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Joined: 7/7/2008
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Religious PeoplePage 3 of 4    (1, 2, 3, 4)
What was the whole point in this post?

Why does it matter?

Some people need a figure to believe in, some people need something to put faith into.

Some people don't need that, and that's fine too.
Joined: 7/7/2008
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Religious People
Posted: 12/16/2008 7:42:28 PM
Remember that word independent. It started with Eve in the Garden deciding that she didn't need to obey God, and she then led her follower husband astray as well. She decided that she didn't need God or Adam. That's what you are saying when you do things your own selfish way instead of being dependent, or rather interdependent on or with someone else.


I'm at a loss.

I'm proud to be independent and a free thinker. It allows me to have my own thoughts at beliefs, and to not be intimidated by a hell that probably doesn't even exist. And if it does... I guess I'll find out.
Joined: 11/26/2008
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Religious People
Posted: 12/17/2008 5:32:01 PM
I had a pastor once who said that these are some of the great "ah ha!" questions.

These are the questions that when we die and go to heaven and are greeted by St. Peter, and become enlightened with complete understanding we will suddenly experience the great "ah ha!" whereby we understand - or should we all be wrong about what we individually believe (whether we be Christian, muslim, Babtist, etc. etc .) we will simply experience nothing!

As for me, while I certainly don't seem to read the same Bible that Huntingals does (or at least don't seem to get the same inspiration), I can't seem to look at a newborn baby, an incredible sunrise, the view of the world from the top of the continental divide, or any of hundreds of other incredible phenomena, and believe that they all happened just by chance! I much prefer to believe that God has a plan and a gift for all of our lives!

Isn't our country great! We can each have the freedom to believe, or not, as the mood strikes~
Joined: 11/26/2008
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Meatball Man Meets The Flying Spaghetti Monster
Posted: 4/6/2009 12:16:11 AM

Modern Translations are not written from previous translations, they are written from original manuscripts. That shows your lack of knowledge and understanding.

Oh, Huntin! You really need to spend some time thinking about what you are about to spout off about!

Do some fact checking and you will find that the Bible was chosen by a group of men who were appointed by the Pope who directed that they select writings of the early Roman scholars, primarily choosing from those writing that existed from the best known of Jesus' disciples, but not limited to those writings. These early writings were translated from their original Hebrew (because in case you have forgotten they were Jewish), into Greek, and from their into Latin.

This original Bible actually had several more books - hence the difference between the Catholic Bible and the Protestant Bible. The Protestant Bible - more commonly known as the King James Version became the more commonly used 'translation' from the original writings - but it was in fact the English translation of the Latin Bible which was used by the Catholic Church. This King James Bible has been translated several times, most recently into the New International Version.

Most of us (we Christians) believe that those who took on this task were directed by the Lord in their efforts. I would also assume that the men and women (yes in fact there were women involved in several of the latest translations) who were involved in these tasks frequently referred back to the original texts to try and make their translations as accurate as possible! However, the bottom line is this - the 'Bible' is a compilation of many works, from numerous sources, and do not constitute the complete and only writings from the disciples - only a portion of them. Nor did Jesus or the disciples themselves give anyone any directions - such as "Hey guys these letters that I am writing to the Corinthians should be included in the official word of God a couple of hundred years from now when you get around to documenting the life of Jesus."

Huntin' you really do need to quit setting yourself up as the POF expert on all things Christian! That shows your lack of knowledge and understanding!
Meatball Man Meets The Flying Spaghetti Monster
Posted: 4/9/2009 11:20:02 AM
In this life, there is too much hell. From the Bible, hell is described as separation from God. In life, we experience these moments... separation. We read that some are saved by fear and others by love. My God is loving. In my life, I have always been amazed at His presence no matter my bad behavior. He is a loving presence...

We do have a choice, to have a relationship with God or not. One lives with God's presence in their life or chooses not to. I don't believe that the symbolic burning hell fire and damnation is actually fire beyond what you or I, who believe in God, would experience if we were to be separated from Him.

I know many people who are terribly offended by the Christian experiences they have had, and therefore have rejected God. I believe that the Christian's who caused them to stumble will have to answer to God for this. A positive witness to God's love and living abundance must struggle to counterbalance the impact of the "hell fire and damnation" preaching that shows mans' lack of understanding and little of God's love.

Each of us... everyone... is a child of God... descended from Adam... Christ rescues us all with His love.
Meatball Man Meets The Flying Spaghetti Monster
Posted: 4/9/2009 11:50:48 AM
Wes: It's inappropriate to argue theology within this forum. Theology is so much less important than the possibility of our knowing Christ in our lives. Theological argument is what separates believers and deters non believers from getting past Christians to where they can know and experience the true joys of having God in their lives.

First let God's love shine through... Do not add one jot or tittle... Find love for all within your spiritual being... and demonstrate that love! Stay focused on Christ who gave his life for us... who broke the law to heal the sick... who cared more for us than the law which could never be satisfied!

Today is much like the day in which Christ lived. Who are the pharisees today? Are they like the religious leaders so long ago? Some are. How do we know which are or aren't? Matthew 12:35 suggests this: Do they use the law, as a venom-filled snake? A man's heart determines his speech. A good mans speech revealing rich treasures within him... An evil hearted man is filled with venum, and his speech reveals it. A tree is identified by its fruit.

The Prophet Isaiah spoke of the character of Jesus:

He does not fight or shout;
He does not raise his voice!
He does not crush the weak,
or quench the smallest hope;
He will end all conflict with his final victory,
and His name shall be the hope of ALL the world.

Love is all there is... Paul McCartney, Jesus, and a few other notables

So, our hero... Jesus... broke the law! I am so grateful!!! And, today, that law cannot be reinstated!!! Healing on sabbath! Kindness to sinners!! Love for all!
Joined: 6/14/2008
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Religious People
Posted: 4/10/2009 2:25:53 PM
The Babel Fish is proof of the non-existence of God--

"Now it is such a bizarrely improbable coincidence that anything so mindboggingly useful could have evolved purely by chance that some thinkers have chosen to see it as the final and clinching proof of the non-existence of God.

"The argument goes something like this: `I refuse to prove that I exist,' says God, `for proof denies faith, and without faith I am nothing.'

"`But,' says Man, `The Babel fish is a dead giveaway, isn't it?
It could not have evolved by chance. It proves you exist, and so therefore, by your own arguments, you don't. QED.'

"`Oh dear,' says God, `I hadn't thought of that,' and promptly vanished in a puff of logic.

"`Oh, that was easy,' says Man, and for an encore goes on to prove that black is white and gets himself killed on the next zebra crossing.

"Most leading theologians claim that this argument is a load of dingo's kidneys, but that didn't stop Oolon Colluphid making a small fortune when he used it as the central theme of his best-selling book 'Well That About Wraps It Up For God'.
Joined: 11/26/2008
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Meatball Man Meets The Flying Spaghetti Monster
Posted: 4/16/2009 6:42:05 PM
Rydethere, NOLA, and Huntin'

Wow! I have so enjoyed reading this exchange, and have been very proud of myself for managing to refrain from jumping into the middle of the fray!

That being said, it occurred to me this past weekend, as I was gathered at the beach with my very ecclectic family, that I would love for one afternoon to draw all the denominations together and focus on the many, many things we agree on, rather than all on the few minor points on which we disagree.

Most Christians believe that God created Heaven and Earth, and that he created mankind in his own image.

Most Christians believe that Jesus preached love and forgiveness.

Most Christians believe that everyone is entitled to salvation - even if we disagree on the means to obtain that salvation.

The list could go on further, but I think you get the idea. This past weekend my family, made up of Catholics, 7th Day Adventists, Presbyterians, Evangelicals, Agnostics, and Atheists, all gathered together for fellowship and friendship. Those that chose worshiped - some on Saturday, some on Sunday. But not one of us condemned anyone else. Not one of us wasted any time telling the others who was wrong and who was right! We just spent the weekend loving each other.

Perhaps it's time we all spent some time thinking about what we agree on?
Joined: 11/26/2008
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Meatball Man Meets The Flying Spaghetti Monster
Posted: 4/19/2009 10:56:46 PM
Wes, or Huntin', or Wildoutdoorguy - whatever you seem to be going by these days -

Did you read the verse that says, "Judge not that ye be judged. Judgement is mine sayeth the Lord."

I'm sorry, but you just don't sport the credentials to judge me, my beliefs, my heart, or my religion.

I have been reading your posts on these forums for quite some time and I would ask you to spend time thinking about whether or not the self-righteous judgement that you seem bent on dishing out is serving any of our purpose here.

I would be willing to bet big money (or which I have very little) that neither I, nor NOLA, nor any of the several other women that you have derided on these forum have changed our beliefs one iota based on your lengthy diatribes. Neither would we be interested in dating you, or likely be inclined to join a church that your worship in.

So - can we please just agree to disagree! You obviously will never give an inch in your belief that you are completely right and justified in your belief - and I assure you that there is nothing that you have said on these forums that have changed my belief system one bit.

But - that's allright with me, because I did not join POF to investigate my spriritual belief - I joined to find someone that shared, or was inclined to tolerate, the belief system I already possess. I assume that you joined POF for the same purpose!

Could we possibly get on with that??

Good luck in your search!
Joined: 10/26/2009
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Religious People
Posted: 1/25/2010 11:55:23 AM
You might be surprised at the number of non-believers who do not "find religion" during times of hardship or life and death. I've met many of them.

Concerning the arguement of hedging your bets or believing (insert your favorite religion) just in case. That is a line of thinking that has been presented to most non-believers many times. And most, including myself have given a great deal of thought to it. It is a logical argument that, at least on the surface, seems to have merit. However, it's not quite that simple.

Non-believers are simply unable to have faith. Perhaps their brains are not wired to do so? One can not force or wish oneself to have faith. While a non-believer could go through the motions of attending church, reading scripture and pretending to believe, deep down they can't and won't. It would be hypocrisy to do so. And if God does really exist, I think he would know that and deny them entry into heaven, in any case. As a result of that, your argument, unfortunately, doesn't work.

Does that make any sense?
Joined: 10/26/2009
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Religious People
Posted: 1/25/2010 6:13:34 PM
Oh yes...Pascal's wager! I was trying to think of that name when I wrote my post. Thanks summisse.
Joined: 12/1/2011
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Religious People
Posted: 6/24/2012 11:58:02 AM
Wow, alot of bickering. I know the scriptures(ie: God &/or Christ better than you) Like the Desciples arguing over who would sit closest to Christ, who had more favor with him...some things never change....all I can say is I have seen things that have defied death & Doctors.. w/o explaination. Have a friend, must be 10 yrs. ago now, fell 25 ft., split his head wide open, was consicious all the way to the hospital, ZERO chance of survival according to to the Dr.'s, sasid he'd be dead in 24 hrs..... instead, out of ICU in less than 3 weeks, out of the hospital in 9 weeks, still alive & normal, no retardation, physical limitations, even with removing part of the right front lobe for swelling, part of the right side of the skull for swelling as well...I spent many a night at his bedside & witnessed some things first hand...... He is also by the way is an eye witness, encoutered Christ 3 times, twice in his medically induced coma, once after consciousness returned & out of ICU...btw he was typical Agnostic prior to..... I have seen things happen in peoples lives, including my own, with such frequency, that it can not be chaulked up to happenstance, or coincidence..... Science could not explain why my friend survived.... science with all of its marvelous findings... still can not explain the simplest cell in the body & how it works... the red blood cell.... And I certainly can not explain nor will try to explain science, or the full extent of God's Love & power for Humanity.......way past the capability of my two brain cells....LOL
My opinion for it is or is not just this simple.... goes kind of like this...we have all witnessed such things..... what happens when a person witnesses a tradgedy? say a small child getting run over? what are the first words that comes out of the persons/witnesses mouth? 99% + of the time is is" OH MY GOD". Singular, possevive, even hinting at relationship I dare say!!! Happens even from agnostices & athesists, why is that? where does it come from? Is it because having been created in God's own image is less that a physical thing & more of a Spiritual thing we all have? That there is a place created in our soul where wants to God &/or does dwell wether we like it or not?( another thing/place science can not explain, the soul) And some just bury him so deep with self rightousness, materialism, & self dependency that they never feel his prescence? I do not know that is for sure, I just know what I have seen, witnessed, in my life that is inexplicable except for a loving God watching out for & protecting me & others .... out of the insanity of this world, He made His hand to work to my/our benefit inspite of myself & my efforts.
I think every one should read ICorinthians ;Ch13, it about sums up the attitude of this whole thread whole particular attn. to vs.#12 ;)
A wise, wise pastor once told me "there is always forgiveness", I was wanting condemnation for this particular person....& it was pointed out to me like this ..."if you meete out condemnation it is condemnation you too shall recieve, if you meete out mercy & forgiveness, it is that too you shall recieve".... Guess what I am saying when some one else is willing to be crucified for my sin... I guess then & only then will I listen to their admonitions, advice, teachings, so far that is two people... Christ, & my Dad!!! LOVE 'em both immensely!!!
Be Blessed...MrOogam now has to go readjust his glasses from typing so fervently ....LOL
Joined: 4/20/2011
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Religious People
Posted: 7/4/2012 4:28:48 PM
Thank you Wes!

You are so right on! I can't add anything to what you said, just wanted to let you know you are so right on!
Joined: 4/20/2011
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Religious People
Posted: 7/4/2012 4:35:27 PM

Absolutely excellent! I've read similar stories, but this one is the best I've read so far! Thank you for posting!
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