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The new Trojan Fire/Ice

My guy and I use a condom every time.......
our sessions are usually longer than 15 minutes.....
and one has never broken or ripped.
and he has absolutely no issues orgasming with one on.

He says of course it feels better without one on.......but it sure feels damn good with one on so why take the risks?
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Condom Debate...
Posted: 7/29/2010 8:22:13 PM
I would definitely use a condon. In particular with a new sex partner. I know condoms are not 100% effective. But they do reduce the risk of STDs and pregnancy.
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Condom Debate...
Posted: 7/30/2010 10:58:57 PM
It's kinda funny how some people are blowing it out of proportion by saying sex without condoms feels sooooo much better, like it was the diffecence between the sun and moon. I'm incredibly sensitive and I don't honestly notice much difference, by the same token condoms make me last longer and help clean up the mess. Some peace of mind from STDs and getting someone pregnant doesn't hurt either, and I find having that helps us both relax and enjoy the experience more.

Commited relationships with other forms of birth control and STD papers, I'd have no problem going bareback on, otherwise no glove no love.
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Condom Debate...
Posted: 7/31/2010 6:13:33 AM

So there should be no risks....

C, know more about STD testing than that!

and he has absolutely no issues orgasming with one on.

Obviously or he'd have stopped using them....

well duh!
My comments is in regards to all the men that say that "can't feel anything" with a condom on.
Which is a bullchit excuse.

Message: our sessions are usually longer than 15 minutes.....

I would hope so....

and one has never broken or ripped.

Try going longer than 15 minutes....

Didn't I already say they are usually longer than 15 minutes?

Not sure why you felt the need to pick apart a comment that is advocating condom use.....but rock on!
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Condom Debate...
Posted: 7/31/2010 7:41:27 AM
Well most people have had drunken nights where they did not wear a condom. Then for the next 6-8 months in the back of your mind there is that thought that: "I should have worn a condom." Guys whose with me on this one? Pregnancy, herpes, genital warts, the HIV, ghanorea, chlamidya, hepatitis, syphylus, yeast infections, HPV which can cause cervical cancer in women. All of it is pretty scary stuff.

I have had my crazy fraternity college days and those days are well behind me. While it feels much better without a condom the only time I will bare back is if I am in a relationship and get to know the person and both of us get tested together for everything. it truly is the only way to be safe. Oh yeah and it does really kill the vibe when you have to take the time to put on a condom unless the woman is experienced and does it some kinky way herself for you which can be a major turn on.

What this all comes down to is wrap it before you tap it people! I sure don't want a baby's momma running around. Do you?
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Condom Debate...
Posted: 8/1/2010 10:57:46 AM
Once again, I have to ask you to stop slagging condoms. Do you really think people like me working for Public Health are part of some condom lobby conspiracy? I understand your argument that some people do not hear the "er" in "safer sex". Nevertheless, it is the same irresponsible argument that is given by anti-sex people who also slag condoms; viz., they are not perfect, so just have sex with your spouse. This undermines the solid health argument that condoms are very safe for the parts that are covered when used correctly and consistently. Condoms are part of what we have in the armory which includes testing. They are not mutually exclusive but complementary.
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Condom Debate...
Posted: 8/1/2010 5:53:03 PM
You're quite right to point out that there is misunderstanding about condom use and STI protection: the parts that are not covered can be exposed to HPV, HSV-2 and molluscum contagiosum (the most common). Suggesting that I am being manipulated is paternalistic in the extreme and rather insulting.

I'm glad you mentioned the HIV risk with Nonoxynol-9. In the same way, untreated STIs like herpes increase the risk for HIV. I understood that manufacturers had stopped using N-9 as a condom lubricant long ago.

STI infection rates are a complicated issue because the numbers are not the same as prevalence. In Toronto, for example, where we use a urine test called NAAT on men (therefore non-invasive), increased testing has meant increased rates. Heterosexuals aged 15 - 24 who have the highest rate of STIs often rely on the Pill and drop the condom before they get tested. They feel safe with their partner and don't realize that STIs like chlamydia often do not show symptoms.

Anyway, I'll quit asking you to stop undermining our public health message. I'm done.
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Condom Debate...
Posted: 8/3/2010 1:17:43 PM
OP, You keep condoms in your purse? Interesting. I for one cant stand them, like most guys. I had a vasectomy right after my 2nd son was born. So even though you can never tell where someone has been and what they may have, if i feel comfortable and she does too , i try to do it without.
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Condom Debate...
Posted: 8/3/2010 3:20:27 PM

So even though you can never tell where someone has been and what they may have, if i feel comfortable and she does too , i try to do it without.

Be careful out there. Anyone who feels comfortable going bareback with a new partner likely has a history of doing so, meaning they're higher risk than those of us who insist on condom usage.
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