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1 in 4 has it.... OR 25 out of 100 people

80% don't know they have it... OR of those 25 people... TWENTY don't know they have it

Who would you rather sleep with?? Someone that knows they have it, and takes the proper precautions? Or someone that doesn't....

If you're having casual sex? You're putting yourself (and possibly others if you've never been tested) at risk.... regardless whether you use condoms... or not.

Learn the facts people.
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Posted: 4/24/2010 4:09:31 PM
Until the unscrupulous ill health mongering; drug dealing medical profession have a change of heart - (assuming they indeed have one) the majority of the population will be successfully seroconverted against their will to a lifetime of malaise, ill health, fatigue, headached and heightened viral load - INFECT A DOCTOR TODAY!


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Posted: 4/24/2010 10:21:17 PM
I would never date anyone with Herpes no matter what the doctors say. I rather die a healthy man..
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Posted: 4/24/2010 11:35:30 PM
That's good because your GP and most likely your prospective partner will leave you in the dark quite deliberately and complicitly - be nice to have a choice and informed consent wouldn't it?

Remember that "clean bill of health" - does not include Herpes nor will your GP tell you - because he would rather see you become chronically ill for life rather than let you make the choice of asking for testing - you and your prospective intended will also most likely be refused testing... yes this is legal.

Compliments of your dear medical profession. Herpes anyone? They are not getting the message - people genuinely don't want this thing - we need to shout a little louder and make our contempt as obvious as what they extend to us.
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Posted: 4/25/2010 8:46:08 AM

scary stuff really...

Lightning struck not far from my house yesterday.

scary stuff really...

I was pulling a camper trailer across a high bridge when a strong gust of wind pulled me closer to the edge of the bridge.

scary stuff really...

Later I saw firetrucks, police and other emergency vehicles racing the other direction down the road. Must have been a big wreck.

scary stuff really...

And that was just yesterday.

Life is full of scary stuff. We can choose to spend ours being scared and avoiding any activity that has any potential for scaring ourselves, or we can take reasonable precautions and strive to lead as full of a life as we can.

Either way, eventually we die. And if we get the chance to reflect on it all in the hours before we pass on we can either remember all those things we didn't do because we were scared, or all the things we DID do that made our lives as rich and full as they could be.

So far as I know, I don't have herpes. I've never had any symptoms and never had a past partner tell me she had contracted herpes after being with me, and more often than not I've stayed in sufficient contact with past lovers that I would have heard if there were a problem.

But I have had several partners who DO have herpes. Based on conversations with them the first outbreak or two are not much fun at all. Neither was pulling a hamstring and two Achilles tendons when I played softball last summer. Other than that the biggest burden is having to raise an unpleasant subject in the early stages of getting to know a prospective new partner.

In each case my partner could tell when an outbreak was coming on, and depending on the location we either refrained from sex or took care to avoid the area. There are so many ways to find sensual delight that generally we could still enjoy some form of intimacy so long as we were creative and careful.

I have no desire to contract herpes. I have even less desire to let the fear of herpes prevent me from enjoying a fulfilling relationship with the best partner I can find. So as with so many other aspects of my life, I'll continue to take reasonable precautions but accept that scary stuff does happen, and should I ever contract herpes I'll play the cards I'm dealt and move on.

There are so many wonderful things to experience in life, and lovemaking is one of the best. I'm not about to let all the what-ifs detract from making the most out of life while I can.

But that's just me.

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Posted: 4/25/2010 12:24:55 PM

Dave -

As someone with "you know what" thank you for a well thought out response.

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Posted: 4/25/2010 4:07:51 PM
msg 278
LAgoodguy said:

"I would never date anyone with Herpes no matter what the doctors say. I rather die a healthy man"

that's what we like to hear!!!

good old open mindedness and a positive attitude
about an occasional little white cold sore.

what a man you are!!!

let's all strive to be this noble!!!!

god bless you LAgoodguy
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Posted: 5/31/2010 8:56:49 PM
we are now using code numbers to identify people with herpes:


these correspond with the numbers/letters on your phone dial that spell herpes.

use them.

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Posted: 6/1/2010 8:25:54 AM
No offense to the OP. "Its just a virus". Really dude? I would not want blisters on or in my mouth or on my genitals. It is not just a virus. It can ruin peoples lives
 If you have to ask
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Posted: 6/1/2010 9:59:23 AM
I wish condom manufacturers would put a label on the box that helps people understand that herpes and molluscum can spread with the use of condoms. Instead they sell it as something that keeps you safe if used properly.

Luckily, getting tested is easy and readily available. There is also lots of good information on STD's that are hard to protect from transmitting to others.
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Posted: 6/1/2010 4:05:32 PM

It can ruin peoples lives

I suppose it can if you let it.

And so can countless other things - driving too fast, driving too slow, being rude, fear of commitment, fear of leaving a bad relationship, swimming, biking, sailing, pretty much anything.

See my post above......

I'm sure I know many more people with herpes than people I know have herpes, but I can think of a half dozen people I do know have herpes and there's not a ruined life to be found among them. And I can think of a half dozen others with lives one might consider ruined for reasons not at all related to herpes.

I lost a testicle to cancer 25 years ago. My father lost his right arm (he was right handed) when he was twelve. My mother lost a breast to cancer a dozen years ago. I'd rank all of those more traumatic than contracting herpes, yet here we are living happy full lives. Next month we celebrate Dad's 80th, with Mom's next year, and they still cuddle, hold hands, and giggle together.

I know, not herpes, but the point is that just about all of us face various unwelcome challenges in the course of our lives, and it's up to us how ruinous to let those challenges become.

We can try to hide from every risk all our lives until....we die.

We can take reasonable precautions and live full and rich lives until....we die.

I know which one I pick.

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Posted: 6/3/2010 10:53:08 AM
I have had to do some reasearch on this area, due to my line of work (OBGYN). I can tell you with certainty that MANYof you do not know that you carry the HSV virus.

Cold Sores
Fever Blisters

BOTH are caused by the HSV virus (both type 1 and 2 can cause them).

Those little pimples that a lot of men/women have on their genitals- they can be just pimples or other things...but they could also be HSV. You can have Hsv-1 orally or genitally. Same goes for Hsv-2.

You are all now thinking that you have been tested regularily for STD's by your OBGYN or your Planned Parenthood, your Health Department clinics... your Primary Care Physicians....

I have news for y'all: HERPES SIPLEX VIRUS IS NOT INCLUDED in routine STD exams, annuals, or physicals.

You HAVE TO ASK your provider for this testing, and MANY refuse because either you don't have simptoms- which rends a viral culture useless but leaves the door open for blood testing- or because (and brace yourselves here) they think it is too common.

HSV-1 and HSV-2 are so common in our population, that Health Departments and other STD clinics will NOT test you for it. At least 70% of the US population has one of the 2 types of herpes.

70% !!!!!!!!

I would suggest that y'all go and get tested, demand to be tested, raise your voices. You WANT to know.

That said, since a lot of you are carrying it and do not know, it means it COULD be a walk in the park for many.

There are only a few situations in which herpes would be dangerous to life: contracting herpes while pregnant- unsafe for the baby- and wanting to kill yourself for having it.

Other than that, I see many MANY patients that live with this skin virus, lead normal lives, and go on to become successful, productive, social, awesome individuals.

Those who don't have it, of course do not want to contract it, hence why it is so important for people who have it to disclose their status, and to discuss sexual behaviors with the partner you are considering.

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Posted: 6/3/2010 12:55:18 PM
HSV type 1 is absolutely no big deal. It only occasionally causes a cold sore on your lips. It isn't harmful, even if it can be irritating. This is the one 70% of people have.

HSV type 2 is the bothersome one, and about 20-25% of people have it. In very rare cases it can actually cause medical complications. Newborns of infected mothers can die from it. HSV resides in the spinal cord, and in even rarer cases can cause dangerous swelling.

Other than that it's basically a skin rash. Causes itching. Not really anything else.
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Posted: 6/4/2010 8:20:45 PM
True. But for the most part, HSV2 occurs in the genital region, and HSV1 on the lips. In immuno-compromised people, things are much worse.

And while the HSV2 outbreaks are less common, they're a lot more bothersome. And yes, mono, chickenpox, and a host of others are herpes viruses, but the herpes simplex virus is the STD. I'm not lecturing you, just merely adding on for anyone else reading.
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Posted: 6/5/2010 8:58:05 AM
The days of such fussing might soon be ending:
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Posted: 3/20/2012 11:55:43 AM
Okie dokie, so I was out on a date tonight, we ended up kissing good night. It left me with a bit of a burning sensation on my lip... she didn't have visible cold sores but then that isn't always a guarantee.

I've never kissed someone with visible cold sores and at the same time I've trusted others to tell me and declined those that have had the virus. Am I just over reacting about things or should I go see a doctor?
 HSV kitty
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Posted: 3/21/2012 8:43:39 AM

Okie dokie, so I was out on a date tonight, we ended up kissing good night. It left me with a bit of a burning sensation on my lip... she didn't have visible cold sores but then that isn't always a guarantee.

I've never kissed someone with visible cold sores and at the same time I've trusted others to tell me and declined those that have had the virus. Am I just over reacting about things or should I go see a doctor?

Most of the lipstick females wear contains 126 chemicals, most of which are toxic. it has been found that LEAD is often used as a filler even by the most "elite" of manufacturers...

Remember also that the "plumpers" in lipstick are going to make YOUR lips tingle as well.

Tingling in the lip from a coldsore (which is HERPES>>>BTW) would happen if you were already infected, so as it happened that same night, you already had Herpes and something in her lipstick triggered a possible outbreak.

PS: yes you are over reacting, but not nearly as much as 99% of the responders here...
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Posted: 3/21/2012 10:30:12 AM

It may result in an immunity to Herpes for people later in life

Can you back that up with references?

Hopefully people will get over their fear of vaccines , and we may kill another virus like we did small pox, and polio

Polio isn't dead, just not prevalent in North America. Whooping cough is making a come back, and we are all vaccinated for that.

The chicken pox vaccine doesn't eliminate the chance of you getting it either. It's just supposed to reduce the severity of it if you DO get it.

The problem with some vaccines is that for some people, they can cause more problems than they prevent. No one knows why that is, or how to predict it, or how severe a reaction might be and what the end result will be. I have one spawn that was suspected as being vaccine damaged from the DTP shots he got as a 2 yo... enough that I hesitated on having the other done. We pump a lot of sh*t and chemicals into our babies at a time it isn't necessarily the right time. There are a lot of families that have chosen to push back receiving many vaccines until their children are bigger and their bodies are more capable of handling the vaccines.
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Posted: 3/22/2012 10:56:17 AM
"Polio isn't dead, just not prevalent in North America. Whooping cough is making a come back, and we are all vaccinated for that."

The vaccine for whooping cough (pertussis) requires a booster shot during teenage years to maintain efficacy, and the reason polio isn't dead is because of people not being vaccinated, whether by choice, or by geography.

Regarding herpes: it's extremely common, but most people don't know they have it because they are asymptomatic. They can still spread it, though, through viral shedding. Most people don't mind the oral type so much ("cold sores" that appear around the mouth), but in my experience, that type can actually cause more damage because of the proximity to the eyes and brain (and yes, it can be found there). The genital type is mostly only a medical issue if you are pregnant.
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Posted: 3/22/2012 11:38:58 AM
its disgusting, stop sleeping with dirty whores than, problem solved. or to the moron creating this waste of time thread, CONDOMS HAVE BEEN INVENTED. honestly, get a better job if its somethng you cant even afford. or g on ebay. im sure they sell condoms for a dollr with rips or holes in em. its nothing but your damn fault if you contract a diease from some chick.. yo need to excerise caution when you slee around. how is there even any sympathy towards those people who are so stupid. get the btch tested.
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Posted: 3/26/2012 11:23:15 PM
I'm extremely careful about my dating partners and I dont sleep around for a reason.
 neck romancer
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Posted: 3/27/2012 2:31:11 AM
Im sure its been mentioned in this thread by now but condoms dont stop herpes.
ALOT of people have herpes.
 Tall, dark,and
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Posted: 3/27/2012 11:54:46 AM
I do not have herpes,but for uptodate herpes info, google " Good virus,bad virus", containes a wealth of info.

Also, "Hwerks".

Just my 2 cts............
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Posted: 3/31/2012 2:08:55 PM
Herpes? Let me throw another chronic STD in there HPV.

No one can say they are STD free and be truthful. No STD panel test for HPV which is one of the fastest spreading chronic STD's out there.

Until someone is infected with it, most people don't even know what it is.

HPV. 80% of the population has been infected with it. There is high risk and low risk. High risk can develop into cervical cancer for women, many men don't know they have it, but they spread it. Ladies, get those pap smears!

Low risk (which they don't even test for) can develop genital warts in men and women. Many do not develop any signs of warts, but can still spread it to others. They don't test for it because it isn't life threatening or cost effective.

A condom will not protect you, just like herpes, it is a virus with no cure.

Working in health care, I have seen many STD's in the young and old, people no one would suspect. People from all walks of life.

You know what we tell them? It's no big deal, it isn't going to kill you or anyone else, practice safe sex. Don't isolate yourself.

Herpes or HPV or any other STD could happen to anyone who has ever been sexually active and can lay dormant and crop up later in life. You could never know when or from who you contracted it.

I feel people who know they have something should be honest and let someone know if they can possibily infect them with an chronic STD.

I understand what they are saying when they say, "It isn't so bad." Pics on the internet of STD usually show the worst cases.

It is the social stigma that is the really sad part, we all need to be more understanding and kind. If not you, maybe a friend, coworker, parent, or maybe even your own child might be one of the 80% who get one of these chronic STD's.
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Posted: 3/31/2012 4:13:15 PM
everyone born before 1996 has herpes there are 9 strains of herepes everyone born before that year has strain 4 most people have strain one and some people have strain 6 (the std one) if you would like more information contact me and i will gladly tell you what kind of herpes you have

alexandria RN
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