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I could understand being excluded from family stuff... especially if the ex still attends for the first year.

I would be mad if I hadn't been invited to meet friends sometime in the first year.
After the second year, I would expect to be invited to family events.

No one needs to feel like a dirty little secret.

She should be thinking more about how what this guy is doing is making her feel.
And then either quit whining or go find a happier situation.
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Divorce Etiquette
Posted: 1/15/2009 9:27:09 AM
A few years and has never met his friends or family????? can you say.....bye bye....
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Divorce Etiquette
Posted: 1/15/2009 9:59:52 AM
OP, after a "few" years, I would wonder what he was hiding. Personally, after the first year, I would be wondering why I hadn't at least met his friends. Your friend needs to have a heart to heart talk with this guy and see what exactly their relationship is.

I see red flags all over this one.
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Divorce Etiquette
Posted: 1/16/2009 2:18:23 PM
I just remembered, I had a GF once that I wasn't allowed to attend the Family gatherings where her EX would attend. She said "he" couldn't take it. We got together with other family members Her kids and grand kids. After over a year of always comming in second....... I decided to move on. I really didn't like the feeling of being number two, and never getting to be number 1
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Divorce Etiquette
Posted: 1/16/2009 4:29:06 PM
Perhaps there is more under the surface....Get out while you can....sad but true....
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Divorce Etiquette
Posted: 1/16/2009 5:02:25 PM
He may be avoiding introducing her to people because he is married or involved in a relationship with someone else. Whatever the true situation, what he is doing is being very disrespectful to her. He is not acknowledging her in public. I can't imagine why she is still with someone who would treat her like this. He might be coming up with rationalizations for what he is doing but she needs to tell him this has to stop. I expect she feels too involved to risk it ending, but this is just too weird for any sane person to continue with.
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