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Creatine helps build strength, body mass is determined by diet.
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Creatine question
Posted: 4/12/2012 8:48:56 PM
Mike is pretty much spot on, the only things I would add is that , yes women can take creatine, just would not reccomend a monohydrate as that is the one most likely to add bloat, a creatine nitrate, ethyl ester or hydrochloride is solid for strength gains with significantly less bloat, but a concentrated creatine or ph correct creatine is the best route to go for no bloat, con-crete in a powder form or kre-alkalyn if you want a capsule, you'll still see some gains in strength,size and endurance but wont catch the bloat either. And creatine is actually great for endurance as well as energy, after your body burns up all its ATP during a workout it actually turns to creatine as an alternate energy source so thats another reason it can be beneficial to take a pre-workout containing creatine before the workout, endurance athletes just need to make sure to stay well hydrated when using it.
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Creatine question
Posted: 4/13/2012 1:37:44 PM
Hi Dare to,

Creatine comes in 2 forms Monohydrate & Kre- alkaline .. Creatine is a strength and endurance product most of us today do not want to hold the water retention and want to look lean..The MonoHydrate creatine can give u a bulky look over time filling the muscle cell and holding water.. I get most of my women clients to use Kre- Alkaline creatine so they can get the strength and endurance that creatine can help with but no water retention ..

All the best in health !!

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