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Urban FoxesPage 2 of 3    (1, 2, 3)
I doubt very much of you are in any danger Alma ...

Foxes are not dangerous unless cornered or infected with Rabies... Both of those scenarios are unlikely TBH..

Just carry on your merry way and ignore them or appreciate the way wildlife will overcome any obstacle put in their way, even urbanisation... The fox will stand it's ground as long as possible and then run away.. I've never heard of a fox with an escape route attacking a human..

As for the fox the size of a small lion... Methinks you are telling fibpots...
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Urban Foxes
Posted: 1/20/2009 4:43:44 AM
There are acouple of foxes near where i live i see them if im coming home from work late or if i am up early.
They dont bother me and i cant say they scare me they will just have a look and realise they aint threatened and carry on.
I cant see them attacking humans to be honest only if they feel threatened,i'm sure if you leave them be they wont bother you.
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Urban Foxes
Posted: 1/20/2009 7:12:06 AM
So my question is: are they dangerous? Do they attack humans?

No. They prefer things that they have a reasonable chance of actually killing and eating.

Cats for example.
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Urban Foxes
Posted: 1/20/2009 6:50:53 PM
just to say,,, I do`nt think its wise to be feeding them at your patio door,,the day will come that you`ll want to sit out and sun bath or entertain... surprise !!, surprise !!, when a lovely young furry fox rubs onto your leg !!! purring !!! ...not so cute !!.....
We must`nt be too hash on them theres a lot of food to be found.. mice and rats are a favorite food ,,,, so let them do their thing and leaen to appreciate the work they do!!,... but do`nt feed them,....
Urban developement put the crunch on their dewlling habits... and life has become more of a challenge to find dens and food... .so have a little mercy on them as they have rights too !!!!Your fortunate you do`nt have any rabies !!!! or mange !!...
In my area here in Canada, easrern Ontario we have " fishers "!!! very nasty fellows who have NO fears and no known preditors !!! ... they`ll attack a young calf, small dogs and cats,,,
A woman was raising rabbits in her barn,,,one morning she went out to feed the rabbits,.. to her surprise she saw a fisher pulling parts of a rabbit he had just killed, out through the cage bars , and having a meal !!! ... the woman picked up a shovel and went for the animal... the fisher went for her leg and bit her three or four times , then ran off..... she now has to have rabbies shots every year !!!
What with all the development in British columbia Canada , beers , large cats anfd other wildlife have become pests in urban developments.... on the Island a houswife happened to look out her window to check out on her child playing in the the next yard she spotted a large cougar laying near some bushes, he was eyeing the dog in the next yard, and he could have also been eyeing the small child,,, she ran out in horror and screaming at the cat ...which took off like a shot... the RSPCA finnally caught the cat and moved it to a large park or reserve... but its an increasing problem all over the world....
Just the other day in some part of India , the same thing with urban development , I think it was farming development ... large poisonous snakes started heading into the local towns... and there have been reports of children and house pets missing !!!....and people being bitten... peopel have been warned to be prudent...
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Urban Foxes
Posted: 2/22/2010 6:28:49 PM
It's the same for most native wildlife in the developed world. Their habitat is being destroyed and so they have to venture into suburbia to find food and as we are such a wasteful lot, it has become the "normal" thing to do.
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Urban Foxes
Posted: 2/23/2010 7:02:01 AM

I had a friend who lived on a farm the foxs got into the hen run and killed all of them about 30 hens ,i said to her they must have been very hungry she said are you thick they ripped most of them to pieces they did not eat them all

Yeah, they don't do it for food.... It's almost like "playtime" :(

But an untrained feral dog would do just the same thing. It's natural instinct... You can't really blame them for that :/
I wouldn't blame a 12 month old child for falling down the stairs if i'd left the child gate open... Would you? :\
Human being are capable of far greater atrocity's than killing a few chickens, we should be more afraid of eachother than of a fox.
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Urban Foxes
Posted: 3/5/2010 1:00:24 PM

Animals act on instinct and for whatever reason it's a Fox's instinct to attack Hens. They don't think about why they do it.
Well, this one bit off a lot more than he could chew.
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Urban Foxes
Posted: 2/11/2013 2:48:45 AM
I see foxes from my window every evening amd love watching them, they have made more effort to control the rat population that exploded in the 1980s than any council.
A child is more likely to suffer from cuts to their local hospitals services that suffer from a fox attack.

As for a fox the size of a lion, only aa very large St Bernard approaches that size, my brother breeds them and they weigh about 12 stone, so the OP can not be serious.
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Urban Foxes
Posted: 2/11/2013 2:49:54 AM
Let's get things into perspective.

There are 30, 000 urban foxes in the UK apparently, and another 230,000 or so in the wild. That's about the same as the population of Newcastle.

Meanwhile, there are ten and a half MILLION dogs that share the same DNA with a fox as well as a wolf, whether they be St Bernards or pugs. there are far more reports of dog attacks in the home than of foxes.

Urban foxes exist in cities because a: we keep building and b: we're wasteful creatures, which is heaven to a scavenger. A hungry fox, a really hungry fox, is going to do anything to survive, as would any animal. Often, a fox appears bold because it's either threatened, hungry or sick. If you don't want to interact with foxes, the answers are simple: don't go near them, don't leave food out in bin bags, and don't leave doors open.
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Urban Foxes
Posted: 2/11/2013 3:01:21 AM

I had a friend who lived on a farm the foxs got into the hen run and killed all of them about 30 hens ,i said to her they must have been very hungry she said are you thick they ripped most of them to pieces they did not eat them all

Any dog or fox evolved from a wolf instinctively believes that the meal in front of it will be its last. They will also instinctively chase anything that moves. A fox that destroys every hen in the henhouse does so because the farmer has penned them in. That's not really nature's way. It's not the fox's fault or the hens' fault; it's the farmer's for penning them in in the first place. Faced with 30 chickens going nuts and not being able to run away, the fox will chase down everythng because that's what nature dictates it should do. Left to its own devices, it would keep going back to the carcasses to feed on them until they're gone. They're wouldn't be any point in chasing prey when there's a perfectly good chicken in front of you.
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Urban Foxes
Posted: 2/11/2013 9:02:05 AM
i read about the baby with finger bites off a fox, how did it get in as its cold and not the weather to leave doors and windows open
 Marmite baby
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Urban Foxes
Posted: 2/11/2013 4:10:07 PM
It would be a wow for me. The only time I've ever seen a fox was in London, in spite of living in a rural area.I was glued to the window " There's a fox!" Just fascinated,they are beautiful animals.My friend moaned aboutthe mess they mke. For me a real privelege to watch .
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