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Joined: 12/4/2004
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Dating online is the new BAR scene...Page 3 of 3    (1, 2, 3)
Was it any better before you began trying the online thing? I'd guess it was about the same.
Joined: 10/10/2008
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Dating online is the new BAR scene...
Posted: 11/27/2008 1:08:50 PM
Yeah I'll have to agree with you Miss. There is a big percentage of guys like that and a small percentage of women like that. I guess it's up to each person to screen who they're meeting to see if they're looking for the same thing as they are.
I think a lot of how a guy treats a woman is how she conducts herself. If you want respect then act respectful and proper. If you want a friend then be one. If you want sex then be sexy. Body language says a lot to who your around.
Joined: 10/22/2008
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Dating online is the new BAR scene...
Posted: 11/27/2008 1:39:19 PM
Interesting analogy. Although not into the bar scene, I suspect that at the end of the night, you're pretty drunk, so is he, you both think you see something that you like and you go after it. Unfortunately, it is hard to tell if everyone is sober on-line but it is all too easy to fool people with false information in profiles or in email communications, simulating the drunkenness state. So you I could see the logic in your theory. You think you see something you like and hear but all too often the details are a bit fuzzy, the photos a bit unclear, when you finally wake up, they are not the person you thought they were.
 untamed one
Joined: 3/28/2007
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Dating online is the new BAR scene...
Posted: 11/27/2008 1:50:05 PM
How many guys off here have you met in 2 months , 2 weeks ?
 untamed one
Joined: 3/28/2007
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Dating online is the new BAR scene...
Posted: 11/27/2008 3:17:07 PM
Au Mermaid has it exactly right , which is why I tailored my profile to filter out the dilettantes , the non - believers , to find exactly the One .. as far as i can see then , MissD , you're doing the right thing , as in the song , Young Girl Blues by Donovan ,
" You are but a young girl working your way through the
Joined: 9/27/2006
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Dating online is the new BAR scene...
Posted: 11/28/2008 11:17:33 AM
Interesting post, and great responses. I agree with the poster who said if its working for some men to get what they want, they will continue to act that way. So, ladies if you dont want to be another notch on a bedpost, dont go there so quickly. I think we forget that this site is open to everyone and dating is a numbers game, so it makes sense that you will have to throw a lot of fish back to find that one special prize. I also agree with the poster who said it is very important how we present ourselves. I think a person just needs to be true to themselves, use online dating as an additional way to meet new people, be open, honest and selective.

IMHO online dating is convenient I don't have to get dressed up and go out to meet people in person.
Joined: 2/3/2006
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Dating online is the new BAR scene...
Posted: 11/29/2008 5:25:56 PM
I guess b/c it is so discreet that the ones that are just out for sex do tend to just "get right to the point" and go for it...but you can usually tell...occassionally there is the sly one with a different approach that sets them apart...eventually you know...

No one ever said you won't have the same problems here as real life or the bars....but makes it easier for searching for singles on ur spare time right out of your house with privacy and sure as hell beats the old way of getting "fixed up" by friends....hated those days...
Joined: 10/25/2008
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Dating online is the new BAR scene...
Posted: 11/29/2008 8:50:22 PM
I agree that online dating is the new "bar scene." Its hard enough to find a good guy in person, how are u to know if someone is a good guy from a few emails. Guys know what to say to girls to get them interested in a face-to-face encounter. I haven't been doing this for long but in my exprience the guy is always looking for something more than just conversation the first time they meet. I'm sure not all guys are like that but like someone said earlier the nice guys don't always come off as the greatest. I know that I'm not the type of girl that is immediately going to jump in bed with someone after 1 meeting. If someone is looking for a relationship then that shouldn't be what they are looking for.
Joined: 2/3/2006
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Dating online is the new BAR scene...
Posted: 11/30/2008 11:30:54 AM
These things are just a part of dating and being single...always have been always will...shouldn't disillusion yourself to think these problems will ever go away...
Joined: 10/18/2008
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Dating online is the new BAR scene...
Posted: 11/30/2008 6:15:14 PM
there are nice guys i am one ... constantly over looked ... im either to old or my son to young ... not into the bar scene for what they attract .. to me its better to be truthful because liars get caught in the end ... also its what you wear its what you attract ....
Joined: 2/13/2007
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Dating online is the new BAR scene...
Posted: 12/1/2008 11:19:26 AM
Imagine yourself at a bar. A guy walks up to you and starts talking. You take your finger and clic on his forehead and he freezes. Then you clic on his left temple and his profile comes up. Hmmm. He seems full of sh!t. So you clic on him again, he starts talking. You say to him, next and he disappears. Then the next one in like appears. You clic to freeze this guy, then look behind him and realize that there are 235 other guys behind. Hmmm. Why not just clic this forty out of the way and start with this one over here that looks less sleezy than these ones, and wait, this one is cute.

So what do you prefer?
The bar, this place?
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