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Prenatal DNA test for babies of affairsPage 2 of 2    (1, 2)
Well if you believe a woman has a right to have an abortion then you don't get to choose the reasons she can have for having an abortion. Just because you don't like someones reason does not mean they should be stopped. After all is it not their right to do with their bodies as they wish without others interfering? Why does anyone else get to have the last word on whether or not your reason is good enough?

What if you want to have an abortion because you don't feel like you are financially ready to have a baby,but a group of people get together and look over your financial records and in their opinion you are financially ready to raise a child. What if you don't feel like you are emotionally ready to have a baby but a group of people get together decide that you can always give it up for adoption? Be careful with appointing yourself judge and jury on the reasons that are good enough to have an abortion.
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Prenatal DNA test for babies of affairs
Posted: 2/17/2009 8:57:27 AM

why should a woman who just wants to be allowed?

Because an abortion is legal and the fetus categorized as not a person, just a product of conception, therefore it is something that we can do anything with as we wish. It is in our bodies and if we wish to remove it for whatever reason,that is our right. I will not presume to tell another woman what reasons are and are not acceptable for having an abortion because my opinions to her are irrelevant. Her body is hers to do with as she wishes and if she wishes to remove the product of conception for whatever reason, she has the right to do this.

Also the question isnt about abortions,

Of course it is. Abortion was referred to right in the opening post. It is not prenatal testing that everyone is getting up in arms about. It is abortion that everyone is upset about.

what about the right to take a sample of me without my knowledge?


Your a man therefore can never be pregnant therefore can never have a prenatal test done on you.

But then its not like I have a say.

Your right you don't. If it has to do with our bodies only we can decide what to do. After All we can't have you held down against your will and have a vasectomy performed on you.
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Prenatal DNA test for babies of affairs
Posted: 2/17/2009 9:30:01 AM
Personally I think if a marriage has broken down to the stage of an affair then it should be ended. I am not against abortion but surely to god if a woman has got to the stage of having an affair then the marriage is over. What difference should it make who is the father. If the marriage is over then why would anyone want a baby to the person they no longer respect enough to be faithful to. And if they don't want a child by the lover then there is no reason for prenatal testing.

As far as I can see it is the act of a woman who wants to have her cake and eat it. Have an affair, get the excitement or whatever but have a hubby to cover the costs, provide the stability or whatever it is that keeps the woman in that marriage. These women are not interested in the baby growing inside them - they are only seeing it as self preservation of the secret life they live.

Have an abortion by all means, I have no qualms with that. If you don't want a baby then you don't want a baby and I would never suggest that anyone should have to bring an unwanted child into the world, but if they want to know who the father is - don't screw around.

Only time I would condone prenatal testing is if the woman has been raped and wants to ensure that the potential new life inside her is the result of a loving, stable relationship and the baby would be loved and cherished by both parents.
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Prenatal DNA test for babies of affairs
Posted: 2/17/2009 12:44:00 PM
PATERNITY tests are being carried out by DNA laboratories on unborn children while they are still in the womb, enabling their mothers to abort them

Prenatal testing and abortion are what this thread is about. The two in this particular thread go hand and hand. The op is outraged that some women will get prenatal testing and if the test result do not come back as the women hoped they get an abortion. The op is not outraged that prenatal testing exist or that women have it, only that they use it to get abortions. Read what the op wrote carefully.

The op is outraged that women get abortions for reasons she does not approve of as a result of prenatal testing. Nowhere does she say that prenatal testing in itself is outrageous. When we start handing out reasons that we believe are good enough in order to have an abortion then in no time abortion will be pretty much illegal again. A council will start deciding if our reasons are good enough.We should really avoid that slippery slope.

Prenatal testing can tell us so many important things about the fetus so that we can either avoid letting it become a person and come into this world suffering from horrible diseases and defects. It can also prepare us for problems and issues to come if we decide to let the pregnancy go full term and allow the fetus to be born.In no way should prenatal testing ever be banned.

After all if we really want to be picky there are no good reason ,aside from a pregnancy threatening our lives, to have an abortion. All other reasons can be deemed not good enough because even if you are raped you can always give the child away to a couple who want a child to raise and love as their own.
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Prenatal DNA test for babies of affairs
Posted: 2/17/2009 2:44:26 PM
I don't believe anyone has said that prenatal testing should be banned...

Lol reading comprehension problems much?:) The only way you can get prenatal DNA is through prenatal testing.

In the very first post.
I would personally vote for banning of prenatal DNA test !

And as for abortion i'm not picky i know where i stand with it.....

Yes you have made that very clear. You are very anti choice. Leave others live their lives as they see fit. Don't invade other womens choices. Are these women sluts? heck yeah of course they are, but that doesn't mean they should not have the choice to end a pregnancy for any reason they want to.
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Prenatal DNA test for babies of affairs
Posted: 2/17/2009 5:24:02 PM
you dont even need the DNA of the person your having the affair, just your current partner. Dead easy to obtain a small hair sample off thier pillow etc or swab thier toothbrush.

The fact things have come to this in our society is pretty shocking.
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