me it's only natural to see
others value theirs also....
all free to believe as they wish
for to me that is the real jewel
being part of the great opinion kinship


without thought of ever going back
for going back was long past due
and we were looking at the forward view
and in that moment didn't see
the present crashing down around
all who were thinking they were free

no it's not easy to stay present
and know it's nothing new
nothing on the horizon
nothing to look forward to

and yet, if we just stop long enough
we can start to see the light in the trees
and the beauty in the leaves
or the rise and fall of a gentle breeze

we can start to see the light in our eyes
and the love on our faces
even subtly like when we are saying thank you
giving gratitude to all in our lives that grace us
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meanderings of the heart....
Posted: 11/28/2008 2:50:00 AM
bringing home from Songs of Hate and Love.....just written....


'tis true
they say
don't cry
but why?
for it seems
natural to me
when babies
do it utterly
and completely
freely without
being taught
they cry
with hunger
and cry
with pain
they cry
to be hugged
and then
cry again
they cry
just because
when it can't
be explained
and what
stops a baby
when it is loved
and fed and
and rested
and loved again
then the angels
will show
with a baby's hugs
and smiles
and girgles
of such
happy sounds
and laughter
will fill your life
better than clowns
and yet babies do
seem to cry
so maybe
for us too
it comes with
the territory
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more food for thought.....homeward bound....
Posted: 11/28/2008 3:17:31 AM


were all the males without any heads
grateful for not being a male praying mantis
nor a female either
wouldn't want to behead my mates
and wouldn't make me very popular
with the boys
nor would it get me invited
on too many dates


i am a lost loner so lets mingle
and even though i am single
i do not feel alone for
my words had found a home

a home filled with many others
feel like sisters and brothers
then of course there's always one
who wants to spoil the fun


What say you, to that?
I say once upon a time
these poetry rhymes were funny,
spoke of inspiring times
or came from humbled honesty....
but now I see, these last few nights in particularly,
a lot of emotional turmoil or ego and lines
edging on cruelty


You mess with them your life will end
at least the one you now live
perhaps put all thoughts of this aside
and return to thoughts that give

give you feelings of hope renewed
and loving hearts and souls that are the glue
that hold us all together for here is where
our energy and wisdom come through


as light, truth, and love has made whole
I feel there is hope now before I'm too old
to honor this level of awareness coming through
for it seems to be happening in not just a few

but all over the world people are raising the bar
to being conscious and remembering who we are
now we are free to explore spirituality
and feel that divine connection with All directly


a gentle reminders that someone cares
could be just a passing glance
of understanding
or a slight smile on the lips

could be giving up your seat
or place in the queue
knowing it's more important
for another than it is for you


for this pond is too crowded
unless you like groups in close proximity
only a problem if there's not enough oxygen
for all of us to breath easily

I feel quite on my own in this pond we call home
way out on the tip of this pad
perhaps if I moved to a bigger school
then I too could find love like you have


because of the choices you made
they led you perfectly to this day
as did your lovely lady too
so now your paths meet....woo hoo!

i do so love hearing of your love
to know again you feel like a boy
and it's so lovely to see your energy
be really ecstatically filled with joy


they all have bad ends
not necessarily
and why project negatively
into the future
when the present is so rosy?
seems to me
you're following your heart perfectly
and isn't it love we all want really?


how come i wanna fold
perhaps because
as lovely as this medium is
for writing poetry,
it's not so great
when it comes to
getting a date, never mind
finding a life-mate


it starts to feel old
even when you get bold
and meet many or even just one
they never become how you imagined them
(course that's the lesson of projection).....
so is this how it's gonna be for the rest of eternity?
luckily i don't feel lonely....but
it would be nice to have some company


for there are other players
it always takes two
to dance the tango
and when the dance is through
you just say thank you
and let go......or....
sometimes it's hard to part
so you both say, let's not


this aint the age of sages
instead it's the age of cages
enslaved to be fed our wages
in the name of freedom
disguised....really is slavery....
well, walked out in a moment of bravery
for nothing is worth
being around violent energy


and is working hard as a nurse
to give another respect and self worth
is priceless and being of great service...
i imagine many here have made differences
in the lives of others...for many years there
helped those recovering from mental illness
and now here working with dementia and alzheimers
genuine respect seems how to truly help those who suffer


I will sing and play before I crawl
and I will cimb the mountain
again and again for I'm sure to fall
or be knocked off balance
by the incoming wall
of people trying to get there first
please, no need to rush or push
we all get there in the end

I guess we all must keep growing
got no choice but to live with grace
and with a sort of knowing
I think I've found my place

Here on this sandy shore
Where land meets sea and there are still plentiful trees
I take walks and say prayers
Of gratitude for life and this sanctuary
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meanderings of my heart.....homeward bound....
Posted: 11/28/2008 3:39:40 AM
written just now on 'I can be'.....

If Only.....

If only
I could
be a force
rising to free
every body
to see
their love
and live it

If only
I could
give the world
a hug to feel
and reveal
our energy
and sharing
our love

If only
I didn't see
and know deeply
the sorrow
within so many
the gift of feeling
that we share
and shows
we care....
but without
I wouldn't
be me
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meanderings of my heart.....homeward bound....
Posted: 11/28/2008 3:57:52 AM
and more from September's LAST LINE BECOMES YOUR FIRST LINE OF AN 8 (EIGHT) LINE STANZA............


eons and ions mixed up in the tide
and now we've filled the place with neon
blinding us on all sides....don't you think
we're being pulled out by the riptide?

we're nuts to think we know it all
they say it's getting hot
this place is getting dangerously close
to staying habitable? I think not


to staying habitable? I think not
yet, we are here, so many sharing this space
and it seems we're gonna be here a while longer
so we better get better at taking care of this place

taking care of each other could vastly improve too
by remembering treating others as we wish to be treated is true
if only we realized we are not separate, but one
then it's much easier to follow this universal rule of thumb


big business and phonies
'fraid they will always rule
to imagine otherwise
might be the thought of the fool
or perhaps the idealist
and not the realist
that knows it's
wherever the oil flows


maybe they really were Barbie dolls
there to follow their GI Joe Kens
seeing the world through their lens
did not realize their lives would end

is it a wonder suicides are here
and higher need for psychiatric care
gotta be rich just to barely survive
oil and drug companies in the prime of their lives


Unconditional to the Love in my life.....
that carries through blessings and strife
keeping eyes on the path
through loving days and those filled with wrath

it's not easy living these days
when there seems so much illusion and haze
blinding our vision, making is so hard to see
blocking the truth and awareness of humanity


Piper, I really do dislike you
Yet I know I can't live
unless I'm willing to give
all that you demand

I really can't understand
how the forces that be
think we have all this money
to keep paying out more and more endlessly

I am finished kind sir, may I please have another
or maybe just take me and let me not return
for it's getting harder and harder here
no matter how much I learn

and yet, just as I wonder should I really give up
something switches again in me
and for a flicker of a second, I think I can see
we're starting to feel this thing called unity


at least I went without rust
but I also think I gave up on trust
to stick around long enough
and live for something beyond lust

and yet lust is also essential
and maybe it is more plentiful
but I think it can co-exist with love
for they say of it all, as below, so above


can you please just comfort me
and tell me you love me
just the way I am
and I mean it sincerely

for I know that is what you wish from me
and it's really gonna take this
for us to love and forgive humanity....
so sorry to sound so preachy!


fresh baked devil's food cake
sitting on my plate
do I eat it all at once
or savor every bite?

oh, what delight
awaits me tonight
my friend is on his way
and this one's not gay


under the new morning sun
of course we are one
and no one is any better
or worse than anyone

the line about gay
was simply because
it was a poem of 'sin'
between a man and woman


to arrive at the places we do
we tread water or go under
maybe someone comes to our rescue
maybe not

when we feel ourselves drowning
and all around are frowning
or ignoring our calls for help
we save ourselves....or not


and still only deserve partial credit
some say it is destiny and fate
how our lives transpire
from birth to death

but on the day we expire
what we live through
may all be free will
yet now it's too late to edit


yet now it's too late to edit
so be grateful for all we go through
even those decisions
that make us most remorseful
wishing we could have re-done
and perhaps taken a different direction
for life's strife can lead to happiness too
so find gratitude for all we go through


When we will stop we will never truly know
rolling along like a wheelbarrow
sometimes we can fly like a sparrow
and then quite suddenly
it's already tomorrow
and the path we've been on
points in a new direction
so we're off again with, magically, no sorrow!

untold ecstacy
is it real or fantasy?
seems my memory
has blanked completely

except for this briefly
remember recently
taking a lovely swim
at night with a friend


stopping to gaze at the
abundant harvest moon
in the distance she can hear a tune
playing so beautifully as she climbs a dune

the sea calls to her
waves gently lapping the shore
the musician comes to join her
and together they cast away forevermore
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more meanderings of my heart.....homeward bound....
Posted: 11/28/2008 4:11:58 AM
moving right along :) ....into October's LAST LINE BECOMES YOUR FIRST LINE OF AN 8 (EIGHT) LINE STANZA............


when interest means kindness, it does not compound
and yet one can see perhaps it does quite clearly
one good turn does deserve and seems to serve another
a catalyst spreading a contagious form of loving kindness

and so it goes whatever energy we put out
is felt by all whether we are loving or shout
for nothing is missed, nothing ignored
we are incredibly sensitive beings except when we're bored


Yes..that seems the answer
and it allows the adults
to scamper upon their knees
and even join in climbing trees

And yet is it really the children
who are to blame for their 'lazy' games?
Or could it be the parents who stopped playing outside
and taking their children for piggy back rides....


still the washing is hung out the back
airing our faults and all that we lack
hoping no one will go there
but visible to all who care

they come and can't help but stare
as we fall through the air
unlike a circus act on the tightrope
our balance is weak and it's not a joke


just move your feet with a little more hope
that's such a good reminder
'cuz it feels like we're flapping flounder
caught on the hook when we failed to look

what we thought was a delicacy
actually was hiding our own lunacy
of giving our lives like a religious sacrifice
all in the name of a certain shrub who's insane


then fading into the night
and dreaming of ways
to raise our visions with light
and end our fight with each other

war has gone rife
in our countries and life
the day we change our plight
we let peace be in sight


ensuring our survival
I really think is gonna take
more than a bible revival

it means admitting defeat and giving up our seat
when it comes to wanting to lead the world in power

it means accepting humanity's unity
and putting away our superiority so we can
honor everyone at this final hour


bring on 2009
or in hebrew years 5769!
either way this last year
was one of great challenge and cheer

so much happened that felt like dodging mines
went through moving homes
and changing jobs many times
never mind numerous attempts at rhyming lines


you cant bull sh*t a bull sh*tter, lets decieve it
but finding swears in your poems
I'm having a hard time
to receive it

I understand it adds impact
and certainly expresses your truth
but i still find reading 'f*ck you' in these lines
really uncouth


my I suggest kindly, just close those virgin eyes
and while you're at it, close those virgin ears
keep your body to yourself
and then you'll have no fears

but you'll also have no hugging
or kissing or loving
you'll have nothing to share
and then even you might swear


Letting it all go, living for the today...
what else is there anyway?
memories now past
we know don't last
and projections into the future
can certainly give us a clue
but this is the day we are living
so let's live love the best we can do


and my heart embrace it
yes living for me is one part of life
and yet i can't ignore the rest of humanity
living with such strife in their everyday life

so perhaps i can help me and them equally
to stay aware that if I have no care
for those people 'over there'
it will come back and haunt me


Will I hold against others that which was in turn held against me
No! comes from someplace deep
All of us are faulty
Misunderstanding causing painful negativity
is what saddens me
What happened to empathy?
I really believe
forgiveness is the key


i know a thing or two
some days
and others
i don't have a clue

joined forces with you
and it went down the loo
that's really what taught me
what not to do
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meanderings of my heart.....
Posted: 11/28/2008 5:31:18 PM
just written on
First Line, Last Line (Part Deux)

you cry...

waiting for satisfaction
that's just not happening
no matter how hard you try....
you accept and surrender
as you've known you need to do
but still, something within makes you cry
you cry for the children,
and for eve and adam,
you cry for the world
and your lost little girl,
you cry for the madness
and insurmountable sadness
and you cry when, quite suddenly,
you realize it's not disatisfaction
for which you cry,
but a simple release of
the emotion you feel
when your heart has tried
to love and feel what's real
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meanderings of my heart.....
Posted: 11/28/2008 5:48:43 PM
bringing here from tonight's 'Gathering thoughts and prayers'......

a song, riv, many have sung for many years.....almost like a chant
with a beautiful, simple melody that can be sung as one voice, or in rounds if one wishes......

"a river is flowing
flowing and growing
a river is flowing
back to the sea.....

mother earth carry me
a child I will always be
mother earth carry me
back to the sea.....

a river is flowing
flowing and growing
a river is flowing
back to the sea....."
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meanderings of my heart.....
Posted: 11/28/2008 7:08:27 PM
just written on 'The Train Journey'.....

....a life line....

she stepped up into the warmth
a feeling so welcome
for it felt like she'd been waiting
an eternity
and now, here she was
stepping up into the warmth
and it was just as she had imagined

classic majestic beauty
wood carved and polished
to the highest lustre
rich warm colours
and textures like velvet
just asking to be touched
she was shown to her seat
and melted into it
as if coming home
and slowly the warmth
gathered and heated the cold
that had taken hold
right down to her bones

and so her life continued
a journey that had been frought
with scary times
and wisdom sought
always with a love
she knew existed in the midst
of travelling through life
for she had loved many
but deeply, only the few
who shared with her
the beauty of love that's true

true but just passing through
travelling the tracks on lines
believing it all happens
exactly on time
in accordance with our life plan
we arranged long ago
well before the first snow
or awakening
and now, in this moment
she found herself
dreaming and remembering
her promise she made from her soul

to always honor life and love
and see it as blessings
meant to be,
no matter what
or how it unfolded
that it was her destiny
and as she went back
through her memory
as far as she could see
it was this belief that
kept her free to believe
life is a treasure
of immeasurable beauty

as her feelings deepened
and were released, almost like death
she closed her eyes and wept
soon to realize someone
was offering her a handkerchief
as she took it she looked up
into the eyes
of a very gentle loving soul
and, once again,
those feelings took hold
as if she was in heaven....
yes, it was amazing
to be here, finally,
sharing this warmth
no longer in the cold
knowing her journey
would continue
with more to behold......
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pof - poetry offers friendship...ode to friends
Posted: 11/29/2008 4:49:51 AM
bringing here from this morning's 'lost in thought or flight of fancy'.....

(written slightly in the style of
that fearless flying wired one :)

ode to friends.....

friendship is not something
to be sneezed at
when the line has been thrown
but nothing is caught
not a fish nor bottle nor even
an old boot is your loot
but unlike lovers
who seem to come and go
friends can and often do
last a lifetime and so
don't put down friendships
as if they're old news
for it's with friends
who we'll be with
when we're having a snooze
it's friends that will hold you
when you life you will lose
it's friends that will remember you
forever for your best features
and understand the rest
was just part of your specialness
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ode to friends....
Posted: 11/29/2008 5:23:22 AM
oh anna....thank you...and may you also have a wonderfully blessed day...
my feelings are we're all special, or none are.....but I tend to believe we all are....

just left this little offering on your thread after reading of your four legged.....


as I sit here and read and write
still in bed tucked in tight
my two siamese sleep
one beside each knee
exact mirror images
brother and sister are they
and really amazing company
so cats can be woman's best friend
and, really, I think, we think they love us
but it's just our energy and heat that inspires
them to sit on our laps or lie at our feet! :)
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why in the most sacred moments....
Posted: 11/29/2008 6:46:11 AM
bringing home, birthed from anna nimidy's inspiring poem :)


oh so funny....and so true!
your story I can just see
anna nimidy
and it reminds me
of something I also
used to go through....
I was with my brothers
of which I have three
all four of us born
practically annually
so always lots of energy
sitting with my parents
listening to the sermon
or silent prayer that
for some strange reason
we'd get the giggles
beyond control
and you'd hear
throughout every row
in that temple
our snickering
and desperately
trying not to let go
but the more we tried
to stop laughing
the more it became
truly uncontrollable
and tears would be
streaming down
while my parents
would both look at us
with that extremely
stern frown
telling us we were
so in trouble
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mixed my bird.....
Posted: 11/29/2008 9:46:46 AM
brought over from Songs of Hate and Love .....

I'm finally cooking my bird
given me by my wonderful work
as a sort of Thanksgiving bonus
but the onus was on me
to figure out how to cook
this twelve pound turkey donation
in a toaster oven!!
It's been defrosting for days
while my mind pondered
through the haze
trying to figure out this riddle
and finally, it came to me,
defrost it completely and then
with a sharp knife
I had to buy yesterday
when at 6am the stores did open
fightin' through the throngs of people
seeking their bargains of the year,
I took my brand new knife, now so dear
and began choppin' this big bird up
into more manageable parts
that into my oven I could pop....
I worked fast and furiously
filled with curiosity
suddenly to see its
brain fall out of its torso....
now I know where brains
are supposed to reside,
but this one's brain
was in its backside
making me wonder
even if I should manage to
cook this bird
perhaps eating it
would not be so good....
Nevertheless left the brain
sitting in the sink
where it still is
while I have a think,
truly not having a clue
what to do with it
for I'm not wishing to
start a frankenstein collection
just yet, not just this minute....
So, anyway, with much muscle
and swearing for this really
was a strong big bird
but to think it was stronger
than me today was absurd
for I was more determined
than it to cook it!
So, finally, the fight was over
and I had two huge wings,
two thighs and legs,
along with a few other things
(thank goodness
it didn't have two heads!),
oh yes, mustn't forget
a chunk of breast for it
had a mighty big chest
plus the backbone
and neck that had been holding
it altogether before,
but now is filling my home
with smells I remember
I simply adored from childhood....
SO there's turkey now cookin'
in my tiny oven! And
in a pan am also boiling turkey soup....
Now it may not be chicken
like all nice jewish homes
should be good at makin',
(remembering of course
to leave out the bacon)
but on this occasion
since I have turkey
covering all surfaces in my kitchen
the sooner this bird's cooked
the sooner it'll be popped
back into my freezer
and I'm afraid to say,
but it'll be so much easier
to have turkey everything
from now on.....
turkey breakfast, lunch and dinner
and after that it'll be turkey pudding too
for this bird is so huge for just us two.....
and next year when work
says, 'here', I might just donate
it to another more needy family
for at this rate, I think even then
we'll still be eating the brainless one
who's taken over my kitchen!

must quickly edit to correct....seems I wrote and spoke of the wrong body part...
upon further inspection, it's not the brain sitting on my drain, but its heart.....
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re: (the original) mixed my bird.....
Posted: 11/29/2008 9:35:46 PM
as the above poem ended up in the place it 'should' have been posted originally, it received a bit of attention, including being re-written :) and several other fun posts.
I came home from work to discover all this and so, just had to write a response :) .....

so bringing this home from The Notplace Where Dr Seuss Lands In Oz :) :) :)

my dear crazy friends.....
seems I'm not the only one
to try and write poetry
of my life at those times
one might not usually think
of turning to rhymes.....

but, alas, upon returning from work
and seeing the journey
my cooking and writing took
way beyond the original thought
I truly do think
we've all lost the plot!

yes, mixed blessings indeed,
a pot pourri of lines so funny
but your roaster toaster line,
my dear sherri,
had me laughing so hard
I seriously couldn't stop
and so I nearly spit out
the entire contents
of my mouth.....all over my laptop!

truly it took a huge power of will
to stop the laughing and swallow...
and I guess I don't have to tell you
what I was eating....yup,
the soup of that now rather famous fowl!

p.s. um, before I forget,
to the sensitive wired feathered one,
please don't fret
I concur completely
a bird is for life
not just temporary
so perhaps to start
I'll keep its heart :)

but first, I might start on the other poem that while at work has been gestating....
and I don't want to give it away, but I did wonder what to do with the giblets today....
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the mystery and destiny of the giblet
Posted: 11/29/2008 9:38:59 PM
again, an extension of the turkey saga today.....brought home from the seuss in oz notplace thread......

according to my dictionary
a giblet is thee
'edible internal part of a fowl'
and so, not surprisingly,
when the packaging on
the aforementioned turkey
said it included the giblets,
my mouth began to water
and my taste did thirst
for something delicious
to be made with those giblets!

now of course I've seen them before
arriving with various birds
I've brought through my door,
but it was the absurdity and challenge of
my morning's cooking that led me
to really ponder much too deeply
just what was the point of giblets, really?
and yes, I wanted to give them the third degree!

ya see, it's almost like they have a reputation
of being a great delicacy
but, to me, honestly, it's all a con
for when I opened my mighty package of giblets
from that oversized turkey (to me)
it was just larger body parts than they are usually
and to the thought they are edible,
I can only wonder, really?

my mind and stomach truly do not see
how liver and kidney are things one would fancy
for I strongly remember and never will forget
being forced to eat liver once a month as a child...yuck!
why oh why were our parents told
liver was good for us for the iron it holds?!

did not someone, anyone, ever wonder about eating this organ
for the liver is meant to eliminate the toxicity in the body
nevermind it's the organ that produces bile
and to me, it tastes disgustingly vile!!

because my parents keep kosher,
it's not like we could eat it wrapped in bacon
to hide the flavor, oh no....

because it's an organ full of blood
to make it edible in our family, it had to
first be covered in salt to help draw the blood out
and then broiled until it was overly well-done
like something resembling shoe leather
so that not a drop of blood could be seen by anyone.....

it was then dumped on our plates
quite often with the other food I really do hate...
my other totally disgusting flavor
that I'll never buy and it's not to be mean
but I really don't like the lima bean!

alas, now I digress and maybe it's just as well
for there's not much more to tell.....
when I looked at those oversize giblets
that, yes, fell into my sink to join the
heart posing as a brain (ok, I'm insane)....

it occurred to me there really was no mystery....
those giblets were not going to get cooked
or eaten in this family....not today, or tomorrow
or any day, for I can truly and honestly say
I would never torture my children that way!!
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the mystery and destiny of the giblet
Posted: 11/29/2008 10:06:16 PM
Well done WeAre1:

If I may, presented is a poem by 'Sue Many Horses Woman', much respected.

The Eagles Nest / Control
Posted: 3/1/2007
A wise man you are TKB.....thanks for bring this parable to the nest

Two Wolves

One evening an old Cherokee told his grandson about a
battle that goes on inside people.
He said, "My son, the battle is between two
"wolves" inside us all.

One is Evil . It is anger, envy, jealousy, sorrow, regret,
greed, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, false
pride, superiority, and ego.

The other is Good . It is joy, peace, love, hope, serenity, humility,
kindness, benevolence, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion and faith."

The grandson thought about it for a minute and then asked his grandfather:
"Which wolf wins?"

The old Cherokee simply replied, "The one you feed

written by 'Sue Many Horses Woman', much respected.
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the mystery and destiny of the giblet
Posted: 11/30/2008 4:44:53 AM
Thanks, T, for bringing that wonderful parable/truth here.
I have heard it before and really love its simple and beautiful wisdom.
Please feel free to grace this thread whenever the mood takes you
and quite obviously,
anything will do, whether it's a seriously moving story
or just a lot of silly rhymes posing as poetry

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his eyes......
Posted: 11/30/2008 3:02:24 PM
carried over from anna nimidy's thread......

for me it was his eyes
in that first moment
i looked up and there he was
looking at me
his eyes so open
so transparent
and so blue
our eyes met
and we both just knew
caught in that endless
moment in time
this was in the days
people met in person first
and not on the internet
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meanderings of...who knows?
Posted: 11/30/2008 3:07:23 PM
today's fun on First Line, Last Line (Part Deux)

We're under the covers with our cup of tea
being careful not to spill it, obviously
for the places we could burn
would cause much pain, actually
and then this yearning
of where we are about to return
would be futile..naturally....
So let's drink up quick
and savour the taste on our lips
as we explore each other like never before....
it's why we climbed in here, under this cover


it's your mother
saying "wake up darling for it's thanksgiving!!
did you forget?
better get up, we're all on our way!
oy vay....what in the world are you up to?"
so, what would you say if your mother asked you?
oh dear...still lost in my dream...
on the wrong thread...better get outta bed
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meanderings of...who knows?
Posted: 11/30/2008 3:10:32 PM

so much erosion you've lost your face
a haunting for sure that nothing will cure
but then sometimes it's a blessing
to just disappear....

to become invisible and no one can see
where you are or what you get up to
so you can come and go as you please....
perhaps truly free


if you KNOW I'm free
then I can only assume
that means you know me
and if you know me
you know my energy
so a face is not necessary
not always, for we have such sensitivity
you might not see me, but you'll feel me
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food for thought....or not....
Posted: 11/30/2008 3:24:36 PM
just here from first line, last line......

I run for solid ground
feeling like I am in
the lost and found
always searching
and very possibly
seeking what was
never really lost
but always around
maybe it was just
on higher ground
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food for thought....or not....
Posted: 11/30/2008 4:29:29 PM
quietly brought here from 6 Lines or Less...and honoring whoever wrote the last two lines, though can't remember where I heard them before...??.....

feel a closeness here
that's bittersweet
hearts opening
but miles to go
before we meet

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food for thought....or not....
Posted: 11/30/2008 6:23:37 PM
finally, the true line comes to me that caused some fear I had plagiarized it...

the original line is, of course, 'miles to go before I sleep'.....
I just adapted it to apply more to the dilemma of getting close to people here
but with distance, meeting in person is not likely to happen
because so few, if any, live near......

and now, perhaps it's time to go back in time, once again,
and find some other bits and pieces and bring them here....



don't say you know they'll be the best
or tell them it's a test
of their love for you
or yours for them.....
don't tell them they're the one
if you only just met them
and don't move in with them
if anything does not feel genuine


reaching the pinnacle of we
is it real or fantasy?
could it actually be
fantasy and reality become one?

daring to think it can be done
allowing imagination to run free
bringing it into manifestation
and see where creation takes me


when I fell down on my backside
as I was trying to glide
I wished then I could hide, but instead
he sat down by my side
and together we laughed 'till we cried
then he glanced at me
and I knew our destiny
our next dance would bed


I dove into his ocean
which carried me eagerly out to sea
where we both set sail
flying free
yet no masts were needed
for the power of our energy
carried us deeper and deeper
until we touched eternity


and slip into our dreams
carried in the night sky
the way the owl flies
with sharp focused eye
watching over the world
and when one wakes
next to your sleeping beloved
joy fills your soul like a halo of gold


where those feelings of closeness were never felt
or when one needed protection
no parents were about
and instead of being praised
one would scream and shout
the other occasionally take off their belt
and use it as dr. spock ok'd
so to grow up and find parents remorseful and loving you so
really helps balance everyone's sorrow and brings love into tomorrow


just thinking about it makes me hot
but rotting in jail with no clothes to curtail
the jeers and glares of the inmates' stares
never mind all the horrors she'd heard she'd have to endure
gave Sally enough fear to run away
and not be lured into Andy's fantasy.....
so maybe again he'll find next year
another to play truth or dare


I have a cliche', but won't bother
for they all tend to sound like child's play after a while....
I dare you to put all judgement aside
and see we're all balancing precariously
on this roller coaster ride....
I dare you to repeat this brilliant line one more time....
that in the end,
'its just the beginning of the message we send'


then do stuff to you that's really shocking
like take all your toys away
and give them to others worthy of play
who'd appreciate them with true gratitude....

this is what happens to people with attitude
so start planning now on making amends
learn that in life, receiving gifts really depends
on being humble and grateful right to the end


I missed my friends of the sea
walking with me upon that shore........
a temporary gap in our community
but not forevermore......
sometimes quiet solitude is what you need
to be ready for what's next in store......
so welcome back now that you're free
to see love radiating through every pore......


you get the lump of coal
yet with enough lumps
a fire we behold
and as santa comes when it's cold
lumps of coal may hold
the gift of heat
so very needed
to warm his feet


just grab some glow sticks....and off to the rave we will go :)
and on the way perhaps we'll pick up some more people
and maybe we can stop in the city to see the latest art collection
by then we might be hungry so something to eat would be a treat
and as it's a beautiful night perhaps
take a walk to see the city's light
oh wait, a rave did you say?
let's play there another day! :)
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more food for thought....or not....
Posted: 11/30/2008 6:46:21 PM
more catching up from last line, first line of 8 lines....


my self to you I bequeth
and today it feels I beseech
you to let it go....let me go
my mind must stop
this pain in my heart
it's up to me to make a fresh start
and release myself or else......
the pain could go on endlessly


makes your chest sound not so hollow
especially when it's filled with sorrow
which can tend to take over
sometimes carrying into tomorrow

one can choose to hold on to this pain, or
sometimes the best course of action
is to let go and follow your heart again
into the arms of a new attraction


Any suggestions on what to do?
perhaps it's best
when you've taken a test
and felt unrest
to speak with honesty
when you wish to share
if you care about him or her


he sure knew how to play the game
and I knew he was playing with me
but I was a willing participant
choosing my path responsibly
knowing my lessons of eternity
were coming through with his company
as his lessons he'll also see one day
sometimes the blessings are time delayed


So let not the times determine
that which defines who you are
instead simply be
and see
the essence is really
so truly you ever deepening
they say we are what we seek
be the love we wish to receive


A life that is both loving and kind
can be what makes living divine
a treasure chest overflowing
with all that keeps us glowing

And if one can be forgiving
and forgiven too for all that we do
that would be truly wonderful
for no one can be loving and kind all the time


Had I my druthers then loving works for me
where warm arms dispel the slight
warm bodies cuddle in the night
poetic words taking shape as we write
carrying us like wings in flight
soaring over land and sea freeing me
to pay attention to what I say and be
for loving is what works for me


lovers part in search of sunnier weather
some will stay yet some still wander
over yonder fields of gold
silver, copper, moutains bold
buried treasure they still hold
lovers wishes to unfold
lighting darkness in the night
love's delight in truth behold


a doctor will fix you when you bleed
if it's something that needs fixing physically
at least temporarily
but to fix a wound of the heart or spirit
'fraid they seem to only add salt to it
yes some miracles with their care do unfold
but more often than not, their treatment is cold
and their patients i see prematurely grow old


if you have the time to tell and show
how much love you hold
then i am sure to follow
for you are my mirror and i am yours

so when i see your heart's delight
it reflects my own
sending loving energy
around this writing home


let's get real about the smell
when rain falls where grasses dwell
a skunk struck by a car
the smell will linger long and far
and yum when peppers and onions fry
after cutting them brings tears to my eye
freshly baked bread smells overwhelmingly good
but it's nothing compared to a bluebell wood

10/27/2008 ooops.....forgot I was on the 8 line thread this time.....

we must rely on romance
and not just leave it to chance
but trust we can make a stake
in our own happiness
trusting it's real and not fake

so if we start with us
and find love for ourselves
in a humbling kind of way
then they say it's not long
before we are finding love with another
that's right and strong

romantic love that makes you want
to hug and kiss and share the bliss
that comes with all the fun
you can get up to when you finally find
the one
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