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Regarding message 171 who is quoting message 170

I think we all know that he meant places like Iran, North Korea, China, pre-invasion Iraq, Afghanistan, places all over Africa, Saudi Arabia, India etc.

But I suppose you find no difference in the Nations I mentioned to the nations you mentioned.

I never even saw North Korea #'s per 100,000 people on your link.
-Ahh, those North Koreans must be living in total Harmony. Why is it that no one is in prison there? Must be a real happy place....

We all know the truth is that many people are terrified to commit crime in some nations because of the harsh punishment or the horrid conditions of the prison itself.

And "shmodzilla" did not even mention these Nations-Norway, England, France, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Sweden, Japan, Canada etc? You Did.

Your putting words in his mouth that he never took credit for and attempting to make him look like a idiot.

I actually think we could use some Harsh laws and gulags in America. Perhaps a hard 12 hour day in a old coal mine with no safety gear might not be as appealing as pumping iron and watching TV. And if the mine caves in...oh well. But hey we are in a "Energy Crisis" and sure could use every last chunk of

Prime example of a nation you cleverly forgot to mention.
--Iranian man to be blinded with acid for doing same to woman.

Is that Nation's idea of punishment not "barbaric" enough to mention in your little summary of "barbaric" nations?

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The most imprisoned nation on earth
Posted: 3/2/2009 1:58:58 PM
Don't fret i am used to it. I don't think i have had a reply to any of my post here ever without it being a childish attack,name calling and so on. Meanwhile we can compare apples to oranges all day. Can i take seriously someone trying to compare a country with virtually one culture and the population that is hardly that of just one of our cities? So Brussel's murder rate is reported at 10 per 100K yet New York city with 4 times the population s reported at 7 per 100k. See ,we can play look at the stupid numbers games all day long.

We can stop the issue of acting like our prisons are full of innocent occasional bong hitters as well. For the most part people are not in prison because they had a baggy of pot in their pocket. They are in prison because they were on parole for something else then violated it after getting busted with pot or they beat their wife half to death and the copss found pot in the house and so on.
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The most imprisoned nation on earth
Posted: 3/2/2009 2:20:46 PM
I guess there is not much reason for me to reply anymore since you continue to speak for us. If we were the civilized ones then we would not have so many criminals landing themselves in prison to create the problem. And thats all, ive said my mind here.
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The most imprisoned nation on earth
Posted: 3/3/2009 5:10:39 AM
First off you say you've played benefit shows in prisons(regarding message 174) and describe the conditions as horrendous.,violent, and dangerous. Hmmm I wonder why....?. Probably because those people were violent and dangerous in society. It's kinda a no brainer.

Who cares how bad the prisoners have it here in the USA? I sure don't care about them. But I do care about the people that they HURT and the families affected. I have no sorrows for rapists, murders etc. As far as I'm concerned they are a burden on American taxpayers and should be used in some sort of labor camp in order to pay back society and the cost of their trial's and imprisonment.

If you break the law or hurt someone you go to prison, its simple.

Why should I feel bad about the "conditions" in in our prisons that house men that raped, murdered, child molested etc...?

They are human scum and need to be removed from society.

The only people that I worry about about in prison are the guards, staff and visitors.

A bit off topic
--Who in their in their right mind would want a "reformed" murderer or child molester living next to them? Anyone answering Yes is truly nut's in my eyes.
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The most imprisoned nation on earth
Posted: 3/6/2009 8:13:03 PM
This is what privatizing prisons has done:

This revolting trade in human lives is an incentive to lock people up

The inmate population has soared since Britain started running prisons for profit. Little wonder lobbyists want Titan jails
It's a staggering case; more staggering still that it has scarcely been mentioned on this side of the ocean. Last week two judges in Pennsylvania were convicted of jailing some 2,000 children in exchange for bribes from private prison companies.

Mark Ciavarella and Michael Conahan sent children to jail for offences so trivial that some of them weren't even crimes. A 15-year-old called Hillary Transue got three months for creating a spoof web page ridiculing her school's assistant principal. Ciavarella sent Shane Bly, then 13, to boot camp for trespassing in a vacant building. He gave a 14-year-old, Jamie Quinn, 11 months in prison for slapping a friend during an argument, after the friend slapped her. The judges were paid $2.6m by companies belonging to the Mid-Atlantic Youth Services Corp for helping to fill its jails. This is what happens when public services are run for profit.

It's an extreme example, but it hints at the wider consequences of the trade in human lives created by private prisons. In the US and the UK they have a powerful incentive to ensure that the number of prisoners keeps rising.

The US is more corrupt than the UK, but it is also more transparent. There the lobbyists demanding and receiving changes to judicial policy might be exposed, and corrupt officials identified and prosecuted. The UK, with a strong tradition of official secrecy and a weak tradition of scrutiny and investigative journalism, has no such safeguards.

The corrupt judges were paid by the private prisons not only to increase the number of child convicts but also to shut down a competing prison run by the public sector. Taking bribes to bang up kids might be novel; shutting public facilities to help private companies happens - on both sides of the water - all the time.

The Wall Street Journal has shown how, as a result of lobbying by the operators, private jails in Mississippi and California are being paid for non- existent prisoners. The prison corporations have been guaranteed a certain number of inmates. If the courts fail to produce enough convicts, they get their money anyway. This outrages taxpayers in both states, which have cut essential public services to raise these funds. But there is a simple means of resolving this problem: you replace ghost inmates with real ones. As the Journal, seldom associated with raging anti-capitalism, observes: "Prison expansion [has] spawned a new set of vested interests with stakes in keeping prisons full and in building more ... The result has been a financial and political bazaar, with convicts in stripes as the prize."

Even as crime declines, lawmakers are pressed by their sponsors to increase the rate of imprisonment. The US has, by a very long way, the world's highest proportion of people behind bars: 756 prisoners per 100,000 people, just over 1% of the adult population. Similarly wealthy countries have around one-tenth of this rate of imprisonment.

Like most of its really bad ideas, the last Conservative government imported private jails from the US. As Stephen Nathan, author of a forthcoming book about prison privatisation in the UK, has shown, the notion was promoted by the home affairs select committee, which in 1986 visited prisons run by the Corrections Corporation of America (CCA). When the corporation told them that private provision in the US improved prison standards and delivered good value for money, the committee members failed to check its claims. They recommended that the government should put the construction and management of prisons out to tender "as an experiment".
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The most imprisoned nation on earth
Posted: 3/7/2009 11:37:13 AM
In a free society, people have the right--not the privilege--to do whatever they want, so long as they're not harming anyone else. Imprisoning someone is a serious matter, destroying not only the life of the defendant, but hurting their family as well. It costs taxpayers $40,000 per year per inmate ($60-80,000 in many politically liberal states), and often takes a highly productive member out of society. Federal prisons are often full of pot smokers, gun owners, and people who've made simple mistakes on their taxes. Prison operators get very rich off of their prison slave labor, which tends to put machinists and other manufacturers out of work.

One law group asserted that, at the current increase in incarceration, 100% of the adult population of the US will be behind bars by 2050. Even if the true figure were only 20%, would you want one of your five children growing up to a life of being prison slave labor? Is that a future? Is that what you thought of any part of your career?

The only legitimate justification for placing someone behind bars is if we can prove beyond a reasonable doubt that they have victimized someone else so badly so that there is no other option.
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The most imprisoned nation on earth
Posted: 3/7/2009 4:33:33 PM
The above is the dumbest thing I have read in a long time.

He makes it sound like the inmates are guilty of nothing more then petty crimes.

They kill each other in prison because they are simply board or they are from a enemy gang.

That does not sound like the behavior of a person who simply made a few mistakes on their tax forms.......

He also forgets to mention that prisons are also home to Killers, Child molesters, and rapists.
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